Top Crypto Webinar You Need To See In 2019 | Facebook’s Libra Explained & Launching An IEO/STO…

but yeah so the first one will go we’ll
start touching on is on Libra. The second one on launching token offerings, Initial
exchange offerings, security token offerings and then the FATF announcement as well
will be something interesting to touch And that is it from my end I’ll give it another
few minutes let more people join but how is the space actually I’ll ask you a question
while we are waiting for everyone to join how’s the space since the you know with the
market picking up since we last spoke the market was still going to shit
but now that things are improving how are you seeing things, a lot more demand? Us as a
law firm we’ve been getting a lot more client emails just asking us questions
and like how to use how to use blockchain to like raise again and one
big shift that I have noticed from at least 2017 is that most of the companies that
are reaching out are serious players in the space just people that worked in in
you know established industries and have shifted over to use a blockchain tech or
DLT to like actually innovate and you know back in 2017 nine out of ten emails
were you know fraudulent to a certain extent just people just trying
to get rich quick or do something shady now I I mean I have barely gotten any of
those those emails which is very I think I turned off your camera is off now
but you see me so everyone could just see me now more people in would give it
a few minutes I want to join so we’ll kick off by Joseph from Marin we’re
hiring again it’s very quick I think in find is interesting before was telling
this first point Alexandre might find this interesting point is that family
offices are now interested I’ve actually spoken and resource on a call with me so
reasons on this call and we had family offices interested to get into the space
and they’re actually interested in looking at startups conservative family
offices and I caught me by surprise resource of the call I said what I don’t
think you’ll be interested in those startups there you know I think you’d
look at something more traditional as safer better safer way to add to the
space and he corrected his like no we’re actually we’re actually looking at
startups as Lauren we don’t mind looking at those projects that are high-risk and
that caught me by surprise so that was yeah I so 2017 even 2018 the
the like family offices and the B sees that were investing at the blockchain
projects were basically focused on alternative investments and now you’re
starting to see or companies or more Wester groups that have gotten
comfortable with this industry and one invest into it now because the two to
2017 and 2018 the industry to certain extent has been in de-risked whereas
there are more serious players like I said and with Facebook now launching
Libra that just shows that you know one of the
largest companies in the world is doing this so this we are on to something
before was all hype now we’re starting to realize that it’s practical all right
so now that we’ve got more people in my internet cut out for a second here and
okay I’m saying is recording something speaking right
I’m just gonna start now so I’m recording is your proba says the session
is being recorded all right first off is Libra so my thoughts about Libra were a
few points I made a video about it as well I think it’s an incredibly positive
development is basically a surprise the fact that Libra has a path towards
decentralization my thought on it Xander we want go into too much detail
cuz I’ve been a lot of people are interested to know more about launching
in st ohio and a limited budget the recent developments and ask is anyone
looking at raising capital and they’ll be the next book will discuss our first
pillar touch on LeBrock incredibly and then fully decentralized other that’s a
long term goal all technology takes time for things to materialize for the
internet took a couple decades and before the admin console to Google I
kept our lives and the same thing you would walk them poor big the full
decentralization its thanks baby steps so for this to evolve and this is an
incredibly positive initial step in that process so these are my thoughts I think
Facebook’s hopefully your separate company have another Calibra have a path
was decentralization being purely a founding members of Texas
one of those music twelve members and then having up to 100 notes and you know
it’s pretty well thought my opinion yeah yeah yeah so it’s a goal they are a
private company they could set out goals and they could fail to meet those goals
and without the right like regulation in place they may not face face a backlash
for that now their goal is decentralization or
food situation in five years so there’s a lot of things that could happen in the
next five years decentralization in itself it’s it’s a term that I think
they used for the whole tech community and for the purists that may have some
issues with Facebook I’m just having their own coin but again it’s five years
and like you said it’s up to 100 members and that in itself is very awkward
whereas each member has up to a 1% vote on it so we could in itself like I mean
we are talking about mostly private companies that that that that will make
up this sociation and we so even though it’s decentralized and as as a company
it’s gonna have to make certain decisions well my concern is that based
on who those hundred companies are it might not be to everybody’s benefit so
so again I mean they’re white paper they’re focused a lot on
decentralization on being democratic but who is that consisting of I think that’s
what gets dangerous with no surprises Visa and MasterCard the incumbents
joining the founding members and that gives them tremendous lobbying powers so
regulators I guess understand it but they’ve got tremendous lobbying power
the people backing it give this a lot of steel and that’s what I say it’s really
for that fact if the regulator’s not being happy with the idea so they’ve got
all these different founding members with a lot of power and then I’ve got
that afterwards decentralization because you know people are worried that places
will have access to all that information and will have
all of that currents and I think we recognize there are no escapes the most
completely decentralization so they lose control or a company like Facebook in
their eyes having control control point which they
don’t remember I think it’s like two extra came in the middle we do have Visa
and MasterCard in there I mean we have PayPal pay you stripe then we have you
know like Spotify ubers then VC firms right but who I don’t see there are the
banks and that’s what’s very worrisome for me because Facebook is going head-on
with the banks and what what like we’re trying to solve is so for example I
think uber spends close to 1 billion dollars in processing visas and of
course those processing fees are done through Visa MasterCard but that it goes
through major banks that are also taking from that money um that like all of that
money is being charged as like legacy payments same thing goes for the whole
to call the medicines market right so the average rate if you want to send
money from one country to another could be between 3 and 7 percent that it’s
it’s not that expensive to send a send to send money but the banks are
targeting that and what I see what I see happening here is that there’s no banks
in volunteer just to on off ramps like these are MasterCard and they’re going
head-on with the banks and it’s an interesting to watch that play out
because there’s a lot of banks that make a lot of money off of things that you
know that could be solved easily and Facebook is coming in for their throats
so it’s gonna be cool so one that’s it somebody got me brush so now we get into
the fundraising we’ve got a lot of people interested to see how they can
raise capital in the car market conditions I’d like to talk about labor
I don’t like to talk about the news a lot you could read about it everywhere
but this is a very important development but there’s a fundraiser so anyone
looking at raising capital last time we did the webinar we talked about initial
exchange of things there’s still a lot of hype behind that and a bit even up
there or anyone going down that path on what we see we see exactly what we’ve
discussed before property exchanges are starting to be known everyone’s dying to
know who these exchanges are named them here and probably will make a post about
them and the projects are starting to avoid those exchanges and rightly so and
what’s happening is that the reputable exchanges are starting to much more
initial exchange offering so far as increase its limit so that that’s
opening it up to a lot more projects and I think the cost to launch the official
exchange offering is also darling down because there’s obviously more is being
done on a regular basis and really the cost will be less does more supply the
demand is still there so that’s the initial exchange offering I think that
industry is maturing and I’m hearing more people say if this has long-term
potential this funding mechanism I’m speaking to a lot of those institutional
investors as I said has got to have found office today and they were
receptive to the concept at least the person representing them I didn’t want
to go into too much detail on that but they actually wanted to know more and
bring briefs who’s on the call as well and listening he was on a call with a
with a fund and you send me a quick message at least that everything went
well so they’re interested in those projects and we’re getting a lot of
projects come to us recently for you know the incubator program where we find
an investor to front they’re talking offering and you know it’s been really
positive and excess from from what I see that’s about IPOs or touch I steals at a
million but what I do see how exempt is they are you having blue those
discussions about ions yeah so like I said her last call I see like a six
month to a one year window I think I extending it now by another six months
for ayios and I’m extending it because of the new rules that were that have
been published by the FA TF Financial Action Task Force which are putting some
requirements on exchanges and exchanges that and those requirements for the most
part are kyc requirements and those exchanges is that that want to stay
active you know all these countries will want to follow those those rules and
what that does for the i/o mark it is that it makes those exchanges or it
helps them be way more compliant because then there is some sort of oversight
over them and I think that first issue of kyc was now addressed and I give it a
few months before the whole issue of IOT’s are that are solved and once they
are it might be the next funding mechanism that stays for long term but I
what is happening now with the smaller exchanges doing that I think that that
will slowly dry up and it’s going to be the big major players that followed
those the requirements that that will be launching those I use long term at least everyone was but it’s heading the ATF’s
regulations having those requirement for exchanges
initially when there’s a company that mentioned it to me they came to me said
Mario that says the end of iOS because the regulation is coming up they were
and part of those meetings before they really have regulations for an hour I
was waiting for it I think I told you Alexander to talk about it before it
actually comes up just to prepare everyone but they said you know this
going to be the end of initial exchange of money
I was expecting the worst and it turned out to be positive as giving
requirements to the exchanges which is extremely important for the maturation
for the nutrition the maturity the space and what everyone’s worried about other
scams and what these regulations do is they avoid the scammy
exchanges of a corporate climates there that ensure that they don’t last long so
in my opinion is a really positive development for initial exchange
offerings yeah so so so just to be like more specific I don’t think that IOT’s
were addressed in in those new rules and I think they will be in the next you
know few months and when they are addressed we don’t know which way is
gonna go but my opinion is that they might want to regulate it and if they do
only though those major players that have been following those new
regulations since now so six months from now um will want to follow that and
there may be oh like a road for for iOS that are regulated right now is are
pretty much not regulated that’s why you know like the major markets are not
participating in them as far as like the US and no a bunch of other countries we
went over that list last time but six months um now it could go either way but
I don’t see the F ATF addressing that anytime sooner because it takes time to
speak taught in Russia failure to figure out you know what the needs are so that
those regulations that are put out makes sense or not just for the governments
but for those market companies as well so that’s in terms of IPOs it’s not much
more than I think the man I just got a message from Kitty at the last webinar
so this being recorded anyone’s to remind anyone they’ve got the wrong date
for the webinar kyrios emls kitty okay I received the IR sent him some slack
complained to him make his life hell somewhere boy on that piece organized
this I appreciate it but you should let you know that this feminist being
recorded last one got a lot of news on YouTube so eighty thousand views which
is a lot as you don’t promote for mother or anything so that was wasn’t even
record into its video brother Alexander I want to soil no one’s gonna see your
face last webinar cannot record video this webinar the connections not good so
I wanted to see me I’m getting all the traction all right
now in terms of security token options that’s your baby
I know it’s baby and I’m subtraction now it’s interesting that wasn’t planning to
discuss this in this webinar but there were two news items I read yesterday
last night was in bed half asleep and I sent it in the group and then everyone
started commenting the first one is about the amount of money being raised
by stos at least five hundred almost five hundred million last year and it’s
almost up to a billion this year expected a billion so it’s doubled in
the last year and that’s before the bull market and barely started if it has it
old markets just improved but it’s steady
so they’re raising a lot more money and that was a really positive article there
but then that’s the money raised traveling correct if I get anything
wrong but there is a lot of money primarily the issue still is or issues
that are comment on that its liquidity there is a liquidity conserves another
article I get in Google News those one positive part of a lot of money being
raised by i steals and right after that those articles saying hey sto suggests
the high because there’s no and it would be and the secondary market i think is
true there’s no liquidity now but for sto else to be raising a lot of money
now means they’re expecting liquidity in six to twelve months
what are your thoughts on that because i don’t think this is a positive
development that just takes time for liquidity to come in look at equity
crowdfunding so even though the cost of extra cent there’s a lot of excitement
liquidity is still not there with that so that’s very interesting right because
on one side you have ayios that are focusing on a bunch of countries but the
major countries are excluded on there and it’s not really regulate
and and I yield market is working that gray area that we expect it to be
regulated in the next six months but it’s still in that gray area Sto
we are seeing that the sto adoption is primarily in the US and Switzerland
Germany UK and also Estonia though we’re setting where 75% of all issuances are
being done out of there and then it’s not just that like in 2017 65 was so
five companies raised 65 million dollars 2018 35 companies raised almost half a
million dollars and that numbers just growing into 2019 now and the type of
companies that raised with stos are very different from the kind of companies
that that raise capital with icos right or iOS
most of the companies that raise money with stos are either in the financial
industry or in real estate what I mean what people are selling in those in
those stos for the most part are equity as well so we’re seeing a return back to
the equity fundraising model but what sto czar is just a digital
representation are the same model that we’ve always done and like I said like
I’ve told you plenty of times I think that’s the future of how startups will
be raising capital or when when I speak to our clients about stos I always
remind from the whole business side I mean so so I am an attorney but I also
have three business degrees and what they teach us over in Business School is
that there’s a lot to gain from first mover’s advantage and the first
companies that raise money using a SEOs will be able to have access to a lot of
benefits that that that when this market is way more
which is probably next year it’s gonna be saturated as of right now if you have
a serious project and you want to and you want to do an sto there are a lot of
investors that are very serious about investing into them but of course like
any other startup it has to be a good project
oh I think and go to eat you better program so probably most people know
about this we’ve got the audio incubator program my company IP lot of demand for
the iOS better program is essentially project morning – motion I am wants an
investor to fund it and I wouldn’t say that wasn’t my
business over 60 but the SCO incubator program is actually working mostly well
because investors see it as a safer alternative so when we look at a project
let the project say we’re gonna find you investor to find your SEO and the team
is actually at the moment they guarantee a minimum of five million calls rates
obviously 20 30 40 50 million but the guarantee has five billion dollar waste
I don’t like guarantees but for them to do that it means they’re having a lot of
interest from investors so the German that leading it for us he’s he’s been
doing it for a long time for two years and he sings only now that he’s dying to
see that adoption from investors and but I don’t know I honestly see that there
is appetite for both estions versus safer I’ve been a different as there’s a
good step forward house as a way to take advantage of the high but he got the
risk averse investor some of the stos who started risky investment I just
don’t see how can it seems risky it is traditional equity rights just is gonna
go on that you get secondary market afterwards you know the secondary market
takes longer to get you know does there’s actually a very interesting
question within the webinar from Arun who’s a blockchain developer he asks
what should stos keep in mind when marketing themselves towards accredited
and non-accredited investors and I know that’s more of a comment yeah yes it is funny that you asked that
because that’s what we’ll talk about there are plenty of compliance with stos
and I think that’s the major difference it depends on which market you want to
you want to attract so I know companies that are planning both ayios and our
skills at the same time now that’s structured in a creative way
whereas its subsidiaries of each company that are doing each offering and its end
and they work with the right groups to make sure that that’s completely
separate and won’t fall into the Griffey area and take that sto but for an sto
that wants a market you need to make sure that you have the right legal team
with your project because if you’re doing the Reg be offering reg C F if
you’re trying for a reggae plus each and even in in reg D there are there are
different exceptions that you could follow to that each have their own rules
with with how to market and how how to solicit so in reg D there are exceptions
where you could where you could market and there are some exceptions where you
can’t mark it at all and you can’t solicit at all so that question
typically should be handled with your attorney that helps guide you in that
project what I do want to clarify is that this isn’t the IC o—- days where
people were just advertising and launching projects without legal
guidance if you want to take that test you out there are rules that you have to
follow if you don’t follow them there will be consequences
we’re seeing those consequences for their SEO day but I think of the IC us
and the ICC was it it moved like most people are just starting up they
don’t understand the rules I got quoted to the hype I need a lot more leading
when you go down the sto rather follow the laws I don’t think that leniency
will still apply and it may it’s pretty clear in the u.s. well I hope there’s
another one from Aston who’s an investment portfolio manager in the UK
and I think he came from my personal LinkedIn him but he’s asking and I think
this question is directly targeted towards Alexander how would the latest
letter from the US Congress affect the development of Libra yeah so I don’t I
mean it’s a request what I think it’s funny is that I mean is that that that
better in itself served as a reminder for all the trouble that Facebook has
gotten into in the last few years and how they do make mistakes and lo and
behold a few days after that that letter was sent Facebook servers were down and
whatsapp Instagram and Facebook servers were down yesterday which shows you that
you know as a private company they will make mistakes I don’t think that it’ll
slow down the actual process I think that what they wanted was talk talk to
them I do me personally I think that that
letter was more posturing and or or those that issued that letter it’s more
to show that they did something did they can’t force them as of yet and still I
mean once once so right now Libra is in the stage of
figuring out how to do things and finalizing or they are now building it
out right they still have to apply for a a bunch of licenses probably banking
wise says they might be through a commodity
dealer they might also have to apply for a money transmitter license in every
single state in the US as well so no so I think what’s gonna happen there is
that Facebook just sent out a message that it’s gonna do this and it’s gonna
test out our current future our regulations aren’t built for this right
so Facebook’s me out saying hey I’m gonna do this and I’m Facebook and a
third of the world uses our system so when we do this either you work with us
and governments or you’ll be causing chaos because it’s gonna be slightly
it’s so if small companies work in the gray areas then the sort of impact that
it could make it’s very minimal right but if a company like Facebook’s tries
to work in those four areas they could crash the whole the whole financial
sector and also country as well so I think that the US government saying hey
stop working on your project and let’s talk I think that what Facebook’s
response gonna be is hey we’re still gonna work on our project but we will
talk to you so you could make some new regulations that serve what we want to
do very very mile is a very interesting point that you mentioned in an article
that you wrote ten days before the actual announcement from the US Congress
came to Libra you mentioned in the third point and I quote Libra may never see
the light of day due to regulation however even if this is the case the
announcement has brought incredible PR and attention to the crypto space and
then ten days later they get the letter from the US Congress what’s your comment
on that Netflix for me I think honestly even
though I said that it sounds nice to say that Mike might never see the light of
day but if Facebook can’t do it you can now we’ve got one of the biggest players
that can actually get this done taking charge so I think I’ll rephrase
that to say even though that there is a letter maybe I’ll tell you my comment
was right now McCourt regulators are doing the more confident that eventually
Facebook will do it well it’s now or later on I think this letter could it
could be posturing and it’s a good point from Alexander or could just delay the
process delay the inevitable for me everything’s a matter of when yeah so so
you know there are a bunch of licenses that they have to get in the EU they
probably have to register as a payment services provider as a money transmitter
in the u.s. probably as an money provider and they you also some banking
licenses or some financial services licenses they they might be considered
on on our ia or have to follow some sort of investment advisors Act regs I mean
there’s so many things that they have to do but each but each each license will
be for certain functions so what I think’s gonna happen is that they will
be slowly just up so they might launch a coin and they might sell it and then as
time passes and as they get those licenses they will have new functions
and they will enter each each each country as they get approved I don’t
think it’s gonna be a quick worldwide dominance it should be a slow and
studying just straight down we have this feature we now have this feature we now
work in ten countries in our content countries and so on and so forth so for
you to watch another question here that’s saying
would you agree that there’s basically a legislative wall between the SEC and
European regulators and I think what’s meant by that is wouldn’t you agree on
the fact that it’s nearly impossible to expect the cooperation between
regulators like the SEC and the Swiss Finnmark
in order to to be able to to host something like Libra on a worldwide
scale yeah so I don’t think that they would have to cooperate I mean so it
depends on each function right because if they want to do certain things in
like the US they might have to register they might have to open companies in the
US it’s a lot more complicated than just you know then having one Foundation then
like then Facebook or that’s called them Libre doing all functions through that
one entity they will likely have to have a bunch of entities sweater part that
are spread into a much different countries to make sure that they could
follow each country’s regs I I don’t think that that each country has to work
in tandem but it might happen and I think that this is the first time that
we see something of this major scale and who knows what’s gonna happen I
personally think that all of the like major regulators will have to come into
one room and figure out how to deal with this because if they don’t it could
cause chaos in in not just in the like us but but in the whole world so it’s a
serious issue here like we are talking about a global company with crazy
I mean think we chat but on a global scale that has a lot more access than
WeChat has and they want to I’ll have an asset back coin it’s all
currency and if it’s not if it’s not done right it could be stabilized not
the US per se but like a bunch of small countries all across will start to
fizzle out so I think the face gambler will start being a safe havens none of
those guys lose their people don’t need to use the minimum that block Libra to
use so what I think we do i Scholar a year or the yen have a long way to go
there’s another interesting question here from Luigi asking Mario please
expand on the strategy of acquiring crypto projects I’m not too sure what
he’s referring with regress so that might be something that you post around
a group or something yeah yeah Patrick’s in the group big shout out to Patrick
but UK example I gave about the client this family offices were interested in
it’s a client you know as well so that’s the news thing and actually interesting
but yeah Patrick knows about it strategy as well and what we’ve decided to do the
first wall syndicate of about eight people seven people so final exam we’ve
discussed this briefly and you found that interesting is that we’re looking
at projects that raise a lot of money back at 2017 2018 and then with a bear
market and I lost faith just like the dot-com bubble burst one of those
valuable companies went bust or one passed like Amazon and it went through a
really tough period of time we want to find those projects that have found you
but the talk of crisis went to nothing take over management take over marketing
type of product development leadership is not product development I think over
nearly should work with their team take a large portion of their tokens and this
helped build them as the market improves I think there’s a lot of underpriced
valuable gems in the market today and that’s what we’re looking at doing so
well they a lot of projects right now there’s a lot of projects approaching us
but it is putting you know we’ll be putting our face out there as the people
coming in and and working with that team to rebuild a project so it’s really
cool initiative I’m really exciting into a marsh many startup so I’m not doing
that and I think it’s a good way to from an investment perspective to acquire
those projects that have value that is underpriced and from you know from a
long-term value perspective we are building value with those projects
putting our faith sadly so that’s what this question is in what we do probably
be mentioning that I made a post on LinkedIn the bottom is a few people
thought they know the strategy what what didn’t what indicators would you be
looking at from from the company itself in order to considers to whether you’d
like to I just got people around that are really good and so we a person is
two people with the projects one looking at the finance is one book in the token
of its making a decision for me I just look at the two things I look at the ID
I don’t like to work with an idea that’s just too early you know what I mean much
changed in the early stages trying to have a report on the product was the
foundation the technologies and uber on the blockchain is still way off my
opinion and so I’m looking at ideas that are the timing is right something I’ve
talked a lot about entrepreneurship and the team unless a cliche of the teams we
deployed if you know we’re taking these leadership we still want you know you
know what team doesn’t really matter that much because we can bring in our
teams of the entire team does want to work on the project anymore but that got
a really strong community and I’ve built the foundation mainly the community it
went off the community hates them will fix that will come in will say hey we’re
gonna take over developer will take over everything from the team and then the
community will give us a shot and they’ll look at our profile and the
people that I’m working with and they’ll gain faith in that project so it’s many
of the finances and the token ah mcc’s but we’re happy that everything and for
me actually the most important thing is a community killing because everything
else we can fix but the community is something really hard to build up
they’ve got a built community that believes in the project they wanted to
work but they just don’t like the management or whatever things are at
that’s what we come in understood there’s another question here
regarding the investors syndicate the blockchain investors syndicate these
things – you can start investors syndicate the IO and and that’s for
people raising capital they want to raise it using their own money
but as anymore usually not their own money use it doing it themselves so we
give them the tools in their raise the money but as any other questions on them
have already been oh wow so even though more than half an hour 40 minutes 45
minutes any other questions regarding not only brought because I just think
there’s something you could anyone could research online any other questions you
can see Kidal about the fundraising because that’s really the post value we
break it’s raising money through capital as best yields or ayios and and waves at
app and you’ll be good questions for Alexander oh I want to mention one thing one thing is there’s a telegram that’s
Miami and I pushed Alexander to do it a telegram group that just launched
yesterday and essentially allows anyone to ask any legal question will answer it
for free Alexander will jump and say it’s not legal advice
George is true we cannot be in big legal Alexander can’t give legal advice and no
cost but you’ll have an attorney answer your question and providing guidance in
regards to that group that’s that that’s a huge resource what I saw
back in early ico days is that people had no idea where to look and that so my
like perfect example was back when people were raising money with the SAFTA
model you would look online and and if you if you search for Saks on Google
back then it was all articles about how startups weren’t using saps and but all
of the law firms were doing that so when we would like talk to clients they would
approach to say hey I thought that like saps were you
know not being done anymore because of all these articles that I read and they
were misinformed actually not talked like like not using lawyers because they
thought that did that did that solutions were non-existent so what what I’ve seen
now is that it’s hard for startup founders to get to be pointed in the in
the right direction and with this group the whole point of
it is so that if somebody has a question about what sort of brags they should
think about or what sort of funding mechanisms are being used or inserts in
some cases some some some questions that are more specific I’m happy to you know
help point people in though like right direction and if something is more
specific and you know I I like can answer publicly I could send them a PM
afterwards with some explanations and also have some like it’s some free
one-on-one consultations with clients to help them figure out the right strategy
to raise capital the last thing that I so as a start-up co-founder myself the
last thing that I want to see is other startup founders not be able to launch a
project because they don’t have access to any sort of maternity for for a half
an hour a car at a 15 minute chat on on either telegram or any other venue so
the whole purpose of it is to help with that because it’s hard to find competent
advice for startups in the blockchain space I mentioned there’s the kiddie oh
that’s question down I saw one there by cash con that’s now
cuz he’s asked her and there’s another one by Sue bish massive missed them
quickly so casually asking about Etios taking a little time to NEC a canoe
these specific ones no firstly what’s the guarantee that the funds used for a
law school it would keep around it there is no guarantee and even with the sto
the team wants to guarantee I don’t like guarantee it’s not right
things can change Satoshi Nakamoto there’s one guarantee if you work with
us all our clients know this prize that did that I see you’re back in 2018 it
didn’t work I or my goal is zero tomorrow because the SEC or FAS whatever
put out new regulations will nothing no one has old happen all you know all you
should know if you work with us I don’t know about other people you work with I
see will work with you until we can bring your value I all sort of crap oh
crap there is other ways race if you’re a good project there’s a lot of money
looking for so we’ll help you find a way stories like that we can raise it
probably there’s some projects that I look so I can meet up project earlier
they’re looking at a nesting idea and now we might consider making sto to
them this is one investor wanting to fund an sto and that same advice they
might actually invest privately even go ahead with the iron so there’s many
other way to raise capital if it’s my you will find other ways matter how long
it takes next one here config there are many
legal compliance in the sto which stretches the total timeframe launch
wasn’t a good point what’s the best rally where I need to do is cut up tire
center I oh okay so this this place is are saying the SCO is time and it’s true
let’s just take up to 12 months and 6 to 12 months time frame we re also we do
because I less regulations and but I suppose if hoops the just way way we
hope no you could launch an on sto pretty
fast now the hard part of an SEO is you having it having it on an exchange right
but you could launch on sto to create letters six to twelve months 12 months
of investing period before goes on being changed but investors to fund it takes a
lot less time see it for like yeah and then reg CF where you could sell to both
accredited and also non-accredited investors up to one point one point zero
seven million dollars you know for that you could have it set up in two to three
months like and also funded here’s the deal right like people or like startup
founders have to understand that if you want to raise capital with an sto part
of your job as a founder is to go and find investors to go and you know speak
at pitch competitions to get in the right rooms to to launch a project aside
from the actual marketing that you do as well because even though people will put
up will invest into your project on those big chunks of the 50k 100k that
come into most startups usually come from most one-on-one interactions with
investor groups and that’s where the biggest value is now going in the
question for an exchange offering crypto Fiat trading okay for an exchange
offering crypto feel trade what precaution do they need to take before
listing any token on the exchange for trading with each other
wait what so it’s an exchange offering crypto Fiat trading what precaution do
they need to take before listing any token on the exchange for trading some
exchanges exchanges have to consider yeah that’s that that’s that is a very
specific question and and that deals with with each country that like
exchange is operating in I I mean I can answer that like because there’s wait
they are I mean the factors so the ATF will probably be the latest regulation
they need to pay attention to the guidelines they agree because that
applies to so many countries no I mean so is so is the like person that is
asking this do they operate on exchange or or somebody that wants to be listed
on an exchange no that’s someone that operates I want some ocean exchange yeah
and there’s so many jurisdictions that they cover and it varies from
jurisdiction to jurisdiction the FN TFM guidelines are really
important there for exchanges to take into consideration yeah okay and so on
this I was gonna end it now but I’ll kind of sum it up because we had a few
more people join in the last few minutes I’ll carry on what you do who the time
when everyone’s joining Blake but the to Germany on the questions all right so
this is gonna be recorded and you’ll be able to watch it on YouTube or some duck
Leibrandt all the points then of other videos about that in conclusion it’s a
very positive development to this space and we’ll see the impact it will have
over the next few months and years and how it will develop I don’t like to make
predictions in terms of launching an ie o’them of the fa TF my saying arise ATF
is F atfer correct yeah I’m fighting every relations giving I think is a
really positive development other people were worried before they came
really positive development has gifts requirements for exchanges and avoid and
exchanges property prevents exchanges from scamming projects so exchanged
every regulations to follow which is really good
so the initial exchange offering market is maturing even Alexander who was it
skeptical even more than me about an exchange off me he’s the film
optimistic glass saying it will last six to 12 months and potentially more with
the higher quality exchanges and I tend to agree with this I think it’s with
those developers at legal clarity I’m also more positive towards ayios and
that that fundraising structure but I think it leads still more legal clarity
which will come out all the time they take time then you’ve got iced tea house
there’s a lot of potential desk years were working with a lot of security
talking offerings in an incubator program it’s a long-term fundraising
method I think will grow over time already doubled a bit last year and the
secondary market liquidity won’t take time and I think patience is important
there and then will furnish it a few questions well I think the Tippmann any
final words we’ve talked about the Telegraph group that Alexander is
leading we can ask any questions they can just ping us comment if this is
YouTube just any way you can reach us if it’s a LinkedIn videos comment there and
someone will see it give you the link you could join the telegram group and
ask any question you’d like we’ll try to give you as much guide as well excellent
I’ll try to give you as much guidance as you like but that’s something up men
anything else has ended no outside of that yeah like you mentioned we have a
new group where people could ask questions on there it’s a generalized
question I’m happy to post the particles just have general answers for people
that you know needs some sort of support or you know simple questions I came what
kind of lawyer do I need if I’m trying to do this what kind of area that or
what’s or what why what funding vehicles are being used now for startups I’m
happy to you know give some generalized answers there and if somebody has some
more specialized questions take it as well
someone’s saying how do I turn on my camera another Zeiss a while ago now you
can turn on e-commerce only me Alexander and admins can turn on the camera but
because of Alexander’s connection you can only see my my face the now you know
how it look like but no one else can check the camera I mean I think that I’m
gonna go Emilia traveling to Russia today you’re another Damon yeah I leave
to Moscow on Saturday I’m over in Frankfurt now and then I’m in
Ekaterinburg at a conference on Tuesday cool hold that value to anyone and
that’s listening and if you got any questions let us know
otherwise all the best and kitty oh thanks for organizing Alexander thanks
for joining as always man thanks for delaying it’s like this of course man
Thank You Man take care guys

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