30 thoughts on “Top 5 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies for 2018”

  1. BISMUTH (BIS) only 1% Liquidity can be bough on cryptopia, soon as it lists on Binance it will moon, currently less circ supply than NEO with equal High Source repository code action at 78%, and the price is only 1/10th of NEO, !! do the math.

  2. I'm lucky because I'm 22, and all my friends are in their late 20s or 30s so I never went through that "clubbing/partying" phase to throw money around. I tripled my income in the last month and I just keep going up ?

  3. just made my coinbase acc if anyone wants to invest in someone with potential and like to see people rise, then I am the person you are looking for. People tend to help those on the street that can't/won't help themselves. I'm trying to do the opposite I just need a bit of help.





    Any and all is appreciated.

  4. My faith in GIO coin is already yielding in this bear market. Price is up and as an exchange it is close to introducing $USD deposit and withdrawal… To the moon.

  5. You should review Gravio coin (GIO) the coin for trading on the Graviex platform, it is a sleeping GIANT and such exchange will help spread the big profits the likes of Binance, Bittrex and Coinbase are raking in. This coin will move soonest, we have already seen such with Binance and Kucoin coins, surprised Bittrex hasn't follow suite TBH. Their dividends model for investors and discount for traders on the exchange is a brilliant idea so every investor in the exchange will get a piece of the pie.

    That is just one part of the bigger project Graviex is working on. Research it, invest in it and let us decentralise the profit of the big exchanges by trading on the platform to benefit all investors and traders.

  6. Thanks for such informative video – good to improve the wallet with you! My personal top for this year is AMB.

  7. Verge xvg will most likely moon
    Partnership with german bank token pay etc will eventually be bought by german bank
    Incoming partnership like spotify tinder and listed for joining coinbase
    High potential for verge!

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