26 thoughts on “Top 5 Richest Bitcoin Owners”

  1. A long long time ago, one poor man wanted to be a millionare. He went around convincing people that the rock on his backyard are bitcoin. People believed it, he becamee billionare…. the end

  2. I heard that Charlie Shreem, your fourth contender, went almost broke when he closed BitInstant. I believe he has Bitcoin but would not be one of the top five.

  3. With bitcoin I know the price will run up more, then bleed off and have an extended winter and actually go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, All we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to Ninno and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having *3BTC to 6.3BTC in three months,, So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 3Btc in 3 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout: [email protected]

  4. $ 10c " from 1c to 10c is insane "
    $ 1 " How the $%^& did it get this high "
    $10" going from 1 dollar to 10 dollars is NOT sustainable "
    $100 " How the hell did it get that high "
    $300 "It's a bubble, it's going to pop"
    $1000 "Trust me, it'll burst, just wait a few more months"
    $2500 "Give it a few more days"
    $2000 "Ha, told you all"
    $4000 "It's still a bubble"
    $5500 "Ohh boy, that’s gonna hurt when it bursts"
    $7000 " This is the end , we are close …"
    $9000 " We all knew it wouldn't last "
    $11000 " Within a month it's toast "
    $13000 " It should have never made it this far "

    9 + years later …..
    see where this is going….. the only BUBBLE BURST will eventually be FIAT currency .
    In reality BITCOIN has done something no other stock or bond has EVER done in human history go from 1c to an insane 18.000 k or so impressive , and this is just the beginning of the MIGHTY BITCOIN . So if you invested 100 US dollars in 2010 your net WORTH would now roughly be an ASTRONOMICAL 100 US MILLION dollars , now THAT IS IMPRESSIVE .

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  7. One question: who the fuck cares about the the top bitcoin owners? These videos feel like a robot makes them..

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