25 thoughts on “Top Altcoin Cryptocurrency Picks From Audience – WAX. Telcoin, APPC, UTrust, Trinity Network,”

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  3. Please talk about ARCT Arbitrage Cryptotrader. This wil moon very soon. With just 152M supply, 1.5M marketcap and 89M circulating this is going skyrocket. The Terminal for Arbitrage is allready released (Beta version) and Will be on Mac/ IOS/Android soon. The ARCT coin Will be used as fuel for the terminal, you can buy packages of volume to trade. From every sold package 30% Will be burned so 152M will decrease to less coins. Also new exchanges coming. Please let the community know and dont Miss the opportunity. Download the terminal on https://account.arbitragect.com/en/login and join the ARCT telegram

  4. Thanks for yet another great video. Love you videos my man! Could you please do a honest review of this ICO, seems to be popping up everywhere and the returns seem a bit sketchy, but don't want to miss out if it's legit. It's called Ice rock mining and they promise passive income for investors, a certain amount per month per coin held. Here's the link: https://icerockmining.io/ I'd really appreciate it 😀 The thought of a company hosting 5000 asics in a cave is funny but cool at the same time.

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