20 thoughts on “Top 5 Cryptos to be Added to Coinbase ! Coins and Tokens Added to GDAX”

  1. Scroll down to my comments guys. I was right about Coinbase adding ETC, they announced it about an hour and a half ago. Read my logic and learn, then understand me when I say Coinbase will also add Bitcoin Gold.

  2. Zrx goes to 40 after it's listed on coinbase this Monday as the next rally begins. This is all random information that I pulled from my intuition that has no bearing of course.

  3. Nick. Best analytical video I’ve seen in a while. Clif High might want to watch your videos to get a better hypothesis on his guesses. ZRX looks good. You got a subscriber my brudda!

  4. I usually don't subscribe to most Crypto channels but this and Modern Investor may get a subscription. Perfect video, this was a flawless video. Rarely has a video made me adjust my portfolio but you succeeded.

  5. I truly think Ethereum Classic will get listed and I'll explain why. Privacy coins will not get listed so ignore Monero and Dash. The next COIN that's mineable in the top 20 that's not already on Coinbase is Ethereum Classic. Coinbase already has support for ETC, because of the forking with ETH. Also, it meets all their guidelines and they love adding originals and forks, like they did with Bcash.

  6. If they add 0x they can begin using it themselves for trading their erc 20 tokens. I am up 15% in 3 days already from 0x so at this point it's all gravy

  7. coinbase could end up like the google of crypto if thats the case OX could be worth 100's if not 1000's in the future.

  8. Coinbase clearly loves UTXO blockchains, so it only make sense they'd add the world's longest UTXO blockchain in existence: DigiByte (DGB). It's been around since 2014 and is proven secure. It's open source and genuinely decentralized.

  9. Great stuff Nick

    U can increase the size of your frame, u got room, so we can see u better.

    Same with Todd when he goes solo

    Keep up the good work.

    I got a couple of youngsters I started teaching them about crypto investing and trading

    I recommended to them the Wyckoff course in wishes to trade.

    So far they are loving it.

    Cheers @JPGFinancial

  10. The guy is like Clark Kent, he puts on glasses and is immediately unrecognizable. I had no idea who it was when the video started.

  11. I don't see XRP due to it's a security. Coinbase will need to get approval from the SEC to be authorized to sell securities before it can be listed.

    I do see Digibyte being added as it's a standard currency/digital asset. That plus what it's bringing to the space with real world use of Digi-Sign and Digi ID login / authentication. They're really looking to the future of everyday use.

  12. I definitely agree with one of these, can you guess which one? (ha)…good review, Nick, I think all that you listed have a great chance

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