TKY THEKEY. An AMAZING project. The largest contract in all of crypto.

hey everyone this is Aaron with crypto trends today July 11 2019 talking about the key yes the key that is tky first off please keep in mind that this is not financial advice just my opinion all right so let's get into the key first let me make sure that I am streaming here yeah okay all right so as you can see here what is on this page well the key big picture of China right big picture of the country of China also on the the left of the screen what is that at the top left that is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology M IIT that's what that is so that's like the national I mean that's the national branch for IT industry okay also below that's a picture of hit Harbin Institute of Technology and if you don't know about hit it is one of the world's best universities for engineering yeah so there's a link below that I left where you can just look up Harbin okay look them up check them out and see what they're all about you know do your research that type of thing but going to the key I got a talking about the key I got a question from someone asking me whether or not I am worried about the lack of communication from the key you know what's going on we haven't heard anything that type of stuff and frankly it just runs rampant in the crypto sphere okay we have a lot of people that are not accustomed to the investment world and so on and so forth and it's not and and that's just because they're not they're not used to it and how companies communicate now I was really surprised to get this comment because I'm thinking what do you mean the key is in communicating with what they're doing it's one of the most transparent the truly transparent Kryptos that are out there and it's also very important they have a lot of things going for them I highly suggest doing your research on the key that's tky so what do you mean why are they transparent well if we go over let's just go over to their Twitter okay and yeah they have the first one here that's on June of last year that's a tweet okay it's it's it's pinned right and so we have a little thing on June so last month oh happy Dragon Boat Festival yay okay thanks not I mean it's just there's nothing there right I mean it's a Dragon Boat hey you know it's a big deal right Merry Christmas that type of thing okay but then also in June okay also in June same day the blockchain hybrid consensus mechanism seminar was held by the key and the Harbin Institute of Technology this is aimed at exploring the popin consensus mechanism and facilitating the social security data socialization all right so that's I mean yeah that's that's a month old right here's another one here this is on June 5th the key was invited to to be at the reinsurance exploration and development seminar okay that's great may May to June I mean we're looking six days difference here okay two posts here on the same day people were thinking that there was going to be a lot of posts on the end of June about about things okay about about a contract and about their main net rolling out and so on and all this stuff okay but what the key has done if we scroll back on down here this is on May 31st and granted people were looking for announcements on June 30th okay this is on May 31st a month prior the key was granted a national award for its MVP main net product which signifies the government approval for the keys be DMI technology and achievements of Mazzello pilot this is a big deal they were they are announcing that they were awarded the contract that people were expecting to hear about in June and so they announced it a month early and they didn't reinsert in June G go figure but yet people are stressing out because they did announce it in June no they they announced it a month early that they got the contract so they can be working on it and that's what they've been doing and here is the result of that contract they got the contract and what all sudden they start meeting with national heads what do I mean by national heads okay here's and there's a link below to this article here national head who are they meeting with let me scroll on down here they're meeting with some pretty big people right here Dean Shindong party secretary of the information center of the Ministry of human resources and Social Security that's like a cabinet position in in the US okay that's like a cabinet position like the head of HUD or something is at your meeting that is this guy okay the party secretary of information IT stuff guys at this meeting that was the first seminar seminar held in Nanjing financial technology research and innovation center there were a bunch of government officials there okay they're rolling it out they're discussing it they're saying what they're going to do they're saying what they want they seen what they need that type of stuff read the article also in this article up here at the top blockchain hybrid consensus mechanism seminar held by the key to facilitate ITV that's identity verification productive deployment how to get this thing rolled out across the country in production that's what they're talking about here at this meeting how to actually do it other news here they talk about so they have this the research on the consensus mechanism which they're calling the research so they're talking about this P o P research how to implement it that was jointly established by a key laboratory of Internet big data and security analysis of Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin yeah we talked we just spoke about that right one of the top universities for technology in the world so moving on and they're calling that the lab so Harbin is the lab okay so you have the lab and the key are working together on this consensus mechanism here they are aiming at exploring the pop proof of power hybrid consensus mechanism that's right there which is fundamental for the idv product productive deployment optimizing the blockchain application and social insurance and facilitating the social security data socialization all right so they're dealing they're not fooling around down here so the cooperation of the key in the lab that's Harbin okay the key in the lab focuses on the hybrid consensus mechanism development okay where Harbin Harbin University will work out the solutions fear both theoretically and technically so they're going to designed a thing okay they're gonna design it they're gonna program it that's technically theoretically the idea put it down on a flowchart work that out how's it going to interplay with stuff program it and then hand it off to the key what's the key going to do it's going to verify what they come up with through various application scenarios okay so they're working hand in hand with the Ministry of Information Technology MIT they're working hand in hand with one of the top universities the top universities there they have three universities there are three campuses in China and so they're working on this and they're gonna design it they're gonna program it they're gonna say hey the key test this okay we got to have this going what does this mean this means that there's more people working on the key than just the key this is this is significant insight guys okay the key is getting a lot of foot this is a huge huge amazing project just this part alone moving on moving on forward so yeah we had the party secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security so in the u.s. that would be equivalent of Social Security so people getting their Social Security checks every month right Human Resources health health security administration right here that's that's all bound in but anyway with this one so we have the Social Security and the Human Resources so that would be like job placement job training that type of stuff also while you could think of it as like kind of like the welfare system so you have you have welfare system and Social Security system kind of rolled into one if that was announced in the US that would be absolutely huge in this thing we'd go bonkers but China's a lot larger than the US population wise goes and and well as you can see it's not reflected in the price at all but this has tremendous value this is the scale and scope that the key is working with this is absolutely huge the project that they won that they were awarded for that's with the PBOC the People's Bank of China they have staff that have settled in the physical offices of the PBOC to try to figure out a way around the regulation not around the regulations but work with the regulations as far as having a cryptocurrency be integrated and usable in the Chinese economy that's what the Keys working on guys okay they're working directly with the PBOC they are getting paid by the PBOC the central bank of china there did their contractor as what they are their contractor and if you don't know about the key where did they come from that type of stuff check it e bo net Ebell net e bow you bow oops bow in it even it let me spell it right no oh eval a o net there doo-doo-doo-doo here we go so this this is the holding company of the key okay what do they have well they have healthcare insurance one two three application Social Insurance one two three application Human Resources and Social Security one two three application so there they make applications on the phone okay they also use the BMI the biometric data the identity verification they're tied in with the government databases to actually authenticate that information against your fingerprint retinal scan facial recognition whatever right they are verifying that against the government databases so it's like all sudden you had to put your thumb on a scanner and then WHAM it went to the FBI or the DMV or whatever and they said this is who you are it's not just some flimsy type of login thing you have on Facebook no no this is like real-deal irrefutable stuff that can be held up in court okay that type of thing they know who you are this is really important for online payments people are talking about this who's doing it the key is doing it for the real deal stuff they have the if we go down here we can see their their cases so here are their applications and and you can see them and they've had rollouts of this to show the population if we scroll on down here whoops okay you guys your page is a little wonky it's me okay so if we scroll here this is a rollout that they hadn't in kaifeng Human Resources and Social Security about their application they're going to say hey guys look you're gonna be able to get your Social Security payments and get paid online so it gets deposited into your bank you're not going to have to stand in line say okay well my name is John Lee whatever and so the clerk goes back to the file cabinets pulls your file has your little picture on it brings it forward looks at the stupid picture compares it to you this is okay you're John Lee all right well that took a whole lot of time or they have to go reference it for somebody else maybe the building next door terrible terrible inefficiencies and stuff like that anyway this stuff is going to be automatic Wham put your handprint down there and scan boom you're done in seconds compared to many minutes half an hour our that type of thing huge huge efficiencies that they are going to get from the key so that's that's what's going on but this is a rollout to the people saying oh look in the future you can just put your thumbprint on or whatever Wham get your payment online because it's you they know it's you online irrefutable tremendous so what else is going on with the key well anyway back to e bow net ebon net is the company that came up with these applications to have the they have a bunch of them check them out there's no way I can cover all the information on the key here check them out but anyway they're having what they're building is these apps to integrate infrastructure with society identity is is a key component to that they got to have that right otherwise someone else can get your Social Security check oh and gosh guess what that has been happening tremendous amount of fraud in China yeah we hear about that tremendous amount of fraud people impersonating other people whatever that type of stuff so that those days are going away when the key gets implemented and you know just just as a side note a disclaimer I am not affiliated with the key in any way this is not some type of paid thing I hold the key that's about it and I've done research on them and I'm just giving you my opinion about them but back to you but anyway check out eBay Lynette that's Phoebe a o n et de en en for English right excuse me /g an for English anyway check them out they're the holding company they've been established since like 2015 they've been working on these products they already have the DAPs they're just integrating the key on top of it okay integrating the key crypto on top of this they are working with the PBOC the Central Bank of China to figure out how the payments and stuff can work how the transfer of value can actually work in China what is what is China worried about flight of capital flight of capital and one reason why we haven't heard from the key since June oh my gosh you know 30 some days ago why we haven't heard from them is because frankly they are busy they're busy they are under they don't have the luxury of panic okay they don't have that luxury they are under very very high stress Facebook coin put a lot of pressure on China saying oh my gosh oh my gosh we're having this we're having this crypto come out that could where we could see a huge flight of capital out of the country that is the last thing the China needs China is like walking on thin ice right now economically all those ghost cities they built yeah so they're that they're really walking walking on thin ice they have civil unrest in Hong Kong yeah they they have a lot of good things going for them but they're walking on thin ice right now so we'll see but the key can help them out and so the part of like Hong Kong they need some way to be able to keep the help it's basically to help reduce that unrest okay how can we alleviate that well the key could be part of that and so there's a lot of pressure on the key to get the stuff done they're working with the university to get this consensus mechanism done why are they doing that why are they doing that why haven't we heard about the consensus mechanism or worked it or work being done on it it's because what they had is that they had their idea over here of their of their original main net right and it was going to do X Y Z and these different things or whatever right this isn't the structure it's just like some it's just a holding block okay for their for their original ideas that was taken and it was put into a pilot program okay and what you do in a pilot program is you run tests you check the validity you look for things that you need that are missing and you take a note of them and you're going to see well gosh can this actually work in a much larger rollout they discovered no so they they basically went back to the drawing board and came up with pop okay they came up with Papa proof of power they're calling it and so what you're going to do is you're you have the key sitting in the middle and it's going to go off to government agencies and stuff where they have their little servers okay with all the data in them they're not going to have the key actually run on their computer no they're going to have in between they've decided some type of API where the key will send a query to these guys these guys won't have to reprogram everything in their systems that is just not feasible to get this thing rolling out okay but if they have an API they can sing queries and then for security reasons and stuff let's say this is I don't I don't know some insurance company and has all personal data okay and so you don't really need all of that information pipe back to the key so they can limit the data that is piped back keep the security let this agency or enterprise whatever it may be control their own security so they have an API that put a query and they get information back and they do this across multiple avenues the key does they scrub the data make it uniform put in a in a way that's digestible and then they spit back the information so they're checking they have various lookups they're making sure this person is who they actually say they are and they give the results back to let's say it's a bank okay and the person is requesting a loan so they're gonna say okay person at my desk that wants to slow and go ahead and scan your scan your thumbprint or your your eye or face or whatever right that's going to be sent the keys gonna say who this person is and spit it back so the bank will know oh this is John Lee you say you're John Lee oh yes you are John Lee okay great we know who you are now we can trust that okay and then here's your loan but anyway the key right here that's that's where the key fits in this lookup that they're going to be doing in the background that's where they're going to charge they might charge the client John Lee maybe yes maybe no we're not quite sure yet they might charge the inch the bank okay they might charge the bank for the fee we don't quite know yet okay we don't know this is being worked out and anyway with their proof of power this whole thing with the security the way it comes to the databases and stuff like that and how to implement it and how to design the API and how things are just going to work that's being worked out and hit the university is helping them out big time anyway do your research on the key this is this is getting kind of long but as far as them not keeping in contact with with the investors and stuff it's just mind boggling if you go over to let's say you go over the coin get go okay look them up there tky you go to the reddit page alright takes you here you click on the first post the key essential information read about them talks about their achievement their copyrights okay stuff like that what's their advantages who their leader is Katherine Lee okay computer science that type of stuff medical medical and computer science background and then further on down look at the progress reports June 1 may May April February look at all those past events meetups June 26 that's that's not all that long ago is it May 19th they're keeping you guys informed AMAs okay a mas looks like they're doing them quarterly okay quarterly what I don't see is announcements of an announcement I don't see announcements of airdrops I don't see announcements of some type of I don't know stupid contest or anything like that look at these guys as a company because they are company they're basically a government contractor figuring out how to implement crypto for infrastructure for China's infrastructure human resources social security insurance etc check them out anyway so am I worried about them not keeping in contact no because they are keeping in contact it's right here are they holding your hand no they are not holding your hand put your big-boy pants on you know not kids well maybe you are and that's okay if you are well get used to how corporations communicate with their holders they don't have stuff every few days or weekly or anything like that usually its quarterly sometimes I always used to look forward to the annual report that's like once a year man any other news you get like on the news station or the Wall Street Journal or stuff like that but yeah anyway check out the key do your do your research on it and that's about it so yeah don't forget to Like subscribe get notified I'm just going to go over here say hi to some people on the chat and then take off so choreography Cory I'm gonna just say some choreography Alice says finally someone speaking on the most widely utilized crypto absolutely what they were awarded that they announced a month ahead of schedule and people are freaking out because they didn't announce it on they announced it on May the end of May instead of the end of June people are freaking out that's asinine man it's asinine it's ridiculous they are they are they are overachieving they are meeting their deadlines early okay but yeah that contract that they were awarded they're working with the PBOC there's other Kryptos that depend on it yeah there's the exchange for China the crypto exchange for China depends on the key why because they have to know who is investing beyond a doubt beyond any doubt to help prevent flight of capital okay the help prevent flight of capital it's it's it's like a matter of national security and social stability for them look at the upheaval they're having in Hong Kong and stuff like that anyway but that contract the importance the magnitude the roll out to sixteen provinces in China there's what 1.4 billion people in China this is their handling their social security system that's absolutely huge mind-boggling huge but yeah so this was this is going to be the most widely used crypto in the crypto space boy when it comes close is V chain and the chain is getting up there but V chain actually has stuff working right now so they're there ahead but the key had go back to the drawing board basically learn from their pilot program which is a good thing and then they're implementing something that's why you have pilot programs it's not a failure you learn from pilot programs anyway so yeah not a lot of people talk about the key choreography I do have some videos on it check my past videos okay oh let's see there's dances hay dances with a panda bear yeah that's cool good morning to you [Laughter] thanks Gail appreciate that man mega macclare how's it going man thanks for watching so you're hoping I was doing an update on this you've been watching the key price drop steadily over the last few weeks buying more wondering what a realistic price could be in a few years I'm just going to tell you what katherine lee said 1 to $15 man that's from an ama do your research that's what she is saying did you know this she sold both of her residences yeah one of them could have been a rental or something like that but they could have been yeah vacation home or maybe she works in two cities right that's anyway she has two homes or did she sold them for the key is that bullish I don't know man you tell me but as far as an update goes on this the thing is is that people the update came a month early that's my point the update came a month early plus the redesign stuff that's what this meeting is all about they got the award and all seonhwa mo Bama their meeting with the country's top officials about this stuff the people who can get it done yeah so they're working hard if we actually had some type of info from them like another AMA right now I'd actually be a little bit concerned because they're under extreme pressure to get this done and done fast the Facebook thing really was a kick in the pants for China this is oh my gosh we have got to get this done like yesterday so if the key comes out and does an AMA or something like that's one thing if if somebody down the chain that has a few minutes as opposed to whatever but if but if Catherine comes out says oh yeah yeah yeah here's a big ama and just hold your hand and stuff like that except for one that's quarter that's planned quarterly they have time to do that just to give reassurance to the people who bought the key I would be very concerned because that means that she's not at work plugging away all right that's when I would be concerned far more concerned about that than if getting a stupid update that's just me but yeah the update came they were awarded the contract on May 31st as far as the price goes right now it's down I mean it went up a little bit yeah but as far as the price goes this is a long-term hold we're not looking at prices from week to week this is a price well that we look for month-to-month okay and so right now it's it's down if we go to tky USD T there it is this is on cue coin so as you can see here way up drop down there's a scale a little bit and it's just kind of like bouncing around a little bit do I think it's going to skyrocket up here we're waiting on the main net when they get that implemented and stuff like that we're waiting what happens with the PBOC but as far as time scale goes here I mean for like me the skill the skill the Catherine is saying it's up in this realm and above can you see their chart do you think the day to day or the week the week stuff matters you tell me man look it's just a line right here it's right here it's all contained within that little strip as far as the scale goes here's here's $5 and 15 is above the chart up here she's talking in that area she sold their houses I don't know man I am NOT saying buy there was a lot of risk with this one okay I'm not saying so not saying hold all I'm recommending is that you dive deep on this one and do your research find out where she talks about the price it's not me this is what she's saying and that there could be different price levels charge for the key depending upon the type of lookup it is so all of a sudden if you're want to get a multi-million dollar loan they might charge a little bit more for the lookup fee than somebody getting their social security check yeah yeah oops so so maker says tky to a buck and vet to a buck you're buying an island okay hope it's not Epstein Island man don't buy it if it's for sale [Laughter] Oh dances yeah so you ran into something like that China has a lot of that going on big-time or people try to steal Social Security and stuff like that that's that's why they need the key there's a lot of fraud and cheats in China man it's sad sorry to hear about your experience with that here in the US if I had to choose between the key or vet which would I choose I mean if you're only gonna hold two Kryptos those are the one men I take both of them over bitcoin that's that's just me I can't tell you which one to choose I mean it depends on your risk tolerance and stuff like that and follow your gut follow your gut okay I think both of them are good that's just me the price on both of them it's like the worst thing crypto man took like the worst ones you can get as far as price goes as far as value goes they're like the highest go figure go figure in that the key has a bigger partnership than oh then backed go figure [Laughter] so these little houses Allah done vet okay yeah I mean whatever your preference is ah what's the Emily wants to know what is the utility of this token well back here where we have the government agencies that actually hold the that are authorities on the identity right so it could be like in the u.s. it could be Social Security Department could be the FBI could be whoever right inner Paul whoever so they're going to be doing lookups on on these people tky is is going to charge for those lookups and so you're going to have like an order here let me forget the eraser here oh that's a little tiny eraser I want a bigger brush that's still tiny mato viene okay so let's say what's utility you're John Lee over here okay that's John Lee and John Lee every month he gets a check from Social Security okay and so he has to go down Social Security office which is like right here let's say he goes in here and they have to go verify his identity before they give him his check they have to go and verify his identity and they usually do that on paper cuz they're paper based and that takes a really long time and it's prone to error so what the key will do is be able to say okay let's do away with a person at the desk having to run back to the file cabinets pull his file come back do all that good stuff make some type of other phone calls whatever to verify this dude right now they just take his little hand print scan it in it gets sent to the key the key sends it off aggregates the data scrubs the data shoots it back to this person's computers and says yep this person is either John Lee or Wang dong or Xiao Chen or whoever right but if he's John Lee they're gonna say oh that's cool you get paid here's your check the keys charging either this person or this facility doing requesting the lookup for for the lookup okay for the validation that's that's what they're doing that is utility there's 1.4 billion people in China they are all going to have to use the key for identity verification all of those that are on Social Security all those that are wrong like their welfare system all there's looking for all those looking for as part of HR Human Resources all those people this will happen like monthly the people looking for jobs or whatever applying for jobs who are these people every time they go to where they need to show their ID basically swap that out with the key so you could be looking at millions upon millions upon millions of transactions every every I don't know it could be every day we'll see all the people looking for a bank loan a car loan any type of loan health care you go to the doctor's office every time a person wants to go there and have insurance before the insurance pays they want to validate that the person is who they say they are so the person receiving the health care is actually the person that is paying for it the key that's where the key fits so all the doctor's visits all the times that your health insurance gets tagged for all those people 1.4 billion people how many times how many transactions do you think that's going to create how many lookups that's the key a charge for each one of those the scale and magnitude of this is tremendous the key can be in looks like it's going to be put in production and there's not going to be any other way around it for identity verification in China in other words you can call it being forced upon the population it will be mandated it will be mandated future cryptocurrency exchange in China this is what they're missing this is the missing part right here a big chunk of it there missing the true identity verification so they can put that on on the blockchain and they can follow your transactions so all the sudden you send a transaction to an exchange you want to withdraw funds if you go ahead and deposit it in a PBOC accepted account find your cool if you want to deposit it overseas that would be like some type of flight of capital they're gonna say no no no you can't do that you can get the money off the exchange and put it in an account here in China but not overseas bro come on so all those people trying to on-ramp to sign up for and off-ramp Fiat lookup validations tremendous the medical tremendous social security human riyadh just on and on and on insurance tremendous tremendous tremendous use cases this is a government-wide infrastructure project there's nothing else like it in the cryptocurrency world do your research on it hope that answered it thanks for the question Emil where can you get the key cue coin what wallet yeah they have a couple if you go to the keys essential information they have the supported wallets right here so check those out kay do your research on them that type of thing but right now it is a based on neo check this thing out right here do research on how to load it on a wallet okay but yeah do your research on that but right now it's a neo platform yeah when they have their own when they have their own blockchain yeah super bonus show we'll see everybody's waiting on that and that's what they're working feverishly on they don't think they don't have time for marketing man they do plan on launching a marketing campaign in December so we'll see how that goes that's on the roadmap style wants to know if I have taken a look at dent no it just doesn't it doesn't compare in magnitude I know it goes up and down in price and stuff like that but I haven't looked at dent to give any real type of opinion on that if you like it 8 put in the comments why do you like it that type of stuff you know educate us why is it a good project Desalle hound says yeah he's gonna do your research yeah dude do research the key I mean they have it can take you a long time to do research on the key because they give us so much information and then you go to their reddit posts and people are saying oh they don't give us anything it's like what world did they live in man what world did they live in all they do is they see the price and they think the price is somehow connected with value quality and it's not let me give you an example I once had this pair of shoes they're about to yeah they're about 300 pounds that price range okay not cheap and they look nice and stuff like that but then I walked outside and I accidentally stepped in a puddle oops okay so what no big deal right within like 20 minutes they fell apart it's like they were made out of tissue paper total pieces of junk and it's a it's a very well-known Italian brand that you would know of that's expensive and supposed to have high quality it doesn't it has cheap ass quality and super high prices the key a V chain are just the opposite super high quality and low low ridiculous prices that's how I see it and that is something of interest why is that why are some of the absolute best projects in crypto that have real world contracts and real world products going on the lowest price you tell me anyway yeah look at all this stuff to do research on so yeah anyway guys that's about it do your research on this check out the key TK why it's risky just like everything else and best of luck to you but anyway don't forget to like subscribe get notified I don't catch you later bye

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