22 thoughts on “Top Crypto Picks Q2 2019. These Coins Will Explode?”

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    00:08 Introduction

    00:55 Coin Pick Number 1

    04:43 Coin Pick Number 2

    08:45 Conclusion

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  2. Veil is another good coin to invest in …The supply of Veil coin available for use is presently 10M. The most extreme supply after the stock transactions and mining transactions will be 300M. Square prizes are resolved to be 100 and will proceed until the hard cap is gone after the principal year. Veil ll explode

  3. Where were you during the time when everything was down the dump? Suddenly when all altcoins are rising you become an expert and want people to buy on what you're buying

  4. Look at BeatzCoin guys ! Itโ€™s working together with BTT to change forever the way we share music and media content. Youtube and spotify will be replaced soon ?

  5. How about Beatzcoin? What do you think of it? It's currently one of Tron's SR. Would be great to hear your opinion on this.

  6. REN developers were talking to the Cosmos devs in Telegram. They could potentially work together. I thought maybe you'd be doing a REN video?

  7. for a year now, i have been reinvesting my $2000weekly profit to bitcoin, i guess it's time to look into other coins now.

  8. Do. Not. Buy. This. Trash. The Sentivate team consists of one dev, a finance guy, and and ex military guy. Just what you want when you are building an innovative blockchain company that is going to reinvent the web. Not calling it a scam, but I don't think the team is capable. Let them show at least one product before buying the hype.

  9. I like your analysis but its obvious you don't talk about Bitcoin Cash at all, are you anti BCH?

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