26 thoughts on “Top Crypto Stories – Unibright Launch, Tether Drama, Qtum Adoption, Dash, Kin and ABBC!”

  1. Loaded up on unibright. This bear market made it easy to pick up some good projects, but I've lost a few projects to the bear as well.

  2. I'm leaning towards Binance Jersey as my fiat to crypto on ramp. Coinbase is to greedy. 0x7EF63cbC3fEe7ED398BA71a924ffEe038F2e3534

  3. qtum are freaking leaders in smart contract adoption <3 everyone is always dramatic about tether and it's only logical since it's like 80% of the whole stablecoin market. everyone should care.

  4. Actually nothing dramatic happened, it's just that there is a certain part of crypto community that enjoys blowing up scandals around tether

  5. now it is the mainstream to shill about tether. of course media needs the intriguing material and they turned to tether. however, it is just annoying sidelight in two weeks this story will be forgotten and media will pick another victim. i am using tether for almost one year and i am satisfied with it and i don't see any objective reasons to change my preference especially now when the company partnered with tron

  6. GIVE ME THAT GODDAMN KNIGHT – GOD DAMMIT (READ IN Charlamagne tha God VOICE) P.s. Keep up the good work y'all!

  7. Great work again Mattie, not sure USDT is bracket by anything, if they had a dollar in the bank for every token, they’d still not be backed due to fractional reserve lending?? 0xCb27511AD58897aE291A45fa60C12E72AF6F7eDB

  8. I would really like not to have to use Coinbase, but they have a monopoly on the dollar. Why can’t other exchanges, or wallets, get it together and compete properly? Anyone else, please.

  9. The whole KIN swap irks me… I took my coins off mercatox in two transactions that costed me 20,000 coins and put it in my ether wallet. Now we are being told that It has to go back on an exchange or put it on some other non trustworthy wallet. mind you that costs gas and time. If we choose to move it back onto an exchange for the swap we will end up paying more fees to move it off again.

  10. Teether likes being the drama queen in the room. If it's not getting enough attention, it steps it up a notch. Thanks for the updates!
    Enjin Collectable: 0x9d7483245048b7aF7F05100d5eF534C5DF208847

  11. The Zeus App seems interesting. I did some additional research, but didn’t find a great deal of detailed info. Are you aware of any in depth sources other than their website, Telegram, and Twitter presence? 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

  12. Thx for the news and updates i own a little bag of kin gonna take a look at all this!!! 0x547F15D17178af4d6646FE11eedb909222c8Ae63

  13. Did you get a survey from the Coinbase office in the Month of February? If you did – you might want to keep up with this…

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