Time to Start Mining Ravencoin Again? [VLOG#108]

other news RTX 2080s launched was
supposed performance equal to the previous gen a titan which is a $3,000 CARD CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and investing Cryptoslo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys Tuesday so what’s going on on Tuesday well all kinds of stuff we
had the Warren Buffett justin sun lunch canceled postponed
Justin sun claiming he has kidney stones so yeah I actually knew a couple people
are gonna go out that way to support the lunch and yeah it’s kind of a bummer and
immediately after the announcement the TRX price got slammed I just don’t
understand that mentality of you know it’s almost like price manipulation and
funny like someone that has a massive stack of Tron
they just sell to try to flood the project I mean it’s not going anywhere
it’s being used a lot and you know so you know that’s that supposedly they’re
rescheduling the lunch there’s all other kinds of accusations and stuff but
whatever so hopefully they get that together and get that sorted out and we
get the justice son know Warren Buffett lunch under way other news RTX 2080s
launched was supposed performance equal to the previous gen a Titan which is a
three thousand dollar card so that sounds fantastic you know hey maybe it’s
time to start mining again you know put that baby on Raven and let it go
unfortunately as soon as I went to buy it it’s already
house it’s already sold out so you know that’s that’s a frustrating thing about
Nvidia is they they release that this card is going to be well they said that
20 80 was going to be $6.99 performance of the $3,000 Titan previous
gen and that’s sweet that’s sweet card at
that price point you know it’d be worth get one of those and just letting it run
you know previously I had about four or five 1080p eyes running and then you
know at the bear the crypto winner at the ends I squeezed every last bit out
of them and then I sold them to gamers you know at him at about 80% so I was
very happy with my investment in my ten nhe eyes I really was excited to get a
twenty eighty and I actually may poke around on the internet today to see
maybe if new eggs got him or something I don’t know
that would be would be cool to get one you know I could start some mining
videos up again I know it’s not necessarily profitable from an
electricity standpoint but you know there are still a lot of hobby miners
out there and you know I had a lot of fun doing it was a lot of fun
but yeah so that is the Archie X 2080 super so check those out check the specs
out it’s a pretty sweet card now steaming so as you know I’ve started
if you haven’t seen in the links below I started multi casting my content on
two different platforms and I’ll also to also slowly developing my role on
different platforms of different content initially though I’m multi casting so
I’m putting out on mines D to steam and it’s I have an instant account now and
Twitter of course you know Twitter obviously is kind of separate let’s have
it going slow so I’ve had that going for a while
but steam I tell you you know I really want to like steam you know I support
their whole concept of free speech and fact that you know they’re not flagging
and censoring every single freaking video like YouTube does I mean YouTube
for love of Pete has asked in that filter now a girl in a bikini could be
considered poised for D monetization it’s just super duper duper conservative
yet on TV they show murder and all this stuff
I just I just don’t understand yeah it’s the it’s the leftist come servile
ism of youtube that is shining through so anyways i’m posting on multiple
platforms and you know I love Steve I love it it’s
pretty damn complicated I mean that it is it is I mean the traditional person you’re like
what’s my address well your address is your is your username a lot of people
don’t know that and if you google it you really don’t get that information there
was actually some broken links on how to get steam in your steam account so I’m
probably gonna do a new steam tutorial because I think sometimes when they
think things are so obvious they’re really not obvious because as a new user
to steam you know why do I find it confusing well you got like five keys a
posting key and active PE login key it’s just it’s ridiculous so if somebody
signs up and you bombard them with all of this information
it’s a lot to take in and you’re just confused as hell and then you’re posting
content and you’re not making any money like and then you’re like well you got
to get on the curation trail and then they’re paying more money to people that
are finding content than the people that are making the content which I find that
I find that a little weird you know that the people finding the content are paid
more than the people it’s just confusing so yeah so I’m trying to figure it out
join some curation trails and figure out how all this uploading and stuff works
because what uh something I really don’t understand it and if you told me to
explain it to somebody I would probably have a really hard time explaining it
and on that note the new detail format it only takes one time any sense so maybe they’re just trying
to downplay tags but t-tube is basically the YouTube of steam so basically people
can post on the blockchain videos and they’re there now they’re
there forever but they can be filtered out by the UI though obviously still but
yeah yeah I really want to like steam they you know I think they just need to
make it simpler for people and content creators to get into and I guess like I
said I don’t understand how to get paid on Steam because I’m putting out a lot
of content and I’m not I’m not about making pennies like I said I have figured it out
we will see you know what we have to do with that so oh yeah and there’s there’s
been some questions about the Tron bet token swap and in a nutshell you’re
getting two thousand three hundred fifty one wind tokens or wink tokens whatever
the Frick they call it for every ent that you had frozen if you didn’t have
your from Pantene frozen during the swap there’s a swap tool that allows you to
swap it out at 70 percent now with that being said you may want to consider
selling your anti OTC because there might be a market for it
because some people what you ask people won’t be able to get in on the finance
launchpad so there may be people looking before Nancy even though the swap rates
is 70% so keep in mind if you didn’t have it frozen during the swap you now
get 70% swap value so really not much else to say about that
bankroll updates divs and like divs have been just absurd really really solid
bankers thinking coming up hope to get some news about that I’ll release a
video on that see what’s up with that make sure everyone knows how to do it I
tried stating on – in the dank piggy bank I hid there was no deposit button
and it ate my it ate my freaking coins so I posted several times and they say
they’re gonna sort it out but whatever no really it’s yeah they should have had
a button that said deposit not just hit the down arrow so yeah I guess I’m dumb
sometimes when it comes to like and stuff like that
but anyways that’s pretty much the news today we’re seeing a little pullback
overall on most of the points you know I just just wanted to go definitely know
second phase of the halt season yet we’re still kind of sitting on those
bags but I still continue to focus on accumulating Bitcoin that has been my
primary focus I’ve been taking all my divs that I get from platforms
I’ve been exchanging them big boy you know
do my darndest to get to that one because I do think it is essential that
you have at least one big before the having so yeah but I’ll do
actually do a video on that whole topic here shortly but that’s it that’s
today’s news hope you have a great day this is crypto slow like subscribe turn
on bail notifications this is crypto slo if your not talking gains then were not talking.

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  1. TronDash is working great , I felt that same at first though deposit button was missing then figured it out, then my deposits didnt show up. Today though divs are amazing !!!

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