Timeline for Global Crypto-Currency Acceptance, Digitizing Commodities & Mini Ice Age Crop Losses

good afternoon everyone today I want to spin you a tale on how we're going to weave crypto currencies into modern acceptance of every single human being on this planet whether your banks are unbanked it's going to culminate into this new system and we got a timeline for that too it's the exact same time lines is the intensification of the weather patterns absolutely decimating the crops either the harvesting of the yield or the planting times this consumer economy is based on disposable income that is soon going to be drying up as food prices increase maybe double maybe triple and maybe five times but when people divert their spending into higher priced food because nobody cannot eat at the same time as the entire financial system around the world collapses there's going to need to be a replacement and they're already is they spent three hundred and fifty years setting up this financial system as we know it in the global level they're not going to let it go to zero they've already found a replacement this crypto currency timeline the implementation specifically but what every person on earth knows how to buy it sell it trade it send it and receive it now how fast is just going to unfold well it's going to unfold at the exact same speed that the crop losses are occurring now we have a perfect roadmap right here with the research steps are called sarcoma Sheppard and pop-pop put out if you're not familiar with a grand solar minimum it's a cycle that occurs in our Sun every three hundred eighty years or so that affects food production there's also more cosmic rays which creates greater cloud cover more volcanism this all adds into an albedo effect unusual weather patterns drops in temperature heavy rains snow blizzards all out of season by the way and how quickly saw this going to unfold let's take a look this is what I want to weave all these parts together and I do want to give a shout out to crypto thanks for all the videos that you've been putting out been following closely Jason if Florence thank you for sharing all the new information about the icos that are coming out grating you to share clip hi thank you for the report to get a lot out of those and I've noticed more and more in the lexicon they're talking about many icings and grand solar minimum also the crew over it suspicious observers now we're starting to put all these points together with science and the new economy here's the robot for the next five years I think it's going to go like this I think you're going to find some very interesting ideas in here and I hope that after you watch the video we can compare notes and others of you out there that have sort of areas that are not connected you might find a commonality point now that you could add that last piece that would make a complete puzzle I encourage you to watch please share your thoughts all the links are below so you can check out and backtrack and do your own research after the video I've divided this video into three different parts that we even culminate into one final idea part one is about the digitization of physical assets and how a CC chain and the Chinese government's five-year plan moving forward with cryptocurrency have started with t alcohol and real estate on the blockchain but they're quickly moving over into the grains and softs on 60,000 tonne deliveries with corn coin second part of the video I wanted to talk about the grand solar minimum is and the effects it had on China and why they're so far behind the 8-ball right now trying to get everything set up and running on this blockchain to take delivery of agricultural commodities now China's not only affected we as a global community are going to be drastically affected in our agricultural output and the yields coming off of traditional agricultural areas planet-wide as we get into a cooler time during this grand solar minimum starting right now and part three is about how with the timeline of the grand solar minimum intensification the global acceptance of digital current have you rolled out and how this all culminates with smart contracts and how we're going to trade buy and sell food and agricultural commodities when the economy crashes because people are spending double or triple on what they're doing for food prices right now since we're going to be talking about China I thought a small introduction of the experience I had living and starting a business in China would give some credence to what I say back in 2008 and nine I was working with Dow energy down on yen which was an algae biodiesel company and we were trying to drive down installation costs by using a modular bag system that floated on fish farm water surfaces not using land after that chapter ended in China I was still in Asia so I was brought on as a consultant in Myanmar to facilitate funding for an algae spirulina farm that also encompassed rural development and how the farmers could use some simple machinery to move a more valuable product either to the river for transport or up to the rail lines that in turn led me to a gs coffee in the shan state x40 that's me on the right there and that's how the adapt 2030 channel started when i started to see all these cold weather losses in myanmar in the coffee plantations now let's talk about food price rise timeline and how this cryptocurrency is going to replace our current economic system as food prices get so expensive that the rest of the economy crashes and since the fiat currency the world will have no confidence behind them we'll need to move to a different system specifically blockchain to buy sell and trade on a global level or international because nobody will trust letters of credit probably in around 2018 at the end or 2019 you'll start to see some real effects into the global economy there's been a lot of talk about a CC chain these last couple of days so since I do read some Chinese and I speak Chinese actually went into not only the English version of their chart but also the Chinese end of it with my friend I wanted to get into a real deep explanation of what a CC chain is it's actually called the asset collection chain the logo is pretty interesting there's a lot of times with this economists cover from 1988 about get ready for a world currency and when we look at the current logo of ACC compared to the head of the Eagle there's some interesting correlation so what I did is I took that logo I inverted it and then cropped it to get a mirror image and on the bottom there I'll let you draw your own conclusion if you consider that something similar to what the logo would be on the coin from 1988 also the trust machine when you see this Bitcoin spinning around the world and a mechanized fashion is a bicycle gear hub if you will another interesting point was when I was inverting in mirror those I couldn't get that mirror effect without leaving the dot in the center there let you draw your own conclusions on the symbology associated with this logo the whole purpose of this video was about the cryptocurrency market capitalization increasing lockstep with the grand solar minimum intensification now if you're unfamiliar with the grande solar minimum hold on just a minute I'll explain that in great detail in part two but smart contracts are going to be the wave of the future guaranteed that's why I'm so into it right now I am actually studying solidity how to program for specifically agricultural smart contracts and as with everything is a continual learning phase this is running off of aetherium and if you want to learn more you can go to the etherium developers community to learn a little more about solidity and the smart contract is a one size fits all it can really take place of any types of insurance premiums financial derivatives delivery contracts property law credit financial services legal processes even some crowdfunding involved in that now as the confidence of our Fiat system collapses along with the real economy as people spend double or triple on food there's going to be a lack of confidence in getting paid when you're shipping something internationally so what's going to happen is going to be a swift move over into these types of blockchain contracts that are going to be on chain assets and again this is the whole thing about digitizing a commodity you predefined the contract you enter your parameters fields and then the event that happens whether it's delivered not delivered moisture content tonnage insect damage there's just a whole bunch of different fields to enter there this is held until the terms of the contract are validated when the conditions are met and then it's settled and what I like so much about these smart contracts is the scam out in Asia is once you send something over let's say break bark cargo 60,000 tons could be iron or it could be weed it could be corn anything don't refuse delivery at Port and they'll say no no we don't want it take it back but you're out running 45 thousand US dollars a day to keep that ship anchored well if you're going to write this contract so that if they refuse delivery and all these event triggers are validated that that wheat is the proper moisture content that wheat is the correct variety of wheat the tonnage is correct if the purchaser refuses delivery which they do now a lot to try to drive down price that executes sout in a settlement back to the seller which will absolutely stop that in its tracks this game that they play out here routinely of refusing shipments and this is so correct here supply chains are hampered by paper-based systems these letters have credit or archaic moving over to the smart contract especially when a global financial collapse is happening guarantees a specific set of outcomes regardless of the underlying asset that you're trading it whether it be Bitcoin aetherium steam ripple I don't care what you're going to use is your under liar but you can still be paid in that and we don't even have to worry about global fiat issued currency that's paper any longer we can just move it straight over and that can be also traded on and this is where a cc chain tokens come in I want to talk about the settlement instruments here but how they're using underlying asset is T so you've heard about this and what happened with this T deal it's been all over the internet a lot of people talking about they digitized T and then they just leave the story at the end and they don't show you so phone way International Finance what they did was they set up a series of the dagwon T's they have da Quan tin tray and Dawg Wan Chou mu and they have got one King Kong now each one of these types of tea was also issued with its own individual coin which was then put out for an IC o—- so the dagwon series this is a special type of tea called pour and it's a time stamped 2008 through Yunnan Province tea in a warehouse validated and the coins out and whoever bought in this coin actually owns part of that team and this second type of party which is in Bing down loud diarrhea in Yunnan Province also this is a separate type of tea with its own coin issued for this lot if you will and then we have the third type of for 2009 jingle and all they're doing is really just going through and issuing a regional token for each one of these so this is the breakdown here of tea tea tea wine so Hawaiian capital they did with this type of liquor shell Hong Kong zoo and they called it the junk Oien just specifically a token issue by Hawai young for this batch lot of their liquor and as I say follow the money so we start tracing back in to see Hawaii on blockchain is funded by which venture capital fund and which incubator inside China now here's where it got grey and icing a lot of the videos that I've seen over the last three days it didn't go so deeply into what the NPC tokens are the NPC is actually a node primary coin so this is a base underlying asset that can be used to transfer into other types of coins that are issued inside these digitized either tea lots or alcohol lots or real estate that's coming up so basically it's a third-party storage authenticated evaluated confirmed asset pack if you will so they bundled it into something called npc but prior to that what they had created was something called the peb it's a different kind of coin which had a digital standard token associated with it as well on a single lot of Tibetan tea now they tried a couple NEC and peb together but since that time and those icos that have run they've decoupled that these are what the coins look like right side is npc real estate token ret we'll come back to that because they did a real estate run as well on an IC o—- for real estate in Texas but I downloaded the npc white paper and this node primary coin is supposed to be the super node home currency inside the a/c chain it's a complete asset digitalization tool now this can be used to transition or transfer traditional assets into blockchain now I'll get into this in a moment it's not about buy sell trade this is about movement of your digital currency into other investment plays across this space that's being evolved at the moment a sea-change if we take a look at the NPC token offerings and ICO participants the trade areas and which regional exchanges these coins are offered on the one thing you need to get to is actually the underlying asset value so if we come back over this is the node primary coin ICO so if we come on all the way over to the right side you see peb and at the time of this IC it was one equaled one and then we move over to three point five node primary coins equals one ac chain coin and then they went with that to 1300 NPC equals one aetherium and then it was 15000 MPC equals one Bitcoin so I started to trace down where these coins were traded over here in Asia and where an ACC is being offered can you trace the money where is it coming from where is it going to so the first stop is Lloyd cooling and you notice right away peb and a/c chain are on the Korean exchange this is all pegged to the Korean Won so a/c chain currently at 351 to the dollar is about 30 cents u.s. or so but the PEP has been discontinued in its solo value right now anyway that they've pretty much gone away with this then I also found it listed over in Japan and there are ex but there's slightly higher price because it's 47 yen which is creeping toward 40 cents now the original thing that kicked us all off was the Ning home gone home T and I did actually jump into the guidebook and the product traceability which brought me to that first image that you saw there the T everything is really well done and all the images are there so you can compare T Lots and numbers the junctioning home group was responsible for putting this very first one together I think they were just testing the water to see what would happen and when they issued these coins if anybody would take it I see oh just for that first tea run was pushing 40 million u.s. they've had several sins that have raised 15 billion u.s. dollars it's absolutely a power structure there's one that's issuing three below there's nothing that's decentralized there is a flow through to a single issuer that controls the coins below it and as we look through the international tour can issuing plan all of these other 13-under liars here are going to be issued out with coins for an ICO for whatever commodity equity or application that it's going to be but each one of them will be issued in its own coin and notice that the u.s. Maldive islands with an equity and a commodity travel coin and when we talk about large amounts of cash coming in on these icos over here to this AC chain this is billions of dollars here that came through with 345 investors okay you need government approval to do something like that they're not running this type of money without absolute government intervention guidance and approval and they also put out a news release at the PTB in the NPC are no longer coupled so when you look on the juubi exchange you can find ant shares are still there but they're also reorganizing into the any ownio coin one interesting one quantum keep that in mind as we come back through these news releases here the next NPC launch was on 1b pricing there these are Chinese UN so it's about 6.1 UN to the dollar so point to two of that brings it down just into the cents US cents for one token there and you can see the volatility isn't as high as what would be coming through Polonia X or bitter X or something there's very little movement considering this is a weak run here eight hour candlesticks look at some of the other tokens often on one B now please remember rad means positive in Chinese culture so that 7.5 percent that's not a negative that's a gain for the day Green is negative now back to this whole thing about it requires government approval and you know when I was working on the algae biodiesel we had approval from the city want and the Chengdu government but when we started to produce oil over there from algae we were closed down because it was not approval from the national government and we're like wait we had a written contract with a joint venture partner from the provincial government in Sichuan and that was overridden by the national government so when it comes down to this level where they're bringing in billions of US dollars they're absolutely working with the Chinese government now here's the Chinese government's five-year blockchain plan to actively push forward there's a method behind the madness and notice the time 2016 to 2020 the PBOC is actually going to issue its own coin so let's go right back to the AC chain operated by a young block chain financial company and when you get into the white paper of a sea chain they break it down into three different uses for this underlying object first one is an equity token second one is an application token it's something like gas for ether and then the third one is the commodity token now the internet rumors right now are that these are going to be linked to Special Drawing rights coin issued off the IMF or the Bank for International Settlements in my research I really didn't find anything like that but knowing China the way I do they would definitely not be advertising they would use a third-party intermediary to get everything set up so there would be no attention drawn to that they will not announce this until it's already up and running and then they'll announce there's no way they're going to broadcast their move before this is ready to go so when you get into all this talk about the super nodes and then in small print more super nodes are being discovered and I'll tell you the next one that's being discovered it's up in Canada right now a bit wider out here for you so you can really dig in and take a look at the international node exchange use digital token SDR International node tokens can be settled in legal currency they call it actually SDR digital currency like Special Drawing rights and again it's a hierarchal chain there's no decentralization involved in this at all each global node will then be established a general ledger toke and a GL T for regional circulation thus subservient to the international node they have some interesting graphics in the white paper I've linked everything below so you can backtrack and trace all this down yourself but it looks like as moving forward as commodities get digitized inside China they're going to be using three underlying assets they're going to be using Bitcoin aetherium in this new AC chain if it does happen to be pegged somehow to the Special Drawing rights an IMF and BIS these are the three that are going to move forward again China does not broadcast its moves moving forward they're secretive until everything is set and they try to take you by surprise in a chess move just the way it is and then when we look at other types of digitization of assets let's look at the SRT coin here this is a US real estate project in Dallas Texas this is a smart contract for real estate literally now block geeks already did a really in-depth post on what smart contracts are and how they work I encourage you to check out their work and thank you guys over there block geeks for putting all this together and it's moving in the exact same way and all we need to do instead of digitize currency we just need to change that to AC chain or SRT and it's the exact same thing happening right now at the u.s. real estate project token and this industry token that was put out for the ICO is labeled ret real estate token how original visual graphic form of the commercial white paper which I also downloaded and looked at classifies rets as digital asset SDR special drawing rights formed by Bitcoin aetherium ACC and other mainstream you'll assets at the time this video they still haven't fulfilled their ICO funding goals they've only hit about 1 million of these 50 million srts on the ICO goal how it works is something like this it's a circulating method take a step back to the npc node primary coin again these seem to be interchangeable and usability within all these icos that the same groups are offering on these assets that's a key thing to keep in mind as well but these real estate tokens are broken down into region a B C and D there's projects going on in Canada as well as the United States and we're taking a look into something like this asset play exit strategy you better have one so I started to look into how can you exit out holding these are UT coins I want to draw your attention down to number three all right number one is the regular trading platforms number two is digital assets that's fine we're familiar with those but here's where it gets into the interesting zone once these icos are set up now currently there's only about 30 or 40 of these between the companies that are operating ACC ret SRT and MPC coins what appears to be happening is the exit strategy allows you to switch assets about their a product or a service or a commodity of equal value within their group of investments that are linked together through all these icos and the underlying asset of the commodity or the real estate or the liquor or the tea itself so if you want to exit out of this real estate play in America you're able to convert those coins right over into something perhaps on the porti and one of the phone way offerings so you don't actually have to exit out convert pay the B's and then buy back in you can just slide sideways on that to exit out your position which I find incredibly interesting if ACC is already getting to this level where they're able to move from real estate in to liquor and to tea think about this if you can digitize assets in a different country you never have to take ownership of that that's not the point let's say you get that house in Dallas Texas on the ranch that they're buying the person in China or Asia or wherever you're buying this from has no intention of ever taking delivery or living in that house they're just using it as an investment vehicle they're hoping for an increase in value and when it does they're going to slide the coin over to the poor child which continues to increase like fine wine does these teas have a year to them as well they increase in value if you had some poor child from 1997 it's worth its weight in gold now so you could just jump in between these different investments so imagine if we can digitize forests real estate your labor how much are you worth do you have a master's degree I can digitize you what about farm animals what about farmland what about fish what about everything that can be digitized at this point and my whole thing is about when we get slammed on the economy through this grand solar minimum they're going to start digitizing food and they're going to want to take physical delivery of that but at the point of buy sell trade on the digital asset itself everything in the world can be digitized you can digitize a single tree and buy sell and trade it between these different commodity asset classes that you can slide sideways into if you're in the same group now here's the next thing to take note of over on 1b they also have corn coins ymc ume which is the name for corn and Chinese if they're already trading on the you me coin or the corn coin they're already starting to digitize the first agricultural commodity assets right here so you me coin currently is really low price now I don't know what it's based on I can't find where the ico was who issued this it's trading on one beat but I don't know the underlying the corn for this contract or this going to be issued but it's trading and when you think about digitizing a service from a country when food gets incredibly expensive this is the only way it's going to move the cash you know now will no longer be valid nobody will trust it they're going to move over into the blockchain so hey I just created my us week coin 2019 that contract owner that's my Bitcoin address I can create my own contract for 60,000 tons a US durum wheat and the 2019 season with 10% moisture coming out of Kansas if they can do it anybody can do it if you're running solidity you can actually create this now you start to see moving forward where it's going so in my day living in China I did a little due diligence over there tracing down some companies so here we go I just put that all back into practice again ac chain how findable are they on the social net inside China that runs parallel to everything outside China so obviously if you're looking for something on YouTube you're not going to find it because YouTube's banned in China you can have to go to yoku or to doe to look for something like this so I looked up and they have 197 subscribers on a global ICO where it's supposed to be social drawing rights connected to the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements I thought ok it's YouTube perhaps they're difficult to find so I started running some searches in Chinese those search terms down there with tudo an AC chain I found one video with 1200 views 3 months ago that's it talk about flying under the radar so far under the radar they're almost unfindable that is on purpose that is not that will they have no exposure they've gone out of their way to have no exposure that is the difference and when you start seeing billboards like this the world currency and you know the People's Bank of China is developing their own blockchain to issue their own new digital currency issued from China for world settlement makes you wonder now the last piece of the puzzle has to be how to facilitate all these transactions if they're actually going to go global and try to do what all of our modern banking systems do including bis and the IMF they're going to have to have an enormous network enter quantum communications now this is supposedly uncrackable absolutely 100% secure communication systems between transmitter receiver the quantum key downstream upstream whatever way you're looking at it we don't even have anything in the United States like this at the level yet and China is already launching quantum communication satellites actually using entangled photon beams to transmit the information now as with everything on the planet whoever puts down the first fiber optic cables telephone cables electric cables whatever it is whoever puts that hard infrastructure in place claims that and here we go by the end of August 2017 the quantum communications network will be up and running and operational it is the essential step toward global scale quantum internet if you're going to go on a global level of BIS you're going to need this not only for security but actual reach and not depending on electrical grids or infrastructure within a country we're talking about satellite beaming signals a neo has been rebranded from ant shares and somehow nao is now connected with the PBOC developing aetherium based digital currency to replace the yuan so that comes right back with that government approval process being required the Chinese government's not on top of any of this visibly they're not on the table they are under the table allowing everybody else to run with this and they are so silent right now on what's happening the way they're setting up the Chinese blockchain with the new UN replacement and NGOs platform it all has to run through a centralized platform there's no way to connect to it as a third party side chain you have to connect through their centralized platform which means it's centralized it's not decentralized it's not running without approval or authority from some platform higher up the chain digital image here of what it's supposed to go out with the Kuan network globally that circle is over China first the peripheral areas are going to be over in Japan Taiwan Singapore India and just as even as early as April you could have picked up any EO for cents literally cents and now it's at 47 dollars my personal feeling is with all the push behind and all this fervor from the government approval of any oh it's going to just keep going up in China and AC chain org also has some blockchain news on there and I'm going to have to agree with this here the global blockchain innovations the u.s. lags Europe and China lead the u.s. is so far behind really there decade behind on what's going on they're going to be left in the dust literally turning into an impoverished nation if you control the currency and you can control who buy sells trades this takes into a whole nother realm need to catch up on this now you might say well how is the Chinese government going to get everybody into a centralized platform well they re are it's called Tencent and if you're not familiar with Tencent it links over 200 social media FinTech bill payment group buys messaging services into its network you log into one platform and you can access over 200 separate platforms which we need to individually log into WeChat part of their platform and then inside we chat itself you can do all these different services or functions and that global expansion for WeChat itself notice mainly focused on Asia but it's also going to be down in South Africa South America Mexico this is all FinTech and Global Payments active users of WeChat pay and QQ wallet in China if you're unfamiliar with these payment systems and how people just swipe QR codes to buy like a stick of gum they're so familiar with it and it's so comfortable to use this system now scares most people in the u.s. Chinese are early adopters and everybody accepts that everywhere an Ali pay comprising almost 50% of third-party online payment systems and not only with the WeChat and all the FinTech with Ali pay going on but anything in the Taobao which is like the eBay you can buy sell trade there inside wave bowl with all the blogs then you need to keep you with the messaging it's all connected through tensions and then Baidu which is the search engine which is very similar to what you know Google would be it's also tied in so everything is at a central node point anyway they're not trying to reteach anybody the wheel they've already set it up as such so all they do is slide systems so instead of using Chinese un they're just going to switch instantly over the digital new UN issued by the PBOC and it's just game on and nobody even blinked an eye there's that comfortable with it mobile payment system same thing it's just up up up up although the growth rate is decreased but the amount of users keeps increasing you can only saturate a market what there's 1.4 billion people in China and if we just go layer on top of layer on top of layer of digital video sharing messaging social networking blogging photo sharing online sales platforms Tencent so let's follow the money over to Canada ac chain going over to all coin Exchange listing tomorrow as a matter of fact on all coin they call it the Nasdaq of global blockchain assets they only have about seven listings on there right now but if you find the parent company of all coin it traces to Cascadia consumer electronics corp so i try to find some of their board members and then link them back to into the AC chain was unsuccessful doing that also looking through the spelling mistakes if you're going to talk about joining an IC o—- instruction with a tea you got to ask yourself you know this is not a native speaker putting this together is the chinese run site and the ich10r it's coming out there's a spelling mistake and asked that to set seta i don't know if maybe it's a Spanish or Portuguese word that they're putting in they're not sure so out of all of that that you've seen and knowing the Chinese People's Bank of China involvement and them coming out and working with n EO and quantum communications how literally how everything is entangled in this whole web in the cryptocurrency space I'll let you draw your own conclusion I'm just bringing the information to you let's move on to part two of the video why is China in such rush to get this blockchain up and running because every single grand solar minimum through history their Emperor's have fallen because of uprisings due to food shortages and this time it's going to be no different they can't stop the weather globally and if you're unfamiliar with what a grand solar minimum is it's when our Sun goes into a lower state of activity in its output electrically and magnetically this because it's connected directly to our earth on these magnetic field lines and these field aligned currents has drastic effects on our weather patterns as well as volcanism tectonic movement earthquakes and you get this whole gamut of effects along with each one of these grand solar minimums let's go back a thousand years in time and we'll take a look at some of the minimums here doulton minimum was the one in the 1800's maunder minimum late 1600s to 17 we got the spoiler minimum the Wolfe minimum going back in time to the or minimum around 1050 and the Chinese are very familiar with what happened with their dynasty collapses during each of these now there's so much information out there and the IPCC keeps pushing over that it's co2 but when we look back in history you can see that the areas on our planet have warmed and cooled look at the Arctic over the last two thousand years it has warmed and cooled long before humans had put any co2 from burning coal or anything even let's even go back to the earliest of the 1700s when we were getting steam up and running even if you want to go back that far and say that there was input into the atmosphere from producing something from a steam engine okay and you can see again through each regional area whether it be the Arctic Europe Asia North America Australia Asia which Clues New Zealand Australia Islands down there South America Antarctica look how warm it was twelve hundred years ago and arctica it's actually cooled since that time and all the while IPCC keeps screaming at co2 with co2 you're making the planet warmer so let's look at some of the forecasts going out the minimum that we are going into right now and this is why the weather is so mixed up and so strange and getting more intensely mixed up as we move forward month to month is because we're dropping back into another modern minimum if not something even stronger on a longer cyclical more powerful pattern at the least we are going into a maunder minimum type cooling which would not have seen any types of weather like this for over 400 years and dr. Abu Thomas hall at the Polk ovo astronomical observatory in Russia same forecast the Russians are ahead of this they have been putting out for cast upon forecasts and if we look at the heartbeat of the Sun Fionn principal component analysis this is all about magnetic canceling waves on the Sun Russian scientists are koba's are called Popoff and Shepherd this maps out prior cycles and you can see clearly where we are dropping down into let me whiteout on that a little bit for you we are taking a step down from this black circle into something that will be very similar to the 1600s monitor minimum starting right now and it is going to be a quick and drastic step down we're going to descend down into something that would be the equivalent of temperatures in the 1600s within the next eight years the forecast is right here for you now when we take a look at different periods of time on the exit and entry into these grand solar minimums the above chart runs over two hundred years of time from 1550 to 1750 the bottom chart covers 400 years a little bit longer time frame but the entry into this grand solar minimum is much much faster than it was back in the early 1600s which gave them a little more time to adapt to the changing conditions in agriculture and wherever you look whether it be sunspot areas on the solar rotation down and you can understand why China is pushing for the digitization of assets this will include your food supply absolutely this thing I believe is made for food supply the running it is a test if you will for tea so it doesn't seem too obtrusive and scary if I tell you I'm going to come in and take your wheat supply and I'm going to digitize it how would you feel about that tea that doesn't scare you so I'm going to start myself I overlaid the collapse of Chinese dynasties on top of the grand solar minimums and you can pretty clearly see that even the Mongol invasions were spurred on and started due to some feedback loop inside a grand solar minimum that forced them to go look to different areas for food un dynasty collapses and then Jung has out on explorations when they thought the next grand solar minima was commencing in the early 1400s then we got the Ming Dynasty collapsing and then we also have the Ching Dai the Ching dynasty and the problems associated with that in the great famines so when you start to take a look at the expected temperature drop by continent during these grand solar minimums you can see northern Asia pushing down into that handle Jung and the name on GU in the Mong ku area of course it's going to be dropping in temperature there's going to be loss of food production that's hallo and Yong as the northern area and inner mongolia mongolia this was the maunder minimum changes but when you look at the temperature change drops on the areas on our planet with that really dark blue where we grow our crops right now specifically wheat anywhere it's dark blue that's a total loss it's not going to be plantable harvestable or growable during these next 15 years so we look out at the solar activity forecast for cycle 25 and 26 the intensification should increase with the decrease in the solar output so if we are going to look and really see if this is happening okay IPCC says everything is warming and there's going to be feedback loops all right Greenland this year set the July temperature for the coldest reported temperature ever in the northern hemisphere in July at minus 33 degrees Celsius now last year they also hit that same mark for – 31 degrees Celsius so what are the chances that two years in a row they break their own record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in central Greenland it's summon station also this year mass budget increasing record ice which nobody really talks about they always like to talk about how the peripheries melting they never talk about the ice budget itself it's always got to be melting well why discount and not talk about and sweep under the rug the record ice growth this year that completely bucks any of the patterns that the IPCC is claiming and dr. Roy Spencer's site here taking a look at UAH temperatures were only at zero point two one above baseline hey I thought we were going to warm to like two degrees Celsius or something that's ten times lower than the IPCC said and if we look year upon year 2016 in the blue box compared to 2017 and these are by global northern hemisphere southern hemisphere in the tropics you can see the temperature is dropping in certain areas of the planet also another anomalous fact they don't put in the newspapers often 1971 sea ice is eclipsed by 2017 sea ice will rattle off into something about well it's a thickness it's not the actual coverage but wait a second two years ago they were is talking about the coverage now it's the thickness because coverage overtakes and now they have to make new excuses why let's hook on some longer timescales here we say the same thing again just in a different form from different researchers put in that shows prior different areas of the globe or cooler or warmer than they are today so I like to look at cycles I like numbers longer-term cycles we got the glides Berg cycle we got the 102 year maximum cycle and then what's funny is when you stack on top of each other you get John Casey's RC cycle then we put five of those 205 year cycles together we get one Eddy cycle it we get an Eddy cycle at 1025 years and then you multiply that by five again and we come to 5000 125g where have I seen number before those are the ancient traditions that we talk about and now we're talking about stacking fives up to twenty five thousand six hundred and fifty up to 100,000 in the glaciation cycles there's more powerful cycles at work here and if you like stacking numbers and running them out why don't we talk about planetary geometry and falls in temperature let's go further back in time Chinese Way Dynasty collapsed 580 ad this is a late antique little Ice Age so China's understanding and historical records are vast they have thousands of years of climate data they know what's coming again that's why they are trying to put everything into a digital format so it can be moved with their new currency that they're going to control and they are also going to control the entire platform around it let's look at the planetary geometry here when you get into that parallel set of the Jovians and the earth all on the same side 578 ad is a good example and 2024 we're getting right into the same planetary geometry so let's take a look here a little bit closer in so you can see it now if you're not familiar with the outer planets they're also termed as the Jovians and when they go in these parallel sets and the earth is sandwiched between orbits slightly pulled out and when this happens there's different effects magnetically coupling with the Sun which also has these changes in our jet streams and this is what affects all the crop production and then if we jump back another 500 years we find a similar pattern in 79 AD which we're going to repeat here in 2024 and if you don't like visuals okay let's move over into a graph where they actually plotted these Jovians and you can see clearly that it's a repeating pattern that's measurable top line maunder minimum middle line doulton minimum bottom line green arrow our current time frame we are entering a grand solar minimum now when we look back at historical droughts during the same times let's focus on Asia where would you not be able to grow crops from 1636 to 1641 the same area inhaling Jang that's about to experience cold not only they can experience cold but they're going to experience drought on top as well and then suddenly the light bulb goes on North Korea is revamping its agriculture right now isn't it oh yeah they must see the same thing repeating cycles in history moving back to China warm other crops such as oranges were abandoned in Jung sheet province where they grew for centuries but the grand solar minimum made it so cold and so wet that they had to abandon growing oranges there Pakistan became cooler mass migrations at that time out of the Indus Valley Punjab as well we are repeating cycles you can expect the exact same thing happen again let's look at longer cycles this is John Casey's 206 year RC and we can see smaller cycles coupled with in that on the glide cycles and within that there's also a 50 year cycle so we have cycles laying on top of cycles on top of cycles but when it comes down to the magnetic electrical effects from the Sun coupling with the earth changing our jet streams this is how the Intertropical Convergence zone displaces during these grand solar minimums so literally the flow of water across the planet is going to be disrupted and moved into different places have you noticed how many floods there are in these last few years that are 100-year flood the thousand-year flood the 500 year flood and then there's droughts in some areas that are just unprecedented that's because the rain belts are shifting across the planet which they have before these cloud belts move atmospheric circulation moves the polar high is not a polar high anymore that's why you get these Arctic tongues coming down what do they call them polar vortexes everything you see on this schematic is outdated this new grand solar minimum is going to you this so badly that we're going to get into something like this is our regular pattern where you're going to get these locking highs that force everything else down and out of place and we look at tropical rainfall over the last two millennia you start to see the same thing these undulations around China specifically where it became wetter and drier hence their agriculture is going to be affected but they are one of the major importers on this planet now without enough food to feed their people there's going to be riots in the street there's already such a disparage between the haves and have-nots due to the economic boom over the last 20 years there's a division in society it's just barely under the surface and the only reason it's kept in check is because the hard hand with that military and the government keeping that in check hard-hitting stick mentality is lifted off their watch that place explode and they're not going to be able to maintain control of food prices rise and even the well-to-do and middle class are just gouged by food prices it's going to double or triple and then take all that money out of the disposable economy there as well and you'll start to see why they want to control food and digitize everything South America during the grand solar minimums not immune either but for those of you who believe in co2 warming I would like to point out that the medieval warming period was warmer than today's temperatures we are out of time we have lost decades to prepare by this myth of co2 that's been pushed for so long but now there's so much counter information coming out showing you the truth that it's becoming a tidal wave now by next year grande solar minimum is going to be a lexicon used through search engines across this planet that will eclipse anything co2 based warming 2019 for sure you're going to have kindergarten kids going bran solar minimum guaranteed now another in the feedback loop is cosmic-ray density increases it's been proven time and time again through sarin and also Heinrich spends mark the pioneer in this field of study the cloud mystery available free on YouTube I highly encourage you to watch this it will explain everything in such easy-to-understand they'll understand how cosmic rays form more clouds and if we take a look at solar cycle 24 compared with the last 150 years of cycles it is at the lowest which would be also the inverse the galactic cosmic rays are increasing to the highest and when we overlay these two there's a direct inverse relationship between the two and as we enter this grand solar minimum we are going to eclipse this by such a great magnitude our magnetosphere is directly connected to the Sun and as the Sun decreases in its power output state magnetically and electrical coupling with our earth the field line currents that power this whole system we're going to step down as well these patterns of shift within our atmosphere these out-of-season storms are going to be the norm and with decrease in the solar wind pressure there's just so many effects on our planet this explains everything not co2 then the forecast for cloud formation of galactic cosmic rays is 19 percent higher than the last solar cycle new england already at plus 19 percent this is just going to keep increasing and increasing in the amount of cloud cover and strange storms and thousand-year floods and I'm waiting for this winter there is going to be someplace where it's out an atmospheric compression event blizzard that is going to bury a town in 15 feet of snow no kidding there's going to be one of these events that is going to bury a town this is the type of precipitation that's going to be ringing out of the atmosphere and now that scientists are not so afraid to speak out as they were ten years ago with the IPCC's witch hunts going on so the CMI v6 run on a deep maximum look at the galactic cosmic ray increases that is startling that should scare you when you see this chart that is so much cloud cover but that alone could drop global temperatures and the amount of rainfall coming out of there would wipe out our crops systems for drainage are not going to be able to handle this now if it is electromagnetic interaction of our Sun on the planet and not co2 we should start to see this effects happening to other planets as well where there's no cars or factories up there Neptune look at the energetic exchange happening this is the same thing they're talking about more ferocious and fierce storms what do you think's happening on Neptune let's look at all the Jovians here Saturn on the left look at the poles look at Jupiter Neptune and Uranus they're all electrically different right now this is what's happening to our earth as well do you think they're not also experiencing strange weather on these other planets that's completely out of sync and then we come back to our own earth here now we're starting to see electrical phenomenon in the skies there tried to be an equalization between polarization charges red jellyfish sprites which used to be rare now being captured regularly by amateur photographers and we should start to see more and more of these increasing as well in intensity and brightness and length of duration which brings us right back in to the Thunderbolts they were predicting we would start to see stuff like this and symbols of an ancient sky that what they talked about a myth and legend and what has been left in stone carvings and stelae and all these temple motifs about Thunderbolts and gods in the sky and lightning bolts and lightning bolt arrows and all these things plasma they predicted we would start to see the same thing again as we entered into a lesson state of solar activity and what do we get over Australia last month the exact same things that we start to see an Assyrian as well as Indian temple reliefs Steve a new type of proton arc never discovered or seen before not only was it seen once it was seen twice this year a month apart so this is the visualization of the canceling waves on the Sun which are going to usher in this grand solar minimum over in cycle 25 and 26 you see how they're opposite and they're cancelling each other let's just go back in shorter duration 40 years of time the last solar cycle comparison our solar cycle 24 far below anything else in that timeframe what about this 50 year cycle double typhoons just passed over Taiwan two weeks ago nice at and hi pong once the last time that occurred 1967 so you can expect to see a repeat of 1967 weather at the bare minimum wherever you live look for climate information for 1967 and look in your local area and I'm pretty sure that you're going to repeat something like that but a little more intense because these cycles are overlapping on top of each other we got the 50 and the minimum the 206 year overlapping right now and I'm going to say also the Eddy's on top of that with a thousand-year cyclical and Maurice Cottrell's 3,740 year cycle I say we're getting a blend of all four on top of each other on this more powerful coupling of cycles and it all comes back to the food if you don't eat you want regime change if you don't eat you become angry and unpredictable if you don't eat you have nothing left to lose and desperate people do desperate things hard winter read down to 743 million bushels from 1 billion bushels that's a 298 million bushel difference that's 25% less and then the Kansas winter weep was wiped out to that late season blizzard that's a 35% decrease minimum on the Kansas wheat but remember since it was so stressed the protein content is not going to be the same so it might take 1.2 tons to equal the same protein amount and what was previously 1 ton of wheat so don't just say it's one ton any longer the stress on the plants going from hot to cold and out of season blizzards in ice and then they try to regrow after that this maturation process those seeds are smaller and they're very different in the amount of nutrition content USDA putting wheat plantings smallest since 1919 as farmers try to switch to other crops and then we're getting frozen corn in the field June 27th frozen solid corn and then this is what it looks like in a lot of areas now granted some areas are thriving with plentiful rainfall but there's so many areas that are in drought also in Canada they stranded over a million tonnes of canola in the fields I wanted to get back into the feedback loop also with the cosmic rays there seemed to be some correlation of volcanic eruptions during many ice ages or grand solar minimums 1258 that was the southern song that finished at that time the Jin dynasty as well around 1200 1450 that's where they sent out dong hua to look for other alternative trade because they thought another grand solar minimum was starting because the UN dynasty was just reading after their collapse from drought and 1380 then we get into the year without a summer you got the Ming Dynasty collapsed around 1600 there's just more volcanic ash in the air that's also coupling with cloud cover and that albedo effect is tremendous now think about this the year without a summer this is the doulton minimum that Tambora eruption cooled Europe this much that their crops were wiped out and you know for sure around Asia the same thing happening I mean that eruption took place in Asia and then South America also was very discernible in the amount of lost production from the single eruption and in case in point the Pinatubo eruption that was in the philippines in the 1990s that single eruption cooled North America parts of Asia and parts of Europe up to 2c off a single one eruption now what happens when we get something that's more powerful a vei seven versus a Beis six the amount of ash going in the atmosphere on a Tambora style eruption and the most important point to get to with the senior tropical convergence zone shift I want you to notice where the load you see our flux is compared to the high GCR and how this moves south it's going to draw the moisture with it drying out areas north of that red line let's look here forecast is everything 45 north and above is going to go completely offline so this is going to take out all of hail owns young parts of Inner Mongolia North Korea is going to be ruined they would have seemed to go around the world most if not all of Canada and anything in the Dakotas growing areas in the periphery then we take a look over into Europe and Russia is going to have a very difficult time the Ural Mountains area's Kazakhstan but think about all of these areas going offline what is it going to do to the global commodities prices food is going to be unavailable in some areas there were global famines in the 1600s there were global famines in the 1300s ten percent of the world's population died of disease and starvation in 1800s during the Dalton minimum Chinese dynasties collapsed every single time one of these rolls around so they are absolutely trying to protect themselves this time but here's the timeline going out for you how fast is this need to occur the transition to digital currency well we already looked at this one slide here of how fast we're going to descend into the mini ice age let's break it apart here and show the amplification between years stepping forward into time now everything needs to be set and in place before 2021 after that point if the cryptocurrency economy is not set it never will be there's a race against the clock and race against amplification and race against food price increases to get everything set so as we move in to 2016 and 17 you've already seen an enormous amount of amplification and weather effects 2017-18 it's been a ramp up and you have noticed absolutely there's been a ramp up in strangeness specifically vortices events spinning winds tornadoes wind in general and rain down burrs side bursts whatever you like to call it there's been an amplification that's nothing compared to what's coming over the two thousand 18 and 19 amplification it's going to be a four times amplification over these last two years and then it's going to amplify again as we go from 2019 to 2020 now what I want to draw your attention to is crypto currency market capitalizations locking step for step with the increases in the amplification and the grand solar minimum weather patterns so all that change we've seen from 2016-17 is to ramp up and cryptocurrency going from five dollars for ether all the way up to 400 and then Bitcoin you know around a thousand going up to 4,000 and it's just seen it time and time again everything exploding keeping pace moving into the end of 2017 into 2018 there's going to be an incredible increase in market cap for cryptocurrency I'm putting my forecasts out around 400 billion by 2018 and as we get into 2018 and 19 that's going to ramp up four or five times that but as more people get onboard there could be an exponential increase that I'm not factoring in but what I am factoring in is spot returns on Lenina now if you think Lenina that is going to be a baby push in weather compared to what's about to happen so when I start to look at the global crops that are most affected during cooler weather periods wheat is one of those so you would expect wheat to start rising in price right away soya beans as well and isn't it interesting how China bought almost the entire US soybean crop for 2017 to import back to China this year now wonder if they're going to digitize that and store it in warehouses inside China because at the rate they're going off the AC chain that's exactly what I would do is every time I get grain lumber or whatever it is that's in access sitting around in China that they're not able to sell on the market and there's a glut of a lot of stuff why not digitize it and let everybody take ownership of it so when it increases in price later on people will be able to use the increase in that to then restart the economy again in the local area or the country that's issuing that coin or the token and we talked about rising food prices those of you who lived through 2008 and nine which we all did we saw that massive run up an oil prices we saw the massive run up and everything prices silver gold grains you name it it was up and then it crashed food prices people pulled out of their disposable spending because fuel costs more money at that time as well as everything else the spending habits changed a lot local businesses suffered and this is nothing I mean nothing to what's coming because in two thousand eight and nine you could ship spending habits you could carpool with people you could drive less you could work from home you could do a lot of other things to try to minimize expenses based on passed down costs on rising fuel prices but this time it's different it's based on food price increases and yield decreases in the ground solar minimum everybody eats every day there's no way to escape at this time there's no way to shift your spending pattern away from food this is absolutely going to pull out of the economy and this is what's going to collapse at this time when food doubles or triples in price there's no way the economy can survive all that extra money that would be spent out in the economies Reid averted in food also another prediction by 2020 America will have totally done away with all these mandated ethanol fuels because we look at it question food or fuel riots on the streets people protesting everyday severe social unrest based on food prices you're not going to be diverting that over into the gas tank they're going to try to get every farmer to use every single square inch of arable land within the United States to try to feed its citizens and so will every other country but they're going to have to battle with the change in weather patterns the out of season storms that are going to decimate crops cold weather when it should be warm it's going to be just a difficult time keeping up any types of yield coming out of our traditional grow zones hence the underlying assets if the global economy has crashed and the fiat currency is no longer accept that are believed in and the entire confidence is gone out of that system are you really going to send your 60,000 tons of wheat over in a ship to another country on an LC through a sketchy bank that may or may not pay you I guarantee you will not you're going to move over into a smart contract where that money is locked in before that thing leaves port and if you think hyperinflation can't happen anywhere in the world it can and it will and the only way to protect yourself it won't matter if that's the u.s. dollar if your underlying assets either a Bitcoin or aetherium or aetherium classic or Manero or whatever it is – or dogecoin I don't care what you're holding that paper money is meaningless to you because your value is stored in a different asset that's tradable so why would you even look at the dollar value of it because it doesn't have anything to do with dollars anymore it'll be a tradable asset amongst peers in its own ecosystem of value let's go back to 2008 and 9 for a moment average spending on the left side US consumers were pushing about one hundred and ten dollars a day after the crash they were pushing less than 60 so moving out let's say the average spending 60 today because I know the economy has not recovered as reported in the media across most of the globe so we'll put will peg it at 60 bucks now if you drop another 50 off of that you're telling me the average daily spending for Americans is going to be $10 so my question is truly the whole video is focusing on when will these grain harvest start to be digitized and move through smart contracts and as I see it there will be an asset class for every investor with an IC o—- token coin for every size of deliverable agricultural commodity from this 60 kg bag here to the barge size and what about multiple barges and the 60,000 tonne break bark vessels each one of these cargo capacity will have a different coin associated with its volume and whether it be corn or soy or oats or millet or sorghum or cooking oils or whatever it is you see the future and when I really wasn't joking when I was talking about there's probably going to be at 2019 US a week coin created to digitize part of the 2019 harvest it's going to come that fast Senate all comes down to the global acceptance of this digital currency it is so early right now only the bravest and what people might be considered innovators are in it at the moment there's less than 2% of the global population even knows what this stuff is how to get into it how to even buy it how to trade it they don't even know the names except for Bitcoin and maybe you might know aetherium or litecoin maybe even know what a treasure wallet is if you say treasure they think you're talking about a planet somewhere else so how do you get people to accept it first you're going to run the news to death with Bitcoin surging in price it was 3,200 after the fork Bitcoin cash also surged in price now Bitcoin today 4,200 watch how the news media runs with it and then they need to get you to get into a debit card we all accept debit cards you shift sideways cryptocurrency debit card and also if you're going to want to send money you're going to have to make it incredible easy we're going to have to put it into a word for me th as an address so I can send you money or receive it and we look at the Bitcoin capitalization itself 43 billion and wherever you're looking these charts coin market cap or Polonia bid tracks whatever you want to use for your trading platform it just shows the same upward trend it was hundreds of percent gained on every single ICO and coin that was out on the market that's captured a lot of people's attention and now they're talking about it mainstream moment for Bitcoin here as it gains public acceptance from one percent of the population or even 0.03 percent of the population imagine if it's at this price at four thousand dollars and there's less than one percent of the population in on it there's 99 percent of others that need to put their money into it what do you think the value of one of those is going to be at the end of the run when one hundred percent of the globe moves into digital currency it's going to go lockstep right here with this grand solar minimum forecast so you can see where most of the upward momentum is going to take place there's going to be a giant shift in 2018 you're going to need to include central banks now Korea is in a super node for blockchain and and they're also coupling with a sea chain and then we get the Japanese government legalizing Bitcoin and they're also putting a sea chain on their exchanges now we got the Ukraine got India crypto derivatives got digital asset investments Australia is getting in on it with the Bitcoin exchanges Series A funding hedge funds now so all these mainstream instruments for investment that we're used to hearing about in the traditional stock markets are just moving over they seem so much more safe when you term it something different the SEC is cracking down on icos so for the average citizen while the SEC is involved it must be much safer now all these global financial service companies have been in since 2015 and you're just hearing about it how safe it's getting now they have a two-year head start on you and these are major players here for the CM II groups the one that catches my attention out of most of that and if you haven't dug into the etherium Alliance this is a corporate settlement instrument that they're working on to work between themselves using digital currency for settlement that's not the sovereign or their international settlement instrument and it's more of this gets into the mainstream media and now they're offering MasterCard and debit cards with crypto and it's making it easier to get into the exchanges and allow Bitcoin cash withdrawals off a debit card once this happens we'll be really mainstream acceptance oh wow I could just put my money in a different place that's safer and I can still get it out with an ATM card awesome I will get into that and all these debit cards becoming so mainstream now there's even icos for these types of cards with Monaco you got – 10x bit pay with a visa shift with a visa for Americans and even more regulatory news coming out it's going to appear much safer now they closed down btc-e exchange over those bad people in the dark web we would like how safe it is now put your money in we're closing down all the the nastiness taken out all the IC o—- is going to regulate those closed-down exchanges your money is much safer now please put it in Nasdaq going on to the block sing-along with New York Stock Exchange once these two major exchanges hit that it's over it'll be full acceptance of the global population we'll jump into it especially if we get over into Bank of England daresay are they also involved then these new stories coming out how to mine Bitcoin and then whoa there's 21 Inc put a Bitcoin mining device on your new iPhones oh well it's only to mine smart contracts interesting how those couple together and now what's termed enigma catalyst is going to usher in micro crypto funds so any of those unbanked people on the planet that live on $2 a day you're welcome also in the new scheme of things we have a fund just for you a coin just for you it's a micro crypto fund now the last thing is going to be how to send it to people if you can't send it and it's difficult to understand nobody's going to use it so let's simplify it aetherium name service and if you haven't heard of this it's the way that you change your ether address which is the 30 digit numeral and alphabet code which is difficult you make one mistake on your private key or your address and your money's gone to another person we're all familiar with dotnet org calm let's change that into dot ETH now it's human readable so wallet dot ETH that's easy and then you can create a sub-domain off of that as well like NIC dot wallet value th so what about your family surely dot e th and then you can put your son or your daughter in their son dot surely dot EU th daughter dot surely dot EU th and all these subdomains can be just run out as well if you own dot e th address if you didn't get on that the auction started several months ago and when we talk about digitizing all assets and everything on this planet it can be encompassed in this diagram right here from money to energy to art to videos to IP to labor to commodities and anything in between can now be digitized commoditized in a coin issued for an IC o—- on the value on that and my whole thing is one are they going to start digitizing people because your labor is also value that they can issue a coin on we're going to issue coin based on a country's workforce Japan worker token what are you going to jump in on that they're going to do the productivity of the Japanese economy based on hours worked or something or monies earned that's where it's going though and then we come to Li Bor going to be phased out by 2021 isn't that convenient that they need to have everything in place by 2021 where do you think that three hundred and fifty trillion dollars in securities and derivatives is going to make its way into you think that's going to dissolve into nothing are you kidding me that's just going to slide sideways right into cryptocurrency and when three hundred and fifty trillion gets put in there bitcoins are going to be well over a million US dollars and there will be so many altcoins built off of this as well I could see in the future hundreds of thousands of all coins with all these icos a Bank of England proof of concept using Ripple with the 350 trillion in securities that they need to move somewhere because some of these derivative contracts are going to settle past the 2021 date that's going to put everything in limbo they're going to have to have a different system to settle it so you can see at least a large portion at three fifty trillion moving over into digital currency space it's about China trying to build out these quantum communications networks the actual global distribution usage and security for crypto currency transactions in our daily lives can be implemented and then the PBOC is going to start its own un replacement coin and then you have neo coming in and then they're digitizing all the actual physical assets and you can see the timeline they're racing against if you can also see how much money is going to flow into this whole digital currency space just using the grand solar minimum forecast food prices are going to increase social unrest and they're trying to avoid that the best they can and also think about the investments into food growing we're going to need to move a lot of food indoors with LED growing systems shifting of agricultural zones different kind of seeds that will be more Hardy in the new climate we'll have to finance new machinery new seeds hold new distribution chains in agriculture this can all be done if there's actually value somewhere by using a Fiat dollar or a Fiat euro in the future as everything is collapsing around it's not going to work there has to be value somewhere that people perceive as value and it's just going to be this I so clearly seeing into the future that I see this movie playing out before me this is how it is going to move so as the second amplification occurs from 2018 and 19 in the weather change on the ground solar minimum also there should be at least a four X or a 16 X increasing cryptocurrency valuation and it's the more expensive food becomes the more money will also go into the crypto space so if you're in now you're in early you're going to be a multi-millionaire if not billionaire by the time this runs its course into 2025 and then more news coming out just a couple days ago coinbase just raised another hundred million US dollars a coin base being a coin base customer with terrible customer support having problems with two-factor identification eight tickets in trying to solve a problem with you all you absolutely need to improve your customer service it's horrible thanks for watching hope you got something out of the video our life is going to be so drastically different so very very different from this point forward I hope you can adapt to change because that's all it's going to be from this point forward is changing non-stop continuous metamorphic ground shaking inconceivable changes and you're going to have to roll with it and I hope this gives you a head start of where it's going so you can position yourself correctly to benefit off this you should be thriving during this time you should not be a pauper at the end of this time with this information that you just watch this video you need to be coming out of the backside of this a multi-millionaire and helping others along the way too that's the whole point just don't win it all greedy and try to get as much as you can and leave everybody in the dust bring people along with you help people along the way there's going to be a lot of mental breakdowns during this time there's going to be such a high suicide rate during this time you need to explain to people what's going on that it cycles in the Sun not to worry about their wealth there's other ways to preserve wealth and not to worry about the food you can grow your own food you can work with your community you know it's coming so you can start to prepare right now in advance for all these changes and on a last note with the world in such disarray right now economically and you can see government's spending so carelessly and recklessly and you look at it and good they're using no common sense it's impossible what they're doing how do they expect to pay anything back they never will they won't they don't intend to and all your retirement savings that's locked up into this system is absolutely going to vanish and speaking of those using digital platforms thank you so much Daniel Kristen and Tom for your contributions through PayPal dot me slash adapt 2030 I've also listed my cryptocurrency deposit addresses below so if you feel you found this video informative in some way that can help you benefit through the future please consider patreon or a cryptocurrency deposit

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  1. Digital mediums I believe are destined to fail when the energy wars start.Where is crypto going to be with no power? Or are you betting on Skynet doing the job? Etherium has not performed well compared with other currencies either.

  2. I had a look at ACCchain which was launched on the 11th of Feb this year and it looks like a pump and dump
    Can you give us your thoughts? I love your channel

  3. An X class solar flare direct hit to the planet, an EMP attack or grid collapse due to the weather and/or social anarchy ALL equal no more power to computers and POOF, there go all the bitcoins and blockchains. It's a dead end. Love everything else you've put out. Thanx.

  4. China banning crypto exchanges is a symptom of the problem I see in it's adoption. Crypto siphons money and power away from government. When they view it as a potential threat, they shut it down or regulate it. How do think crypto and government will eventually team up? Or, perhaps, do you envision a world devoid of government regulation?

  5. Another thing you failed to realize is, if the food supply is severely impacted, countries will bar exports of foodstuffs and ration. It's happened many times in the past.

  6. So, using digital currencies to settle international contracts makes sense. However, having all your personal assets in coin doesn't. Fiat currency changes very little from day to day but, crypto is very volatile. Humans are too timid to put all their possessions into a medium that can swing 10 to 20 percent in a day or week. It's just not going to happen unless governments step in and force the issue.

  7. I loved his explanation of how Ethereum, as a smart contact, is solving the supply chain problem at the receiving docks. Critics say cryptos have no value other than the mania hype holding them up, but that is just not the case, especially with smart contracts. And then he described RETs and other types of coins that can slide into other tangible goods. Very informative!!HOWEVER…the science of his explanation of the grand solar minimum and how it will affect the temperature of the planet and our weather is totally false. Sorry. I am totally positive on that one. Especially the comments on volcanism made us laugh. I think we may make a Science Fact response video and post it on our Peel's Maker Studio You Tube channel.

    In short..1.) Solar minimums are times where the magnetic fields lines in the sun are more aligned and are less entangled. Solar minimums and maximums have nothing to do with the energy (photon) released from the sun, from which the earth receives its heat. All energy from the sun is fusion in and around the core. It is constant and doesn't fluctuate in the way that he is talking about in this video. What happens on the sun surface, the sun spots and these field alignments or entanglements, called solar minimums and maximums, don't change the amount of energy emitted from the sun.

    2.)So these changes in the magnetics field lines would not affect the weather on earth or any temperature cycle and CERTAINLY not any volcanic activity on earth. Volcanos are not affected by the atmospheric conditions, they are determined by plate tectonics and the heat movements inside the earth. The earth could be floating in an void and the volcanos would still be doing the same thing they always do.

    3.) We HAVE to mention Cosmic Rays! He mentioned that they will cause cloud cover and volcanos. WHAT??? NO! Cosmic Rays just are charged particles that are traveling in interstellar space. We have them passing through us right now, all the time, more so outside the atmosphere and earth's protective magnetic field. But they DO NOT affect our weather nor our volcanic activity. See number 2 above.

    4.) The charts on the video seem very manipulated and not very scientific. They don't show a true relationship with solar minimum or maximum activity and temperature. The minimums happen every 14 years, so it would be pretty easy find a significant historical event to coincide with a solar minimum to back up any claim. It's kind a logic argument game tactic.

    While the gentleman in the video may truly believe what he is saying, the science facts don't back him up. I still gained a lot from his explanation of the Chinese culture and the crypto relationships.

  8. I think there is more coming into play here then what you just described. Our weather events are no longer natural. And the digital will lead to the mark of the beast ,666. The powers that run the earth are going to destroy the earth and kill off about 2 billion people. So while everyone is going along business as usual they will miss the underlining zeitgeist. The changes will come but most will not understand why. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

  9. I see from their Business White Paper that the Chinese Achain project, formerly ACC changed its name to 'ACT' in July'17. Reading the ACT Business White paper has me questioning: "Is this where the action will be? See https://www.achain.com/Achain_business_white_paper_translate.pdf where it speaks of "trusted blockchains" (!), "replacable protocols", and "replacable consensus algorithms" (!) … "urging people to use digital assets" "already 100 kinds of assets" "1000 transactions per second" "digitization of assets", KYC & biometric ID technologies", digitization of gold". ACT is no longer on listed Coinmarket but its website news is current.

  10. With all due respect, a much more basic explanation of the function of cryptocurrencies – and what insures their security and resistance to manipulation is warranted for most.

  11. David, I so enjoyed and shared this video, watched it several times, shared with many friends.
    I would really like your thoughts on how the ‘de-dolarization’ of the dollar as world reserve currency effects the speed to change to crypto. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-21/petrodollar-under-attack-heres-what-you-need-know
    Fo years I tracked the proposals from South America, China, Africa and others on a gold backed, new world currency to replace the dollar as the reserve currency. I now fully believe what you have said in this video, the change will be to crypto, not another fiat currency based on a market basket of separate nations values.
    Please comment on this.
    Have you set up a website for this yet?

  12. Thank you for so indeed helpful information and unexpected insights in this concurrency world hip.. You have dune really great job. A lot of us in need of this kind of news. God bless you and dont stop doing this great endeavour to enlighten us please.

  13. This is a wonderful video!

    I do have a question though……….In your example of grain, why would anyone want to join in a transaction when the underlying currency (let's say bitcoin) fluctuates in price dramatically? One of the advantages (if there is one) in the current system is the relative stability of the petrodollar – i.e. both parties pretty much know what they are dealing with. I wonder how contracts are settled in Venezuela now days…………………….

  14. Western people often don't even believe that entangled quantum communications exists. They think of it as sci-fi.

  15. There is NO CONNECTION of ACC to IMF – verified with phone calls (search for recorded phone calls with IMF on YT ie jsnip4)

  16. Wow, outstanding work ! But I think your connecting dots that might not be there. I can see ACC Coin (digitizing assets and smart contracts) being a great step forward for countries that use or produce commodities… much better than the archaic future's markets. There are already US-based ACC-type coins for digitizing assets – there will be many more coming in the future. So an ACC 'control of the world' type scenario is not gonna happen. And finally, US farmers are getting crushed with giant crops (wheat, corn, soybeans) and decade low prices since they CAN NOT SELL them… The prices say the opposite what your video claims… Sorry, China DID NOT buy the US Soybean crop… US farmers w/ RECORD soybeans out the wazoo!

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