Tokoin News Episode 1: June 2019

[Music] I’m giving you updates about what’s been going on with Rocco him in today’s news there will be several updates the first is about business discussion with Abdul a musician that also an owner of the cavity arena he explained that he had built the coffee shop since 2014 and he was finally able to open a new branch in 2017 to know more about the story behind Apple and the cavatelli shop and what taco is trying to portray from the story watch the full video on the coil official YouTube channel the second news is about the partnership announcement between Tokyo and Tomo chain a scalable smart country public blockchain company based in Vietnam with Han huachen Taccone aims to have technology integration in building a better block infrastructure for MSME the last month Paco in held a mini workshop with the time of creative way to light business and brand strategy the workshop was upended by small business owners and presented the experts in the brand and marketing fields as the speakers the event also presented trainer ahaa jaha the CEO of taco in as the guest speaker the third news is about tokens participation and the workshop held by the Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia on the last 9222 kocoum took part in the workshop and give education to the small business owners about tokens product and presenting its objectives this workshop aims to educate them SME players about strategies to accelerate their business and in forward to expanded market globally nessa rep please make sure you have subscribe our YouTube channel to keep updated with our latest news see ya [Music] you

12 thoughts on “Tokoin News Episode 1: June 2019”

  1. like or not,this project is love by many and gladly accepted by entrepreneurs. The business world need evolution to the MSMES
    #business #entrepreneurs

  2. We have over 1000 views on this video. We should have more views because Tokoin news is a great medium to stay updated with all the latest happening surrounding Tokoin. #Tokoin #Blockchain

  3. TOKOIN presents real-time data of user activities (including Business Profile) with secure encryption of data exchange occurring in the platform; Data can only be accessed with permission from the data owner.

  4. tokoin brings good news to the MSMEs in indonesia, soon the MSMEs will thrive in a perfect ,market that will encourage expansion

  5. tokoin brings together partners and big corporation together who are willing to rescue the dying MSMEs sector in Indonesia

  6. Tokoin is a project that sees the potentials in micro, small and medium enterprises, thereby rising up to get rid of some of the issues they face in the world today. The world has a whole lot of MSME with good potential, that needs a platform to help them achieve the expansion they want. Tokoin is the project that has provided the platform for MSME to expand as much as their business can take them. To achieve this, Tokoin as a projects needs to have several partnerships if they are to be useful to the MSMEs who will sign up on their platform . And these partnerships are being bagged steadily by the Tokoin platform as their number of partnerships continue to increase.

  7. The more participants use Tokoin's services, the more they have to put tokens in order to continue using the platform, as a result of which the price of the store increases.
    STORAGES is generated by ERC-20 tokens and can be converted to certain protocols of gaming networks, if the team considers it necessary. This will convert STORE into new tokens based on the new protocol. These tokens will only be used in the ecosystem. MSMEs use these tokens to create credit scoring, which can then be used to purchase business services

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