32 thoughts on “Top 5 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 | Part 1”

  1. All the coins u pointed out have like a combined 10 partnerships. How much are these coin devs paying you?


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  4. Can you please do a review of this upcoming Aussie ico.
    Free Airdrop of tokens for signing up

  5. Anybody interested

    There is new icon and it's still have a bonus when you buy token on there ico sale

    Good luck everybody


  6. In 2018 I'm bullish on all major coins not named Litecoin or Ethereum. I could elaborate as to why, but half of you will call me an idiot anyway so why bother.

  7. The only thing from keeping me from buying Sub is its voting system. Seeing as one of the points in this is to avoid censorship. The voting system will do unjust censoring. Example: How long do you think a Trump support site would last? Planned Parenthood site? or any number of opinions that are popular for censoring. Or any other site that will upset the left wing whackos that put feels above facts. Everybody is offended by everything nowadays. Or lets say Apple fanboys taking down an Android site. and so on, People can not be trusted to be rational when voting on a site. It will end in a disaster and making a reliable site a risk and hassle. Thats why the USA is a republic and not a outright democracy.

  8. What you think about nCash ? nCash is the decentralized cryptocurrency of NUCLEUS VISION. Check :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzISf0mg0LM&t=1s

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