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the best ideas don't simply disrupt markets they expand them today we stand upon the precipice of new technological advancements that will rock our society to its core what's really exciting is that we can see some of the greatest technological advancements in human history being slowly adopted of particular interest to me is the evolution of the digital economy to that end let's talk about some of the projects that I'm following right now and why they've got me excited welcome to Ready Set crypto this is your brain on blockchain so as I've been talking about recently we've made some major upgrades and changes to our website and service offering we've bundled everything together our classes our newsletter and our private community into one package we call omnia we're really excited to bring this to market because we feel it's the gold standard in terms of service to value so I'd love to see you come aboard and join one of the best communities in crypto one of the central tenets we're building into omnia and our education model is the concept of the digital economy supported by three pillars of crypto security tokens and decentralized finance or defy to that end I'm gonna break up the ten projects that I'm gonna cover in this video loosely into those three pillars starting off we're gonna cover crypto which is probably what you're most familiar with and it's loosely defined as anything using a blockchain to advance the means and methods of our baseline economy the first cryptid project I want to cover is finance coin or B&B it's continued to do well following the launch of its new decentralized exchange in order to hasten adoption seesee recently announced that users will have the opportunity to earn B&B tokens for test driving the new platform anyone who holds at least one B&B on their buy Nance account will be eligible to participate in this finance deck simulator trade competition the competition will begin on March 7th and run through March 21st with around $100 up for grabs for address so what does that have to do with why I'm watching this project well it's easy to observe that finances one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and that puts them in the spotlight especially as it relates to how they'll grow the overall market ecosystem what's easy is said and what I agree with is the fact that crypto exchanges are already setting up the ecosystem of the future sure there are short-term challenges that relate to security and functionality and usability not to mention user adoption but I think those are all surmountable challenges that given the proper motivation and work we will see exchanges and the overall ecosystem overcome them so essentially I think by Nantz is in the best position to push the overall ecosystem forward and maintain relevance in a time of transition so in the short term I continue to expect finance to do very well and we should hope that they're decentralized exchange finds adoption usage and the sort of functionality that we're hoping for so the next project I'm going to cover is digit X futures a zero fee non-custodial futures exchange with its own base currency DG TX the platform is currently in early beta with a full public release scheduled for April 30th they just announced that last week as well as the fact that there's over a million people who've signed up on their wait list what's more is that they also plan to include a mobile app for rapid fire trading on the go and traditional futures markets including Forex metals and commodities they will also be adding stocks during the third quarter of this year as well as additional cryptocurrency features according to demand what I find interesting is that digit X was developed on the etherion blockchain and there'll be one of the first to implement aetherium scaling solution plasma after they were launched in the third quarter using that protocol they will not hold users funds effectively making them a decentralized exchange what drives demand for the DG TX token is that you have to use it in order to interact with fair exchange in effect they aim to be the next Finance in terms of utility for the token in a lot of ways I find them to be one of the most compelling projects launching right now and they're doing so at an optimal time as it stands futures is one of the best ways to potentially make money during a bear market and to that end doc has recently put out a new class on futures trading which will cover platforms alike fit Max and digit X and how to trade on them in a responsible and smart manner so transitioning from that the next area that I'm really looking at is privacy now I've been a vocal critic of privacy focused coins in the past I've always felt that they were the antithesis of what governments and tensions are and are the coins most likely to come under the crosshairs of governments worldwide so what's the solution how do I feel about this well with strong arguments on both sides of the issue I think it's a bit unclear what the best solution is well regulators have well-founded concerns I don't think that an all-out ban is appropriate as the need for privacy is legitimate and not going away anytime soon on the flipside providing a wall for criminals to hide behind doesn't seem like an appropriate solution either therefore as is the case with most innovative technologies my guess is that the winning protocol will lie somewhere between radical transparency of public blog chains and the full and non amenity provided by today's privacy chains this hybrid solution will need to incorporate some functionality that allows it to be monitored for illegal activity however it will also need to provide sufficient privacy to end-users meaning that transaction histories and account balances must not be publicly accessible is that solution possible I don't know but I'm excited to continue to learn more about the issue be part of the conversation and see how everything unfolds recently the minimal protocol has really taken the crypto space by storm as it represents a step towards this privacy focused future that we're talking about now the obvious upside to the implementation of nimble Wimble is the healthy amount of privacy it offers by blending the hiding of transaction amounts and the hiding of identities of the transacting parties without visible addresses it limits public snooping additionally the use of multiple transactions in a single block cuts down the block size significantly thus decreasing the processing time on the downside memba Wimble needs to have a sender receiver and the transaction parties online to validate and sign off on the transaction that's laborious any way you shake it adding to that the unconfirmed transaction pull of the member wendel transactions is still publicly visible which could be used to build a skeleton transaction graph of the network compromising the privacy overall member Wimble is a compelling alternative to the offerings of z cache of an arrow among many others what makes it most interesting to me is that it can be added to the Bitcoin blockchain as a soft fork or a sidechain the latter of which I think is more likely real-time testing on may nuts like grin and Beam and possibly light coin would confirm the utility of the protocol and perhaps encourage developers to adopt these scaling and privacy mechanisms time will tell but I think it's an interesting conversation to be had another small project that I find interesting in the privacy space is for they've just recently expanded to three devs their community funded there's no IC o—- a pre mine that if you have master notes they're about to release 64 shards with tens of thousands of transaction capacity and they're about to beat aetherium to caspere what's cool is that privacy will just be one shard master notes can opt in to what shards they support I think it's hugely undervalued compared to similar projects and their white paper is still one of my favorites in the space the last project in the crypt of space that's got my attention is not really a blockchain project at all radix is not a blockchain it's also not a dag which is used by projects like iota instead radix is a trustless and decentralized platform that supports smart contracts it's a speedy and scalable alternative to block chains and DAGs it is a public trust list decentralized ledger but I think the easiest way to think about it is blockchain without blocks a data structure called tempo it's based on a consensus protocol completely different from anything you've seen before logical time it aims to solve some of the biggest problems with block chains currently scalability and high risk of centralization instead radix focuses on linear scalability and true decentralization there's no master nodes there's no staking there's no central council there's no coordinator it basically combines nano aetherium and maker with the tokenization platform into a single cryptocurrency with no ICO or pre mine if they can pull it off it's definitely one to watch for sure I'd suggest you listen to the daily posthuman podcast to get a sense of where this project is coming from also read their economic paper I think projects and technologies like radix are important not because it's trendy and cool to develop something that's anti blockchain quite the opposite competition breeds innovation when we imagine a more connected decentralized world it shouldn't matter to us what technology is chiefly making that happen one of our biggest sins in the ico boom-and-bust was letting tribalism and narrow-minded focus be our principal doctrines so I think it's important that we work together and build a future that we can all be participatory in blockchain is an incredibly important technology now I think it's the first step of many new technologies to come radix could be an interesting step in that direction but time will certainly tell so next I want to start talking about the sto landscape I think this is another pillar of the digital economy that is growing and being built right now where I see the importance of security tokens is in the wake of the dramatic downfall of the ICO we saw the need for a token a fundraising model which is compliant with regulatory norms and thus this field the rise of security tokens security tokens are financial securities like stocks or bonds but in the form of a digital token and this implies that the tokens are subjected to regulatory norms and derive their value as a tradable external asset while utility tokens grant investors access to the future services and product of the company security tokens great investors rights of ownership over the assets of that company security token holders are entitled to profit shares dividends buyback rights and chiefly equity which is not something we can see in the ico model the number of security token offerings are sto as popping up recently has been swiftly gaining momentum this trend has been largely fueled by the regulatory authorities like the SEC imposing stringent regulations on token offerings many of the criticisms that I hear about stos right now are limited in scope in nature because of the nascent state of the industry but I think that will quickly change as more people realize the power of this fundraising model in the simplest sense the private equity market isn't really a market at all it's still mostly an analog process that is done on paper and by fund managers and there's no such thing as global liquidity for private equity but that's about to change with the advent of the security token and the secondary markets that are going to arise around it you'll be able to say I have a dream I want to build something and I need capital to do so and be able to go out to the global liquidity pool to make that happen and it's something that the ICO model definitely touched on but was unfortunately flawed in its application so as security tokens are inherently different from utility tokens they require a completely different technical and regulatory approach doing this from the ground up is a perplexing process especially for non-technical enterprises so the more convenient option would be to choose a security token issuance platform which can seamlessly provide technical and regulatory assistance this is where we hear about projects like saccharine sea swarm smart lands own press logic and polymath but the one I've got my eye on is Harbor which is an end-to-end security token issuance platform that aims to assist enterprises Harbor leverages their regulatory token system the our token to enable transactions but really it's their focus on investor onboarding compliance and ensuring that compliance that really sets them apart furthermore they've got a rockstar team and their CEO Joshua Stein is a genius when it comes to security tokens I think their compliance at the core model is really what's gonna set them apart and help push the space forward but we're still very much in the early stages of this horse race so we'll be interesting to watch this play out I think their most legitimate competitor right now is securitize which is owned and managed by what I consider to be the juggernaut in the SEO space right now spiced VC spice VC is a tokenized VC fund that currently has a portfolio of 11 projects which it's either partial owners of or has complete authority over as far as I'm concerned spice is the leading change maker and the security token ecosystem and they're gonna be one of those projects you hear about in a couple years that really define the industry lastly there's Raven coin which is a Bitcoin fork looking to bring real world assets the blockchain a basic problem that they're trying to solve is that no current blockchain is specifically designed to transfer assets the solution that they're trying to create is a Bitcoin like system that is completely asset aware so that it recognizes which tokens have been designed as assets it's trying to be as simple as Bitcoin is and really singular in its purpose users will be able to issue track and transfer assets with each other with the ease of sending a message to one another it will provide proper security levels for underlying assets and assets can be protected from accidentally being destroyed as the protocol and the system is aware of these assets they can be carried on the blockchain like a passenger on a train eventually getting them all safely to their destination now granted there's been a lot of hype about Raven coin and most recently it's pumped a lot but I think this project is pushing for the narrative and there's a lot of good morals and ethics behind it I look forward to how they can continue to grow and expand the ecosystem in ways we haven't seen before so let's move on to the last pillar of the overall digital economy and the projects that I think are really interesting to watch that last pillar is defy or decentralized finance decentralized finance is an ecosystem that will give us fully decentralized options for borrowing lending and trading already we've replaced the functionality of retail banking with a series of online protocols for virtually no fees additionally we started to build out derivatives around any asset or event and to top it off we have a number of USD denominated stable coins that allow us to risk opposition's and put up collateral without ever needing to directly touch that dirty dirty fiat it's just a taste of what's to come defy embodies the spirit of crypto but what I'm quickly seeing is that it stands by itself and needs to be acknowledged as such I think one of the most important dphi projects is maker which launched at the tail end of 2017 it's created a system for minting a USD denominated stable coin by using collateralized debt positions or CDP's the system has performed incredibly well with dai effectively retaining its USD peg and recently we saw the news that see DPS have sucked up 2% of all aetherium during a year in which it there declined as much as 94 percent from its all-time high some other interesting projects emerging in this nascent space are Dharma which allows users to request or offer loans for any ERC 20 fungible or ERC 7:21 non fungible assets you also have dy/dx which enables derivatives and long or short margin trades and compound which offers money market borrowing or lending for aetherium guy and a handful of other tokens decentralized exchange protocols such as 0x khyber and finance token will be at the heart of defy and are slowly coming online as well as third party exchanges in interfaces to access them such as radar relay an EI swab the decks movement allows non-custodial trading to become a viable reality the liquidity is somewhat lacking across the board so we're seeing services that use an Unchained X to provide a shared liquidity backbone for the industry namely bank or and yunha swap add into this a collection of niche applications such as decentralized gambling services augur recently released v1 of their long-awaited prediction market protocol and then projects like veil and guesser have been built on top of augur to enable vastly improved user experiences I'd also consider the project Nash for defy it's a Dex which is a registered security and pays dividends force taking long term it's a new form of passive income it's also got cross chain trading – which is pretty impressive overall in the same way banking investing and equity markets are seen as separate entities under a larger finance umbrella I imagine the new digital economy of crypto stos and d5 all working together harmoniously to push us towards a decentralized and more efficient future there's something undeniably compelling about all of this and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below again don't forget to check out our Omni of service as these are topics we're covering every day for example we're building a portfolio that is based on these three pillars so definitely come and check out our new site and if you haven't done so already please subscribe to this channel and our free newsletter as well thanks again for watching I'll see you in the next one Cheers

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