TONE VAYS, G-4 Crypto SUMMIT: Bitcoin to Hit $1,500, Then $50,000!

TONE VAYS, G-4 Crypto SUMMIT: Bitcoin to Hit $1,500, Then $50,000! Welcome to looking at the markets with
David Moadel this is a super special episode this is a g4 summit of the
crypto world it has never been done before and since we have not one but
four guests on a veritable wealth panel each bringing to the table a different
angle to the crypto and blockchain sector so I’m going to introduce
everybody real quickly so we can get into this first of all we have mr. toan
Vaes of tone vase comm in crypto scam dot-com I want to emphasize mr. tone
Vaes is a market wizard with uncannily accurate market calls in the Bitcoin and
crypto world mr. tone babes welcome to looking at the market sir yeah I think
bear with me on yeah it’s an honor and a pleasure to have you on we’ve got mr.
Daniel Amadori from future money trends dot-com which is a must-visit
news and information and commentary website in the financial world in fact
it’s the first financial newsletter to cover Bitcoin that I remember all the
way back to when tres mayor introduced it to mr. Amadori at $13 mr. Amadori
Daniel welcome to the program sir thanks and tres introduced it to me at $1 I was
a little late to the party 13 bucks okay you know what
$1 $13 it’s all good a lot of people made a lot of money off of that call
we’ve got Kenneth Amadori from crush the street dot-com who has been covering the
crypto market and it’s made a personal fortune not just from talking to talk
but from walking the walk welcome Kenneth to the program sir thank you
David and I’m honored to be here with a special special group like this yeah
absolutely and mr. Lee our Gant’s founder of wealth research group com
became famous for among other things alerting the world to aetherium before
anyone else back in march of 2017 for $12 before it soared over at nine
thousand percent I wish I got in at that price I’m jealous mr. Lee or Gant’s
welcome to the program sir thanks for having me yeah it’s always great to have
you so gentlemen I’m going to start off with
mr. tone Bayes because I want to know what the charts are currently telling us
about the price of Bitcoin mr. Vaes to me you’re the technical
analysis expert so I’d love to hear your take on things so let me put it to you
this way what’s the what is the downside potential in the short term for Bitcoin
and what’s the upside bounce a rebound target and how are you looking at the
current sell-off is this a healthy shakeout yeah so lots of changes have
taken place in the last 24 hours after the big drop down to 4,000 from 6,000 I
was a little bit bullish thinking that Bitcoin can recover going back to 5,000
maybe as far as 6,000 before making its ultimate low at the best 3000 but
probably even below 2000 but we weren’t able to hold the 4000 area over the last
couple of days and we’re now back down to the mid 3,800 range I’m now going on
bearish I’ve even at this point I mean Bitcoin was incredibly weak it couldn’t
bounce off of the big drop now the big drop from 6,000 was calling for a target
of approximately 3000 and it looks like we’re going to achieve that target as of
today I’m turning bearish here on Bitcoin once again earlier than I wanted
and I am looking for the three thousand to $3,200 range to try and bounce the
price a little bit but I still think we’re gonna be in a bear market going
into next year and we are gonna go below 3000 I’m fairly confident than that
okay now tone you know that one of the biggest concerns that institutional
investors have had is the lack of custodian services which bucked now
solves is this a major catalyst I don’t think so
I never understood all the hype around back even when it
first came out it came out a few months ago and I thought they were gonna do
something innovative they’re gonna do something creative I thought they were
gonna be an actual exchange not a broker but I just don’t see a difference
between back and coinbase I don’t see a difference between back
then Gemini on everything I’ve read about back I don’t see them bringing
anything new to the table everything that they’re doing already exists so I
really don’t see a big difference I don’t see what they’re going to add
maybe they’ll have a little bit better grasp at the regulatory structure but
just the hype over yet another broker slash exchange that is not doing
anything innovative in in trading I is just out of control
I don’t see you bringing anything new to the table if the speculators are bearish
they’re bearish it’s not gonna change if if a fund wants to buy Bitcoin right now
they have plenty of meetings to buy the Bitcoin I don’t I don’t see back
changing anything if that wanted to be innovative they would be kind of like
the New York Stock Exchange where you can’t have an account with a New York
Stock Exchange you got to have an account with a broker and what they’re
doing is they’re just holding that Bitcoin for you and they don’t deal with
retail customers but it looks like backs gonna deal with retail customers so
they’re no different than Gemini or coinbase
or a dozen other exchanges that are doing kyc and are able to deliver the
Bitcoin interesting okay now Daniel imadori I want to turn to you next
because you’ve led your subscribers into Bitcoin since the time it was I stand
corrected not 13 what was it 13 or $1 page 13 I learned about it from trace at
$1 gotcha okay I stand corrected but that it’s uncanny either way could you
take people back to those days and explain how the sector behaved when it
was truly in its infancy and second can you comment as to what investors should
be cautious about when it comes to icos since I know
readers were warned by you to avoid these all together which was a brilliant
call since 90% of them have evaporated completely what can you tell me you know
I loved the idea of Bitcoin and that’s why I haven’t done the I cos I have done
other cryptocurrencies but I haven’t been part of the IC hos because I think
the sovereignty and the decentralization of Bitcoin is where I really wanted to
focus my energy and I thought that was where the long-term play was for my
newsletter we’re not a day trader or a market timer tone has obviously done an
exceptional job doing that and I would suggest people if they were interested
in trading to go to his site I’m very focused on the cryptocurrency in the
blockchain space and I love the big picture for it and I can tell you in in
the early days when we profiled it I’ll never forget going to a Bitcoin
conference in Las Vegas and I saw the enthusiasm and I realized there weren’t
any investors there it was all entrepreneurs it was all tech people and
I really felt like when I left that conference that the next Steve Jobs or
Bill Gates was there and that’s why I decided to profile it to our subscribers
and stick with it and I’m so glad we have and I see so much upside from here
and I’ll tell you I’ve been to recent conferences and instead of it being a
few hundred of us it’s five six seven thousand people and despite the price
volatility the enthusiasm of the actual people building out the infrastructure
to advance blockchain and and help advance Bitcoin itself a decentralized
currency a store of wealth I’ve never seen any other sector like this and the
only thing I can compare it to is the early days of the dot-com boom and of
course everybody remembers the bursting of the bubble but I would say that
you’re probably in 1992-1993 maybe even earlier for the blockchain and Bitcoin
and it comes to the ice Tio’s I was very negative on them they especially in 2017
they were just being pumped out everybody wants to ICO everything we’ve
written a special report that I would urge people to read it’s free it’s slash ICO and it’s simply my thoughts and kind of a warning
on what it why I did not invest I SEOs and why just encourage people
to be cautious of them I want people to make money and I want people to really
truly experience the brilliance of a Bitcoin and I’m not a Bitcoin maximalist
but I do believe for the most people who know nothing about this sector but want
to have exposure by Bitcoin don’t don’t try to be sexy or creative just focus on
the one that truly is revolutionary mmm got it perhaps that’s why they call
Bitcoin the mothership right so from what I understand that’s a that’s a
report at future money trends comm /ic oh is that correct yeah I just put it
out and updated it so slash ICO and I
urge you to start there okay I’ll put that link in the description below this
video folks you can just click on that I made it easy for you alright and to mr.
Lee or Gant’s of wealth research group com I remember you interviewed you
talked about – when it was $25 and you spoke with litecoin founder Charlie Lee
when it was at $20 before the sector just erupted what I like about your
stance is that you told everyone back in 2017 that it’s euphoria it’s a bubble so
yeah ride it but know when to get out and take general generationally high
profits now I recently read in your letter how bitcoin is that several such
80% Falls in the past what’s the best way to create alpha which is to invest
in Bitcoin while mitigating risks I think one of the most important things
with regards to this entire sector and think tone and I on an interview that I
did with them the summer talked about this a lot is the fact that
you need to have a perspective on how volatile the sector really is and what
it can do over a few days period and over a month period and over a year a
yearly period so don’t need to get discouraged when you see major moves up
or down even if you miss them on the upside or you
you suffered from them on the downside remember in the dot-com bubble when boom in bursts Amazon started trading for $18 a share and by the time
that the boom was at its peak it was $300 a share and then it went down 95%
to six dollars a share and what I want people to understand is the fact that
something goes up and down so volatility doesn’t mean that the underlying
fundamentals are not good American Express American Express I’m
not talking about Bitcoin but a company that’s been around for over a hundred
years in 2008 went from a hundred bucks to ten dollars a share
I’m not American except we’re not talking about something that’s flakey
right so there are many many important things to understand here and one of
them and I think tone has done a brilliant job of talking about this in
fact I advocate it all of tones uncanny accuracy predictions in one report so we
so you can check that out because it’s unbelievable you really made an art out
of it you can go to wealth research you calm for / tone tio any and actually see
how this guy is predicted again and again what’s going on the market very
accurately and I think you’ll really appreciate it it’s a great read but you
know going back to this know not everything that goes down 95% actually
comes back so what needs to happen is a combination of fundamentals and pricing
so when something goes down significantly what what happens is first
of all you can buy more of it with the same fear dollars so instead of buying
one coin with $20,000 which is what like four or five or six months worth of
salaries you can now buy six of them right so ideally you want to buy any
asset as cheaply as possible unless the reason it is so cheap is because it’s
struggling and cannot make a comeback so the only fear only real fear with
investments is what’s called a permanent loss where you buy any asset class and
the price you paid never back now you need to make sure that you
understand whether or not you think bitcoin will come back from its price or
not and all you need to do is understand that there are there have been many such
bear markets for Bitcoin and historically this is not a rare event
we’ve seen four or five of these eighty and ninety percent discounts in the
price of Bitcoin over time and I think what it does is it clears a lot of the
people that have bought it for the wrong reasons and it makes way for people that
want to buy for the right reasons and there and in you know back that up what
you want to see is fundamentally an improvements to the development of it
and you want to see more use cases for it so I think that is really the best
way to to think about what’s going on right now with Bitcoin now how to
mitigate risk is a very important question the one thing that I really
think is important and I wrote about eleven strategies on how to mitigate
risk at wealth research up com4 slash bear that’s eleven ways that I
personally use in every asset class that I’ve bought over the last eighteen years
since I started investing in the age of sixteen and I think I can go over with
you just two or three of them because I know we’re short on time but I think one
of the most important things is to always buy speculative assets only after
they make a fifty percent price reduction so with any asset class that
is very volatile you need to always make sure that you only buy after a major
price reduction doesn’t matter if it’s a small cap stock or Bitcoin secondly you
want to make sure that the fundamentals are still intact so not only is it cheap
but you want to make sure that it’s hated so you want to make sure there’s a
lot of bad sentiment towards it because if there’s a lot of bad sentiment
towards that two things happen one thing is the management company or in this
case the developers are working extra hard to change the case so when
something is hated that’s the best time to look at it think of a husband and
wife they’re having a fight and she hates and
what’s the first thing he’s gonna want to do he’s gonna want to over deliver
and compensate so you bet your ass that Bitcoin developers are working very hard
right now I know Tony agrees with me on that one
see that smirk so and the last thing you want is an upside an uptrend so you want
to wait until you see some confirmation that the worst is behind you it’s better
to be too late then too early on these things because you might end up buying
something that goes another 50% down as tone says right now it’s about thirty to
thirty eight hundred if it goes down up to two thousand bucks
that’s a 50% drop from the price that you face you want to wait for a little
bit of confirmation little bit of upside that’s my three oh right there so cheap
very hated so the development team works extra hard and is after the hurdle so
it’s already carved the bottom working on an upside and lastly if I if I have
just a twenty more seconds I’d say this David I I would love for people to
understand the importance of position sizing position sizing is the best way
to compensate and to it and be humble so you can never know any anything and
everything about an asset class especially if you’re a part-time
investor if you take a smaller position and you make money nobody’s ever died
from small profits so instead of you know becoming very aggressive and
risking a lot especially your mentality you’re gonna leave a lot of residue in
there and you’re not gonna be able to take risks in the future when time comes
to takes risk you can be indifferent to opportunities and that’s just something
that’s gonna curtail your career going forward so if you’re young like you know
all of us are on this call the last thing you want is any catastrophic risks
in your career that that makes your hands shiver before your next
opportunity comes along so but you can check out all the eleven at wealth
research up com4 slash bear can give you back a floor yeah and I’m gonna put
those links in the description below this video people should check out those
reports wealth research group comm forward slash tone tio any
as well as wealth research group comm /a bearbie ei are plenty of strategies
there alright and you’ve been very Kenneth you’ve been very patient all
right Kenny crush the street is one of the leading YouTube channels on crypto
currencies if someone hasn’t followed anything about crypto currencies thus
far doesn’t have an exchange account a wallet or anything like that what is
your best advice for that person and could you lay out maybe a quick
step-by-step plan for someone to go from rookie to expert sure man big sea of red
out there right now looking at coin market cap well its honored to be a part
of this round table and tone I say this with a great deal of respect Congrats on
making technical analysis interesting and pertinent I think it’s a obviously a
tribute to your accuracy and precision and one thing I would say that Leo
mentioned is it’s very disingenuous when people say they don’t care about the
price of Bitcoin they don’t care about the assets or the what they’re buying at
any price don’t care that they bought at 20,000 and he made the point for the
exact reason why if you have the money you can buy Bitcoin now at sub-4
thousand dollars and that’s a lot better than spending money at $20,000 Bitcoin
and so gigantic fortunes were made because of price and massive
bankruptcies are gonna happen and we’re seeing that now because of price and I
think that the bear market will prolong because of price so when you hear that
price doesn’t matter absolutely price does matter and so if
you don’t know anything about Bitcoin I think that was a really strategic time
to be looking at it and I have three major steps that I want to encourage
people to look at number one educate yourself crypto is multifaceted and
nuanced and when you look down at coin market capcom you see a bunch of
different kryptos and i tell you they’re they’re not all competitors and
variations of Bitcoin many are scams and are going to zero and there’s a lot of
different use cases out there some good and
some whatever some are privacy some our data tokens title and registration so
many different facets and nuances on in the crypto space and I think this is
really important for people to understand especially if you’re just
getting introduced to it figure out what it is that you want to understand about
this market and go with it because it’s huge and do you want to buy and hold do
you want to trade with a guy like tone do you want to get involved with the
sector and make maybe a half million dollars a year as a programmer I mean
these are all things that you need to consider so step one find your groove
number two hands to the plow you actually need to open up a wallet you
need to get out there you need to do it and we definitely have a report for that
if you want to learn how to do that you need to go to crush the street comm
forward slash bitcoin 2019 and this is gonna be for people who are brand new to
the space and also for people who need a pep-talk
who’ve been in this space who’ve had the market steamroll them so this is very
important and it’s a brand new report and I encourage people to go their hands
to the plow right you know being in the battlefield is the best lesson of all
and experiencing the bull market while bullets and bombs are going by your head
I mean that’s the real experience the psychology of the market and that’s
something we really covered a lot it crushed the street comm and so you know
where are you buying Bitcoin you know when it was going up a thousand dollars
a day I mean this is you know a battlefield moment the psychology that
you would have had to deal with did you forget about it did you ignore it when
it was 2015 and you know we were in the two hundred a three hundred dollar range
I mean these are all things and I would encourage people to see what’s happening
right now during the bear market you know people
were not forecasting you know that we would be in this that this bad I mean
tone but people don’t really understand you know in the height of the bull
market how bad things can really get and Bitcoin between 6,000 and 7,000 from
August to November everyone was put at ease everyone was
fine with those we finally bottom for Bitcoin to fall
basically to $3,000 and what a blow that was for people who you know we’re
invested I mean that’s a psychological thing that we could probably talk about
for decades and years to come so I mean this is really important and I I
encourage people to get started and put the hands to the plow put your hands to
the plow and number three I’d actually it’s slightly biased to the upside with
Bitcoin as a whole I mean I think we could go down and up from here I’m not
going to call a bottom but I’m very bullish long-term with the Bitcoin price
ultimately we are far from saturation I believe as soon as the world at large
really starts to implement it and big money starts to come in ultimately that
will be what takes Bitcoin to 50,000 and $100,000 and that’s where my focus is
now it’s gonna be a hard road to get there and even after we bottom keep this
in mind it’s gonna feel like a bear market for a while because say we bought
them at 3,000 it goes to 6,000 everyone’s believing in a bull market
then the market washes and rinses investors by taking everyone down to
4,000 and really slamming everybody once again and that’s what happened so if you
really want my strategy my pep talk my how I plan on really digging my heels in
to this this amazing currency here the sound money vehicle go to crush the
street calm Ford / Bitcoin 2019 definitely gonna check that out I
recommend everybody watching this do the same that’s crush the street calm
forward-slash bitcoin 2019 for a complete guide on Bitcoin and gaining
that expertise so you can navigate these markets all right tone Vaes we’re going
to circle back to you sir I know you had talked about yeah I appreciate it I know
you talked about your lack of interest in other cryptocurrencies what makes
Bitcoin what I call the mothership but what makes it so special in your view
sure and it’s really the fundamentals I running
to this problem all the time I’ve been a big bear over the price of Bitcoin since
I believe January 10th I went back to my videos found the day that I want bearish
on Bitcoin and it was around January 10th and there was you know about a week
in early February when we bound strong over $6,000 low when I was a little bit
bullish and then the only time I’ve been bullish is actually recently like last
week or two have been bullish and now that’s coming to an end so I’m going to
bear about 95% of the time this entire year and the big criticism that I was
getting from people is tone you don’t understand the fundamentals which I
found borderline laughable because I’ve been living and breathing the space
since 2013 I quit my job in 2015 all I do all day every day is Bitcoin and yet
people that have a day job seem to think they have a better understanding of
bitcoins fundamentals than I do but also a lot of these people confuse
fundamentals with news events like people getting scared because tether
might not be back and they panic out of tetherin into Bitcoin they see that as a
fundamental event it’s not it’s a fear driven news event and so there’s a big
difference between fundamentals and news events and fundamentals of Bitcoin are
simple it’s the underlying code it’s the fact how is our nor signatures are gonna
get into a soft fork it’s the house lightning Network being
built out for scalability what’s going on with the latest on privacy what’s
going on with the latest of you know actual uses of Bitcoin and potentially
institutional investors investing in Bitcoin which I believe right now
they’re really not most of them actually exiting Bitcoin as we see with Mike no
McGrath’s and many other notable situations so my fundamentals a grasp on
Bitcoin is very very solid along with the fact that people misunderstood the
concept that the price of Bitcoin can fall below the mining cost of production
I think that people grossly overestimate how much it costs to
my bitcoins I think it is even lower than now I think miners are still
profitable and people thought it was $8,000 and then they thought it was
$6,000 and now they’re saying $4,000 no one really knows they’re just guessing
and and and even if mining and Bitcoin is $4,000 it still it does not mean we
can’t fall to $1,000 I’ve heard this nonsense about gold for a dozen years
Gold can go below $1,000 it goes over camp fall below 15 bucks it’s below the
cost of production well guess what never below 15 bucks for about six years right
like it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen so people have to like take these
things out of their mind and this is where technical analysis can help
because the fear and FOMO of the crowd can take it in any direction now I
always circle back to the stock market and in the Nasdaq and you guys nailed it
when you said it earlier then that’s that kind of $5,000 financial peak in
2000 anyone here on the panel knows in what year Nasdaq broke 5,000 points
again to recapture financial all-time highs I think is either 2016 or 2015
maybe yeah it was like it was like late 2015 and if you inflation adjust that I
think it was just recently last year right and what happened to the internet
during that time the internet was being used more and more and more every single
day for 16 years but financially didn’t recover so I see the same thing
happening and go back to all these old coins
none of them are solid fundamentally they’re all pure nonsense to me
Bitcoin is an investment great asset to me Bitcoin is like is more similar to a
stock in the Dow Jones and the chances of that stock going to zero in the Dow
Jones is like once in a hundred year event and I equate all other cryptos and
especially icos more equivalent to penny stocks and when
someone tries to sell me an old coin or tries to sell me an IC o—- here’s what
I hear dude I hear this great company they’re doing amazing
they are gonna take down Google they are better than Google they will take them
down I’m like great how much is the stock worth well right now we’re trading
on a pink sheet it’s about half a cent but but they got the people they got the
model they’re gonna destroy Google but the market has decided that right now
their word point five cents that’s pretty much what I hear whenever I hear
of an old coin and I don’t touch any of them I stick to Bitcoin
I think Bitcoin even if you’re a long-term investor you can diversify
your portfolio to uncorrelated asset it’s the only asset that is
uncomfortable in the fur for the first time in human history a human can own
something that is uncomfortable that that feature that aspect has never
existed before and people haven’t comprehended it it can be used as
censorship resistant value transfer and it potentially could be a new monetary
policy that is harder than gold if you’ve read the same for the ins the
Bitcoin standard which I really recommend so I think bitcoins
fundamentals are very solid but it was way too high I mean whenever an asset
you know gets overbought it has to overcorrect at a downside I think the
fair value of a Bitcoin right today is about four or five thousand but because
we went all the way to 20 I wouldn’t be surprised if we go down to 1,500 before
we recover back to that normal price range of five or six and then slowly go
up from there Wow okay gentlemen thank you so much for your time today I’m
gonna go around one at a time and I want to find out where we can get more
information about you and what you have to offer we’ll start with mr. Kenneth
imadori where can we get more information sir well I can’t here you go
Oh Kenneth we cannot hear you hey sorry about the hairy guy
yes thank you to everyone on the panel and thank you David for hosting this if
people want more information about me or what I do the content that I produce
visit me at crush the street com it’s an open book
and we got a great team of contributors there that you know really work to cover
alternative assets that’s what bitcoin was it was birthed out of the
alternative media when the conventional news was covering Bitcoin it was $15,000
now we covered it way before that and there’s a lot of success stories at
crush the street because of the coverage that we’ve had on cryptocurrency
specifically Bitcoin so I’m very proud of that if you want to join us we have a
lot of fun at crush the street comm sign up for our free newsletter and also
don’t forget folks crush the street comm /is bitcoin 2019 for that report on
bitcoin we’re gonna go over to daniel Amadori where can we get more
information on what you have to offer specifically if
you’re in crypto slash ICO and I would just tell
everybody who’s investing one thing I learned from investments in life just as
bad as it can be it can be just as good a short time later and I would just go
the opposite think about the euphoric state we were in
in November of 2017 how great it was I mean I spoke to people at a conference
in January of 2018 this year you know plumbers and construction workers
quitting their jobs to become full-time crypto traders just as good as it felt
it’s might feel equally as bad but look I don’t know where the bottom is or how
long this is gonna last but it’s fundamentally probably stronger than
ever and you know we’re obviously near a bottom at some point in the next year
because it is starting to feel equally as horrible as good as it felt in
November of 2017 mmm got it okay so again that report I believe you
mentioned that was a /i co people need
to get that out all these will be you can just go ahead and click on it in the
text link in the description below this video mr. Lee are Gant’s please tell us
where we can get more information please best way is to go to welcome
and when you go in the top menu you’ll see a button that says special reports
it’s basically a wealth library where we
aggregated about sixteen years worth of work in PDF reports great for a download
you know we can read and I think that’s the best way if you want basically
wealth mr. Cobb is a labor of love and it’s my way of transferring my own
analysis and my entrepreneurship ideas and investment research to you so the
best way to do it is to sign up obviously for the newsletter because
that’s where we publish our most up-to-date reports and the top notch
events in the world and what’s going on right now and that’s the best way to
follow everything that’s going on got it and the reports mentioned today we’re
wealth research research group comm forward slash tone tio any as well as
wealth research group comm forward slash bearbie e AR and last but never least
mr. tone Vaes please tell us where we can get more information about you and
what you do yeah hey guys thanks for putting the report on me I actually did
not know that I didn’t know that I feel like this now I have to go and check it
out but I sure so I am pretty much all over a stone vase holidays YouTube
channel where I try to bring the update on the price of Bitcoin daily just using
technical analysis used to do like daily news shows and weekly law shows just
been traveling through crazy time zones currently in New Zealand I’ve been on
the road for over three months now still have a few more countries to visit I’ll
come back through the US for a few weeks in a December but other than that check
me out on Twitter tonne vase YouTube home vase and in January I’m putting
together my very first conference it’s called uncomplicated ball I absolutely
love that word I was using it so much and then I realized wow the domains
available the brandings available because it was never a real word and and
that’s really fascinating the word I’m confiscate about still does not exist in
the dictionary and I think bitcoin is going to change that I’m trying to
change it so if you are in Vegas or interested in a Bitcoin focused event
none of this blotchy stuff is just straight-up Bitcoin and
why it’s important come out to Las Vegas at the end of
January January 24th to 26th got a casino organized celebrity poker game
going and it’ll be a great event sayfudine a mousse of the Bitcoin
standard of speaking Max Keiser is speaking a bunch of financial analysts
like Willy woo and Tyler Jenks it’s gonna be great tres mayor and some
developers should be song in Peter Todd working on a few others so yeah so
that’s what I’m working on now and once I get back to the Americas timezone as
of tomorrow I’m off to Chile to speak up a bit calm you can find me there and
then I’ll make my way back to the u.s. eventually love it unconfident I’m
surprised it doesn’t exist yet awesome thank you to everybody and just real
quick I’d like to mention this is important folks security tokens have
become the hottest topic in the world in blockchain right now and this is
something you have to stay on top of so I’m gonna mention one more report Kenny
with with your permission from crush Street this is the best report on the
subject of security tokens that I’ve seen it’s a crush the street calm
forward slash safe sa Fe that’s crush the street calm forward slash safe check
that out and check out everything that these four gentlemen today have to offer
there’s so much information out there we’re gonna keep bringing you all the
good stuff here at looking at the markets gentlemen thank you so much I
appreciate thank you tone thanks for giving us the reason to go to Vegas yeah
guys come out let me know the poker registrations are currently closed but
uh because we were selling out too fast about a key issue definitely gets you
guys in so hit me up a DM me if there’s a cannabis tournament let me know alright from all of us here at looking
at the markets we’ll see you again thanks a lot bye everybody

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