Top 3 Best Altcoins To Watch For 2020! Undervalued Cryptocurrency! (High Market Cap Edition)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys
full of information today I’m gonna be share with you guys my top 3 high cap
all coins heading into 2020 now I’m gonna do this in a three part series on
this channel so again if you guys want to stay tuned with that make sure you
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doing this in a three part series the first part this video right here is
going to be the high cap all coins this is pretty much all coins in the top 20
what I consider to be these save as they might not give you the most return
long-term but they are already a higher mark app and therefore they are a little
bit of a less risky investment the next video is going to be the mid cap all
coins and that’s somewhere in the range I’d say top 20 to top 60 to 80 maybe and
then I’m gonna make a video sharing with you guys the top small cap Hall coins
which are those very very small talk words that could prove to be very very
profitable in the long run but they do pose a little bit of a higher risk as
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and every time I add an altcoin to my long-term portfolio as well I tell you
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researching it will be able to go in and do that as well alright guys so before
we actually dive into the all coins I want to talk about Bitcoin Bitcoin is
obviously going to lead the pack as if Bitcoin is going up all coins usually
are starting to see some gains as well when Bitcoin is doing well in an
accumulation phase that’s when we see all crews perform the best
but when Bitcoin is dragging everything down all coins are going to suffer as
well so if you’re looking for the safest investment in the cryptocurrency space
look no further than Bitcoin itself bitcoins probably going to be the same
as investment for a very very long time all coins are usually looked at to the
BTC Perrie they’re looking to the Bitcoin pair Bitcoin further
the next several years I think is still going to lead and not it’s not going to
provide you the highest percent profit per se but it is going to be the safest
investment the one that if you put your money there
if crypto is going to do well bitcoin is going to be doing well right if Kryptos
are not going to be doing well you can’t confirm Bitcoin is going to be doing
well but if Kryptos are doing well bitcoin is guaranteed it’s safe it’s
going to be doing well even if we just look at the chart for Bitcoin I’ll
usually do charts in every single video for those of you that are new make sure
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progress so looking at Bitcoin technical analysis we’re on the weekly graph
simply because if we’re talking about 2020 we’re looking at a bigger timeframe
especially we’re still a few months away from that we want to be looking at a
bigger timeframe so we can see exactly what’s going on so for Bitcoin for me
right now what we see is it is in the bottom of the EMA ribbon which is acting
as very very strong support you see the perfect balance we had off of this level
now this is important because if we do break below that we can expect to have a
significant down show we can expect to see Bitcoin hit roughly in the mid 7000
maybe even the 6,000 and that’s going to be for the immediate short-term but
again after that we do expect Bitcoin leading up to the having to have bigger
and better price action half price action getting close to those all-time
highs and maybe even seeing those break but first things first we want to get
back up there first it’s going to act as resistance and hopefully we can smash
above that and start hitting new all-time highs I’m sure a lot of you
guys would really appreciate that a lot of you guys would really enjoy it
especially after having to be holding its I know a lot of people are holding
ever since you know the beginning of 2018 when Bitcoin first had you know
started to initially have its pull back that’s when I know a lot of people
really really started to get in but enough about Bitcoin let’s go into the
three all coins all coin number one this is going to be – now again I want to
preface this by saying and this is by no means the top three all coins that exist
in the world nor are they my top three biggest holdings these are some that
some of them are my big holdings some of the other ones I’m looking at getting
into dollar cost averaging into depending on how exactly the market
plays out but overall I think all of these three have a strong potential
before I actually tell you these I want you to let me know in the comments down
below right now what are your top three all coins are even top five all
Quinn’s heading into the Year 2024 the year 2020 which ones do you think which
ones are you holding the most of which ones do you think are going to perform
very very well right guys so the first cryptocurrency like I said is going to
be a – – not a great day for it down 5% but it is just under six hundred and
nineteen million dollars in mark cap ranked number 18 so it’s in the top 20
I’m considering it for this video for the sake of this video a a higher cap
all coin now – fun fact has been around for like five and a half years and most
of you guys know cryptocurrencies have been relevant for I’d say the last six
right so if you count that – has been around for pretty much this whole a time
if you want to pick up – pretty easy go on finance they do have all the pairings
for – over there and if we look at the chart for – the – has been in a
downtrend compared to BTC obviously we’re comparing it to BTC the BTC paring
it has been on a downtrend for a very very long time but you’ll notice that
this chart it starts this the finance chart from – BTC it starts in October
2017 and like I told you – has been around for much much of longer than that
so make sure you keep that in mind when you’re looking at it the downtrend it
doesn’t necessarily look good but again if we can break above the EMA ribbon
something we haven’t done the since all the way back in early February 2019
then we could start seeing – continue to move its way on up and it does have a
very high slitting no hype no you know inflated volume here nothing there’s no
cheating going on here right they’re not trying to just hype up the volume to
sell it – has been here for a long time and clearly they’re trying to work on a
working product they’re trying to get the most adoption if possible so a
little bit more about – – is trying to do what I think is the most important
feature that cryptocurrency could offer to the market and that is being digital
cash that’s what – wants to do your money your way they have less than a
cent transaction cause they have less than a second transaction time any
amount any time anywhere and I think you guys will agree with me if you use
crypto currencies which I was assuming most of you do even some of the you know
the ones that take more than a second and cost more than a cent they are way
more efficient than using banks and having your money in a bank account
have to sign in to get permission to take other that to withdraw permission
to send high fees everything that comes involved with that being able to send
cryptocurrency and being able to send hundreds of thousands of dollars that’s
pretty much where I’m at never I’ve never sent a million dollars at one time
being able to send hundreds of thousand dollars tens of thousands of dollars at
one time and instantly get it received on the other end is what I think one of
the most important features that cryptocurrency can offer to the world
one of the things that’s going to drive the most adoption possible now they have
options for businesses and individuals obviously they are gaining more and more
adoption as we go and I think as cryptocurrencies become you know a
script cryptos gained more adoption more businesses want to accept it and people
start making profits and more people want to actually use it for you know to
buy stuff which I’ve already done it I have videos on this channel about just
to show you guys how it would work – is definitely going to be one of the
frontrunners in getting accepted because of how easy how cost-efficient is
alright guys so next one is going to be XRP and this is going to come as no
surprise to a lot of you guys watching this video if you guys watch this
channel before you know the xrp is one of my biggest holdings and it’s one that
i think is going to perform very very well in the future not just the next 1
year but in the future and continuing you know the years that come after that
as well and in simple terms I’m gonna describe it a little bit as to why I
think is going to perform well I think if we’re going to get mass adoption if
cryptos going to be where we think it could be it’s going to start with
bridging a gap it’s going to be it’s going to start with being something that
helps this is where we are right now start to transition and start to evolve
and that’s where I think XRP comes in and that’s why I think exstrophy is
going to do well it works with banks in order to facilitate and improve their
their process and that’s something I think that is going to help XRP it’s
going to help Ripple as the company and therefore help X RP as X RP is used more
and more it’s going to help all of it gain adoption and therefore as you guys
know it’s going to increase the price now it’s currently ranked number 3
depending on depending on what site you looked at some of it it’s actually
ranked at number 2 in terms of market cap depending on how you look at the X
RP and the theory of market cap difference 12.3 a billion dollars in
market guys we are in the billions definitely definitely a much safer I’ll
quit to invest in then some of the locales we might be
talking about in future videos it’s currently at 28 cents and I think it
still has a lot of room to go up just looking at the chart you’ll see exactly
where we are we are currently at a support that we had all the way back
here in early in mid to late 2017 which was in a community which was an
accumulation phase and we’ve actually been accumulating around this area for a
very very long time here we were at 31 32 cents again it’s not that far off of
the 28 cents that we are right now we are having accumulation and I do think
once of XRP breaks out it’s going to be one of those very fast movers since it
was similar to what we saw happen initially when it blew up and it went
over $3 right and it went really really fast during the bull run I think
something like that is going to be how XRP moves there’s a lot of hype around
this project as well and there is actually a lot of you know development
team behind this there’s a lot of company behind this there’s ripple
behind this right and a lot of adoptions as becoming it I think it’s going to
help XRP perform very very well if we look at the actual chart for XFP giving
you guys a little bit more of an idea of what I was looking at this is the weekly
chart for XRP BTC on – not XRP USD this is XRP BTC but you’ll notice again we
came to a bottom support here that lined up perfectly with the initial area that
we had that’s some of the lowest XRP has been is since it launched on Finance
right this is some early to mid this is a little bit later 2017 but again you
see what I was talking about before we had an area of support here from here we
are balancing in the last few weeks have actually been very very good for XRP and
I expect even if we go up to test this resistance there’s still a lot of room
for us to do that again I do want to see XRP have some of these big candles that
it likes to have in the future we’ve seen it do it over here on a smaller
scale here a little bit at a bigger scale and here we know what happened
during the bull run it absolutely exploded this is when it went to over $3
and I’m excited to say that I think it could do something like this again and I
think $3 is a very easy price target for XRP to reach in the next few years if
you look at the company like I said adoption coming in the fact that they
actually have a company behind them is benefiting them in order to get
partnerships land more partnership and grow their actual client base they have
a lot of different products some of them actually require the use of
xrp token some do not require the use of XRP right so that’s the big debate
people have a lot of adoptions come in to the ones that don’t require XRP and
less adopters been coming in to the ones that do require XRP but we are seeing
more and more come in for the XR p1 the one that actually you know benefits the
price of XR P for those holding it the ones that are you know the one this
one’s a directly affect that we are seeing more and more adoption comes to a
come in to that and everybody that’s been using it has had positive things to
say and it said that it was a no brainer from there and it made life easier it
saved them money it made things faster and that’s pretty much going to make you
money that’s going to get adoption if it’s cheaper it’s faster it makes things
more efficient it’s going to get adoption and that’s one of the reasons
again I think XR P is going to perform well if you guys want to do more
research into both dash and XR P then by all means go ahead and do so they’re
still very very fast as well which is something they do pride themselves on
and again if things are looking pretty good moving on this is one I don’t think
a lot of you saw coming this is a relatively bigger al-quwain moving in
it’s at the top 15 right now making its way up higher and higher trying to get
close to that 1 million dollars in market it’s currently eight hundred
twenty six thousand hundred twenty six million dollars is trying to get to the
billion dollar sorry and this is chain link or link is going to be the ticker
symbol for if you look at link it’s been absolutely exploding and for good reason
there’s a lot of hype and a lot of love behind this project that if they achieve
what they’re actually trying to do this could be a very very successful project
and one that even though it’s a higher cap could return some very nice profits
to its investors if we move over to the website for chain link and see what’s
going on over here it’s your your smart contracts connected
to real world data payment event and payments now on their website you can
see a little bit more about how this works now I assume this might be one
that less people know of and have heard of and it might be something that you’ve
just started to pick up more and more and starting to hear more and more
because of all the excitement that’s come around it now to me in simple terms
what this could be is the missing link to the blockchain now this is a play on
words and to me what we could see happen is if they accomplished what they’re
trying to accomplish this could be as essential as it
cerium and we can see something like that happen we know where aetherium is
ranks we know how big etherium is this does definitely solve a problem and I
highly highly highly recommend if you have not done your research on this to
go ahead and look at chain link to see what’s going on in here because it’s
very exciting if they get what they’re trying to do like I said it could be a
very big project that returns some very nice profits as well if you look at the
chart it looks a little different than some of the other elements we are used
to seeing we are used to seeing especially in the last few months a big
dip that’s come in except for recently we’re starting to see all coins recover
similar to like we saw in the XR P chart where it had that little bit of a job it
has started to recover the last few weeks while channeling spin overall on
the rise for quite some time obviously moving in waves as all crypto currencies
every asset does as every market does it moves in waves it’s found its supports
on its way back up and they’ve been bouncing off of these a long term I
think chain links going to be a very very good project I’m excited to see
what exactly they continue to do and what exactly they end up as at the end
of 2020 it’s still relatively new in terms of people knowing about it I think
compared to for example XRP compared to a – that’s been around for five point
five years but I do think they’d have a lot to offer and again this would
probably be the one that if you haven’t looked into yet I highly recommend you
do so now guys that’s gonna be it for our top three all coins our top three
high cap all coins if you want to see the mid cap any low cap videos in the
future as well make sure you guys do leave a thumbs up on this video and
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different videos and see I mean we do have the other videos post for you guys
like I said YouTube’s very very bad at this so I want to make sure you guys get
those videos so that you can start researching these all coins and
potentially adding them to your portfolio guys thank you so much for
watching I’ll see you on the next one for another video

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