48 thoughts on “Top 3 cryptocurrencies: september 2017”

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  4. Girls + Crypto = Anonymous play
    If anyone is interested in our project please help us get it started if not that's cool too. Thank you.
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  5. You want to be a millionaire look into Quorum and Hyperledger. Also Consider Accenture on reg market and Accenture as well.

  6. DONATE. We are raising a fund for a critically-ill kid who is battling his life with ventilator support. I request all the kind-hearted people over there to spare with some coins to bring some smile on the kid's parents. Thanks in advance even for the single Satoshi you deposit here…..1KkRRMBd2MxyKpuz3dHenX99EkxidbE9VN May all your near and dear ones be blessed!

  7. I asked substratum if they will still be on bittrex given the recent sec ruling and they said that they will not be and they never bothered to correct that in their white paper and every time I go in there stack people are complaining about slow token release. Good idea but don't trust the team. Thanks for the video

  8. I have around 1TH of Ethereum mining power.
    I've been considering moving to ubiq for some time.
    I can mine 8-10 UBQ per day instead of ~0.2 – 0.3 eth per day .

    I hold everything I mine.

    Right now eth mining has more profit. But if I hold ubiq and it grows in value then it could be much more profit in the long run.

    Would you switch it to ubiq now ?

  9. Hey bro what do u think about tezos platform can u make a review like u did in eos? I agree with u they said that going to be better then ethereum and made a eos token on ethereum lol with no product

  10. How do you feel about adshares? around .20 per token with a circulating supply of a little over 21 million and a market cap of 2 mill, seems pretty good right?

  11. Sorry, in my view questionable insight & advice, and more study of other cryptos necessary as quite a few mistakes.

  12. I am sorry to say this, but Bitfinex have denied in a reply to my mail of being contacted by Substratum Team to get listed. It hurts, but that's what I got to know today.

  13. I made some researches and found nowhere that substratum is going to be listed on bitfinex except from the whitepaper. Please share your source

  14. I'm so glad to see Sub in this list! If anyone wants to invest in Substratum please use my referral code (edrickintanar) and we'll both get a 15% bonus!

  15. Thanks for all those amazing videos and the detailed research. Good call on Ubiq!! Did you research the following currencies and ICOs? – NXT , QTUM (chinese blockchain platform considering the rest rise of NEO), PIVX (considering that privacy currencies' popularity in Korea exchanges) Kyber network ICO (Chinese market is huge), TRON etc. I would like to hear your take on it 🙂

  16. Great video! Super! What o you think of these coins: QTUM is the NEO of Singapore, The ETH of SE Asia, Bytecoin is a better privacy coin then Monero and around since 2012 (longer then Monero) and BTS is very active with their DEV team and was 8x it's current price. BCN recently got active with Development too.

    Bitshares is polling it's customers as to which development they want next. Very good development team. Thanks I'm sorry that I have to discuss things I don't like about Bitcoin and Bcash (especially) in my video. I hope it doesn't offend you, but it's just for environmental reasons. I quit my job also to do youtube videos about cryptos… well mainly trade actually.

  17. Thanks for the input ! Ubiq is interesting !
    My opinion for September : LISK , LITECOIN , ETHEREUM .
    LITECOIN will do better then DASH , just me…

  18. I just sold out of Bata and WeTrust. $8600 ready for invest!
    How would you invest? I'm thinking 33%SUB, 33%UBQ, 33%DASH.
    Maybe DigitalPrice for masternodes? 😀

  19. I just made my first altcoin investments. I went for Substratum and IOTA. Considering Ubiq too.
    What do you think about Steem?

  20. Hi man,

    What are your best websites/social media/etc. sources to have the good information at the right time? We can't analyze news for 250+ promising cryptos!

    Thank you very much
    Keep doing great work

    PS: have a look on SNC

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