24 thoughts on “Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 from The Altcoin Buzz Team”

  1. 1.Vechain
    2.Electra Coin
    4.Matrix AI
    6.Te Food
    10.Morpheous Network

  2. Nano: near instant feeless transactions, mobile & desktop wallet solutions fully developed, very light weight nodes, no mining, transaction speed 7500+/sec

  3. Screw Cardano! They haven't given us ANYTHING yet. In the last 12 months they've only been LOSING!

    I'm all in Enjin btw. They keep winning! ✌?

  4. Who could ever pick Aircoins as a top 5 recommendation, for god sake? is that guy an idiot or what? I also saw Gincoin, Phore, and Safex in the recommendations…. what's that, dude? wtf? Do they even exist? I mean, it's ok if you like them, but pick them as TOP 5 cryptos? Are you crazy? Do you have a full bag to unload or what? What's wrong with this people?

  5. Elastos has enough funding to get through the bear market and is putting out updates weekly regarding development, IGRS alliance is exciting, 1 million carrier nodes out. Undervalued atm

  6. I'm into AI investing BTO bottos, AGI Singularity net, IOTA, BTC, and XLM. Soon I will add ENJ & ADA. Stay warm. I'm in northern Michigan. -20 and 14 inches snow yesterday!

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