TOP 7 Blockchain Gaming Projects

something you might not know about me is that despite my athletic physique I'm not very much into sports at all but I do fancy some eSports and by that I mean I'm very passionate about video games especially as you could possibly be by clicking that subscribe button and joining our ranks comrade from my very first experience with virtual worlds I've been fascinated with video games and to see them evolve from their first generation to what we have today was astounding I'm all up on improvement what can new tech bring to the table in comes blockchain and today friend we're bringing some of the most interesting blockchain projects in gaming bear in mind that this is a list made by me with my opinion all over it gaze upon the Almighty problem if you disagree on something just leave a comment below and let's see just how wrong you are so here it is top 7 blockchain projects according to me game II edition no matter you know item games say I bought a game played it and finished it 100% completion yeah I'm one of those guys wouldn't it be nice if I could sell it cheaply to someone else or even gift it to a friend well unfortunately that's not possible with the current systems but a game store running on blockchain could change that I could tokenize access to my game once I'm done with it simply pass it along well item games is a platform that could allow for this to happen the item store will allow trading of in-game items between players imagine selling off a powerful legendary sword you got in one game and using what you've earned to buy a sports car in another cool isn't it I think so numero dos loom the loom networks main focus is tackling scalability issues for blockchain games and apps while at the same time still maintaining the security of the etherium blockchain so or gaming Studios that want to create online games but are worried about how big they can make them worry not but in my opinion they get extra brownie points for actually having a learning platform where you can learn how to code for blockchain knowledge is power my friend and with great power comes spider-man now we know it will come to this there's no no way to ignore this project this project was responsible for a massive clogging of the etherium blockchain when it launched I'm talking about cats crazy crypto cat people you know that crypto kitties is a monster and I have witnessed firsthand how addictive it can become hope you recover soon Elena beast I thought she'd be with you and we can thank them for pushing the ERC 71 standard into the mainstream sponsor time do you own crypto keys or any ERC 71 tokens afraid they might abandon you and follow their dreams worry no more download the pillow wallet today and lock those virtual creatures safely forever the pillow wallet it's free link in the description moving on to number 4 now this is probably one of the most ambitious gaming projects in the block sheet space engine is providing game developers with a full blocking SDK where they can benefit from blockchain technology without having to learn specific blockchain coding so things like true ownership of gaming assets and fraud prevention are a given we are talking about blockchain after all but the project goes way further and its ambitions and even opening up the possibility for the creation of the whole multiverse imagine that your character is a fierce warrior wielding a massive battle ax in one game right and then in another game that same asset that was the axe becomes a plasma cannon the nerd inside of me just got goosebumps this is Mambo number 5 this central and do you enjoy building your own little virtual world shout out to the SimCity players out there what if you could create and sell those things in virtual reality this central end is just that you build it it's yours to do whatever you want with it number 6 sandbox it's actually quite similar to number 5 in this list but what caught my eye was the charming voxel aesthetic sandbox is very easy to get into it's a tool to model rig and animate your voxel creations and also a marketplace to sell them it you can build whatever you want the core idea is that everything is made by the players from a futuristic first-person shooter to a high fantasy RPG your imagination is your only limitation I really like this community centered games and finally lucky number seven Ayana me it's as simple as make money by playing video games sounds good the idea is that if a game has AI army integrated you get a weekly reward in cryptocurrency of course simply playing that game or if a game has its own digital currency you can sell that currency to other players on their ionamin marketplace if that thing existed back in the day I'd be one happy orc in World of Warcraft trust me I played a lot I kept imagining if some of these blockchain enabled features were to be implemented on my favorite games trading items in Diablo or being able to trade my finished games and what do you think do you think any of these projects are exciting or maybe do you know of a cool project that I didn't mention in this video leave a comment below and let's talk about well now ladies and gents it is time for me to see you in the next one Cheers

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  1. Pablo!!!! This was my favorite video yet!!!! I loved it!!! Now….have a look at Reality Clash tokenized weapons used in AR game!! I’ve got a big gun with a DOGE skin! And you can sell your tokenized weapons! #withgreatpowercomesspiderman

  2. This guy is 'a natural.' I am one of many that are interested in PLR but are mostly lurking in the background – getting ready to POUNCE! You should keep him…

  3. Pillar…… whats up. Do Big Things. Well actually you already are, what we need is exposure and lots of it. You can have the best product in the world and if nobody knows about it it's worthless

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