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what's up you guys Eddie at flip tronics I'm going to be showing you the five best cryptocurrency apps to use on Android all right so I've been trading crypto now for the last two years I've done somewhere around 20,000 dollars worth of trades and I'm gonna be showing you the stuff that has worked for me if you're not really experienced with crypto at all I'll have a course link in the description and I'll have links to all of these apps as well now the first one I'm gonna you know start off with here it has been my go-to wallet since the beginning it's called coin base I've done a bunch of different you know videos on the channel with coin base but basically how coin base works is it's a wallet and a trading platform so basically you can transfer money from a checking account into coin base and you know you can start buying some of the major Kryptos like Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium aetherium classic like coin and they're adding more coins but right now they don't have a lot of options but some of the things that I like about coin base you know you can pull up graphs on some of these different coins up to a you know a year – all you can hover your finger over the price to see you know where things have been going and then of course it's gonna pull up the market cap the volume and you know the supply of you know what's out there but if you're you know a little bit confused with this it'll make sense in a little bit you know I just want to show you that you know I've taken money in and out of coin base you know quite frequently you can see 1,100 here 2900 here 500 400 you know 2,000 you can just see some of my trades to show you that I've actually been doing this stuff for a while now when it comes to like crypto coins there are a lot out there you know there's over a hundred the downside you know to trading on coin base is that you know they don't have a lot of coins that you can trade right now they're probably going to be adding more in the future but as of right now you're limited to what you can actually trade my recommendation though would be to use coin base mainly is you know like your digital you know crypto wallet kind of like a PayPal account so you're definitely gonna need coin base so you know create an account there for sure the next app I'm gonna be showing you is where I've done pretty much all of my trading up to this point it's called buy Nance now everybody out there needs to be on Finance this is definitely in my opinion the number one exchange for trading all of the coins available there's a lot of things that I love about using the app so I'm just gonna get into some of them but you know you can pull up you know the last price here so I mean like sorting through is you know awesome so you can see like you got the main ones up here again like Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium like coin but then as you scroll down you'll see some ones you've never heard of before if you're not familiar with some of them like neo you know ripples in here iota and I always talk about iota because I'm thinking about putting a lot of money into this one but you can also pull up the 24-hour you know price change which is cool so you can see like what's going up what's going down you can also pull up the volume to seeing what's being traded if you're unsure about any of this stuff you know and you've never like traded before like stocks cuz it's easy to compare some of this stuff to stocks in my opinion because you know you've got a lot of the same terms going on in here but anyways I'm gonna pull up iota real quick now the graphing on you know by Nantz is awesome so basically you can pull up different charting on here so I mean you can pull up you know graphs with candlesticks which shows the buying and selling going on so I mean Green is the buying Reds the selling but you can get an idea of you know if you know what's going on basically in the market for this stuff so if you wanted to buy a Toyota for example which is only 48 cents right now let's say you wanted to go big cuz I mean like I've really been thinking about going big on this let's say I wanted to put 5,000 into it you can see the price it's gonna cost you and you know obviously you can click the Buy button on it when you're done but it's really that easy I mean using this app is you know just definitely you know very user friendly which is why you know I've liked it I've been logged in right now let me go back here alright so anyways um you know by Nance right now in my opinion no matter where you're at this is going to be the number one exchange for trading and the way that you need to use this app is that you've got your coin base account you know which is your digital wallet you need to transfer money into by Nance and this is where you're gonna be doing your trades right and like I said I've done pretty much all of my trading on Finance up to this point you know just because you know they've got so many different coins on here they've got upwards of a hundred and you know I love the features that they have on here you know if you've ever traded stocks before this is definitely like in the realm of a really good you know kind of like stock trading app just you know being able to see the volume and you know just make trades on the fly so check out finance guys you can have a lot of fun here you can make some money definitely and you know you this is just where you want to be now the next we're gonna be getting into here is gonna be Robin Hood now Robin Hood crypto trading is not available yet in every state it's actually not available in the state I'm in right now which is Illinois but I do want to say that you know Robin Hood is very powerful I've got some money in it right now a couple thousand you know cuz I've traded stocks on here but since they're gonna be putting in the crypto portion into the stock trading I just think that's amazing you're gonna be able to trade stocks and trade crypto on Robin Hood I mean that's awesome you know what I'm saying so you know I've only got a couple thousand in this account but I do want to pull up the you know the crypto section here for for Robin Hood it is available right now in some states so you might be in some of the states it is available you can see it's available in Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Florida and so forth so you can if you're in one of these states definitely take advantage of doing crypto trading on Robin Hood you know they've got great charting features you know they've been my number one stock trading app for a long time now and you know like I said the fact that you're gonna be able to trade both crypto and stocks that's awesome and it's just gonna get you better at you know trading in general alright so the next app I'm gonna be showing you is the crypto app now this is just a tracking app but it's actually really cool so anyways let's say for example we want to click on with the stupid coin so the charting features on here you can basically pull up you know graphs up to you know a six-hour graph a one-day graph seven day 30 day you can hover your price or your finger the price to see what's been going on it'll pull up different volumes for you to you can actually set alerts on this app which is really cool so you can send an alert for like a price you might want to you know buy it once it drops and you can also pull up news on here so it's gonna pull up news based on the crypto you're looking at in real time so I mean this app's really good for you know tracking some of these different coins if you're thinking about buying one and you know it's free to use you can see there's a little ad pop up down here but you know at the same time it's a it's pretty sweet right alright so the last app is gonna be another you know a tracking app I wanted to add a couple tracking apps in here it's called crypto trader alright so this one will let you set alerts as well you can pull up charts on you know in on different markets like by Nance when I was showing you you can set alerts on here and you can also pull up different graphs this app is just really good for setting alert so if you wanted to set alerts on this one you can definitely do that it's very easy to use it's very user friendly and it's another good tracking app for anybody out there like I said they wants to you know track some of these Kryptos without having to login all the time alright so I'm just gonna recap for everybody here you know if you're thinking about getting into cryptocurrency trading you know I definitely think it's a great way to make some money and help you get better at investing in the long run we were using the Galaxy Note 9 here with this awesome wallpaper you know what I'm saying so but yeah so we've got coinbase just to recap here is gonna be the number one place you know to put your money your money's actually insured on coinbase up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars so that's another reason that I recommend using coinbase for you know as a wallet but you want to be moving the money from coinbase into by Nance so you need to have both accounts you know active obviously because by Nance is where you're gonna fund money from coinbase and then put it in the by Nancy if you start doing some trading on some of those other coins where you could probably make a lot more money because they're lower priced and you know there's just more opportunity there and then robhinhood if you're in one of the states that allows cryptocurrency trading right now definitely hop on Robinhood they will be adding more states in the future and then of course I've got the to crypto tracker apps in the mix here now if you're not very you know familiar with how all this stuff works I will leave a link in the description for a good course you can check out I will have links as well for each one of these places that you can start getting a with start getting going with crypto training if you have any questions or comments about this stuff obviously you feel free to hit me up please hit that like and share thanks for watching this and we'll see you guys later

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