Tone Vays talks about Brave New Coin!

What’s up, party people? Chris DeRose here,
Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation. And in this video I’m here at the Inside Bitcoins
Conference in New York City and I’m here with Tone Vays. Tone, introduce yourself. Thank you. I’m Tone Vays. I’ve been in the
Bitcoin space almost two years now, mostly writing about economics and trading. I recently
just put in my resignation over at my Wall Street job. I’m living here in the city. And
I’m joining BraveNewCoin where we’re planning to be the Bloomberg of the Bitcoin space. Wonderful, so I kind of saw you, I don’t know
when I saw you first, either in a forum, or a chat room, or something like that. But I
think you were working with CoinTelegraph at the time. I was. And you were very into active trading of Bitcoin?
Is that correct? Or do you want to clarify that a little bit more? I wasn’t that active, I was trading Bitcoin,
but my expertise is more trading in traditional markets like the S&P 500 futures, metals,
options. So I started writing a series for CoinTelegraph, “An Introduction to Trading,”
because the beauty of Bitcoin is that there is no barrier to entry. Even a 15-year-old
can simply throw in 50 bucks into a Bitcoin exchange and start trading half an hour later.
And some of those skills are professional traders who are definitely lacking so I thought
it would be a really good series to introduce the Bitcoin community to how real traders
do it. So I started writing a technical analysis and trading series, and I do trade Bitcoin,
not in major quantities, just so I know exactly how other people are thinking. So where did you develop your trading strategies
from? Were you doing it for exchange markets? Were you doing traditional equities on the
New York Stock Exchange? Tell us more about that. No, it was actually all self-taught. I took
one of the seminars that I’m actually about to teach. I took it a little while ago. And
I just learned the basics of what candlesticks are, moving averages, chart patterns. I became
really interested, fell right into my background of being a math and science guy. I have a
masters degree in financial engineering. So they teach you all the academic stuff of it
but the reality is not academics. So when you start trading it, you’re like, “Oh wow,
so there are patterns that you can use, it’s not all about writing the right formula. So
I got really interested in that, and I have been trading for fun. My job mostly involves
risk analysis. We’re not really on the trade side. So that was my evening and sometimes
even during work I’d use my cell phone or the computer to put on some trades, so it
was all self-taught. You spend your day job, at least up until
now, in a fairly traditional corporate environment. How do they perceive Bitcoin? What do your
co-workers think of this movement? They’re not laughing as much anymore. About
a year ago, a year and a half ago, it was kinda funny to them because I sit next to
several PhDs. They’ve been in risk analysis forever, you know, as quants. They write these
risk models. I’m supposed to be doing that. I have a slightly different job there, I’m
more of a data person, contacting, making sure all the data is accurate so that the
models would run. But now they’re taking it a little more seriously, and I told them the
company I’m joining, since we are going to have a lot of data and we plan to be the data
provider for Wall Street, especially. You guys might be my new clients in about a year
when your hedge fund clients are saying, “Hey, why don’t you build a risk model for Bitcoin
and Cryptocurrencies?” So I’m jumping on the crypto side early so that when Wall Street
comes begging for data, they’re gonna call us. And how and when did you get into Bitcoin? So I got in in 2013 around the time of Cyprus.
Just a libertarian background, and when Cyprus Bank shut down I really said, “This actually
can’t happen anywhere. It’s not just there.” I decided to look for alternatives. I had
heard about Bitcoin back in the days of Wikileaks when Wikileaks got shut down from the U.S.
financial markets, no more credit cards, no more Paypal, they accepted Bitcoin. That’s
when I first heard about it. I Googled it back then, all I saw was mining and I’m working
ten hours a day, I don’t have time for this. I’m not gonna be a miner. So I kind of ignored
it. In 2012, looked it up again for an hour. But in 2013 when I looked it up I’m like,
“Oh local Bitcoins. I can just buy it from a person?” And that’s when I finally set something
up and bought a few in cash and ever since then really started trying to get involved
in the community. What are you doing at the Inside Bitcoins
Conference? Is this your first one? Have you been to others and what do you think about
this one in particular? So my first Bitcoin conference I’ve ever been
to was actually this one, one year ago. I came here, my first conference, I wasn’t involved
in the Bitcoin space at all. I created my blog Liberty Life Trail like a month before
this conference in preparation because I wanted to hand out a business card. But I didn’t
want to hand out my work business card, it has nothing to do with Bitcoin, nor did I
want them knowing what I’m doing so on my free time. So I started my blog, Liberty Life
Trail, talking about economics, CryptoCurrencies and all these other things I planned on doing
with it, which I’m still going to. And I came here, asked some really good questions,
met a lot of people. Two months later the conference in Hong Kong was coming around.
I got to know the people at this conference and I got a speaking gig at the one in Hong
Kong. And that’s when I started writing on my blog where CoinTelegraph saw me. They asked
me to write for them, bigger readership. So I started doing that and I’m working my way
up from there, and now I’m speaking at about five, six conferences a year. It’s great. Yeah, good for you, that was quick. That was
real quick. And so you’re about to go into your presentation now. Give the audience a
little teaser as to what it is that you will be explaining in depth and what the value
is of this talk. So my presentation in about a half an hour
is going to be introduction to trading. So we have two hours to go through everything,
some places do this in like a week or a weekend. I’m going to try to hopefully, as I’m expecting
a much more sophisticated audience, so I’ll be able to talk a little bit faster. We’re
going to start with the basics. It’s going to be in basics of candlestick charts, and
then move on through moving averages and indicators, like the Mac D and the RSI. Basically for
beginners to know what are all these complicated charts? Are they really complicated? Can someone
time the market? Can people use repetitive patterns to consistently profit from the market?
And we’ll end the seminar with a few live trades. I’ll introduce them to some exchanges,
some options people have of where to trade Bitcoins, basically a two hour introduction
to trading. Well, you know, I talk to Tone online a lot
and I know nothing about trading, and I’m trying to keep it that way. It seems very
stressful, but I’m really looking forward to this, so I’m hoping that I get a lot of
value out of this and I am pretty sure I will, because Tone is one of my favorite people
in the movement. We talk probably every other day, every day, one way or another, yeah,
through a chat group. It’s a small community and most of us know each other and I know
Tone. Where can other people find out more information about you? So you can just Google my name, Tone Vays,
because I write at several places. My Twitter handle is Tone_LLT. The LLT stands for Liberty
Life Trail, which is my blog that I do post on. Other than that, you can find me at BraveNewCoin
where my latest set of articles are now coming out about trading analysis. Tone, thanks for being on the show. All right. Thank you, Chris. Later, party people. If you like this video
and you want to see some more videos, certainly check out the rest of my channel, and subscribe
if you like what you hear. If you have any questions for me, as usual, you can tweet
me on Twitter. My handle is DeRoseTech. That’s it. I’ll cut it there. Cool. All right. That was easy.

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  1. So after watching this video I opened an account at that site, and it's possibly the coolest exchange I have ever seen. THANK YOU TONE, CHRIS PARTY ON!!!!

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