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the team anyways all the coins I’m gonna be talking about in this video you can
actually find on Finance I wanted to make this a very simple top five coins
where you don’t have to run to make a move like you know make a new account on
a bunch of exchanges all of them are on Finance you guys know my favorite
exchange if you guys are interested in buying ads make sure there’s a link in
the description make sure to click on that make a free account and that’s all
you guys have to do the new transfer money over and you can trade with it but
most of you guys I know a lot of you guys do have Finance accounts already so
this is why I decided to make videos a video only on the top five crypto
currencies in February for finance so without further ado let’s actually hop
right into the crypto currency market capitalizations
crypto market kept the coin market cap almost at a six hundred billion dollar
market cap that’s good we’re starting to climb up we can see a lot of green today
nothing significant other than like aetherium is up 12% a few other coins
are up more but you know a lot of 3% 6% 4% pretty good but you know we’ve seen
bigger moves and if we’re gonna have a bullish run we’re gonna need numbers
better than that so this is just the beginning it’s still early in the day
hopefully by the end of the day we’re gonna start seeing you know more
movement of and hopefully we can start having a bullish market again that would
be very exciting now without further ado let’s jump right into these coins
there’s a few of them I don’t want to take too long I’m not gonna explain all
these coins in too much detail because this video would be like three hours
long I’m not gonna do any crazy technical analysis we’re just gonna look
at charts we’re gonna talk the coin and these are just my favourite
coins for for February so first of all Bitcoin you guys have heard me say in
the last few videos Bitcoin is you know almost had two hundred billion dollar
market cap again it’s the biggest coin it’s the og everyone has to trade
against a Bitcoin so you know if you buy it an all coin usually you’re buying it
against Bitcoin or aetherium to like coin but most of time it’s with Bitcoin
so again my one of the large one of my large whole lot largest holdings in my
portfolio is Bitcoin it is a significant amount of my
portfolio especially right now when I think we’re gonna start entering a
bullish market and I want to be holding the number 1 coin which is still down
like 45% from its all-time high and hopefully you know it’s going to run
straight past that hopefully we’re gonna see bitcoins pass straight past its all
time high that would be insane I would be very okay with seeing that but I
think that is this is the safest coin and I like to play my investments
relatively safe that’s why my one of my biggest holdings is Bitcoin after that
we have Liske now we haven’t talked about lives on this channel at all again
you guys can get liske on Finance only Bitcoin I guess you’d have to get on
coin market on coin base but that’s another issue you guys know how to do
that anyways lisk why did I pick Liske and we haven’t
talked about liske at all so I was doing a little digging and I found out on
their website Liss is having a relaunch event that is
absolutely huge them to take place on February 20th I believe in a relaunch
they’re gonna have this sort of Apple style keynote if I’m not mistaken from
my understanding they’re trying to generate this beYOU know this big event
and that’s going to be their relaunch yeah you guys can see hello welcome
hello come and see a new the new Liske click for details February 20th so I’m
thinking start of February running up to that date we’re gonna start seeing
people pick up more liske simply because of this event you know this events gonna
generate some some news some traction people are be picking up more list so
since now we’re still at the end of January not even started February yet we
have a good chance right yeah Jerry 28th we have a good
the see Liske start moving upwards especially since it is on a little bit
of a dip again tat $23 a little more expensive it does have a two point seven
billion dollar market cap so you know this is another pretty safe bet the
bigger the market cap honestly nowadays if you have if we’re talking about like
Bitcoin aetherium stuff like that it is a safer play than a coin with you know
2.7 million dollar market caps so that’s why I like Liske thirdly finance coin
finance coin right you guys think bias is a exchange only note they have their
own coin now if people trade you if they people have this coin in their wallet
then they get 50% off fees so you only pay point five percent for two-way
transaction so you know selling it buying or buying and selling you only
pay point five percent instead of one percent if you don’t have this coin so a
lot of people are picking up this coin simply because they don’t want to pay a
lot of fees no one likes paying fees it is down it’s $13 its all-time high was
roughly twenty three I believe yeah 2424 Knapp so is that a significant amount
and the more people start coming into cryptocurrency finance being one of if
not the biggest exchange at the moment definitely my favorite one of the
easiest to get started on this is going to move simply because people are going
to start making accounts people going to start trading there and people are gonna
then need to buy finance coins and that’s honestly in itself is what’s
going is what I think is going to make finance coin this valuation go up and
obviously the more when the markets turn bullish again people start hearing about
people start moving their money more often keep an eye on this coin cuz I
noticed in December right you guys can see right here in December it was $8.00
start a January 2018 this shot up right because a lot of people were getting
into cryptocurrency because they heard it makes money so new money was coming
in buying into being one of the easiest exchanges to get on to one of the
easiest exchanges to use this coin I love this coin I’m very very very
bullish on this coin thirdly we have app coins this again you can get it on by
Nantz it is a smaller coin one hundred thirty seven million dollar market cap
it is down you guys he hasn’t Nonpoint coin market cap a lot it is
down it did have an all-time high of significantly more than is that right
now its all time high was roughly over here right roughly four for its for some
dogs won’t let me go up there but now we’re down to one dollar and thirty
seven cents basically holding that for the last few days now why do I like this
coin why do I like this coin because it is it basically a cryptocurrency
blockchain app store so you guys can make in-app purchases
you know advertising app approval it’s been talked about on coin Telegraph
Forbes some big sites and my favorite part two hundred million active users
four billion apps downloaded and number six hundred and ninety two on the global
top site so these guys already have a product up and running it already has a
you know it already has active users and it’s still so cheap on something like an
app store that is you know you guys know Apple’s App Store was game changer it
made Apple a ton of money if this is anything like that and starts picking up
some success one hundred thirty seven million dollar market cap is absolutely
nothing it’s super super small answer relatively new coin thankfully it’s on
buying in so I could talk about it today but definitely one of those coins little
riskier but I’m picking up hoping to see a good long-term play with this coin not
even just February but moving on forward to now 505 is another coin it is on a
dip so that’s why I decided to talk about this if it wasn’t I probably
wouldn’t but one hundred and sixty two million dollar market cap and it’s going
to be featured on a Super Bowl commercial Super Bowls next week
Sunday February I don’t know what data is February something Sunday it’s gonna
be Super Bowl Sunday if those of you guys who don’t know in the US that’s a
big event huge event you guys probably know about Super Bowl independent of
where you live but you know the fact that vibe is going to be featured on a
commercial it’s going to be huge a lot of people watching are not going
to be cryptocurrency investors so vibe is gonna be one of the first coins they
hear of other than you know Bitcoin in aetherium this going to be the other
coin they hear of so maybe it will move them into investing either way just
having your name talked about is a good thing
and I saw the dip I thought 90 cents might be a good time to pick some up
just to kind of hold until mid-february and see what happens with the price
lastly guys substratum of actually not last if we have surprising at the end
but lastly substratum it again the reason I picked this cuz it’s been on
such a huge dip its all-time high was like three dollars it’s basically one
third of that right now I did find some support here at this line the dollar
dollar 10 line you guys can see dollar 10 it’s still small 247 million dollar
market cap but I don’t see it falling you know I don’t see it falling below
this point I think this might be the lowest point we see that so I picked
them up and kind of use it as a February play see where the price goes at the end
I know a lot of big youtubers are huge fans of this people like data – love
some sad and people like also young and investing started watching his channel
great Channel also big on substratum so I was looking it out I was looking it up
and with a chart like that and you know the amount of people back in it I think
this it’s it’s at a very low point I think this is a sale for substratum
right now lastly lastly guys you guys are like this isn’t a coin yes I want to
tell you guys I actually withdrew from a hash flare to test it out it 100% work
no issues it’s in my wallet the fees were really really small so in case any
of you guys were wondering heavy with John yet I officially have and it worked
100% perfectly I use a hash flare those of you guys who don’t know I use hash
flare just because I want to diversify my portfolio not just with coins but
also with mining mining in my opinion is a safer bet because coins will fluctuate
in price mining will always generate you coins every single day currently only
has the only gives me $12 worth at its peak you know start up January it was
giving me like 25 $27 worth probably 30 now with a Matt Tanner hash I have so it
is down a significant amount when we start seeing Bitcoin price pick up
because you know difficulties be increasing but price hasn’t really but
once we see the price start picking up this price will definitely start you
know the amount you get paid out definitely start going up to those of
you guys who know I have Genesis mine well that’s where I have most of my
mining contracts the reason I moved on to hash Blair because Genesis mining
sold out and I still want to buy more mining contracts so here we are if you
guys are interested in my hash flare I’ve linked down in the description for
you guys you guys can go sign up start making passive income don’t forget none
of what I say are in this video in these videos our financial advice is just my
opinion what I’m doing you guys can tell I am mining on hash flare because I want
to get paid out every single day in Bitcoin guaranteed payments and then I
am investing in those coins because I want to invest in those coins those
coins I believe in none of this financial advice I’m sharing with you
guys what I’m doing guys don’t forget if you guys want a chance to win the
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