49 thoughts on “Top 15 Cryptocurrencies Evaluated in 30 Minutes”

  1. Looking at these prices now makes me want to vomit. Everything has skyrocketed since this videos original posting….

  2. I think the time is right for a second look on your 15 cryptos.I'd really like a new one …based on the 15 highest market caps…(at that time doge was not on your list.Any comments ? )

  3. holy shit… scrolling by ripple, seeing it at half of a penny and saying "hopefully I don't overlook it"


  4. Who's the new shyster in the ad before the video, Kela Kenae or some such pseudonym….perhaps related to the always popular tai lopez….remember it's all about send ME your money….oh, I meant…Knowledge…and bookcases in the garage next to your Lamrborghini (rented)

  5. I was truly disappointed by this video – after watching other detailed analysis of cryptocurrencies made by you, this one has a very crappy quality in comparison to the other ones. The only thing I was hearing all the time was: "I don't know" or "whatever, let's skip this crap" or "probably this… probably that" – no facts at all! The only reason I clicked on this video was to gather some info on cryptos that I am not familiar with, instead of that I wasted half an hour on stuff that I either knew already or that was poorly presented and rated by you. Seriously dude – the fact that you described your opinion on so many coins in this video without even explaining on facts why you think it's crap made you look stupid and unprofessional in my opinion. Next time better invest some time in studying the actual facts, pros and cons of each coin and skip the crap about your very subjective opinions… that would make a much better content. Thanks.

  6. I actually think Tether is potentially very useful. Is it easier to trade between a cryptocurrency and USD or a cryptocurrency and another cryptocurrency (e.g. ETH to USDT)? Probably the latter, so that's great for someone like me who cares about USD and doesn't want to go through the hassle of trading to actual USD.

  7. i can promote my shit coin
    price start at 50 cent and will not
    let you down. If you give me 50 cent the value will be 1$
    don't study hard its piramid game

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  9. Hey man… I attended the DASH house call on March 30, 2017 and it seemed really shady… Have you Met Evan and the leadership team? They seemed really shady, like they were trying to pump the Crypto and focused on marketing it to get people to buy it as they are all heavily invested in DASH and most of the DASH is locked up so the liquidity is low… I'm cool with the leadership team owning a lot of DASH, but their primary focus was to become the largest Market CAP crypto and didn't talk about solving any problems… The leadership team really lacked focus and direction and appeared to be really shady… Just my two cents…

  10. BTC bought for $401 Ethereum i bought for $4.78 Dash will be about $450 by 2021 bought it for $10 i also nto leocoin monero zcash Ripple for many reason Bank of England and Abu Dhabi gone partners

  11. i give u a tp do buy ETC soon it will hit $12 by 2018 plus i'm going for MLM based but something about this Dascoin

  12. Good list , but I am bit upset as there is no Burst coin in your TOP 15 Crypto currencies list, can you please prepare a video on Burst Coin evaluation?
    Your analysis is pretty good. like it.

  13. Great call on DASH. You still own your DASH or are you cashing out and investing in a different crypto now?

  14. You forgot two things about Steem. Steem is, by far, the FASTEST BLOCKCHAIN available ( I believe 3-4 sec block times). There is nothing faster. Also unlike all other block chains, there is NO FEES for transfers.


  15. Tether's specific use case is for decentralized exchanges, which can't facilitate USD transfers, so Tether (USD-T) is used as a way for traders to trade the BTCUSD pair.

  16. This video sucks.. you have no intelligent info on any of these cryptos… bitcoin hasn't accomplished much? Sorry but this Seems really unprepared .. we get it, you love dash … do your homework before the next vid..

  17. I don't know much about cryptocurrency. but before I go any further I'd like to know what happens if the internet is hijacked or compromised. The New American FCC chair Ajit Pai it's going to try to screw up access.

  18. 3:20 5 mins to get a btc confirmation–questioning of that–is that even possible? bitcoin min. confirmation takes 10 minutes?

  19. Hi I have a coinbase acc .to get dash do you have to 1/ buy with bitcoin? .2/ what wallet is necessary ? How easy is it to cash out of dash ? 3/ Can you store dash off line in an exsisting paper bitcoin wallet.? Thnks for the show .

  20. Just discovered your channel. Great analysis, I've been looking for an overview of the top digital currencies from the average investor p.o.v. You sound like a smart cookie, thanks for that!

  21. Steem's current price is @ a bargain… Nothing but potential. Decentralized social media is the future

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