100 thoughts on “Top 10 Japanese Vending Machines in Tokyo Haneda Airport”

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  2. Hi my favorite machine was the ramen, curry, Fukuoka and Kumamon… You should do more vending machine videos in hot spots of Japan, like this one!! I find Japanese vending machine super interesting and part of the culture

  3. Proactive should tell you its for Adults with acne and not meant for majority of teenagers who are simply going thru hormonal changes. Teens using it might suffer break outs or rashes when they quit using Proactive if they have been on a regular basis prior.
    I know this is off topic but if Proactive is that accessible in a vending machine, they should at least warn you about psydefects first. Think of me being socially Proactive spreading the information(:

  4. Paolo, do one from the ones in Tokyo city! I bet there are better and interesting vending machines

  5. I believe you will get more than 1 mill subs because of TOKYO 2020 olympics! the quality of your videos are amazing, keep it up! Binge watching all your videos haha!

  6. Is it difficult to find work/become a citizen in Japan as an American? Last time i was in Tokyo was 2017. I need to go back.

  7. Omg I love this account!! I really want to go to Japan and all these videos makes me want to go even more!!!😣😣😣

  8. Hi Paolo, thank you for your useful information! I'm planning to fly to Haneda next month and I can't wait to try these amazing vending machines but I don't know if these are available at both international and domestic areas or only at the domestic one. The hot food vending machines looks so cool!!!

  9. Why you talking like that? When your eating the food you break from speaking in that weird way…. talk in your normal voice 😒

  10. Love your videos! Hopefully I'll get back to Japan sooner, rather than later! I spent 7 years there and I miss it every day!

  11. I love watching your videos Paolo! You are always so pleasant and positive. Thank you for all of your advice. I hope you get your 1million subscribers in 2019!

  12. I was curious to know if it’s possible after landing in Haneda, if you could go into the main part of the airport easily to wander around? I’ve got a trip coming up in April and we land at 7 in the morning but we can’t check in until 3!

  13. Paolo!!! I’m in Japan for a week! Any chance you could show me around!?! I’m here with my sister from California!

  14. Thanks for posting, I am always so fascinated by the Japanese vending machines! Much more interesting than the Canadian ones!

  15. All the best for you , Paolo. We just went back to Osaka and Tokyo. It's not easy living in Japan…Anyway it will be easier if you give a little clue where the vending machine is.

  16. Hi Mate, I just recently came across your videos and couldnt stop watching them ( subscribed as well) keep up the good work

  17. You should do video collabs with jerome polin, he is a youtuber too, hes got 1.6 million subs, and he is from tokyo

  18. Now that I think about it, there actually is a ProActive vending machine at the mall near me (USA). It is kinda out of the ordinary, but other than that there are not any special vending machines really. Just boring snack and drink machines.

  19. Could you do a video about things to do in Tokyo in January. Coming over for a couple of weeks. And will be staying around the Tokyo Dome

  20. Continue putting out the great content that you have and you'll hit that million subscriber mark. I really enjoy you day in the life videos.

  21. Be careful bringing chicken flavored instant ramen back to the states. Some are not allowed in the US. Contact CBP Agriculture at the port of entry you are going to to ask.

  22. Why didn't u open the items you got. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there like me who wanted to see blue ramen

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