Top 10 Richest People in Crypto

isn't it interesting how much money everyone has nowadays in the crypto world where everything is anonymous and no IRS to look into you it's getting hard to tell but recently Forbes unveiled their first list of crypto fat cats let's take a look ten major cryptocurrency owners and how much they're worth we're starting our leaderboard with galaxy digital CEO Mike Novogratz he's known as Wall Street's king of Bitcoin his estimated current crypto worth is around 700 million to 1 billion dollars 9th place at nice places chairman of the Bitcoin foundation and advisor at block 1 Brock Pierce at 37 years old his net worth is at about 700 million to 1 billion dollars 8th place at each place is Anthony de oriole co-founder of etherium founder of jacks and D central he has about 750 million to 1 billion but his wallets he's financially helped the ether project at very early stages and later also hired the new law firm which helped bring aetherium to life 7th place 7th place is held by co-founder of tally capital Matthew Ra'zac he started out as a tech entrepreneur but a 2013 he started investing in I SEOs of new cryptocurrencies his worth is estimated at around 900 million to 1 billion dollars sixth place at sixth place is Brian Armstrong in 2012 when he was just 29 he created the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange called coinbase his work is about the same as the guy right behind him estimated at 900 million to 1 billion dollars fifth place matthew melon a private investor the heir to one of the largest banking portfolios in the USA there are rumors he has a history of drug abuse so when his family heard about his enthusiasm for crypto currencies they decided it's just another bad habit and made him sell all his bitcoins however later switched xrp invested two million dollars now he's worth about nine hundred million to 1 billion dollars not bad for suppose a drug addict fourth place in fourth place the Winklevoss twins after successfully suing mark zuckerberg for 65 million dollars in 2004 they started investing in Bitcoin almost from its first days allegedly they invested around 11 million dollars and by 2013 claimed to have a total of one percent of all bitcoins in circulation their estimated worth 900 million – 1.1 billion dollars the last of the top 3 Shing pingyao founder and CEO of Finance cryptocurrency exchange which in just 180 days became the world's largest platform for trading digital currencies yeah his net worth is estimated from 1 point 1 to 2 billion dollars second place our runner-up is etherium co-founder and founder of a blockchain company called consensus he also used to run a private wealth management division his name is joseph Lubin his Forbes estimated worth is pretty broad from around 1 billion to up to 5 billion dollars but the guy is a cryptocurrency billionaire that we know for sure and finally first place our leader and founder and former CEO of ripple labs Chris Larson he has a 5.2 billion XRP so Forbes says this makes him worth about 78 billion dollars but since January the value of all cryptocurrencies took a sudden nosedive it's probably more like 4 billion now still good enough for a firm first place curiously enough assyrians main visionary vitalik materon fell short of his aetherium partners his net worth is only around 400 to 500 billion dollars so now you know who's backing all your new projects or who you might want to approach at a cryptocurrency conference and invite for a couple drinks later please like this video and subscribe to our Channel

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  1. What about Satoshi? Or has everyone come to consensus that he doesn't exist and he is just the CIA/deep state.

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