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subscribe to eco vision and press the bell icon to watch the latest technology videos first hey guys welcome back to this fantastic tutorial presentative the equation this video we are going to see the top currencies one should invest in so this is an investment advice but make sure to be safe don't invest more than what you can afford to lose that's the first rule you should always remember in investment you should never ever invest more than you can afford to lose you don't have to become very much driven by the hype around crypto currencies yes be some people have gone those are very real people those are any exception and very lucky people to earn at that time so a few top currencies which I will mention this is according to my point of view you can do your own research before investing in any crypto currency we can go to the website coin market capital where you will get the list of currencies there are other mini currencies as websites as well which list the pro currencies the first is Bitcoin so Bitcoin ethereum XRP these three you can invest in it in for long talk if you are looking for two to three years of investment you can invest in this top three cryptocurrency I am NOT a fan of Xsara P because x RP doesn't promote decentralization next RP we don't have random miners we don't have anonymous miners or a democratized environment ecosystem in exactly we have only 50 validators or 50 main validators for from investment point of view it's not very risky you can invest but as I said I am NOT a big fan of it personally I would never invest in a XRP I would rather go for Bitcoin or aetherium Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin what does hard folk means that there was a community okay a group of people who took the Bitcoin code the program which was written by Satoshi Nakamoto they made some changes to make it more faster we know that bitcoin is slightly slower it takes ten minutes to create a block and the transaction are also so because the block height the block size is not more than one megabyte so in Bitcoin cache the block sizes eight megabyte Bitcoin cash is still not a bad option but from this top four I would still recommend top two for investment as long term then moving forward to the top ten all top ten cryptocurrencies are very good for investments the community is strong the applications are strong price is also pretty stable in comparison to others relatively it's stable overall obviously cryptocurrencies are not stable tether is an option not about investment it is basically called a stable quake now what is a stable coin that the value of 1 theta is always and will always be equal to $1 okay the value of theta will always be equal to $1 that is called a stable coin there are many other stable coins in the market you can research that theta is the most famous one as you can see it's almost 3 billion dollar market value so a lot of people have invested in tether so they obviously in this by investing in petha you won't get any profit if you are investing $1000 in that it will stay $1000 so tether is to have it things stable for you for example you own a lot in Bitcoin you invested 1000 now it's $4,000 and suddenly now you feel there is going to be a drop so what you can do is you can convert your Bitcoin into that Network keep it there stable okay the or $4,000 will be $4,000 because if you keep in Bitcoin Bitcoin we might come down to from 4,000 to $2,000 then we don't own that the Bitcoin price might fall and your investment of 1000 which became 4000 might come back to 1000 or even less so if you don't want that you can put in tether tether I don't recommend to invest in theater because there is no proper transparency and how they have been able to peg the value yes the term peg PE gee peg the value to 1 theta to $1 they claim that there is a bank account behind the cryptocurrency so whoever invested we are able to maintain the price with the help of that bank account but it is not transparent so tether is stable for now but I highly don't recommend investing in theta it can crash anytime because as I said is the operations are not transparent Bitcoin aetherium Bitcoin cash cos light coined by Nance Stella cord I know these are completely transparent you can see all the transactions how the operations are work about something like theta X happy as I said is controlled by only 50 servers so it says like a group of people controlling a country we don't want that to happen so I think from top 10 you can invest in any of the eight except x RP and death work they remove x RP and data I think by Nance litecoin these are very good crypto currencies with very strong community then moving forward to from 11 to 20 so Tron is a good cryptocurrency to invest in Bitcoin SV again I don't recommend because it is backed by a person it is not bad it was created by a person called Craig whiter Craig white who claims to be Satoshi I know today the market for Bitcoin s is really really great but I still don't recommend this Bitcoin Satoshi vision the SV for for me Satoshi vision and this is a in the heart folk of Bitcoin number 13 Manero Manero has something called zero knowledge transaction protocol or Z case now it has a zero knowledge on CASL oxhi case knock into it Z cash I'll give it since here so mineiro have something called a zero knowledge transaction protocol where the transactions are hidden even the address of the sender and the receiver and the amount is hidden I remember I showed you the Bitcoin transaction in that we have the address the amount shown but in Manero and see cash it is hidden and zero knowledge – IO Tartessos cosmos a theorem classic which is the heart folk of ethereum neon name any of the top 25 crypto currencies except for few of them as mentioned like Bitcoin SV deatha XR P and this is not in my opinion okay so this is purely an opinion make sure you do your own intensive research before investing in any care programs II talked to five different people different forums don't get scammed there will be people who will be messaging you that you send me bitcoins I'll send you this much money and don't trust them don't even pass any website your website even though it looks legit check the forums talk to people this is a very new industry at very infant stages so we have to be very secure there are many scammers and they are going to a very great extent so please be safe while investing even a single penny even though you are rich you don't have to waste your money on scammers but also you just have to be very safe why are you doing anything like this so if you wish to invest in Bitcoin you are in India you can refer few trustful websites like coin x we have coin X and we have bit p NS these are really trusted websites bit DNS I have bought from these websites so you can toss these websites very legit you have to do your key IC and everything other if you are doing a peer-to-peer transaction from local bitcoins or local ethereum make sure to do a transaction with someone who has a very good ratings on it so suppose like this or like this who have really nice ratings so the better you do transactions with those so these are the few cryptocurrencies which you can invest in then you can check the list of lists of icos or from IC or drop website IC o—- drops or we have something called initial exchange offering from initial point offering so you can check which good ayios are coming you can analyze it initially obviously you will have to be real patient you can invest a small amount see how it works then slowly slowly when you get experience you can invest higher amount so hope you have enjoyed this video so it's completely in my opinion please just be careful do your own research before even listening to anyone else opinion see you next time guys bye

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