Top Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018 And Beyond | OMNI Layer Protocol | Digital Mark Of The Beast

Well, hello there. I, am Metapixelatron. Today, I must reveal to you one of the secrets
of the crypto market. It is something so important, that it will
most definitely reshape the world and human society as we know it. Do you want to know what is the next stage
of evolution of the mark of the beast? I hope you’ve come prepared for it. The truth shall set you free, but you better
have a tin foil hat close by. Twenty layers of aluminum foil should be enough. Seriously, the shadow government will not
allow you to simply receive this message without any interfeerence. Well well well, let’s begin… Have you ever heard of the OMNI Layer of Bitcoin? It is a meta-asset layer and smart-contract
platform that runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It also contains a decentralized exchange,
known as the OMNI DEX. Many tokens which currently have incredible
importance in the crypto market were created using this protocol. I can give you a few examples, like the Maidsafe
coin and the Tether token, which is also known as USDt. Yes, that digital token, which is pegged to
the USD value was created using the OMNI Layer of Bitcoin. OMNI is a true game changer, and I am about
to tell you why. You see, I have reasons to believe that all
the national currencies of the future will be created using this protocol layer. I know what you’re thinking: sounds like some
tin foil hat conspiracy theory stuff. Let me explain… The OMNI coin was originally named Mastercoin,
before it was rebranded to simply OMNI. The name Mastercoin, by itself, wouldn’t arise
any suspicion. But, the rabbit hole gets much deeper once
you actually look into it… The maximum total supply of OMNI tokens which
will ever exist is 616,770. But what does it mean? Well, isn’t it obvious? The original number of the beast used to be
616, on many of the older translations of biblical texts. But wait, there’s more… What kind of conspiracy researcher do you
take me for? After months of research, I have found a lot
more than this… Let me show you something that will blow your
minds for good… Look at the cover of the economist magazine,
from 1988. Do you see it? That is the OMNI symbol. Yes, it has been prophecized, before Bitcoin
even appeared on the market. The illuminati themselves have left clues,
for those who would have the eyes to see. A self written prophecy perhaps? Things get even shadier, once you realize
that the name of the Chief Technologist of the Omni Foundation is Craig Sellars. His name literally means Rock Sellers. Sounds like Rockefellers, doesn’t it? Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, don’t you want to own at least one
OMNI token? This is not an investment advice, and you
should do your own research before investing. But, do you even relize how important this
protocol layer and the OMNI token itself will be in the grand scheme of things? This could be your chance, Anon. Yes… you crave the power, don’t you? If the prophecy is true, one OMNI could be
worth 10 BTC in the future. It is, after all, the most important protocol
layer on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Many of the digital tokens, which will be
used inside the smart cities of the future, will probably be created using the OMNI Layer
protocol. 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrency protocols. You’ve been warned. Do not fail, Anon… This is YOUR destiny. Did I tell you there are rumors about some
interesting new features? I’ve heard that holding OMNI, may give dividends
to the holders in the near future. Yes, probably dividends from the fees collected
in the OMNI decentralized exchange. Imagine gaining USD Tether and other tokens,
simply because you’re holding OMNI in your wallet… So much power… One token, one protocol to rule them all. Who would have thought, that the mark of the
beast would come disguised as an inconspicuous protocol layer, within a decentralized digital
cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. There are also rumors about an OMNI layer
being created within Litecoin as well. If you are a crypto investor, you may want
to check out this OMNI Mastercoin. It could be a good investment for the long
term, as I believe it is incredibly underpriced. But be careful, Anon, because the things you
own, end up owning you… Cryptocurrencies were never meant to free
the sheeple, but to serve as another technological tool to amplify their inevitable enslavement
at the hands of the powerful technocratic elites, in this age of Web 2.0, Internet Of
Things and Socialized Digital Economy. I told you the truth would set you free… So, how do you like that freedom? Feeling comfy, with your crypto gains yet,
you sheep? BAHAHAHaha… Your Anarcho-Capitalist utopia doesn’t sound
so decentralized now, does it? The reptillian shapeshifting shadow government
elite bankers, have got you all bamboozled… deceived… tricked… cheated… duped…
swindled… hoaxed… deluded. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

8 thoughts on “Top Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018 And Beyond | OMNI Layer Protocol | Digital Mark Of The Beast”

  1. It makes sense… I also have been trying to predict de future of the cryptocurrency market by connecting the dots and clues left behind by the elites. I'll be aware of this coin. Good job… keep going

  2. The OMNI protocol is unironically the most valuable cryptocurrency in the entire crypto market, me thinks. The USDt which is used on most exchanges was created using the OMNI layer protocol. This is only the beginning. Lightning Network+OMNI decentralized exchange will definitely be important in the future. Warned.

  3. IMO, that symbol looks more like greek Phi, scaninawian 'ae' letter or 'empty set' symbol, but not OMNI symbol. Anyway, when you google OMNI you will find out, that name OMNI it strongly connected with scams. Right now OMNI is just another P&D token. so maybe you are right and someday it will become real master coin but now it's just daydreaming.

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