Top 6 Reasons Bitcoin Will Hit $100,000 Or More | Bitcoin Price Prediction.

today I'll give you top six reasons Bitcoin could eat $100,000 or more Bitcoin caught the attention of investors in 2017 Bitcoin started the year at nine hundred and sixty three dollars and thirty eight cents and ended at thirteen thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars and forty cents for a gain of one thousand three hundred and thirty eight percent it nearly reached twenty thousand dollars coming close at nineteen thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars and sixty-two cents on December 17th following are the top six reasons why Bitcoin could reach one hundred thousand dollars or more number one limited to twenty 1 million bitcoins at most there will only be 21 million bitcoins the first one was mined on January 3rd 2009 and there are currently about sixteen point eight million in circulation it is becoming harder to create additional bitcoins having it be harder to mine along with a limit on how many can be created makes the supply side come into play number two first cryptocurrency and medium exposure what is unique to Bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies is that it was the first one invented gained acceptance by investors businesses and has received the most media attention new companies have formed to support and trade it which has led others to take notice and try and cash in on the hype since there isn't anything physically attributable to Bitcoin having these qualities has been a huge help for it to gain traction number three fear of missing out investors don't want to miss out on the next big thing and to a degree also want bragging rights that they own Bitcoin it was reported by CNBC that coinbase a cryptocurrency exchange had eleven point seven million accounts in October last year compared to Schwab's ten point six million it increased in November adding three hundred in one week to get to thirteen point three million if this isn't a rush to participate nothing is number four harder and costlier to mind them Bitcoin mining was set up so that as more are created it becomes harder to produce the next one and since mining is accomplished solely by computers it is taking more compute power to create them this leads to higher system and energy costs if mining costs increase it could slow down how fast new bitcoins are created number five safety currency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a safe haven in times of trouble Bitcoin has started to gain traction with people who live or send money to countries whose governments they don't trust such as Zimbabwe or where inflation is very high for example Venezuela and number six illegal activities unfortunately Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been and will continue to be used for illegal activities since Bitcoin users can remain anonymous and can work from anywhere in the world this could lead to an increase in demand for them least at the margin so these were the six reasons I believe Bitcoin could hit 100,000 dollars or more

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