TokenStars: First Celebrity Management Platform on Blockchain

This is TokenStars. We give you an opportunity to support next
Sharapovas and Federers and participate in their future success TokenStars is first ever platform to tokenize
celebrities. Young talented tennis players need significant
financial support of around $100,000 a year. Not everyone can afford it, and many potential tennis stars never make
it to the top. We want to challenge this status quo A lot of talent and hard work are required
to become a tennis star. But you also need to cover huge expenses. The lack of financial resources prevents many
talented junior players from becoming successful tennis professionals. In my coaching career, there were cases
when parents had to sell their cars or apartments to cover the training and travelling
costs. That needs to change. We have publicly launched TokenStars in June.
And we have already shown great traction. We have signed our first professional player
Veronika Kudermetova. She has won 19 tournaments so far and she is
a true rising star! We are close to signing the first advertising
contract for Veronika, thanks to Jami, award-winning digital agency. We have gathered a top-notch advisory board. Our tennis advisors include Anastasia Myskina
(number 2 in WTA and Roland Garros champion), Sergey Demekhine (ex-coach to Vera Zvonareva,
number 2 in WTA) Maya Kurilova who brings 11 years of experience as an agent at Octagon. She worked with many famous players like Svetlana Kouznetsova, Elena
Dementieva. Our tennis advisors know all ins and outs in the tennis industry. Our business advisors worked as top-managers in
the leading internet companies Groupon, Group, Rambler. As of July, we have already raised 1.5 million
dollars at pre-sale. In short, we have proven that we can scout
the players earn revenue by signing the contracts and execute at the speed of sound. I am really proud of what we have achieved in so little time! I used to work with IMG and I know what I
want from an agency. It should help me to develop my marketing
potential and let me focus on training. TokenStars has expertise in advertising and
digital marketing. It can approach multi-national brands and
speak their language. I am happy to start working with TokenStars. TokenStars plans to support around 30 juniors and 10 to 20 professional players who have already accumulated celebrity status and are attractive to sponsors. We aim to disrupt the giant talent development
industry by providing funding and promotion to the
talented players in a whole new way. TokenStars will introduce one billion tennis
fans to the blockchain world and will allow our community to participate
in the tennis stars success What distinguishes TokenStars from traditional
talent management agencies is the decentralized processes of scouting
and promotion. Here is how it works. Unlike traditional agencies with in-house
promoters and scouts located only in large countries, we will operate globally. Our community of scouts, spread worldwide will look for talent. Our balanced reward system will ensure a constant
inflow of skilled candidates. Promoters will find endorsement deals in the
various markets. All of our token holders can analyse the players’
stats and vote for future champions. I’m the person who enjoys crunching numbers and working with data. Moneyball is one of my favorite movies, because I genuinely believe in the concept that success can be quantified and predicted. It’s true for tennis as well. Future champions like Li Na or Roger Federer could be
be noticed long in advance, as juniors. So, what I do is I look at junior
tournaments’ results, I study national rankings and national teams
at the age of 12, 14 and 16. By the end, I will have a complete list of target 20
to 30 players from every country to assess and sign. Talent agency market is huge. Top ten agencies have over 25 billion dollars
in contracts which is greater than the GDP of countries
like Serbia, Bahrein and Cyprus. Every year top ten agencies earn more than one billion dollars in commissions, and have almost 4000 years of contracts
signed. We will disrupt this system and share created
value within the community TokenStars will launch verticals one by one. ACE (tennis) is the first. GOAL (football) follows right afterwards. CHIP (Poker) launches in September. Then we plan to add hockey basketball models music bands and movie actors. Our vision is to tokenize all types of celebrities. Learn more about TokenStars and join us in
our journey at

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