34 thoughts on “Time to Short Bitcoin? Probably Not…”

  1. Best Crypto Youtuber, no close second. Ivan is nice too. Sunny Decree would be all right but his shilling for Bitmex is hardcore.

  2. Hey Cam (or anyone) where do ya get that BTC chart with the buy/sell walls flipped horizontally and sitting on the right side of the main chart? Looked everywhere but … crickets.

  3. 11k would be the confirmation vor a bull market shorting the 9.5 to 10k zone would make sens
    hold above 8250 7800 would be bullish lets go correction comming …

  4. Im HODL on BTC
    Shorting ETH
    Work my ass off for $
    Put in those Crypto.
    My kids can go hungry

    Not really I do what I do for them

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