To Crash or Not to Crash: How Will Regulation Affect Cryptocurrency in 2018?

the lack of regulation so far may have been a factor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies growing from nothing to half a trillion dollar industry in less than a decade now however this explosion in value is being reviewed by regulators around the world as they weigh up options ranging from tighter regulatory oversight to banning cryptocurrencies altogether news of forthcoming regulations in cryptocurrencies usually hits the price of cryptocurrencies immediately in the last few months the u.s. South Korea and China have considered potential new restrictions and bans some crypto anarchists argue all regulations of cryptocurrencies is bad however recognition from regulatory bodies is necessary for the cryptocurrency market to grow the current environment is too risky for many professional investors to get involved with legitimate legal frameworks and safeguards in place larger investment institutions will be more inclined to start investing heavily when big players entered the market Cupra currency prices could rise again but before that 2018 may precede being as a roller-coaster year I am Mario of chocolate cryptic or net news remember to subscribe for more and see you next time

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