Oh what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tech cash now so Paul if you are having a good one in today's video I want to discuss some timely opinions and some related facts from other experts to kind of give all of you a big picture as to what we might be able to see in 2019 now 2019 has been touted as a potentially very good year for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so tomley might know something that we don't and the other experts seem to agree so that's what I'll be breaking down in this video if you like it go ahead drop it a like subscribe and share for more those things help me out a ton let's see if we can get mr. tomley 350 likes and 5,000 views anyway with that being said let's go ahead and dive right in so the first thing that I really want to mention here is that tomley does not very actively give opinions in terms of bad market conditions when the markets are down Tom Lee is a bit more reserved when it comes to appearing on the news and giving public opinions so what we really need to do when the market is down and we want opinions from Tom Lee because he's still a very experienced analyst and generally knows what's up with the crypto space we need to turn to Twitter and even that is fairly cryptic he doesn't really come right out and say a whole lot because he seems to get a lot of backlash from the Twitter audience which has made him pretty shy so he tends to retweet things pretty much exclusively auntie doesn't come right out and say what's on his mind that's a bit sad but with that being said if you go ahead and troll through his retweets you can kind of get a general idea of what exactly is on his mind and what he's thinking okay so the first retweet that I want to look at Tom Lee retweeted just a couple of days ago from Kumar Abhishek okay so one that follows him on Twitter and a Kumar tweeted Bitcoin at $10,000 soon now that may seem insignificant because it's just some guy eating that but Tom Lee took the time to retweet that tweet from Kumar and I realized I'm saying tweet a lot but anyway with that being said Tom Lee figured that this was significant enough to included on his Twitter all right and that to me kind of shows that Tom Lee is in sort of the same mind frame that he was earlier with believing that 2019 would be a very good year for Bitcoin but he may be slightly more reserved than he previously was Tom Lee of course predicted that Bitcoin could still reach 20 to 25 grand by the end of 2018 and that's something that we just didn't see come to fruition so Tom Lee despite his predictions and all of his bullishness those opinions that Bitcoin would reach 20 grand again in 2018 just weren't correct and that's okay you know it's okay for people to make inaccurate predictions but his inaccuracy I think has brought him a lot of hate on Twitter too hence the retweeting okay but once again let me go ahead and reiterate Kumar tweeted Bitcoin at ten thousand dollars soon and Tom Lee retweeted that message which shows that he believes that Bitcoin will probably reach around that price point before all that long so he may have dialed down his predictions a bit from these strong predictions that he was making in 2018 but he's still fairly bullish overall okay so Tom Lee also tweeted in another opinion from crypto Casca another twitter user okay and crypto Casca said hashtag crypto looking as strong too many hashtag bears out there everyone wants $1,800 Bitcoin and that is something that is definitely palpable on Twitter there are a lot of bears and a lot of people calling for Bitcoin to drop out but I don't think that's something that's going to happen of course and Tom Lee apparently doesn't also because he retweeted this message from crypto Casca so once again this may not be a direct quote or something that is coming out of Tom Lee's mouth but he is retweeting this message that crypto is looking strong and that the Bears may be in control now but they won't be in control for much longer so once again a bit cryptic but it does look as though Tom Lee is confident that Bitcoin could be with the $10,000 range before all that long now adding on to that I have the opinion of a couple of different experts that really kind of reiterate this and provide further information that could show that Bitcoin may not reach ten thousand dollars in the next couple of months but that it might actually reach up to one hundred thousand dollars throughout the course of 2019 does it seem a bit lofty maybe a little bit okay but let's go ahead and read in and see what exactly these pros are saying so the new year has brought positive comments from the crypto sphere with experts in the field calling out the positives Lew Koerner a partner crypto Oracle and one of the many influencers who has voiced their opinions on the industry is popular for being a Bitcoin bull and his recent words reflect that very fact in an interview with Bloomberg Koerner stated that Bitcoin is on its way to becoming a respectable store of value and in his words he said and I quote gold right now is an eight trillion dollar asset while bitcoin is a sixty billion dollar asset in my opinion the value of Bitcoin can go up 100 fold that will ensure that the field of digital assets goes a long way and Koerner went on to talk about the recent cryptocurrency price crash blaming the community who got ahead of themselves on the price movement he stated that capitalism was the main issue that brought the prices down and the crypto Oracle official had earlier said that the field of cryptocurrencies had seen the up down price movement before by adding quote for as long as I can remember Bitcoin has followed this pattern this continuous rise and fall throughout the spectrum if you compare Bitcoin of today and Bitcoin of yesterday you will not see any change and what he's essentially saying in this statement is that Bitcoin has always been a currency of fluctuations one day it's up one day it's down that's nothing out of the ordinary Bitcoin is bound to move all over the place it's not going to move solidly in one direction forever and that is something that all of us I think are aware of by this point so up down up down that's really not unusual and Koerner okay this expert believes that it will probably continue in 20:19 however hopefully the price okay and the upswing and going upward will increase versus the lows that we're seeing being established between the hives in other words the lows will get less low and the highs will get more high that's the hope anyway so during the interview Koerner went on to say that the industry disruption from Bitcoin will be much more than the disruption caused by the advent of the Internet according to him bitcoin is like Yahoo it's a big thing but not the thing he was also of the opinion that the industry is at the very beginning of its growth and that in 20 years the cryptocurrency is going to trade at astronomical Heights and Koerner stated on this if Bitcoin becomes a good store of value then it will hit 100 thousand dollars per unit the current tip is normal and cryptocurrencies and is evident if you look at the history of other currencies across history you can see that almost all the coins have dipped to zero Koerner furthermore said that the dollar is a Ponzi scheme and there was no possible way for America to pass the trillions of dollars worth of debt then it's accumulated over the years he also mentioned that since Bitcoin has no functional governance it struggles to evolve this evolution is not mandatory for Bitcoin to become a store of value but rather to become a currency the Bitcoin poll also claimed that investors need not worry about the prices of Bitcoin as it is going up in 2019 so anyway folks obviously that is another extremely bullish statement so we have Tom Leary tweeting these things we have Koerner and other experts coming right out and saying that Bitcoin will be successful and generally speaking they all seem to be on the same page so Tom Lee well slightly reserved is still putting his opinions out there but they aren't as direct or prominent as before they're a bit more disguised and you kind of have to look for them but I as always think that they're worth looking for and it's always good to examine everything that these experts are doing because even retweeting can be sick so anyway folks that's gonna wrap this video up I hope that all of you enjoyed and learn something if you did go ahead drop the video like subscribe and share from where those things help the channel out a ton and I really do appreciate them also I want to go ahead and say give me all of your opinions in the comment section because your opinions are worth a ton I really like reading all of them and I think that a lot of you have some good things to say so as always I'll see all of you in the next video cube right here at the tech hash house and adios

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