TIPS FOR INVESTING in the Crypto Space.

hey guys you a little bit of an insight into my crypto investment strategy and that's coming up right now so typically what I tend to do and this is by no means investment advice I'm just letting you guys know what I do when prices are low and you can see by the chart whether you are in a a bit of a bear market or a bit of a bull market on that particular Peron see I tend to buy low okay you'll hear a lot of people talking about this buy low sell high so that's typically what I tend to do I will buy it low and I will buy on the way down I will buy if the value fluctuates it goes up and then it goes back down if it goes back down lower than what I bought at again I'll buy a little bit more on the way down again and when we look back at 2017 the market lost 30% five times last year but then when it came back it came back a hundred percent so that's something to take into consideration while you are developing your trading strategy it's a little bit comforting that fact so in 2018 we are looking pretty bullish by the dips and if you can stagger your buy orders so that you will buy on the way down so that the price you pay will get cheaper and cheaper if you've bought and the price goes down and you don't want to buy again just walk away leave the charts for about three days and then come back and they should be back up if they aren't just hold there's a very popular term in cryptocurrency it's called huddle hold on for dear life so just hold until the price goes back up also there was a major crash in 2011 and a major crash in 2013 so sometimes these things happen and typically what happens is the price comes back up we regain strength we regain confidence and so just just hold on if the price goes right down and you don't feel like buying on the way another thing to take into consideration is using but coin futures contracts to hedge against potential losses it's a pretty good idea but obviously only you can decide that some people say that Bitcoin has the potential volatility to drop between 50 and 70 percent we have witnessed this and it is kind of being proven so just take that into consideration don't panic sul just hold of the prices down obviously this is not investment advice you guys can do whatever it is that you want to do I'm just sharing some of what I do in hopes that you guys see more more profit so yeah just a very quick video just giving you my sort of strategy I hope that this helped and I hope you guys are seeing some profits please feel free to like share and subscribe if you like this video for more cryptocurrency related news and talks so take it easy guys if it's easy take it twice and I'll see you on the next one

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