25 thoughts on “Top 15 Must Know Crypto & Bitcoin Investing Tips – Cryptocurrency Explained – Free Course”

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    The Course Includes
    Full playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r49B6GsLy94&list=PLzaAzw5kr19i8wBjNYT98_47qyAb7T-po
    What is Bitcoin? – https://youtu.be/e5jt0U_MESs
    How to Buy, Send, & Store Bitcoin – https://youtu.be/KbTcwbhSDT8
    Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets – https://youtu.be/1ZhWFCcDdag
    Ledger Nano Tutorial – https://youtu.be/zueydcO6NHo
    What is Ethereum? – https://youtu.be/P1ZH6kKooJk
    MyEtherWallet Tutorial – https://youtu.be/OMTAfhij9U4
    Binance Tutorial – https://youtu.be/19KPJGhQ7Vo
    Kyber Swap Tutorial – https://youtu.be/iNISrBJO4cw
    Idex Tutorial – https://youtu.be/oGh_QFIiF6o
    Technical Analysis – https://youtu.be/DaidNU7X-P8
    Fundamental Analysis – https://youtu.be/pgDj4gPw2Cc
    Top 15 Tips – https://youtu.be/cneERrz98E4
    How to Use CoinMarketCap – https://youtu.be/xPKjsHhCrIE
    How to Make a Portfolio – https://youtu.be/um49a6YYsbc
    Mining – https://youtu.be/bYjOxh4RYhc
    FREE Crypto & Earn Crypto – https://youtu.be/ji98_G7hovI
    Understanding ICOs – https://youtu.be/XdmotsrO-8E
    Accept Crypto For Businesses – https://youtu.be/zU8KYl6RSUc
    Head Game – https://youtu.be/cRGCisX-aBE
    Mistakes to Avoid – https://youtu.be/jw-k0GwUiGM
    Top Resources – https://youtu.be/GNWxxw0yuoY

  2. Tsk tsk what a click bait title! "top 15" and "must know" and "crypotcurrency explained" and "free course". Never thought I'd see The Crypto Lark go down that road. Is the bear market hurting you enough to cover your YouTube channel with a ton of low Quality Content now! If you paid an SEO to do this I suggest you get rid of them! Anyone with half a brain can see what is going on here! Please don't turn your channel into something like Ian Balina.

  3. Awesome work Lark,has been my pleasure to be on this Journey with you pretty much since day one give or take a couple months CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn!!!!!!!!! setting myself up to watch all these vids all at once,in the next couple days. looking forward to all these Vids………If you are new to crypto I suggest watching all these "free" vids/course Lark has worked very hard on,and remember Dont ever pay anyone for information that is FREE online about crypto! from amazing educated people like Lark! what you can do is give this video and all a LIKE SHARE,SUB to the channel,hit the bell" also Follow Lark on Twitter>>>>>>>>twitter.com/TheCryptoLark

  4. I've figured out that the best way for me to get people involved into Crypto, is for me as a music producer to accept it as payment for my services. I offer a discount for artists that pay with Crypto as well, so instead of shilling it and telling them to "buy because you'll get rich blah blah blah", I get to tell them "Hey, I'm not a financial advisor, but this is how you're going to pay me if you want these beats" lol

  5. 12:30 Only invest what you can afford to lose…. Because even losing that can hurt like heck. Believe it or not, profiting can still hurt… Be like me.. Put in an affordable amount. Watch it turn into life changing profits,, then watch it drop down to not so life changing profits…. It's amazing how profits can still hurt. LMAO

  6. Tax is an important issue and if the taxman catches you with your trousers down he will take the shirt off your back, so pay up 🙂

  7. Hi Lark ! You are a very funny guy. I only like to get caught " with my pants down " by the TAX – woman, NOT by the TAX- man if you know what i mean………. LOL

  8. Lark, you have the gift of a preacher. I suggest you start a church and call it the Church of the Crypto Currency Cult of Satoshi Later Day Saints. I will join if you baptize me in some BTC =)

  9. This video should be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to buy crypto! It took me watching about 100 YouTube videos before I could pickup on half of these tips. Heck I probably would have paid in crypto to watch this 😉

  10. Got in in 2018, didn’t invest more than I could afford to lose, didn’t invest in scams, but pretty much did the opposite of your advice here. Didn’t take profits, got slowly rekt in the bear market, had nothing buy the dip. With hindsight all this advice is now obvious. Upside is that I learnt the hard-way, so actually pretty happy with my position. Great vids by the way.

  11. The Crypto Lark. In a video you spoke of Binance being Excluded in some USA States. How does one living in one of those excluded states invest in BTC ?

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