Tony Robbins takes us on a private tour of his massive beachfront mansion in Fiji

My life was changed by coming to Fiji and I fell so in love with the people here that I decided I want to have a
piece of this and I want to find a way to bring people here. And then, you know, I
eventually bought the resort and then I started building it into the top resort
in the country for the last 10 years and top 10 in the South Pacific. How you guys doing? Welcome! Lomalagi — it’s called “heaven” in Fijian. Come on in. I bought this place when I was
29, so it’s been 33 years. I like to make something that feels like it’s very
relaxed but you know the scale of things is my scale size chairs as you’ve
probably noticed. Reporter: And what’s your favorite spot in the home? Tony: I’ll show you one of them. I’ll show you a couple of them if you want. This is one of my favorite little hangout spots. Totally private, down by the water. Come down here and meditate or read and so forth. I actually have a set of stairs that go down under the caves down to the beach, but the last
storm took that out and it took out the other place I’m gonna take you that’s been
my favorite, which is my upstairs bed up on top of the building. You know, I love to hang out
up here where you have these unending views and I have a giant bed
that’s here that’s covered, that’s an outdoor bed, which is clearly disappeared. It was ripped off —
literally ripped out of the building. This is another hangout area that we really love. I got outdoor beds everywhere around the house
too, that the wife and I love. I opened this up because I have ‘fish balls.’ I have these golf balls
that are full of fish food and so we use these as holes here
and we come out knock balls here. And then they dissolve in the ocean and
provide the food, so they’re ecologically sound but also the fish love it. Just pop on the other side,
just so you see it real quick. I’ll show you My “extra skinny” bed (laughs) Just you know, all the beautiful little touches. There’s a bathtub
overlooking the ocean — like that. Reporter: When you got this property, was it
kind of a bargain back then or did you have to fight for it? Like, this property itself. Tony: The first 125 acres that are part of this resort was a coconut
plantation and it was owned by a group of professors from Scripps Oceanography.
This entire reef right here, they studied it for like 14 years and found more
diverse life anywhere else they studied. And they sold it to a couple travel
agents and they didn’t have enough money to finish it. $10 million was
one chunk and then another one was another five but it was a giant stretch
in those days and then gradually as I became more financially
astute and strong I was able to put more and more into it Did you go up to the waterfall? Reporter: Have
we gone to the waterfall? No, we didn’t make it to the waterfall Tony: OK, we should run you up to the waterfall. Will you call them
and ask them if they’ve got — my car’s broken down, I think.
I don’t know if I fit in this car. See if they’ve got somebody who can take us out to the waterfall real fast. I love this. Feels so good! Bula! Stop. Slow down, slow down. Great job! Great job! Really love what
you’ve done over here. It’s looking really beautiful. Thank you so much, Joe.
Take care, brother. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you longer today. Reporter: So you’ve really become like
an integral part of the community here? Tony: Oh without a doubt. They’re my family
on both sides. They called me “Boss Levu,” which means “Big Boss” Reporter: You’re ‘Big Boss?’ You’re ‘Big Boss’ here in Fiji. Tony: ‘Cause this is Vanua Levu, right? It’s the big island, right? Reporter: The big island. You’re the
“Big Boss” on the big island. (Laughs) That’s awesome. Tony: “Are we on time? Am I late? OK, we’ll be ready to go in five minutes. Time to say goodbye again. I’m so sorry
but I look forward to coming back home to see all the family again. It’s been a
beautiful, beautiful trip. Bula vinaka. (Singing)

100 thoughts on “Tony Robbins takes us on a private tour of his massive beachfront mansion in Fiji”

  1. Hey Tony, thanks!
    For being a massive PRICK who does no good for anyone or the world. All about Tony the Tiger Huh?

  2. He seems like a truly nice man and has obviously helped many people over his lifetime….

    However Jesus came from Heaven to earth to be a servant, to teach and did not do it for money, but only because he Loves us.

    John 15:13 "No one has greater love than this…than a man give his life for a friend…." Jesus gave His life so that we could be saved from our sins and forgiven by God…this gift is FREE

    I just found out recently that someone close to me had taken his own life. He dealt with the divorce of his parents when young then another divorce from his mother & stepfather. Then a divorce of his own and finally a long term relationship that again ended. He did not know God, therefore he had no hope left in this world. Everything he loved was taken away from him.

    My relationship with God through Jesus is the most important thing in my life. I am a better father and husband because of it. Bad times will come and when they do…a person needs someone/something that cannot be taken away, that will not leave them and will ALWAYS love them. I pray that more people with find that hope in God, our Creator.

  3. Tony Robbins made his success by getting people to believe he knows what it takes to be successful. In other words circular reasoning made him wealthy

  4. That farewell song just chokes me and the wife up everytime we hear it. Planning our next trip already. Our trip to Fiji was also LIFE-CHANGING. It truly helps you reconnect with your soul and mother nature.

  5. Financially strong.. but doesn't replace stairs, outdoor bed, and has a broken down car. I don't understand but that sounds like me..

  6. What is the name of the piece of music in the 1st 10 seconds of this video. Shazam doesn't pick it up and it's driving me mad.

  7. Here from the H3 podcast. Lots of good memes to be had, it seemed so setup the whole thing about "joe" (totally not his name) doing a great job. No one likes to be patronized Tony! Most of us can realize they sang for the cameras, and you most definitely are not sorry to not hang out with them more! But if you pay them and treat them well then good on you then but don't try and fool us that your some all benevolent merciful big boss.

  8. Apparently, the translation of the song that is sung at the end is this: "White devil. Goodbye, white devil. He's leaving forever. Hopefully, his plane goes down. We'll never work for him again."

  9. I love that Tony has 'fish balls'! It was generous of Tony to open his Figi home to us. I wish that we didn't feel we needed to have these vacuous homes where a vast amount of beautiful nature is owned by one person.

  10. How can you do it man I mean living on a island not having a car and not being able to drive anywhere because the nearest continent is like 1000 miles away how do you do it!!!

  11. Man those are some huge noggins!
    Didn't you go out with… Uh.. No not her… Uh no… Oh Heidi Klum.
    Yeah yeah… Ahhahahah! She sounds hot!
    Wait, I'm not watching Shallow Hal am I?

  12. He is so lucky i never ever been anywhere tropical i never even been on a air plane only beach I even been to is ocean city MD. But my whole life even since I was little I've always dreamed,of an wanted to go to a tropical island or someplace with blue water like water you can see threw maybe one day I will get to go somewhere amazing I hope he knows how blessed he is

  13. This is conflicting, because this video is super cringy and this guy has an obvious god complex. So that makes my first inclination to think that anyone who finds this inspirational must have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old, but in reading the comments people are saying he helped them stop drinking and other seemingly positive things. Idk, this guy is an absolute nut case, idk how any mature adult could take him seriously.

  14. For a second I though this said "Tommy Robinson" instead of "Tony Robbins" and I was really surprised for a moment lol.

  15. He made a fortune telling you what you already know. Some have been crucified for that, this guy builds resorts.

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