48 thoughts on “TOP Altcoins for 2018 and 2019”

  1. In 2019 I believe NTS from the Nauticus Exchange will do well. The exchange will launch with 6 FIAT currencies and over 100 cryptocurrencies! they're in the soft launch at the moment and are doing 99.99% off of fees!

  2. Thanks! I'll take a closer look at these. However, over 2100 crpyto projects by Januar 2019. Its a full-time job to separate the good from the bad projects. I found just 3 so far: Opacity (OPQ), IOTA (best tech and partners) and NULS (nice staking reward). There are probably a lot more .. but I don't have the time in 2019 to continue. Anyway, good luck everyone

  3. the New world order khazarian mafia uses cryptos to traffick children via the website Backpage com and Trump indicted it and now as the pedophiles are arrested their crypto holdings are immediately liquidated simple as that

  4. One of my favorite choices for the best ICO's from 2018-2019 is the Atlas Network! It is an upcoming ICO project that wants to connect all consumers and businesses in the travel industry, building a decentralized database network that incentivizes content creation, transactions and consent-based sharing of user data.

  5. What are the stats about Bull run? Is it right to double my trades or calm it down a bit?

  6. It's almost altcoin season again. Just wait for bitcoin to climb and stop for a bit. That's when you buy altcoins.

  7. My faith in GIO coin is already yielding in this bear market. Price is up and as an exchange it is close to introducing $USD deposit and withdrawal… To the moon.

  8. Buying cryptocurrencies, you're exposed to the most ambushing global thieves who'll take your money
    before you blink especially the ones with large wallets. They know every movement of yours while you're game enough to surrender your trust and from that time your movements are censored and your coins can be manipulated abruptly and the only one to sue is the computed blockchain algorithms or your coin community who's 100% merciless by any means!

  9. Good insights, pretty useful. I think it's worthy investing in one or two projects, that you can believe in, which can do what are they supposed to do, and which have chance to make it real life projects, you know actually working. Because of that my pick is Contract Vault, time will show was I right 😀

  10. You should review Gravio coin (GIO) the coin for trading on the Graviex platform, it is a sleeping GIANT and such exchange will help spread the big profits the likes of Binance, Bittrex and Coinbase are raking in. This coin will move soonest, we have already seen such with Binance and Kucoin coins, surprised Bittrex hasn't follow suite TBH. Their dividends model for investors and discount for traders on the exchange is a brilliant idea so every investor in the exchange will get a piece of the pie.

    That is just one part of the bigger project Graviex is working on. Research it, invest in it and let us decentralise the profit of the big exchanges by trading on the platform to benefit all investors and traders.

  11. What's your take on DGPT, a digital inheritance service built on the blockchain to ensure recipients you designate will receive access to your digital assets in the event something happens to you. The Matthew Mellon story on Ripple is a testament to the benefit of Digipulse. Platform launches on July 2018!! would appreciate your feedback!

  12. Thank you for this video! What exchange is working the best today to buy altcoins? What's your take on SciDex project?

  13. Look into Equal token, $EQL. 323M circulating supply. 800K market cap. New website and unique wallet coming this quarter.

  14. Please make a video about BLOCKPORT (BPT). Low Market Cap and Circulating Supply, product out soon and future bright. Make a video pleaseee.

  15. Cool video man! A lot of great info. What you think about SciDex? I heard they have a promising project.

  16. One of the best Coin under 1 Cent is Electra [ECA]. Check the roadmap and community of this coin. Amazing!

  17. Hi, could you do a review on the NAGA wallet now it’s been released
    Is it the best wallet available?

  18. Very well done, sir! From my point of view i see Russian market grow in near future. Highly recommend Sibcoin (SIB), Waves, BioCoin.

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