Token Taxonomy Act on The ROCKS with XRP Minute

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fear their dues are equal of light so tonight, we’re going
to have a great talk, Rena talk
a little bit about the token taxonomy act takes a
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think it’s a real good starting
point of one adjusted knowledge
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much fun of the really glad that
everybody’s here on taking your
Saturday night to join up with
us I’m sure as we of as we go of
people j , glad you joined in on so tonight like a set were in a
talk a little bit about other token taxonomy actor who
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stream this morning, started
with a brief update on the token
taxonomy act on didn’t give a
ton of on and now , we have actually I got a lot
of great updates on the token
taxonomy at a directly from all
were davidson’s office and
wanted t , looking for to having a great
chat tonight on before we get
started as a one to throw out
use a question came out game and
rig Jeff and roman this was the
question a for later that E of
bitty and written to me and his question was your gut
telling die you that the token
taxonomy act all pass and if it
doesn’t want to thank the next will,
move would be a tough or if the
U.S. and crypto so I think
that’s a real great question the
store w and the chip Tia that’s a that’s awesome and
and actually has we go through the update that I
got that’s going to really
factor in onto the entire
conversation because I think it
has been id is that the yield a one to do
everything so that the U.S.
doesn’t follow any further
behind and that’s kind of the message
of that’s been sent a directly
to the AMA at the sea to the
Financial Service committee on
in Con im edition star right off, by
giving a little of grief of
bills status update I think
that’s in a great place to start
because o tell is the bill that you didn’t
is a dead on arrival at the up
and committee because that happens in all that stuff
by something that’s relevant all
when you look at other bills
ages, die out in committee on so
th to bet that it your chance it
hasn’t not really going anywhere
and we saw in January a couple
the digital asset or block chaining dove based to dual currency base the bills
they pass on and they passed
into their shore. Time run in
adoption to pass into a
committee pas and also that was deftly an I
know that’s on everybody’s mind on so number one top top of the
list of the bill is not dead on
theirs deftly a lot of positive
press within DC within the circle of
influence in Congress on that a note that ducked eta to 18 a
of the token taxonomy act Israel
on that it’s important, and in
its really transcending in all
la on in the area on that as well
as on members of Congress but
also write to their staffs you
know so toes with a bid that a
dissi on what those that work for the
congressman Congress women are
also very important because in
many cases they’re the ones and
ar on to the representative in
order to make decisions on so I
think first and foremost we
really have to identify the on to owe me see here Monday look
at some of the comments of thumb
is a question here on that thought was important,
missy it up and go of a view of that that’s always the
reality that so an Everett bills presented its
gonna go to committee and it is
gonna look at it and they if
they have concern with it on the
Rus toe there’s three different
layers that the bill as to go
through you have a Liu of the bid committee that
is presented in from all are
that might yell though request
changes of any can even go in
front though there’s two layers once
it passes Congress Town gets
thrown from a senate to senate
now has an opportunity to make
change , you know that passes ago
straight up to the onto the
president on so there’s deftly
up to bill deftly be changes
because when on all parties and like you
mentioned beginning a bipartisan
in nature, to the bill may
contain and actually as we get
to the co on we’re going to see that
actually Maxine waters is the
chairwoman of of the FDIC is requested to
specific job adjustments in how
the bills being presented before
restoring agree and yes of the young and due to the
point, daughters moved my camera
be like that to ace and Doug and
taught his sleeping underneath , and so this is gonna be
interesting to see a fee of
movies and to that of my image a
shift of miscreant as in a ship
began to on day and ski had mentioned
tear up at the Mac 314100 on
that or 31400, he said a rebel
as crypto lobby group of many
members f as that there are organizations
within block chaining there’s
large lobby organizations
already, see there’s companies
out there emphasize this off from the
grassroots level as is really
where of the congressional
representatives are meant to
make their dec up on the lobby side and has a
huge impact on what a
congressperson does are dozen to
if there are a beholden to the
purse strin that are anno based on incorrect
fact of the you know in order to
support your lobby entity and
all on so on the is so to lee wh on getting a summer that up a
democrat Congress people to
actually sign on onto of the
bill to GTE and as a cosponsor
so god I’m a seed Everett and a light on so
she signed on with those are two
that annoying audit sent down
some tweeds and you know and oth , they actually got behind of the TTL in cosponsored it
towed that means that time a grassroots perspective
teams that we do things that we
talk about you have an impact
regardless of whether not the
congre and we have to bleed your images
like exploded large it’s, crazy
enough to look and see what I
can do to adjust that on and and , just up and take my attention
and just readjust your eye your
image I know why this happens
and a body has any idea why
Niven and Mitch that’s here and my dog
actually did my AM to extend of
the camera that’s the way reads , of ms and station are real Ira
or back back in business over here now so tightly of me go back to
there’s tons of items and
comments here, got a lot a lot
of people you popping into the
room , that a joke agree of cash is on the set and the three and 23 Orlando you an OC an Aussie Court says
telling the world and it does
make any sense to its credit to yes oh and is so that that’s why I does
one say crypto of Eddie is and
in the stream tonight, she does
a phenomenal phenomenal job, you on all day USC some on input
other be the be outstanding on
and crypto on any actually of
you participated on in our last video on and so
we wanna be able to use up the
last video and and start you
getting that out there as well,
and m on to help with some additional
education and Congress and this district 30 a San
Fernando valley today via and yet really appreciated that
you know what the Brad Sherman
ream Isaac and what was the
movie of the Sherman eder up is
that a a tape that it sure to pick up a it alone is devoid assure mater
of a of a up and Brad the
Sherman eder , got a that’s a total was a chip than
a year and a you know what to a whole
demeanor of Mac Mac 31400 was
asking what committees were
talking about audits on that to
see the gather on those fantastic really
appreciate that on crypto Eddie
saying you know what’s the next
at walking everybody due on mod on and so let me of an EC here,
it’s always great on target,
keep up with some of these as
we’re talking and then try you
know go b info that we pulled out, so I’m
so Maxine waters of the net and
as we look at the Financial
Services committee again up we have bob warren Davidson,
he’s that the primary a behind
the token taxonomy act, and we
mention that Daren Soto is
really three republicans of that we’re
putting that the bill forward
now on as a date the team really
approached taxing waters about
th as to whether not a bill goes
and gets to be voted on up in committee of she doesn’t
like the bill is knocking a lot
to be voted on its gonna die
it’s never to pass a now that
was re , she has really up address of
the token taxonomy act is Tom
thing that’s important ought to
be passed on to what’s the
Gipper s as no chance it’s ever to get
their committee of so here’s a some specific
changes that were required on
and I think we need to discuss
these because and my perspective
as we on the kind of a process of who
we need to reach out to first
2nd and then you know as we do
of massive reach out on that
floode so Maxine waters actually said
that there’s two conditions that
she has in order to pass of that
eta through committee a number one a she wants to
remove attacks and potent, the bill and
she said that the reason was
once remove the tax board, the
bills because it’s not in our
juris anno participate in this on
azide all this out and reach
back out onto a couple the,
congressional offices and find
out and air and also that means that’s where
the bill needs to go now it’s sitting in Financial
Services committee and the ways
and means it is blow up again on
the image but a changer image
and man and use your brain is like
Gautier, of a so it was so right
now it’s sitting in in the two
committees and I’m not of you
know I’ and needs to be addressed to the
right committee of that’s really up a concern
number one and sir number two,
is that they need a major ID and
that’s going to cosponsor this
bil to that means that does the
second onto this bill has to be
somebody from committee and we
just brought up by the logon and
use, Albee us as a mind of its own
tonight, yet it pretty much all picked up at
it on to oh it as a solo so that’s really
where we’re at yellin in those
two concerns in order to get it
through committee on number one
the really hits and that the focus
is narrow others only really one person a
day can qualify on as that other
major DEM and he’s the person
that we need to put our
attention to ice it up and I wish I didn’t get a
chance, the advent of its
software suite blasted out on
nine on periscope the same time
I promis and what are our reach needs to
be a no as we did with the first
video, we need a significant out
of their you know your your he to oh let me up and just a
quickly go through on there
something I wanted a laws and
comment on and something and
I’ve no idea w and we have a soul removing that
the tax component on is going to
be very odd destructive onto the
over all of you know I think and and right now obviously on
the on the downside of the fact
that they wanted vaccine was
once to remove it on the worley talking about up a trade with all realize king of around $600
of yield per per transaction toe
on trying to figure out exactly
a know what their what they’re and in 19331934 have been as it not seem seems like it’s
like 90 to up to a a a a a new is devastating yet have a good picks up and Colligan so so that’s really
good it’s funny and up and I
think back on and these guys are
just a row to control you know
it timer if you know and again the
focus is really narrow as team
could be the second of the timer
is the guy he’s already sponsori on gathered can’t be it you know
from for the reasons I discussed
a lot or gun honor to be the guy and also has to be the guy us to
truly understand the digital
asset space and he’s not there
yet us to be able to field an
answe is that over this period of time
on it and in really bad feedback
and I got is that it took awhile
or even the davidson’s office if you can have a some meals
from the other party so you know
odyssey war Davidson is
republican of year to have
someone from th and means that Don timer needs
the DL be brought up to speed at
a rapid pace and doesn’t have months and
months and months on to sit
around and try to get educated
on this topic obviously you know
he has a on in helping out that’s where I
believe that you know reaching
out to them and up having having some videos
a week and poured onto them on,
to find out exactly with the
Ikea a contact on at the site
thes , so, get that person all will
be in direct contact with the
person on and then we’ll be able
to funnel these videos and say
loo on and now here’s what we wanna
do to help you as well help your
office when I make sure that
exactly what you talked about
you or block chain you know an all
Sunday’s just like all my god
I’m not answer the question an
all or even be all that circle of
influence we wanna make sure
that they’re they’re completely
prepare for this on and so that’s where I think
we can be on extremely
instrumental I don’t think that you know when when you look at
these corporations what’s
obvious either some incentive
from the lobby groups and the
corporation an autumnal final thoughts the
case it doesn’t seem that it’s
been happening so far it just
seems that of the lobby groups
talk a crypto for dummies or or
whatever it is an inch short
video a slices on to help
educate these of these
individuals on and then are reaching out and sending a
tweeds to them and sand and
really the language of the
tweeds has to be very specific
and as well and wanna make sure that that
the message is structured to
their looks very personal, and
many these representatives are
now focused on answering their
tweeds in sending out tweeds and
you know I think we can really
think trump for that as well
because that is also from us to them on
their you know folks see more
and more on on how to
communicate and so if we’re
gonna send messa this means that these guys are
engaged on and we can make a big
impact on and and really see
some changes up and away you not
so and with that that’s not
actually the case it but then we just lost it and
lost your camera of a war of a production and your your
back and on and I are good to open a nice to see it are a great array Sosa some of
the ago and up and that see
excerpt the bananas a government
will make sure they look after
them, , let’s see your tap love tap
line all we do not to worry
about the government rebels take
care of this on my think rebel is taking care
of it to an extent on as they’re
doing an hour each as their
lobbying on again, we need to
real , and this is where the grass
Rick presented is a 100% of you
pay attention and yell listened
on two of the feedback that we
hav on to identify all of that you
whatever we discussed on is
important, and you know we can
deftly have a direct a while will see directed on it
are results off from our efforts
reaching out to these individual
while a congressional representa a a huge your of you from view
and im and show you again of just a just bring you back and I think that that’s a great
idea and we need orchestrate
some like that and we’re ready
pool and a decent of team
together i of so U.S. Open can do a
telegram to scored what ideal we
tried the disk or channel before
on that as always a work as effectively
so we Gotta figure the Parnell
on should be some one tell good,
and some good responses on that and ignite these a number of a
content providers in a ton of
information at number you know
as soon as you were going
through th and we could make from that one
video and then so that’s a lasting and
so if we could you know focus in
on a a very specific the part of
it and then we develop a vide of this grassroots initiative as
is what we’re talking about you
know and pulling this community
together now imagine from this then it goes to the next level
which is pretty much every
congressional representative and all because then we Gotta
get the word out to everybody so
crypto any of mentioned that
timers in the New Jersey area
which and if the individual
congressional representatives
you been able to go and visit in
person is phenomenal to try to separate
meeting like that any times the
of the day are the key contact
person that we need to talk teams in
DC, but Tenney times a congressperson
doesn’t actually come back to
their district in the required
work in the district which gives
an o to actually go and do stuff like
that and up and that it bought money back
cities in Ohio and making it up
more Davidson, you know that
that could be great to say you
were a it be interesting to see II
bounce off Ian a screen and some
point here and I should so funny, we see here on Sunday
you’ll only lonely I bounced
through some of his other stop
you know that I think is really
crit head and to have a tent they
should and can assure an 8:00 AM
and you know he did the propose
and speak in front of of the FAC
I tall flee not, but you know he
did present his case on but anno
that that’s the negative aspect
but here’s here’s where on OM ex on so a democrat republican the
goal they have announced exactly
who’s going to be on the task
force he had all but there will
b apparent as arrow keys from he’s from
Arkansas so that and showing up to the goal is to
have a balance between dens and
and republicans up and what efforts so far by 10 by
Albee a total of 10 people on
this task force are first up to first assignment
is it eta a token taxonomy act
so this is huge now Maxine
waters and share of this is a
subcomm they have a brand new faint as
been tech task force, and
working with ATT is a purse
assignment I think speaks
volumes of fact a and that that’s awesome toe and let me let me jump down
to this I’m glad you brought
that up tears and out now when
we think about that Et and again
thi will it pass and all I can tell
at this point it’s gonna passed
in Congress, I can tell it’s
going to pass through the apt to
se , like Maxine waters and we can
really up impact of god I’m word
and help educate and do whatever
we can do a there’s a couple other people
that really need to be educated as
well a there’s a couple of
represent is rap acts me and
rap, hack a boat that bin of
terry a suppo , I was at the top of our lives
and the task force to be able to
go to lop to why Stephen lynch
and French EL of we wanna make s up to say you guys are amazing
alive you support that eta of
the been outspoken on it you know we wanted make sure
that you know the community
hears you know that they hear
the community’s voice on now beyond that here I think is
really the most important part
of in these are the
organizations that are actually
backing ITT a now stellar with Exel and and and
cross border payment and there’s
other things are done within the
space on however, here’s the lis on and provide us some feedback
but of the U.S. chamber of
commerce of that cut out for secondary and ago and go again it up so that besets huge and
next one on NASDAQ to sew and then another one that
I know that a company that you
like , is block quick to yeah that’s awesome so then
the next one is Gemini on to think that, speaks for
itself him on pointe center I’m
not sure who they are much
arpino wide and really look them
up a lo to a a a a nice a a recon action on here that
again these are organizations
that are backing of that eta and this is coming
directly out of a Congress of
you specific so calm, where were
we a Kwanzaa IBM natter music, heard of them I’m
not sure who they are of.list , then here’s another big one
and are seen Horwitz it’s and reason you’re and I agree with that that’s
awesome me I think that’s great and Israel could somehow I miss
this I think this is
unimportant, message of from
moneybags he said he was gonna
get his body of to an aide many of a tall and about it and tight necks on nash’s of a
national venture capital
association and these are our organizations
tacking that eta and this this
is a this is really a great
lesson or on national venture
capital to locate COMDEX one block association tough it out I think so too calm
circle that’s another good one
of the undone, Jurupa neon is
the EO and and circle good are toes it and they’re still out
there of temple market
synchronicity and as odyssey
whole bunch of others of let me
let me go back , let me go back up only see,
tse question as a cannot and this is AGA Khan Ajax of as
of Ajax as I’m not 100% with the
U.S. laws will mean all it can
honestly know it might as well b tell Ya wanna tell Canadians but
and am eyes will be another or the U.S. Took a let’s not go, one CNN to
one silence one, C ruling will
Tony and jackson’s and hear that
it did for states are really big and not too many people there
and think what is it like
30,000,000 people in Canada of
this size a California
population was as a witness it’s a huge landmass it, but the
question was so it does the
taxonomy act really matter or
Wilken the USA market move
forward wi and one of one to feel that
question to seven million open to it does is about 19,000,000 in
Florida is about 30 of the
1,000,000 California and
canada’s got this massive land
mass and the o it’s amazing and we haven’t done with a
decision in the and we do a vote
on the other nothing moved down
here , but it’s a small I can bring
it down here and king of the
comedown they complain about as
I printed Ali bring a pizza
place se tech as god forbid ease that the
water in Florida it’s not that
good warriors a to have an end to an it Tia M you can get a tent that so
the question tiles that eta
really matter of work in the
U.S. move forward without it
like many and on all know are a ton of all that that’s a
really hard question to answer
to think that new and sidetracked and we get
sidetracked it or day when we get sidetracked,
and sidetracked with four water you know when this mother’s
hurricanes Italian folk are
baffled and then go on China
find the question again I scroll
down a los , by my opinion on that is that
other countries that a move for
it like in Switzerland or
Thailand to pass a regulatory
clarity a ba in order to a secure and
ties are not token eyes
securities on and then the add
other, you know and so I think
if you look digital asset should be treated
like currency and to the state level squad to
land of the government
Switzerland has been passing
some regulatory clarity of thinking and inshore the
answer is yes it is important
and and long I believe that you know, I think we could probably do
without it but at the same time
than is always gonna be is gray
area of uncertainty on how the government responds
in how courts react because
again after RE RE other gap to
go back to case law in order to
answer a long it was a bit and a test or law that was
formulated back in 1946 and and
the securities exchange act of 1933 were talk about
antiquated law that never
understood a dynamics of digital
asset, even the IRS tax code of 1986 of the knees be chains
others of 19331934 to 1944 as
something else in their opinion
was four and the 1986 1986 is significant events will
Maxine waters wants to take out which has to
do with , allowing tax free investment
in digital asset in retirement
accounts a similar to golden and
others on as well as of those in , so I think that this is it’s
important that some clarity and
cut ship like you’re saying we
need something we need you know
of light I agree agree with
everything you said and done my
does one say what’s up to one
Mama Lacey and logged in a
driving home f , of Mac got 314 to get
sidetracked is asking AG about
whitefly in the rule areas of
Canada phone book and
sidetracked to a tie at a new to it on some so great that you get the fiber-optic
than ago steer a copper wiring
and the house to take a guy get a fire hose into
China you put it into a straw
ago I am getting some of it to a
a a a a dozen were bright exactly to a it a a M and to say the crypto see bow with a $5.00 toll
some keep killing it a via its pretty sweet as all the
pictures and saw some of its
it’s an awesome to, when will this happen and what happened , Mac, via it sets a good
question of auto know it all to
know when it’s gonna happen
night but again I think our
primary focus copying getting a committee anno
and one tickets out a committee
and from a Congress alike you’re
saying shipping other this all are a confident so there’s so
much great information on my we
look at the streams every night and look at the comments there’s
so much content and there are there so
many informed individuals within
this community and all you been able to tap
into of disinformation and then
bring it on two Congress these
guys need this information more
than the corporations are going to
spend the time of two truly
educate them there to throw
money at them there to bombard
them other it all so now I think it’s a
finesse are there to get
bombarded from the top and
they’re seeing all these major
organizations an on you know so that that’s an
unbound so excited about it and
I’m really excited every time I
see the people that are carpet
is or you know some of the things
that dot, crypto bird dog had
mentioned anno regarding up at as up from
a farmer’s perspective and
getting paid and how important
that money was on to her in on
tour bu and dean of the day camp for the
delays and right now when you’re
transacting money there’s delays
and sometimes the payment doe and I was really important
jungle at another statement as
well of the way he explained it
with a single mother , and I remember exactly how
rephrased it but a good Tia john picks a picture that that’s
all some time Crandall and all john and
hope I’ve seen you unleash a
search of an and are out there and appreciate the Tolly appreciate the time that’s
where we get the community
coming together and and we got
the fog and rain is in here and
aroun our buyers of GE excerpt he you
know he’s been up putting up
some news new content of his does so much going on on
and in as we pulled all together
with the excerpt the zoo to lie
like I really like what the exc together at the same time and
III, like disengagement of
having it all added someone else
to talk to, live stream you
know, if i and might even be in a more
interesting for you now so you
know people that are listening
and know where your you know
trying to , a last night, auburn rain had
to jay excerpt he call in the
espied he wasn’t on video body
was a call in and a great
conversat which also goes to the fact that
you’re building up his website
and I think is gonna help us
facilitate a lot of these
different an even you’ll let people know
in advance and oh, secreting the
schedule tone people the
different content creators and
the spac are to see so and so once and
you know in a CIA Mexican for
people on the different channels
on the chats and on maybe we end
up , you know a bigger panel
discussion in a around the idea
of you know the excerpt the zoo,
formulated multiple people on a
way o it’s really not a lot we can
stop an unseen the weekend you
know is as a great opportunity
of the dozen Estonia to be every
week and your thoughts and a freeze ahead as a and then you go to an a and a day of a no a lack discord done telegram as
a whole bunch of extremely tall and that’s also mullet
extremely potent of love and
watching on a report of found of
your channel excerpt he met when
you i are a group you to know it all and it ties will get to go 1000 and and
and on toe tiles and DN taller to the day and Connie
what’s going on and a senior, as awesome you
know where we’re coming upon,
when we start started 9:00 and hour 40 or append hour 40 and I wasn’t as pretty good in
seem like an hour 40, goes up as
quick to go another we stand of either a
full it’s a try just changed it to a
moment of the SOBS and is on to develop another
RBIS it doesn’t work either are a tough it out and I love it is and complete
the SOPS and that’s what you say
every time some bounce ideas and I have a lot of other choice
words of a of it but to a a exactly it’s writing a tiptoe Eddie still on here and we got to got I love I love
seeing all these comments here
of Brad emailed said I love that
I can’t watch as the two times t to have its up, Sydney and all
you wannabe of a speed through A
of a replay and a live stream in
your stop lots are either with and an IBM timber the N toatsu 3035 people with a unit
decent crowd, going out some
goes by, and a son and so happy
to see everyone sticking through
thi and what’s the next step with
everything that we can do , with a token taxonomy act, Mia
we have a little group ago I
think that it will will discuss
a garrote how we can
orchestrate, takes that if another name I
haven’t seen before and of ye it’s interesting get
people to watch videos and might
not comment on and I really
appreciate and a seen people
come on whether they’re coming in from
your show of mine elsewhere and no one so a eulogy you and
you before a cut of lose this
train of thought you’d mention you try to bring
all and everybody together met
you know imagine we’re doing
these live streams on and having
the it was seeking a jay a brac
times is done a phenomenal job
Dion I as really rising up to
the ranks, and then a young as
we build so you are and so that that’s
really what you know I’m excited
about you know is is chip is in
a poll on this website together
a , because we’re starting to
create a groundswell on and then
you right now it’s not just on
the on the telegram or the
discord w telling trying to reach a much
much broader audience and once
we star reaching out to
mainstream and I think all we
really wanna , to get all serious about this
again but, or you know senate to
pass is, legislation all we do
need a much you broader of audie the education of the mainstream
space is also going to require a
lot and you going to mainstream
media to try to get that educat on to turn to you for the
education and Z guide and we’re on to an edict tired and a dinner and a up and so just real quick
I ice is one of knowledge, some
statements and been made and I’m
thinking we can round this off to its somebody should reach out
and the congressman of their
crypto supportive and ask what
we as a community can do to help
to to oh as is actually on, my a
direct channel and source I have
been in communication all with
war davidson’s office of van and
g a movie and what is been
happening with the token
taxonomy act, I would say go for
bind your local of congressional
representati on an outburst and for most of
the support of token taxonomy
act it ’cause it will move
through committee and and it’s gonna go to
Congress and mize one educate
them now, you might wanna look
at the list of those or in the
Financial S , and so that that is a great
place to start a person that you
wanna talk to as a necessarily
the congressman, because you
might on CE one reach out and say you
cannot you know you wanna talk
to them about the token taxonomy
act it’s been up thus cosponsors about this bill that’s right now
in the Financial Services
committee that open taxonomy act and I wanna know where the
congressperson stands up on this
Thomas object and you know and
so that’s a great place to start
now stands and then you have and
then you know where to go next
if you’re engaged Iraq lee with
this individual, when Wes tart
in a and if you can do to help, but I
think anno that initial contact
with that and legislative
assistant and by know what they
know on that that’ll really, helped
by the way now everybody in the
room units, some like that and
know if you’re gonna have a
major on at yet to excerpt he backs up
first time watching you go live
rate show you awesome , Sr. two legends streaming live
Klein C please hit those thumbs
up and Anthony Jackson
appreciate the , a june and rapids Michigan I did U.S. house in Detroit for
all or most 11 years to a a its another new drive and a car and
drive, and you can you can fly
into flames weakened nine and a excerpt be a Carolina puny
and for about two years and up
one years were you in a Pontiac and I’ve told my driving time
you and it didn’t bit of a of a
great and they are planning on putting
up our bits in there and they
wanted to take this over,
apartments and makes its present and you know about the
clearinghouse Tom and citizen which clearinghouse 99 to 01 and I was there was
there during those years and years and awfully good years of crypto seekers from Detroit to 10 I can’t believe ID and on
a crypto see through, excerpt
the minute and we’ve got the
excerpt the Carolina league all
these and saying it will float that that’s a good
one and tight end it and a convertible to win a time not so much to tell its a number to tech and third time of the
second it is and to also meant it can
ski all by the way just
asserted, you often skis and I
already contacted my reps and
asked them t it again and get a direct
connect someone in the office and you can correspond with on a
regular basis, is awesome sight
you contacted them, that’s
that’s fantastic , and a nice another would set and buy it it’s backed by rocks as you like to take a set to a team of a to drop its rock exits backed by
the U.S. military millions to a
pop it into you don’t accept
their dollar use guess you will to a to it that a and and was at that movie the south
fork eyes on America and set
them and the art of lucky M and led
to a to take a hit those agreement to that of it so I guess because
art and a of a to take it to a loan and Tia and we wrap it up and say to 11:00 , a right to a new ceo and we keep that
don’t keep the top CIA, to
rolling gold for tours and terry want we want some of those
are and I can really do too much to
it are not about their to are to to a a private citizen the
clearinghouse I think was chosen
by tee off the tee off over
rippling and there are TP rail
to these crypt and omitted a look into it
further it’s interesting stuff it a nice a nice to go every every Sunday and system it’s where we were and we just go to a days were on
the beach of not so much anymore taste good times to go for sunrise every
weekend to bring my son down
there we’d be in the ocean
watching the sunrise it was the best to it mean to tell of up to an she is a machine and it’s also an X and a know what’s up with this
winter with this Mac and I think
he laughed and decide what’s up
with India banning crypto excerp and on a rusty diamond a tunnel
father seen rusty Dimon on
before the mafia, were rushed to
Duncan also quietly watching the
liv a rage of guys absolutely not and never tell you stop drinking to a tour of a a I agree with that and I agree
that I think the people in India
also are on a raw and all able
to calm today to write the right
word, and they’re they’re very
exceptional, in terms of you
know finding ways around the
governmen card of tartar there a price
calculation and to do with how many people
that the bride on in order to
get products through customs , and a one of a guy showed me
how they calculated their price
point and it was a sizable
number of who they had to give
money t only get out of customs and we
do all this tall and they’re
used to, circumventing of the legality and so with a shutdown of the
exchanges and I’m had made a
video about this you will be no way back when I
was happening was rolling along
go but on and that was one of
the things that I was alluding
to a and I don’t believe just be
odyssey the exchange suffered
significantly to the point where
they shut down all but that’s
also ru and in on a parliamentary of
structure but a government in
their central bank to one are
released all hold on their
economy on a , in India plus all you’d
mentioned this earlier on an Air
India on was actually getting rid of,
about 75% of their fee a
currency and trying to polish
are entire population over onto
one of pushing them over to the ID
dual currency up and part of
that is that though there’s a a
large part of the population
that ex strictly in fiat and they don’t
pay taxes so and there’s about
700,000,000 people in India to
live in in absolute poverty it
exi it’s gonna probably cost them
more money to put their money
are in the bank and they
actually have, and so you
india’s an intere in India, all of that number on 700,000,000 there are in in
in a party that you can imagine,
then you have about the
200,000,000 that live in the middle class
and then you have about
300,000,000 and are in the wealthy class and
and and it’s just it’s amazing
how much wealth in the wealthy
sat in a segment of India is
just and then you keep bouncing out
with the poverty and its edges
and it’s outlandish you it’s
amazing you to oh but that’s
that’s y a wooded they call it, a different up, and why the
night to remember the a word for it by that the cast
and a caste system there as well
and within the caste system are
used to having of of a margin of , and so it into that I think
that’s also where we’re seeing
this dynamic of the government and the
central bank time to regulate not regulate
the trying to control the
economy, and they’re seeing the
digital asset is a direct threat coming from all of you can even
come from all of the lower
segments of the caste system
although they got rid of the
cast it sti and I think that that doctors in
as well and like everything and also are going to the town that soared so we have men
there’s there’s so much topic
here and think we need to get on
another live stream and nine to
0 to a yellow sign up that if
that’s the same a clearinghouse of me of the
Federal reserve was working as a
clearinghouse is well offer real
time payment , some wonder if that is all
correlated , is in so that that’s
interesting they get more debt
than to put on the I think we
should probably wrap it up
because this is b off for over 2 hours and
appreciate everybody at those
fantastic, and if half of that of a hit and hit it and of the awesome
and if one of its funny I like that
and grenade great pronunciation,
Niigata to to a of a niche a deacon and a a a a a an it in one survey you know what
that could be the over 1000
miles starts for 1063 mean
something there and be a
birthday on start and 63, it’s written a S a it’s alive and happens and an Mc
31400 M is gonna be a reason for
the right , see a birthday and a is a part to have and have it clear as a a a a tape of a a O a nomadic will get through this to a of it and as mount 11:00 it’s awesome and it’s awesome and on the start , Tolly 1015 central time , to a known it’s so I let’s wrap it
up will do this again it was
awesome and thanks for being on
a glad we manage to get through
one anno and you go you go to that of a hit a , an ado drive yet a working for
30 and take that out and working for 30 and ease on
with us until 11:00 and it’s also an IP that takes everybody for for
joining on hanging in there all
been on throughout the whole
stream and on and that’s it all,
yo of the night, 10:00 PM , eastern time on Tuesday 10:00
PM are chip and basically Aman
Monday Wednesday’s 10:00 PM chip
Tuesday Thursday’s 10:00 PM up b , and ray and Fridays if you
have brain Friday of 10:00 PM as
well and last night was
fantastic are really enjoyed that so it it was awesome always is saw
we find out what crypto to see
it uses on our to derail week on
the golden egg and we’ll look in and it should put your queue are
Cofer to bought by Judy one of
the one to take a cell

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