Tokoin News Episode 2: July 2019

Welcome again to Tokoin News. In this episode, we will give you three updates The first one is about another Tokoin meetup in Singapore The second news would be about what currently has been happening in the blockchain world And the last one would be about Tokoin upcoming public sale Last June, we had visited multiple cities as a part of our roadshow and one of them was Singapore Where we held a meet-up organized by The X Square The event took place at Shaw tower on June 27th We spoke on the theme “Decentralized Finance: Its Impact & You” and discuss the rise of fintech and the future of blockchain technology The meet-up was intended to expand our partnership with MakerDAO and Shuttle One. MakerDAO is a decentralized and permissionless platform while Shuttle One is a financial technology blockchain platform that seeks to allow for the seamless utility of crypto and fiat Tokoin’s new partnership with these companies has raised the expectation of accelerate growth and the opportunity to develop our technology The partnership is expected to bring a greater and more advanced solution in providing a centralized financial solution for our future users It’s good news for the crypto enthusiasts We are so excited to tell you that Indonesia’s Community Futures Trading Regulatory Agency also known as BAPPEBTI initially signed a decree to make cryptocurrency a community feature legally tradable on stock exchange last June The agency then stated that the Indonesian government would soon release corresponding legislation regulating currency exchange, companies, taxation and other related issues BAPPEBTI reportedly approve a regulation that recognized Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a trading commodity The legislation thus give certainty to cryptocurrency exchanges that have been already operating in the country Tokoin received hundreds of questions regarding the token sale from our community And to answer that question, currently, we are still working on providing you the best service for this token sale Yet the targeted date and the platform exchange for the raise are not being disclosed, you may have to prepare any wallet that supports ERC-20 because the day is getting nearer See our description box to get all the information about a step-by-step guide to creating the wallet That’s all for The Tokoin News today. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel So you won’t miss any updates with our latest news all the links that related to the news today are in the description below We’ll see ya in the next update!

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