Titanium Blockchain SCAM!? Cryptocurrency Regulations and MORE in Today's Crypto News

hello everybody this is Maddie here with altcoin buzz hope you're doing very well in the news roundup today we're going to talk about the unfortunate circumstances happening with titanium blockchain we're also going to take a look at some international headlines out of the UK out of Russia out of Spain all kinds of regulatory developments that are unfolding out of those countries not necessarily a negative or positive one way or another but we're gonna take a look at those developments but we're beginning as always on altcoin Bozzio with an article here by Christopher so SEC investigates blockchain evangelist Michael Stoler titanium bar scam so the federal court in California granted the SE C's request to halt an allegedly fraudulent ICO and the guy behind it Michael Stoler aka sauce Tulare aka Michael Stoler he's quote the mastermind behind the titanium blockchain bar token and later the T bar token scam and up until January 2018 Stoll air raised over 21 million dollars u.s. in Bitcoin and aetherium in exchange for the bar token and as some as you some of you may know there were all kinds of developments following that there were some price fluctuations of course but it was a promising project initially because Stoller quoted all kinds of partnerships so he talked about Apple eBay IBM Intel PayPal Microsoft and all of this information was publicized as such back last year in November of 2017 so then enter the SEC they published a report yesterday saying quote titanium President Michael Alan Stoller II aka Michael stole air a self-described quote blockchain evangelist lied about business relationships with the Federal Reserve and dozens of well-known firms including those ones I just mentioned the complaint alleges that Titanium's website contains fabricated testimonials from corporate customers and that stole their publicly and fraudulently claimed to have relationships with numerous corporate clients the complaint alleges that still they're promoted the ICO through video and social media and compared it to investing in Intel or Google so fast-forward a little bit guys the titanium blockchain price was relatively high but then it was hacked back in February of this year 16 million bar tokens went missing so it went from trading about 0.6 US dollars to 0.002 that was a very very sharp decline and then there was a second token that curt that was created there were some operational adjustments that were made we went back up to 0.23 US Dollars and up again to 0.65 on April 8th so there was a whole range of wild price fluctuation but in light of this news we are now down once again at about 0.02 for u.s. dollars at the time of this article's publication it may be lower now so obviously in response to what the SEC had to say unfortunate news guys what can we say that's you know a little bit of landscape unfortunately sometimes in the world of crypto it's still the Wild West any bag holders out there 40 bar what are your thoughts I mean this is a pretty outrageous the conduct of Michael Stoler and I can only hope that he is met with the full wrath of the law and any legal proceedings that the SEC may want to file so here's a link to their report SEC obtains emergency order halting fraudulent coin offering scheme unfortunate we're gonna keep an eye on that and see what develops in related news an article bar our Aussie mate James skier at UK financial watchdog opens investigations into crypto businesses so staying on the regulatory side of things multiple businesses are under the microscope as the UK's financial watchdog closes in on enterprises reported to be operating illegally within the crypto marketplace according to the country's regulation laws so the United Kingdom it's known for tea and crumpets and knights and castles yes that is the the archetype or some of the archetypes associated with it however lately we got to talk about the FCA the financial conduct authority which has confirmed there are currently 24 pending investigations into cryptocurrency businesses so the FCA started earlier this year stated rather earlier this year that several reports were already being prepared in relation to cryptocurrency businesses that they were investigating into further 24 unauthorized enterprise enterprises active in the cryptocurrency space the FCA is investigating into whether these businesses have been engaged in regulated activities without proper authorization the FCA required businesses that operate within the cryptocurrency space to meet authorized regulated requirements stating that refusal to comply would constitute a criminal offence however they did not they did want to stress that not all crypto currency assets did fall within their regulatory scope so last month they revealed in a 2018-2019 business plan which we're gonna link to of course they stated in that plan quote crypto currencies has been an area of increasing interest for market and regulators globally they also noted that while cryptocurrencies currently don't fall directly under their regulatory perimeter they made clear that some models of use of packaging bring them within their scope making the landscape complex so it's an interesting push here that's being made because you have all of this stuff that's happening internationally of course we've heard regulatory news out of China of course we've heard regulatory news out of South Korea other Asian countries but now increasingly you you're reading about it in the United States we just covered an article looking at the SEC for example what do you guys think about this the FCA out of UK and of course we're gonna link to their website here so the financial conduct authority you can read more about what they represent and the authorities that they constitute and of course that all-important report that we mentioned so our business plan the FCA's business plan for 2018 and 2019 I'm kind of of two minds about this because on the one hand five is never welcome we don't want to have unnecessary FUD but if you have some fair regulations some by-the-book rules that are enforced that really weeds out the unscrupulous thus two layers of the world and people that are just acting illegitimately if we can kind of weed those out then I don't know I can kind of get behind that at the same time so it's I'm kind of torn in two directions when I read about news like this we'd love to hear your comments and your thoughts soldiers so do be sure to list them below in other international news we talked about Russia yesterday we talked about China as well Russian research paper proposes that cryptocurrencies are not currently a threat to global financial stability article by garret so the current low volume within current crypto market conditions has led the central bank of russia to declare that cryptocurrencies do not pose risk to global financial stability Russia has been looking into cryptocurrencies for a while now and recent developments include the Russian State Duma approving the first reading of regulation legislation of our four rather the crypto industry which defined cryptocurrency as property as well as rules for dealing in the space other developments include last week's announcement that the Russian Bank spur Bank CIB where they announced the country's official ICO launch Egor bulan sev president of spur Bank CIB said that the russian ico market is highly promising and that banks are interested in the idea of using their own IC OS for fundraising and yesterday the Central Bank of Russia released a research paper in which they presented their findings on the threat of crypto currencies to the global financial system the report argues that the transaction volume in the crypto space is too low for the threat to global financial stability so pretty interesting observations and it's also worth noting that usage of the term cryptocurrency should be replaced with crypto asset that's according to the paper that we just referenced so Garrett goes on to describe or talk about the thought experiment of okay well if that's the case what happens if that trading volume doubles what if it goes up 10 times what if it were to go up a hundred times I mean years down the road that's not inconceivable so would cryptocurrency and crypto assets rather would they then represent a threat to financial stability if it's just a function of volume I mean I think it's quite likely that volume would increase with time so we'll be interesting to see what the reaction would be in the future but positive news in a sense for now given that they're saying that the crypto market and crypto assets are not a threat to financial stability so you can take a look here at this report Russian State Duma almost unanimously approves first reading of crypto industry bill and then of course we mentioned a report by the Russian central bank you can take a look at that here that's in the original Russian of course we're going to link to all of these in the description in other news Paxos secured 65 million dollars of investments article here by Alicia so Paxos which is a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup has raised 65 million dollars from investors reports Reuters the company which is new york-based clay has claimed that its investors include VC firms like AR re Ventures and Liberty City ventures raising a total of 93 million dollars to date Wow so it is crucial it is a crucial time rather in the financial markets quote we are an inflection power at an inflection point to reduce the risk in our financial system and free capital trapped by an archaic settlement system said Charles Kass gorilla CEO of Paxos over the past three years we have focused on building the right infrastructure to enable a modern-day settlement solution that will unlock capital mobilize assets and create value so I just wanted to mention this in passing guys you can read Li CEA's article here in full and take a deeper dive into the details but that's a pretty big fundraising effort and that's a successful initiative by Paxos of course you can check out their website here so every day we fail to solve the problem of settlement risk we put the entire financial system at risk nice shot of Shanghai that's where I called home for a little while so take a look at the Paxos website take a look at this article Paxos continues growth of modern settlement platform with 65 million dollars Series B funding another article Paxos now authorized by New York's Department of Financial Services to offer blockchain precious metal platform that's an encouraging development and finally writers the original report blockchain and cryptocurrency startup paxos raises 65 million dollars what do you think guys are you familiar with paxos do you think we're moving in a good direction is this good news let us know your comments below of course and rounding out the regulatory news the international regulatory news another article by Garrett Spanish Congress approves innovation focused regulatory legislation so yesterday the Spanish Congress unanimously supported a draft of legislation regarding innovation focused regulation of the blockchain and crypto currencies all parties in the Spanish Congress of Deputies found something they could agree on yesterday they unanimously agreed on draft legislation regarding plans for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain the draft stresses the need to review current regulations of blockchain and crypto currencies and introduce new regulation in quote controlled testing environments the draft regulation office also emphasizes the need for entities using the blockchain to comply with Spanish Treasury requirements such as regular information disclosure to the Treasury and investors as well as the timely filing of tax returns so this is pretty good news I think and you'll recall back in February as Jared points out the European Commission announced the launch of blockchain of a blockchain observatory and forum that aims to unite the EU economy around the blockchain so you know regulations kind of rub people the wrong way sometimes because regulations excuse me can lead to FUD can lead to you know a lack of confidence sometimes or fear ultimately the way I see it is that we want this space to grow and if we're seeing again I'll say it fair standardized regulation out of the u.s. out of the UK out of the EU out of Spain now if we can do it in such a way that's fair to the startups that's not penalizing to investors as far as taxation goes then I think we do need a bit of regulation and this could be encouraging depending on the details of course we're gonna link to those details you can read more about it here so that announcement by the European Commission European Commission launches EU blockchain observatory and forum you can read about that further with this link and you not us Spanish Congress unanimously supports a bill for blockchain regulation you can take a look at that here in the original spanish el congreso you get the rest of it there i won't i won't tempt fate with that reading of the headline take a look at that guys and take a look at all point buzz news on twitter because we're gonna alert you here to the latest as far as what's happening in the world of news so do be sure you're following all coin buzz news if you are on twitter if you like this video guys leave it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel because we have new content coming out for you every day in the meantime soldiers i wish you happy investing have a good day take care and we'll see you again soon

31 thoughts on “Titanium Blockchain SCAM!? Cryptocurrency Regulations and MORE in Today's Crypto News”

  1. Be calling TBIS a scam for months, was banned from all their social media, hope the guy gets rapped in jail. Blockchain Chic should be dumped in jail too, along with a Richard.

  2. It amazes me how people in crypto are against gov and regulations but when they get scammed they crying and want gov to put scammer in jail hoping for refund.
    Due diligence and dyor wont save you, scammers will always outsmart investors.
    I know a few people who left the space because they got scammed, people get burnt and word spreads, new money stop flowing in

    Question is do you want completely free market or you want gov to regulate crypto?

    Even if us gov regulates it what stops icos to register in some carribean country where they can get away with anything?

    Do icos even sell these days, i havent invested in one since december and tbh i dont plan to, in bear market every ico drops below ico price

  3. Sold TBAR for small profit, still have BAR, but they're useless after fork.. Thank God I realized something wasn't right and sold off my TBAR before it tanked. No bags! I hope Michael Stollaire gets what he deserves from the SEC.

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  7. Bag holders are fucked like all unlucky hodlers. Got to take those profits when you can and stop being emotional with this shit.

    No more ICOs, fuckers can get venture capital like everyone else.

  8. Investors in the Titanium ICO who believe they may be a victim should contact the SEC through www.SEC.gov/tcr and reference SEC v. Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, Inc., et al., Civil Action No. 18-4315 (C.D. Cal.).

  9. Regulations can be good or bad. On the good side, I hope they come in to curb illegal market manipulations holding down prices. Another area of the regulations is interest in transactions. That's when i think privacy coins like Deeponion will show what they are really worth. With features like stealth addresses and Deepsend offering untraceable transactions, they will be worth a fortune because everybody will want privacy away from regulations.

  10. hey admin i am. no web developer or designer nothing in software but plz try make your web site softer on eyes.. This is positive not hating i just want one go to source for all great news…. (see toshitimes dot com)

  11. How do you not know you are gonna get caught being so public trying to scam?! It's like walking into the police station with drugs. You are going to get caught if in the USA. wth.

  12. Michael Steal-Liar will be behind TBARS….. So sad…. I wonder if ETN is suspicious since they introduced him to many YTbers.

  13. Did anyone not double check his ridiculous claims of being partnered with all Intel, Microsoft, when he said that I shy d away from investing then when block cats developer was talking about the same model stoleir was mentioned and he said never heard of him. That made me run like hell

  14. Tradove B2Bcoin BBC is the only legit project out there that is axtually useful imo. It will jit major exchanges in june and it will go to moon it alrrady went up 100% recently

  15. Does anyone knows if we can do anything with our TBAR tokens? Seems like Titanium assets were blocked by US government, if so, is there any possibility of recover the loss?

  16. Buy Zilliqa while the going is good) It will really strongly increase! freetokens.online/zilliqa-airdrop in their airdrop you can receive some freebee 😉

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