Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 – 10x – 100x RETURNS

what is going on guys my name is Cory and welcome back to another cryptocurrency video on my channel this video is going to be the long-awaited top 10 crypto currencies for 2018 these are all crypto currencies that I believe have 10x to 100x potential in the upcoming year now let's hope that by this time next year all of these coins have at least 10x and I'm sure we'll all be very very happy campers so without further ado let's get started real quick I want to start by pointing out that I'm not going to be mentioning the obvious coins in my opinion it seems like a waste of a spot if you say hey I think Bitcoin is gonna be one of the top ten performing coins of 2018 like let's be honest guys everybody knows Bitcoin etherium life coin ripple – we all expect these coins to do well so it seems like I'm doing you guys a disservice and really cheating you guys off a position in the top ten if I put these coins up there because we all expect them to do well so I just wanted to mention that I'm not gonna be talking about these coins so before you're like where's Bitcoin man you don't believe in Bitcoin well obviously everybody believes in Bitcoin that's in crypto or most people do so I'm not going to be mentioned that so let's get started for real number 10 on the list is request network now request network is currently trading at 96 cents it has a market cap of 616 million again guys if you have seen my other previous videos if you saw my market cap video you know that it's not the price that matters it's about the market cap it's not the size that matters it's about how you use it well it works the same way in crypto guys do not guys stop looking at the price I just want to throw this PSA out there stop looking at the price learn that the market cap is what governs market cap and circulating supply is what matters when looking at a coin go check on my mark to cat video if you haven't already all right no more plugging myself sorry guys that's it for the plug I just had to point that out because a lot of people look at the price and they just jump when it's important to look at the market so the market cap is 616 million and requests Network what is it request network is a decentralized network for payment requests so just like it sounds you can make request for somebody to pay you picture venmo if you've ever use venmo it's an app by the creators of PayPal and basically you know you go out to dinner with your buddy you have some drinks and they owe you 20 bucks you paid for the tab now they gotta pay you the 20 bucks so what you do is you go on venmo you request that they pay you 20 bucks they see the request they pay the request boom the money gets sent to you it actually gets sent to your venmo account then you can take it out of your venmo account and put it into your bank account now this process usually takes a business day for example venable it takes a business day or if you want it instantly they're gonna charge you a fee now what request network does is it gets rid of that middleman that third party and it allows you to send request directly to people and get paid directly to you now you could say hey isn't request network a third party you're not really getting rid of the third party because you have to use request request network well no because request network what you're really using is the blockchain technology to actually make the request and get the payment you're not actually putting your money into request request centralized bank or whatever the money is being sent to you through a decentralized blockchain and it's going straight to you and you have control of that money so and you get it instantly you know you don't have to wait a day for it to go to your bank account or whatever you just get the money instantly so that's the great thing about request I work now another great thing about it is that request network works with every global currency so US dollars euros young yada yada yada you so what this means is that you can request payments from people in other countries typically traditionally what they have to do is they have to convert it to the dollar and then you know they'd have to pay maybe some sort of fee and also there may be a fee for their you know however it is to go across borders well that's no longer the case obviously when it comes to cryptocurrency that's one of the benefits of using blockchain and technology and cryptocurrencies online to you to basically pay each other now some obvious use cases for request Network are online payments pretty obvious invoicing again pretty obvious that's basically in the name invoicing or request you know if you go and get your car fixed up they can invoice you and you can pay that request through request that works another great thing is transparency auditing and accounting so this is great because since it's on a blockchain that means it's immutable you can't change what happened you can't change the transactions that happened in the past that means that any transaction that happened you can be sure actually happen which is great for auditing because what auditing is is let's say for a company they come in and they say hey you said you sold this amount of whatever in the home and you say well yeah I did here's the proof you know and auditors what they do is they make sure that you're actually telling the truth so they run the numbers and they make sure so it makes auditing and accounting just a completely transparent thing an easy thing to do because you're using blockchain technology so request network number ten there's so many coins guys that I wanted to include on here so I'm sorry if you don't find your favorite coin on here I'm sure it's a great coin I'm sure but I could only fit ten so I fit my own personal 10 again this is all my opinion guys not your financial adviser so you know go watch some other videos there's plenty of other top set and cryptos for 2018 so you know go watch a few of them and get your own opinions and either way you should look at all of them and decide for yourself what you want to do so so further ado let's go to number nine these are in order by the way so number one is my top currency for 2018 or my favorite one personally again all opinion so number ten is my least quote-unquote least because it's really not my least obviously since it made the list so number nine we have ohm years ago now all these ago or on G is a ridiculously cool coin very ambitious it's currently trading on nineteen dollars and ten cents at the time that I put this slide together it's actually a bit higher not well I think it's almost like thirty dollars so a lot higher and this coin has a market cap of two billion a circulating supply of 102 million and a Mac supply of 104 million I'm gonna stop mentioning the supply and the price I'm just gonna mention the market cap you guys can read it on the screen if you so choose to so what is omg omg is a decentralized exchange of all currencies both crypto and fiat yes you heard that right any fiat yen-dollar is any rupees from Zelda or rupees from India any currency that you want to exchange you can exchange it instantly and with low costs fees completely – anything else you can interchange see out – Fiat Fiat – crypto crypto you know you can go in any direction – anything you want and that's what oMG aims to do so they're just a giant exchange for Forex they're basically a foreign exchange a Forex exchange you know stocks well crypto and Forex like dollars so are different currencies for Fiat so this is amazing if they can pull this off this is gonna be a great central well I say central but it's decentralized because it runs on the block but it's gonna be a great place we'll call it a central place but it's not centralized because it's on the blockchain it's all decentralized guys but it's gonna be a great place to go if you you know if you want to do any sort of transfer so this isn't just great for people themselves it's probably gonna be great for any companies that need to do any quick transactions they can likely use the oMG Network to kind of leverage off that and instantly transfer to whatever their preferred currency is so this is huge huge thing that has a lot of value potentially in the future now their motto is unbanked the banked now I realize I typed that wrong there will be typos in here sorry yes but there's two letters too many on that first word so unbanked the bank that is their model so they're basically trying to get rid of they're not trying to get rid of banks but they're trying to get people to not have to feel like they need a bank in order to transfer wealth from one another so what they're gonna be doing is they're gonna have essentially ATMs pretty sure they haven't really detailed fully what it's gonna be but they're gonna be decentralized cash in and out points where you can put money in and take money out easily into the decentralized exchange and then you can transfer that to anything else you want so this is pretty great again a lot of this stuff is very ambitious and if they can pull it off it's gonna be a great thing so let's move on to number eight before I do that if you guys are enjoying the video so far please drop a like it would help a lot leave a comment with what your favorite coins are I would love to hear that maybe I see a coin that I have never seen myself and let me know what you think of my list do you guys like the coins which won't be like the most do you agree all that good stuff I love to have a conversation with you guys so go do that in the comments now moving on to number 9 on the list boom game credits game for short pretty good pretty good ticker right there game so game credits has a market cap of 337 million relatively don't want to say it small but you know in the grand scheme it's definitely in the top 100 but yeah it has a 337 million market cap so it has a lot of room to move up and what this coin is as the name implies it's a currency for gamers basically literally it's a currency for gamers but what this currency is allowing people to do is it has a lot of benefits so here are some benefits for developers number one it has scalability you know harnessing blockchain technology number two it has high processing speeds again that's a feature from the blockchain and that network that decentralize network blockchain security so that means if you're a developer and you're selling items and you're using game credits to sell items you can be sure that they're not going to revert that transaction because you're using blockchain technology right once the payments sent and once it's confirmed it's gone you know it's a blessing and a sin but it's really a blessing because you know especially for people selling things they want to be sure that they're actually have that money you know no double spending and no funny business so that and also cross promotion so picture this I play a game called League of Legends here and there I don't know if you've ever heard of it if you haven't it's a very big game understandable if you haven't don't but they sell skins and they also sell characters and you can buy these characters with real money you can also earn it by playing the game but you can buy it with real money now what you have to do is I'll go to League of Legends and I'll go to their store and I'll say hey I want to buy a thousand riot points they're called so I'll buy points on their website and watch watch it so I buy points on their websites and I know if you notice but the points that you buy whether it's League of Legends whether you're playing clash of clans and you're buying gems they're all really crypto currencies if you think about it because you're paying money for this fake we'll call it fake fake coin but it has a value right everybody agrees the developers given it value no it's great fine micro transactions are great it's a huge business but what is the problem with micro transactions it's that for example I have my gems in clash of clans I paid $10 for them I can't use those gems to buy on League of Legends I just can't because they're not the same company they don't work that way also those gems aren't backed by anything they're there's nothing that's besides the app that says I have the point if something goes wrong in their database and they lose the information those coins are gone like they're not gonna know how many coins I have some you know they're backups are gone somehow or you know their servers get floated how are they gonna know that I have those coins right they're not using blockchain technology how are they gonna know that I have that if they were using blockchain technology you know this would be for sure you know that you have your value that it says you have because you have control of it and also it's just easy cross-promotion because I can go from League of Legends to play another game and I can use my same credits here and there so that's great and for developers it's great because somebody that's playing one game can now come to your game and basically give you more revenue that you know there's tons of instances where you know if you're looking somewhere where you have some sort of credit you know virtual currency on an app or something a lot of times there's some left over right and it just sits there forever and it's useless because you're probably never gonna play that game again well guess what if it was a game if it was game credits or a cryptocurrency you could take that and just take it somewhere else and make give that money to another developer so it's great for developers because it allows them to make more money through cross-promotion that's amazing so it's also great for gamers because it allows for seamless integration you don't have to pull out your credit card every time so type in the numbers alright maybe your credit card saved on the account so you have me there but maybe one day you know your bank account just doesn't have enough money so now you gotta pull all your other credit card you know he's still gonna pull it out and you know put the numbers in so there's that it allows for you not to have to do that because you're just using game credits it's always in your wallet in your virtual wallet you never have to put your personal information and now what that also does it is it really gives you a safe and pretty much also anonymous due to the blockchain advantage because now you only have to put in your your bank account number to wherever it is you're buying game credits in the first place you don't have to put your credit card number into this app that ask that other game that other thing you know you only put it in one place which minimizes your risk of you know your information get it stolen because the way your information gets stolen is because you're spreading your credit card you know in all different places but if you're only spreading it to one place the place where you buy game credits for example or you know in the case of one gia for example if you go to an OMG ATM you put it into the whole empty exchange exchange it for game credits then you're really never even given your information anywhere you know so it's super safe and anonymous for that rate and this is great this is what blockchain technology really enables us to do this is the future guys if you don't see this clearly with that explanation or thinking about it like that it's pretty obvious how much of an impact this can have in our everyday life so there's that now another thing that grain credits has is eSports I'm going to talk about their other coin which is called mobile go this is a peer-to-peer match play it allows for peer-to-peer match play it allows for decentralized tournament it's tournaments plural and also doesn't require its own mobile app so this runs directly inside of game credits mobile app or their mobile platform and it's their coin but it's their coin specifically for eastward so what this allows you to do is if you're playing a game online you can run your own tournament and the tournament has a certain fee that you have to pay which you pay with mobile go and you have a certain price for that you're gonna get now this allows you with their protocol to make sure you're gonna get paid if you win that tournament how amazing is that there's a lot of times on online tournaments where people play and they never get paid so with this you can run you know even high-level tournaments just to make sure you get paid instantly and quickly and you know fast no fees all that good stuff you don't have to worry about any board is if you paying somebody in Turkey or in other countries that may have won your tournament you don't have to worry about any laws that prohibit that because all barriers are just broken down from crypto so it's a great thing that obviously is good for gamers I really like this coin and I real quick quickly want to talk about another coin that's not on this list but it's a competitor the game credits and a lot of people I'm sure I've heard about it it's called wax token as a matter of fact I'm not even gonna talk about wax token we'll talk about that in another video but I have some gripes with that token I'll save that for another video um so let's move on to number seven that way I don't just keep rambling about random stuff that's not about the top ten number seven we have gift Oh GTO for short has a market cap of one hundred and nine which is like nothing it's potato chips in the in the grand scheme of thing that's not even top 100 Kryptos so this coin has a lot of room to grow and trust me it will grow up there my own personal opinion but I'm telling you this coin is gonna go up I'm gonna tell you why so this coin as the name implies is gifting this is a decentralized universal gifting protocol now the people that make this are actually the guys that run up live which is a leading streaming platform in Asia just one of the biggest ones if not the biggest ones I'm not sure don't call me on that but they're definitely big in Asia I'll be honest I've never heard of them until I looked up gift oh and learn more about them so I'm sure since some of you guys will have similar experiences like that word you've never heard of this but they're huge so their team is incredibly qualified incredibly accomplished go look at their team look at their LinkedIn's like I'm talking about MIT Google like high ranking Google people like managers all of these companies fortune 500 companies like Forbes 30 under 30 like they have so many people on their side and what they do with gift though it allows you to create and exchange virtual gifts so when I think of that it's like it can be any you know quote-unquote stupid little you know gift that you can give to people but I'm picturing also maybe a video game skin could be a gift right and you can tie that to the gift so I think it has a lot of value and you could say hey who would ever send gifts to people it's just like a picture gift like you know who would send that like that's so dumb well guess what people pay a lot for pixels and me I am guilty of that myself as well you know like I was talking about League of Legends I bought a ton of I spent like $700 on that game over my lifetime so people definitely spend a lot of money on in-game pixel you know just pixels on the screen basically a PNG file just look at crypto kitties and I'm gonna get that to a second so each created gift has its own nature and characters so this is pretty much crypto kitties except it's not just cats it's literally anything which is great and you guys saw the success of crypto kitty so this is gonna blow up I think because crypto kitties blew up it was only about cats this is about literally anything you can imagine it's backed by an amazing team all of this my own opinion but this is just why I believe this is a great coin and it's only number seven guys so we still have six more to go so another thing is you'll be able to send and receive gift o tokens on any they have been in caps literally on their website any social media platform so I'm sure that with their great team with their connections they can get into any social platform just like they're kind of saying here so we'll have to see what the future has in store for gift oh but this is an amazing coin and it's relatively new and super cheap so definitely go check it out I urge you guys to do that definitely a great one so up next number six we have fun fair fun for short seven hundred million market cap it has been moving up so much it has made me so much money all of these coins by the way guys I am personally invested in just FYI full disclosure so yeah I just wanted to throw that out there now funfair has a seven hundred million market cap and the token is just such a good token actually I mean I shouldn't even say token here's not about the coin it's about the company behind the coin and you know similar to ripple it's not really about ripple it's about the company well same thing with funfair the success of the company drives the success of funfair makes sense it's not like Bitcoin where bitcoin is sort of like a commodity or it is a commodity it's like gold where you hold it and a value just goes up from appreciation and the lack of supply this coin goes up because there's actual value in the company that's behind it so what the company does is they're harnessing the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the online casino industry so what they're doing is they're simplifying the set up and reducing the cost of starting an online casino I don't know if any of you guys have gambled playing blackjack or roulette online I'm not a big gambler myself I know some people are but I've seen people I've seen the different sites you know I've seen people gamble online and they all look different some of them are very crappy like the games and stuff like that and a lot of the ones that are good to have like the good you eyes and the games actually look nice they're appealing to the eye and run well those casinos like they pay ridiculous amounts of money to code that from the ground up specifically for them so what fun fair is allowing you to do or allowing them to do is to really reduce those costs and simplify the setup of that casino so anybody can pretty much set up a casino so they're basically gonna be taking fees from people that have these casinos running with their proprietary stuff and that's how they're gonna make money and also the casinos will be using the funfair token which means the value of the token is gonna go up and the fact that it's a cryptocurrency makes it anonymous all that good stuff you know a lot of people that gamble they want to be anonymous so it's just a no-brainer a great coin that I think is gonna do amazing in 2018 so yeah and they already have a range of working prototypes that you can go and try right now and they run really really well so go check it out on their website if you guys want to try out some of those games you can play with fake funfair tokens you know fake money yeah definitely go check that out guys up next number five we have Verte coin rare coins very close to my heart I really like for client but ver coin hasn't been getting a lot of love as of recently with the big boom it did get a lot of love a few months ago but more recently with all the big boom about coins per coin has been getting pretty much no love and it's pretty sad but ver coin has a 295 million market cap and it's a great coin it's just simply like there's nothing too crazy about it I call it the light coin light it's basically like coins little blood-brother that's what I call it but it's a decentralized currency obviously that's owned by its users now this coin is designed specifically to resist centralization it's asic resistant now what this this coin does what that means really is it doesn't allow for multi pool and large mining pools that it says here on the screen so for example something like Bitcoin the people that are making the most money in Bitcoin are people that have farms or really good rigs with like ten graphics hearts at least or something right those are the guys that are making profits in Bitcoin so it's not very accessible now if you think of me personally or you you it would not make sense for you to mind Bitcoin on your 1080 GTX 780 graphics card you just it would not be profitable you know sorry you'd waste more electricity trying to mind the thing isn't here then you know what it's just not profitable at all so what verepoint does is it doesn't allow for that the developers do not allow for that and the code tries to stop that from happening as much as possible and this in turn makes it gives a more opportunity for all miners to compete fairly with each other so it's more distributed you know it's not solely focused on like people with big farms that make most of the money because they can't pool up together into large pools and it really gives power to the people because you and I can both be profitable with our own computers so it gives power to the little guy and that's always great people love that so one thing about FERC point that I think could be is holding it back but it's also good thing it's like a pro and a con at the same time is their development and the team is trusted volunteers that are working on it so these guys do not get paid by any company they get paid from donations and the value of the coins that they're holding because they believe in the project and they're working on it that's how they make money so they're putting their own time and effort now this is good because you know it's by the people that's the point but it's bad because that's probably what's holding Berkeley from really reaching those highs like like Cohen but I think next year is gonna be a big year for Berkeley neither way because yeah they've been around since 2014 maybe even longer I think it's 2014 but they're just a great coin another thing is they have the one-click Burt coin miner I have used it myself I'll be honest with you guys it's not actually one click but it's very close so it's very easy it's actually more like four clicks as you open it then you gotta click on the pool you have to select the pool type it in and then you can run it so it's like three to four clicks but you know one click sounds a lot cooler so I'll give them that but it really isn't one click so they got this minor it's super easy to use you just download it boom running and your computer just starts going insane it sounds like a helicopters taking down your house taking off from your house you know so that thing scared me I didn't keep running it because I don't want my computer to break I don't I mean I don't really want to mind with my desktop but if I had minors I would be running over coin miner because it's super easy to set up it's foolproof so if you ever want to mine some coins you know you can leave your coin your computer on overnight and maybe you get a fair coin or something you never know and if you hold it long enough it might be worth a million dollars one day who knows anything can happen right so that's very cool number five let's move on to number four number four is Dammann this is a number four that's crazy that means that there's three coins that are better than and this coin is amazing so this is golem The Golem Network GMT for short eight hundred and thirty six million so pretty substantial substantial market cap already but I think this coin has a lot to go as well know what golem is is a worldwide supercomputer you heard it right supercomputer so anyone will be able to use golem to compute almost any program you can think of from rendering to research to running websites in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way whoo that's a mouthful so golem is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that uses the theorem and smart contracts for transactions obviously and the first use for golem is going to be brass : that's what it's called and it provides CGI render for blender so I'm gonna give you guys just one simple use case for golem picture NASA is trying to send the biggest space exploration feet they're trying to perform the biggest feat ever but they have all of these there's ridiculous amounts of calculations I need to be processed for some of these things like calculate interject three you know thermal a bunch of stuff that needs to be calculated there's no computer in the world that can handle all of it or if it can it's gonna take a very long time for it to actually process it it's not going to be real time useful enough to where their guidance systems let's say it could you know use the feedback instantly to whatever you know they need to do a lot of computing and they need it fast let's say NASA goes to Gollum they use this supercomputer essentially that's just a network of everybody's computer that's keeping the network running and their instead of solving random math problems like they are in Bitcoin just solving for a random hashes they're actually using their computer power to do something useful who would have thought that that would have been a good idea instead of just you know solving random maybe solve something useful it sounds like I'm bashing on like every coin that does proof-of-work like that but yeah Gollum is a smart idea really good use of processing power and the blockchain so that is my number four go check it out number three we have loop ring oh my god I love loop ring so much so so much and it's still only number three it might have in my heart it's number two I'll be honest with you yes yes you'll see what number two is but a loop ring is number three you may have never heard of this coin it's pretty new it's market cap is 112 million 62 million I'm not even gonna go over the supply I said I wasn't so let's just get into what loop coin loop loop ring is Lu furring I actually thought of loop ring not the name like the idea behind it like on my own and I was like this would be so cool and I just kind of forgot about it but I was like this would be so cool if it existed and you know like you think of ideas but you never like actually put in the work because it's like so much work tonight like I don't code and like you know all of that good stuff but you think of great ideas all the time but you're like I'd never be able to do this cuz I don't know I don't have the knowledge to do but I thought of this and when I saw it I was like I love this coin and it was even better than I even had imagined in my head so what this is is a decentralized exchange and open protocol it's decentralized atom execution system trades across the different crypto exchanges so let me let me put this in in layman terms and in English for you guys they have an automation an automated system that can trade between different crypto exchanges at the same time now they have this thing called ring matching which is a trading intelligence that interface interfaces between different exchanges and it provides even greater liquidity because think about it you want to sell 10 dollars worth of Bitcoin let's say and it'll what this algorithm does are their intelligence trading intelligence ring matching things what this does is it'll say oh look somebody wants to buy five dollars with a Bitcoin over here somebody wants to buy five dollars with a Bitcoin over here so it'll automatically just split it up into little chunks and just sell it and get you the money make sense so instead of being like damn you know that's why you see the different prices on different markets this would basically eliminate that because it can go simultaneously between any exchange so it provides more liquidity you know more people to buy coins because it's basically all exchanges in one make sense it's amazing the idea is I love it I love I'm gonna be honest I love it and this is designed to be blockchain agnostic as long as it has smart contract support so any RC token the RC 20 token automatically has that because it runs on the etherium network which means all the RC tokens are supported by looping instantly and any other tokens that have that aren't ERC 20 but have smart contract support can be made to work so another thing is loop ring does not require members to send tokens to exchanges for custody so this is this is actually the part that I'm saying that I thought of I was like wouldn't it be so cool if I didn't have to like like I want to buy this coin but it's specifically on this exchange dammit I gotta send my money from this exchange of this exchange and now I gotta take the fee from that too and it's like oh but now I want to use that I want to go back to that exchange because there's this other coin I want to get like in a few days you know and that's like damn I gotta eat the feet again I was like wouldn't it be so cool if you could just keep your coins and also people are saying like you know what happens if coin base gets hacked you can lose your money centralize all that good stuff so what this allows you to do is have your coins in your wallet your own personal wallet then you have control over and it allows you to buy from exchanges from your wallet directly so it gives you control of your coins and you can buy from any exchange you tell me if that doesn't sound amazing tell me right now that I did not just sell you on this and if I did please go ahead and click the subscribe button I'm gonna sell out right now yeah I'm gonna do it this coins amazing if they can do what they're saying it's gonna be I really think it's gonna be top down so go check it out number three loop ring I'm not even gonna keep talking cuz you guys probably already clicked off the video to go check it out and throw all your money at it I'm not your financial advisor so either way let's move on to get my mouse on it let's move on to number two on the list the one that I'm saying should be number three because I like this one so much but whatever we'll keep it like that number two is Cardinal Corey why would you put card not on there talking to 10x it's 200 billion it's already so huge I get it guys this one's kind of like a speculation one but Scardino is just so it's so the idea is just so great like I don't know I don't have enough good things to say about Cardinal I definitely agree that it's overpriced right now it's basically alright it's too let me just start over Cardinal it's a coin it has 200 billion market cap and it's it's not even like a coin yet it's just a coin it doesn't do anything that says it's gonna do really yet so it's basically a twenty billion dollar coin with a white paper which is pretty ridiculous that just blew up out of nowhere but it blew up because it's so amazing what they're trying to do when people are really behind it so Cardinal is a generation 3 cryptocurrency so what that means is Bitcoin was generation 1 if theorem is what they call generation 2 because it introduced smart contracts and then cart now know is generation 3 because it builds off even or have smart contracts and then I forget what the actual name for the other thing is is it the data list or whatever I'm not sure but it builds off of a theorem so it's the next logical predator what is the next one to a theorem I can't think of the cool word to say that's next um successor that's what it is it's the successor to ethereal the next logical successor to theorem so this is a first probably secure proof of sake algorithm and it's pre reviewed by academics I actually wrote that twice because I'm so excited about that that's so great as somebody who's been in academia I know that peer review is those wonders that's why they do that for PhDs I digress so let's move on they're developers our top industry professionals who specialize in the fields this is one of the great things I liked about them I watched an interview with their CEO and he was talking about how he picks his developers he doesn't even pick people that are into crypto he just picks people that are really really good at what he needs them to do which is great because there's a lot of eagles I'm paraphrasing he says because there's a lot of eagles and cryptocurrency and though just a lot of people will ask for a ton of money to work on their project because they know it's cryptocurrency and their threat is basically like well I'm smart and if you don't pay me this money like I just leave and start my own ICO so it's a real thing that is really hindering a lot of progress in cryptocurrency but card Nano has really taken a different approach and they're going through a rigorous like academic peer review process whenever they want to do a change they don't just do a change you know has to go through a rigorous process that can take months you know has to be reviewed by a board you know it's in it allows for really a lot of innovation in ideas when you have to be so detailed and actually get stuff working so you can't just release you can't release a change just based on the idea of the change programming and say yeah this should work and it's buggy you know when something's peer reviewed it has to be perfect so it's I don't know I don't know if that doesn't make I hope that makes sense to you guys it's just a coin that's backed by people who are just professionals at what they do the best of the best peer-reviewed like academic peer-reviewed so it's just gonna be it's gonna be flawless like if this does anything that I can and you know if you look at the like I said right here the second to last point it's essentially just an idea at the moment and it's 200 billion earn not 200 billion sorry it's 20 billion market cap and it's basically just an idea now so that should say a lot about how great this could be and I really think they're gonna do a lot of the things that they're saying they're gonna do because of their peer review process and like I said they're hiring people who aren't even into crypto they're just hire people who are just good at what they do so that they can get the job done and if you look at their road map it is incredibly detailed they provide constant updates it is amazing an amazing claim so that's it for card on oh now last but not least my favorite coin for 2018 the top coin for 2018 number one substratum I love this coin so much obviously it's a number one I am shilling so hard right now that sounded inappropriate but Schilling I mean I'm like pumping this coin so hard right now to you guys like I'm not your financial adviser but guys this coin this coin is it's a go okay picture kind it's kind of like Gollum a little bit but not really at all it's and let's just go over it it's for 547 million market cap I'm at a loss for words I'm trying to explain like my mind is racing with all the stuff I want to say so let's just get started slowly five hundred forty seven million market cap trading at two dollars and 42 cents right now last week it was trading at a dollar like this is one of those coins were like you don't want it to go up in value didn't hear me out here like I don't want it I get mad when it goes up in value you know why because I cannot buy more at the lower price I want it to stay low or go lower like when this coin drops I get happy because I want to buy more it's one of that's how much I like this coin I'm like please don't go up stop going up I want a Bible for cheaper so I can have more coins so it's one of those coins but what substratum is it's an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make internet a free and fair place to the world now this is very this coin is going to gain a lot of popularity especially now it actually already has gained a lot of popularity now with the net neutrality stuff that's going on so this coin doesn't even care about net neutrality because with this network you can just bypass that and you don't have to worry about the internet not being free and fair and you being throttled because you can use other people's resources that they allocate to you and that they're running a node their computer base basically becomes a node and you can set which time that runs so if you leave a computer on all day well you can set it up like a schedule you know I go to work at this time block so you can have it running from that time and you basically get paid for running a node in substratum make sense you're getting paid in there the currency as payment for running the network now this creates essentially a decentralized web so like the Tor network decentralized it essentially acts as a VPN I mean it is a VPN it's better than a VPN because it can't be targeted VPNs can actually be targeted and taken down and eat us whereas substratum cannot be it's you can't do that because it's decentralized the nodes are always switching in between the different people that are running nodes so it essentially becomes unhackable it's it's a VPN but it's not a VPN some sites can read that you have a VPN and they won't let you in substratum does not have that problem because it masks it masks its packets as being regular packets not VPN like tight packets make sense so it just masks it as you just being a regular Internet user nothing special and it's completely untraceable because you're using somebody else's computers to do it make sense you're like routing through them so this is a great coin they pay everyone who runs a substratum node like I said via crip currency specifically in substratum they call it substrate and that's each time they serve content another thing is is it super simple to use like if you've seen they actually already had a bait or an alpha now they're having a beta at the end of this month so I expect the price to go up even higher at the end of this month and over time as they fully release it it's gonna go bananas because this is one of those things that as people adopt it more and more the price is just gonna go up and up and up because there's only so much subscribe them that's gonna be ever around and you know people are gonna get the stratum for running nodes and whenever you visit a website and all that stuff it's just it's gonna go crazy I'm telling you guys this coin is gonna be I mean it's number one for a reason so super simple to use and untraceable like a VPN go check out their website you can see the little mock-up of their UI they have some videos it's like so clean so simplistic if anybody can use it it's a VPN that literally anybody can use and it's better than the VPN it might put VPNs out of business seriously it's crazy no another thing that subscribe provides is web hosting so they web if you want to host your website decentralize where you know you can never be attacked because again you can do that website can't be really DDoS because it's running under the centralized network and that's always switching around between the different notes so in order to hack it it's kind of like hack a Bitcoin you'd have to hack all of them at once make sense to try to ddos them so it's pretty much impossible to ddos it I say pretty much because you know anything is possible I don't know if any new technology comes up and then you can just DDoS through it you never know some crazy thing can happen but as of now it's impossible to ddos it with the with the way they're going about things now another thing like I said they provide web hosting decentralized they can make your website decentralized and basically unhackable which is gonna be big I think a lot of people are going to want to jump on that so they're gonna be making money off web hosting and another thing is they're gonna have crypto pate which is kind of like oMG and a little bit like request not really request Network but more like oMG so they're gonna have crypto pay which those web sites that are hosting on subscribe actually it can be any website they don't have to be hosting with subscribe to you script I'll pay but crypto pay is a service that web websites can use to basically allow payments with any type of crypto so they don't have to worry about what the crypto is they'll get their money in Fiat or whatever value it is that they want it in and we the people paying with crypto pay can pay with litecoin or whatever different cryptocurrency so it's kind of like a hybrid of omg Gollum and a VPN on steroids their team is amazing too they've been around they've been together for like 20 years they've been working on networking for fortune 500 companies and stuff like that so it's great and that's the number one coin I don't want to keep talking cuz I've been talking for like 40 minutes and this video is super long I am so sorry I will have annotations well if you made it this far it doesn't even matter well when I say that I'm gonna have annotations because yeah the video is over so they're kind of useless to you but yes you guys enjoyed this please leave a like below I would really appreciate it if you agree with my list whatever if something wasn't on that you want to point out to me what's your favorite coin what's your top 3 post in the comments below I hope you guys enjoyed this video I worked very hard to put this together so I really do hope you guys enjoy and with that being said I want to thank you guys all for watch and have a great day and I will see you all next time peace out

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