Tim Draper On CNBC, XRP And Sentbe Runs On Ripple

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I just got back from going on a jog slash walk I'm starting to starting to get back into it I took quite I took quite a break from with all the a sieve and all that stuff I took a break and kind of took it easy for a while but I'm starting to get back into it and I'm and I'm really um feeling right if that makes any sense I got this from ticket attorney at fix tickets Vegas that sounds like a God that would be a good god I knew in Las Vegas okay next he gave me this and what this is this was a tweet from Anthony pump Leon oh where he was talking about this lady the amazing what is her name Morgan Beller will never get the credit she deserves for convincing David Marcus and Facebook to pursue digital currency so anyway he was just doing a tweet poor Anthony pump leonov can't win for losing sometimes with the XRP community he um brady Nields came in and he says sorry so riffle has been passing notes to whom anyway they didn't down here he says what's telling is jessica said more Morgan Creek capital can't invest in XRP for the same reason they can't earn xlm it was something about the centralization of ownership I'm curious about the qualifiers they used to define central and then pump replied to and I feel sorry for Anthony promptly on it because he's such a good guy and he and he's he's always trying to be diplomatic on this and he's it's not that he's some anti XRP guy I've always felt my gut two things the first is that he's a closet XRP holder but the second is the reason that he doesn't talk about excerpt is that he knows ultimately and the ticket attorney kind of says what I think about it why he doesn't talk about it all I'll get to that first there's a difference between ripple XRP I've said publicly that ripple is an ambitious company that would become very valuable if successful XRP is less obvious to me now I don't believe that I don't think that's I don't think he really thinks that as for centralization we exclude anything with less than 30% of total supply held by issuer related party ticket attorney came in and said what I think what I believe it's very obvious pump is amazing to the industry I follow him and love lead us for the crypto community but he's afraid of excerpt he as he is a Bitcoin guy and XRP can flip Bitcoin and market cap very easily it's that simple about money for everyone um so anyway I kind of think that too but and partly on it is still a good guy and he's never trying to be a jerk about any of this and so I think that he deserves the benefit of the doubt next from mr. b XR p @ XR p mr. sent me this and this was a tweet about something that crypto Eddy had shown and I think that's what we're talking about yeah um that for those of you that don't follow crypto Eddy she is our YouTube for the XRP communities the youtuber out of Japan and so she's a great resource if you don't follow her already and she's at SEM TOS um B um osa be a if you want to follow her on Twitter and then it's crypto it's crypto Eddy that's crypto e are I I believe is how you say that yeah e RI so give her a subscribe on YouTube as well she's really good really smart and just a really nice person as well but it says um crypto Eddy is a professional and never hike scene in her videos so I'll do it for her this could be something or nothing but SBI remit announces a MoneyGram update for international remittances on July 21st 2019 and this is what was on her channel right here SBI remit due to the regular maintenance of MoneyGram which we have partnered with internet remittances and convenience store remittances will not be available from the member site during the following hours on Sunday July 21st very interesting stuff ok next I wanted to show you this for those of you that have not seen this the first thing I want you to see is that all of a sudden after I made that smart aleck your mark on Twitter to CNBC I don't know if they're watching my thing or if they just somehow found out they need to correct their error they kept on the graphics people at CNBC kept leaving ripple and XRP off of the screen they would put like going on there but they wouldn't put ripple and XRP which is in third place in market cap and so finally every time I've seen crypt of these lists on on CNBC since last week now we're seeing ripple and XRP Tim Draper was on on on TV and I love watching trimmed Tim Durbin for that for those of you that don't know he's a Bitcoin guy he's a billionaire he runs a has a venture capital firm maybe I think more than one venture capital firm but the guy is really smart now he's another one of those that will never say ripple or XRP unless he specifically asked but again he's like pump leon oh he's invested in Bitcoin I think that he ultimately knows that it's that he needs to stay away from talking about XRP because I think these guys are wanting to make their money in Bitcoin first and then I think they see XRP as a later phase for whatever reason or something like that one day I'm gonna find out the answer to this mystery of why all these people will not say XRP but I wanted to tell you a couple of things Draper said in this video you can go to CNBC's channel if you want to watch the video well first thing he said he was talking about how this is all about to change the he said decentralization of the world is what is about to occur and he said it'll improve everyone's a lot now I also think at the same time I think it's going to improve a lot of lives especially people in poorer nations that will now be able to in essence have bank accounts on their phone where they haven't ever had bank accounts before they go and prove that they'll improve for them being able to get money sent into those countries that they couldn't get sent in before but I also think that is that digital assets are gonna create boobs or wealthy classes and there's going to be a pretty large separation between those uber wealthy who found digital assets early and and I think I've compared it to the Gilded Age and I'll get to that in a minute I'm going to show you something you can watch on that I've been watching this morning the Gilded Age that was one of the things that occurred during the Gilded Age and I'll get more into in a second but first here's what else Tim Draper said that caught my attention the first thing he said he used a word that brad Garlin house has used a lot he said Frick what the world will be frictionless to do business in leaf richland frictionless to do business around the world that was a phrase he used that is direct from Brad darling else I've heard him say it many times the other thing that he said which sent off bells in my head he says all these all he said bitcoins different than from the other all these other digital assets says all these other currencies are bridges to where we have a bit to where we will have a Bitcoin environment okay so he's basically I don't think that word bridges came out of nowhere this guy's listening he knows what's going on and then the other thing he was complaining about he was talking about how stupid this was he said we've got all these regulators in the United States he's basically said we have too many regulators and what it's doing is it's running innovators off to Malta and the Switzerland and to other parts of the world and he said what the United States is trying to do for instance with Libra he said they ought to just let Libra let Facebook develop leader he's what the u.s. is trying to do is they're trying to regulate ahead of the innovation he said that makes no sense whatsoever meanwhile in the US we've got our politicians that are tough that are talking about vidcom and have no understanding of what's going on and they're they're cutting they're putting a stranglehold on the United States I've told you before this is how nations die as leaders in the world just let that let a bunch of bureaucrats run your country into the ground trying to insert their egos every time someone's trying to make money as if that's some awful thing and instead of letting innovation happen just imagine what the United States would have been like if during the Gilded Age and they were trying to create railroads and the steel industry imagine if we had all the regulator's that we have now back then we may not have even become the United States as you know it now if we had all the regulation that we've got now okay well next in about that Gilded Age what I've been watching this morning is it's a PBS documentary about the Gilded Age the Gilded Age refers to when the railroads came about JP Morgan and the railroads and Carnegie and and the what else the creation of the steel industry and one of the interesting things that said in this documentary that you don't think about when steel came along and and was actually invented more or less that that what that did is all of a sudden all of the infrastructure of the United States was literally replaced with steel bridges and all this these things you know these politicians for the last few years have been talking about rebuilding bridges and all that we don't know where all that money went they just talk about it but back during the Gilded Age they actually did rebuild the bridges with better better materials they when steel came about well and then you had the railroads and the tracks laid for the railroads around the country and all of a sudden materials could be moved from place to place and so what what the Gilded Age is about is you had you had a two different worlds you it was it created a class of people like the Vanderbilts and the JPMorgan's and though that class of people and and they were mega mega wealthy and held they were in the top 1% and held most of the country's wealth meanwhile you had the most of the population didn't have near what those people had and so they the Gilded Age is kind of like it's kind of got a negative slant but anyway the bottom line is what I believe that we're in a similar period where major major changes are about to occur and I believe that a lot of the people that that did not see this a lot of your friends and family who only ask you about digital assets every time the market starts to go up I believe a lot of those people are gonna miss out on on this I believe a lot of them already have missed out but I think it's going to be very it's going to be very obvious I believe that and I told I can't remember who I told this the other day but I believe that many of us that saw digital assets very early I believe we're many of us are going to be very wealthy and at the same time I believe that we're gonna be very lonely in that will because I don't believe a lot of people are gonna get to participate in what's coming because they still don't get it and it'll be too late faster than you think that's what I believe okay next from Sheena Patel I'm sorry not Gina to tell at jikido it's jikido McPhee these guys are both doing so well recently that sometimes I'll see one and think the other one sent me this sent me runs on ripple from at se v3m sou L runs on ripple this is a commercial that they're running now set be smart remittance start today runs on rip when you can download load that in Google Play or the App Store I'm the digital asset investor not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that sent B does run on ripple now thanks for listening you

27 thoughts on “Tim Draper On CNBC, XRP And Sentbe Runs On Ripple”

  1. Thank God Digital Asset Investor doesn't own hedge funds. They would miss out on so many gains seen in many other cryptos! Pompliano is doing it right.

  2. What a load of BS. Pompliano is right. Ripple (a private company may have a bright future), but XRP is highly questionable. Also keep in mind that these are hedge fund managers and interested in returns. XRP doesn't give you that so why put their clients wealth into a non performer?? They would be sacked by their clients asap. None of the hedge funds touch XRP. Stop spinning the truth.

  3. I say these guys should sell some of their Btc holdings and start stuffing their Xrp bags then you will be happy to talk about Xrp unless it is a Nda issue.

  4. People in the limelight steer away from Xrp topic because their Bitcoin Bags are really full and dont want to lose their profits in their holdings.

  5. The mystery isn't really hard to figure out. These people really believe that Bitcoin is the only true Crypto Asset….period….! Some of them will accept Ethereum, but they do not accept anything else. They believe all the Altcoins are just trying to be another Bitcoin. We know otherwise, because we understand the tech behind Ripples XRP, Cardano ADA, Blockones EOS…etc…etc Bitcoin is the Dinosaur of the industry, those in the know, understand that the Crypto/Blockchain Space is far beyond the simple Bitcoin Tech of POW protocols used on Blockchains Ecosystems. Eventually the rest world will catch on to how much bigger these new "third" generation protocols are and what they can achieve with them. Think of it this way, the world is just waking up to Bitcoin now….it will take another few years before the world catches on to "Third" generations Crypto's…..but when they do, the early adopters are gonna be the ones who reap the rewards on a massive scale.

  6. I have my XRP bags pretty full, that being said, the longer I can buy XRP 3/$1 the better. The Crypto space represents most of humanity, zero patience. You cry, I buy.

  7. Thomas Edison told his friend Big Jim Diamond that copper was a good investment after he invented the light bulb. Big Jim did and bought up copper mines and shares and went on to become wealthy beyond imagination. We are in the right place and almost at the right time. Hang on in there.

  8. 6:20 min , answer : Power. Their biggest investment is based on BTC if you shift that to any other coin their power will be also shift to others investors. Bitcoin is not for the people anymore is for the institutions and riches. We still have a second chance here with alts and I guess they don’t want this at least for now.

  9. I think all these guys that have large bitcoin positions also have large XRP positions. But why screw what you can make on bitcoin by rushing the XRP explosion that is inevitably coming.

  10. I all way said that. Ripple the company will be very secsefull on our accounts.
    XRP Community investing for ripple secses. $3:00 XRP probably we SEE IN FEW years from now

  11. Was just watching some old Ripple videos. Did you know you have more subscribers and more views on your videos than the actual company?!?! How is that possible? Don’t get me wrong, I love your content and listen to all your videos ?

  12. Why would/wouldn’t they mention XRP? If they move bitcoin , everything else moves and everyone makes money. You move just XRP , nothing else will move but maybe XLM. It’s about making money while minimizing as much risk as possible.

  13. I believe The Whales of XRP do not want XRP to top Bitcoin right now …That could really make the BTC crowd very disillusioned with a psychological blow ..

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