Top 1% in Cardano vs. Top 1% in Bitcoin

welcome everyone I wanted to do a quick
video today well it may not be quick I have a little bit of time on my hands
and I was running some numbers crunching some statistics and I thought this was a
great way to visually express what I’m thinking right now I want to preface
this video by saying that you’re probably going to feel one of two ways
after this video you’re either going to feel indifferent or you’re going to be
probably annoyed that I went through all this effort to to make this video and it
may not even make sense but I’m a visual learner so I like to see things in front
of me and that’s how I learn so let me show you what I did this is a game of
Monopoly and monopoly Nintendo edition and on the
left side I have Bitcoin you can see by that poorly printed Bitcoin logo over
there and on the right side I have Cardano so basically how monopoly works
the purpose of the game is you have to amass a certain amount of wealth and you
have to acquire properties and if people land on your properties then you pay them rent so what am I trying to get to here I am trying to understand the
distribution of cryptocurrency within the top address holders so
basically what I did was I calculated the top 1% of Bitcoin and the top 1% of
addresses in Cardano so I took the top 1% of addresses in Bitcoin and I took the
top 1% of addresses in Cardano and I compared them there are a little bit
over 23.5 million unique Bitcoin addresses and the top 1% of those
Bitcoin addresses own about 89 percent of the Bitcoin within the ecosystem so
they own I believe that there’s around 17 a little bit over 17 million coins
that are circulating right now they own about fifteen point seven million so the
top 1% so that’s how it is distributed within the Bitcoin network or the
Bitcoin ecosystem and for Cardano the top 1% of addresses and I believe the 1% cut
off or the threshold was somewhere around if you hold between 1.1 or 1.2
million ADA and of course the top amount of ADA
you actually are within that 1% and if you calculate all the addresses you
amalgamate all the 1% addresses you get a total of 62 percent so they the top 1%
of ADA holders own 62 percent of ADA the top 1% of Bitcoin holders own 89 percent
of Bitcoin and you can come up to your own conclusions with that I just wanted
to do a visual representation so as you can see from here we are starting Cardano
we’re represented by this little spaceship I think this is from Pikmin and then Bitcoin is represented by the Mario mushroom right here so we have
allocated the distribution of what you start with in monopoly which is around
$1,500 it’s exactly $1,500 and if we take that amount and we calculate
exactly how much the 1% own within the network for Bitcoin the top 1% they would start off with $1,341
so they would start off with $1,341
and the top 1% in Cardano would start off with $938 so the rest of the 99 percenters for the Bitcoin network would be
starting off with $158 so everyone that’s in the
99 percent is fighting for $158 and everyone within the Cardano ecosystem the 99% are fighting for $562 so while both systems are not completely
distributed equitably the Cardano ecosystem right now is a
lot more fluid for the 99% the 99% in Bitcoin are basically fighting for
the crumbs and I wanted to make this video one of the purposes of
this video was because you have to be careful with what you hear out there a
lot of these 1% people that are in the 1% of Bitcoin addresses they’re going to
be shilling Bitcoin extremely hard and you could say the same about Cardano as well but Bitcoin is a lot further and the ecosystem is a lot more valuable at
the moment so when you hear things about how Bitcoin is going to solve everything if
you’re within this category I would be saying the same thing as well so if
you’re on this side of the board and you’re not fighting for the 99 percent
out if I was on this side I probably would be fighting for this as well and I
wanted to end this video on a rant so I did all this just to basically show the
distribution of the one-percenters within these ecosystems and as you can
see in Cardano the 1% owns around 60% while the 1% owns close to 90% so it’s 62% and 89% In the current
monetary system I’m just very disappointed by what you can do what the
potential is for individuals because if you look at all the properties within
this Monopoly game I I did some back of the envelope calculations and you know a
lot of people are trying to escape to crypto because there is literally no
hope within the current Fiat system you cannot it’s very hard to climb any sort
of monetary ladder or upgrade your class if you grew up with no money
chances are you’re probably going to have no money growing up as an adult the
the possibility is just very low for class jumping you do minute jumps from generation to generation but the the ability to really transform
yourself it’s probably it’s less than likely and I think that’s why people are
attracted to cryptocurrency and one of the things that’s interesting in the
Fiat system is the game is so rigged the game is so rigged like you see all these
houses over there this represents probably the exact the land ownership of
of the super wealthy within the United States I was looking I was
looking at a quick statistic and there’s this guy named John Malone he’s
the richest landowner in the United States
he owns 2.2 million acres of land that’s bigger than Delaware, Rhode Island, and DC
put together and here we have an Monopoly game and it’s like one
square foot you know one square foot it’s a little bit more than one square
foot but basically what I’m saying is most people don’t even own this I don’t
even own one square foot I don’t even own on this earth one square foot of
property and someone owns more than three states like three states with
something extra not saying anything bad against this John Malone fellow he might
be a very nice guy but at the end of the day things are just not making sense
so with cryptocurrency I really think that we can clear the board although the
economics of the distribution of the cryptocurrency are not 100% equitable
but I think that we can clear the board and give ourselves a chance to build our
own property because the board is clear in crypto you know the money is
distributed already but the board is empty and it’s up to every single person
to build their property or build whatever they want and continue
and it’s not like there’s a cap for this I know that the supply is finite but
at the end of the day you can build something in crypto you can help build
something and the possibilities are endless so it doesn’t end with this board this is just the beginning and I’m tired of fighting for all the
properties taken on the board and the only things that are left are wah Luigi
and Wario the worst properties on the map that’s what it’s like in the
current system everyone is fighting for those terrible
places I think they’re called Baltic Avenue and I forgot the other one but
they’re terrible everyone’s fighting for the the bottom properties
and everything else is taken and what life is it’s basically you just going
around the board looking at all these properties taken and hoping that one day
you land on free parking so you can get a little bit of money but all the
properties are still taken you go around and you collect $200 as you pass and
then you land on some kind of income this income tax property pay $200
I stay on this property right here I own this property I own this property
in real life because I go through life and then I have to pay I pay to exist
and most people are paying to exist so yes that’s this is a ramble but this is
the distribution of what it looks like within Bitcoin and Cardano so I think
that this is a great opportunity to move forward let me know if you like this
video let me know if I was just wasting time and once again please like, comment,
and subscribe and don’t forget to download Cardano 1.5 it’s working
great in Daedalus alright until the next time

56 thoughts on “Top 1% in Cardano vs. Top 1% in Bitcoin”

  1. Chainanalysis produced some research findings suggesting a very significant percentage of Bitcoin wallets dormant since the early days are indeed 'lost' forever. I tend to believe Craig Wright and assume he has Satoshi's million. It's those old wallets that make up a lot of your 89%

  2. loved the demonstrations in the video 🙂 . what % would i be with 53.000 ada ?
    two wrongs dont make it right…. this is still way too much for 1% to be holding 2/3 of ada.
    do you own any bitcoin philip? or only ada?
    in my mind bitcoin is just unusable in this state, this is not decentralization. i just watched a video that speculated that the bitcoin bear market was heavily collerated with the sell-of of coins from the previous exchange.

  3. Ever year there are more people following and learning about crypto currencies this is how it starts as it take hold and becomes mass adoption way of doing trade and business.

  4. are you including exchange addresses too and other cold storage? in that case btc will be skewed. Also ada is much younger and wealth concentration will happen over time. Inevitable outcome.. Don't mean to hurt your feelings but it's true..

  5. I love your Monopoly analogy. It would be cool to do a hotels (Bitcoin) and houses (Cardano) board setup as percentages of market cap. And every month take a photo, then do a time laps in a couple years and watch Cardano slowly take over the board! 🙂

  6. Great video. Thank you for taking the time. There is a lot holding me back from going all in on ADA. Very excited for v1.5 and Shelley!

  7. You did a great job. I will just like to add, you should also share the methodology of how you get data for your analysis. It will add credibility to your content.

  8. Interesting, I have been told by others that proof of stake was just a rich get richer scam. Not saying I believe these other people but im just not sure I understand. Anyways awesome video and love the Nintendo monopoly board.

  9. I love 3 points you made. 1. The board is clear in Crypto, you can build your own place and wealth. 2. Most people are born poor and with crypto they have a one shot deal to ever grow rich! 3. Since all best properties in life are taken, every time a poor man makes a move, he lands on the "Tax" Property, he pays $200 to pass and back to the "tax" property to pay another $200. With crypto all doors are open for him for the 1st time in life!!!! Well done. I live in the US but all my family is in Africa and I have been gifting crypto to all my family members because of this! Uncles, Aunties, friends, Nephews, sisters, brothers, step mother- everyone! Just a little bit to spread awareness and may be one day, it will change their lives!

  10. Ha ha. Certainly a different way of looking at things and may I say, refreshing. I have to say that you must have too much time on your hands but it's getting the comments and so it's doing the trick, therefore it's working. Cheers.

  11. The chance to make it in American is 100% if you make the right choices and work hard. What a crappy sentiment to put out there to young Americans.

  12. I don't get what you're saying about the board being crypto when 1% are holding so much, unless you're talking about investing in other coins?

  13. Interesting video. Well done. I am not in crypto to become millionaire, I am hoping we can eliminate the fiat system.

  14. Good video, I think many of us perceive the world the same way. This is why crypto is so exciting. we're like the "sooners" trying to squat on this new land.

  15. I don't think the analysis works really well. It fails to take into account the reputedly "lost" BTC, the BTC and ADA to be issued. It also has no distinction between wallets owned by individuals vs exchanges (which in turn may be accountable to many individual sub-accounts). Don't get me wrong – I love ADA and my take away is that ADA is more decentralized than BTC and will probably remain that way.

  16. BTW – I believe more like native Americans that you can't own land; it is for you to use as you pass through life.

  17. HI, I was wondering about the Economy of the coins when the staking will be on. Can you make a video regarding the long term look on the fact that total supply of ADA is 31,112,483,745. How the rewards will be generated for staking if we reach that moment. When it is designed for the system to reach total supply ? How the economy side of ADA rotation looks like. Will it setup in a way, that taxes for staking and transaction costs could cover the need for rewards in the future ?

  18. Hey philpa. i just downloaded .13.1 and when it restarted, it says cardano node crashed and unable to start node. Any advice?

  19. Those 1 percenters (1%) will likely become billionaires or trillionaires when blockchain is fully adopted.
    Unfortunately we live in a world where the wealthy have laws passed that are favourable to them. Money buys them access to politicians.
    Cryptocurrencies are a step in the right direction as we now have trustless and permissionless networks. The fees from intermediaries will be reduced or removed completely. Plus the unbanked around the world who have access to mobile phones can now participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

  20. I'm genuinely confused as to what you want. You're saying that you're hoping that your coins will moon, giving you an opportunity to play the game with the big boys who own the world? Crypto doesn't really solve the distribution of wealth challenge you mentioned here. After the market cap of crypto is stable (say at around $10T), you will make it to the 1%, yes, and the next generation will suffer just as you are suffering now. The new generation will look at you and say it's unfair that you own so much wealth/land/etc. Then what? You may bring the argument that everyone has access to coins – But do they? Even the Cardano project sold so much of the initial ADA to Japanese investors, exactly the same way as corporations do with Fiat at the moment. I'm sorry, I'm just confused.

  21. I've been analizing the distribution as reported in Adascan. From March-9 to March-27 (2019), the top 0.08% percent of adresses have reduced their share from 45.5% of the total ADA to 44.8%. it may seem a little, but that 0.7% gap represents 1.8 billion ADA that got redistributed among those acoounts that hold less, particularly those within the 8.17% bracket, wich grew from 21.4% to 22.2% of the total holdings. These may be a sign of further descentralization prior to the release of public stake-mining. (finger crossed).

    BRACKET March-9 March-27 Increment
    71.16% 1.10% 1.10% 0%
    19.37% 5.60% 5.50% -2%
    8.17% 21.40% 2.20% 4%
    1.22% 26.40% 26.40% 0%
    0.07% 45.50% 44.80% -2%


  22. I am Ranked Top 3% in Cardano holders… Want to see your Rank % in Cardano? Here:

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