15 thoughts on “TOP 3 Altcoins Under the Radar!! Best Investment in 2019?!?”

  1. Daneel, Morpheus Network, Wish, Axpire, Hacken, Autonio! Totatlly undervalued coins. Great, active devs and super concept. DYOR

  2. Yo James you have to look in to $MESG. Think about ascap or bmi where you get royalties when ppl use your work…. but instead of music its code so you get paid everytime your code/module is used by any person or enterprise residually.

  3. People read Bertrans comment and dont let the bully slide give him a piece of your mind I did "Go to gym crypto pig, your spamming me?" Bahaha Cant stand bullies and dumb ass ones at that Go to Gym lol So Arnold! Don't let it bother you crypto pig he knows not what he does, Thanks for posting Cpig.

  4. Waaaaaa buddy go to the gym instead of spending all ur time on your computer for spaming people ..i am worry about your happiness 🙂

  5. Thanks for nice video James. It's really interesting that FLETA has 20 000 TPS already and have made the block size smaller. While other projects are making bigger blocks to try to scale. Hope to see a more in-depth video on FLETA soon.

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