Tikebit – Cryptocurrency Bridge

Who else wants an easy bridge to the world of cryptocurrencies? Join thousands of people, just like you, who are already using the ingenious Tikebit cryptocurrency bridge card to cross over and finally get in on all those amazing cryptocurrency opportunities. Previously, if you couldn’t use a bank or didn’t want to, you could never enter that world. But now, with a Tikebit card, you suddenly have a bridge to give you to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, or ethers or the cryptocurrency of your choice. Tikebit is like a voucher that you buy right in your neighbourhood. You can thenredeem it instantly for the cryptocurrency you need. Tikebit is totally bankless, totally private, totally fast and totally local. There are tens of thousands of Tikebit locations right now – including your local shops, pubs and petrol stations. And there will soon be millions more as the ingenious Tikebit idea spreads around the world like wildfire Because it’s easy as one, two, three. One: Buy the Tikebit card at your local shop. Two: Use the PIN code on your Tikebit card through your mobile device to access reliable cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms like Bit2Me or Uphold. Three: Instantly get bitcoins or ethers or whatever you need. The ingenious Tikebit card. A bridge to cryptocurrencies for the people. If your local shops don’t have Tikebit cards yet, ask them what the heck they’re waiting for. Tikebit, your cryptocurrency bridge. Find your closest point at www.tikebit.com

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