Tibia, Where to Solo PG a Lvl 40+ Knight

Hey what’s up this is gudii and today i’m
going to show my favorite spawn to PG my Knight And yes i really mean it when i said it was
my favorite spawn, I mostly hunted here until level 80 with a few exceptions of trying out
other spawns to have more material for videos However, Despite trying multiple spawns i
would see myself coming back here because the EXP Was always similar or higher here. The spawn as you can see its in the Coryms
of Port Hope, Some of you might of recognized this spawn on first glance since i made a
video of this spawn with my paladin when i was around lvl 30 On this case however i didnt come until after
i was lvl 35 because i needed exori. But before getting further i wanna give a
disclaimer that this knight was indeed offline trained and the only reason that i leveled
him was to have some recordings for videos in the future but i
will most likely make new versions when a new server comes up and i main an EK there Anyways. Moving on to the actual spawn, As you can
see this is meant to be a great place for AOE hunting, Not so much for mages since there’s
very little space to run properly, however knights actually
benefit from this as you can do small pulls and continue moving wihtout ever running out
of spawn That’s why i kept on hunting here even after
lvl 70 because it honestly never runs out of monsters and the faster i can kill the
better the spawn can be. But sure, It will be boring really quick… However if you’re looking for some good exp
you should definitely give it a chance. I started at around lvl 40 and it wasnt easy
due to only having one AoE spell so you gotta cast the exori and move away while the CD
comes back up Despite this the EXP will still be pretty
good, I was making around 200k on green at this level while looting stuff. After a couple hunts i started to loot less
and find better hunting routes I ended up making a full circle on this floor,
As i got more levels i would start going down this hole clear this area and then go back
up and continue the circle This is enough even at level 70, and the reason
i was still hunting here at that level was because once i got the Exori Min spell i was
able to kill pulls in 2 spells which greatly improved my experience. But as i was making htis video i realized
that i dont have recordings of my hunts at higher levels so i decided to do a quick hunt
on my EK at his current level Just to properly show you the route that i
follow and how i was hunting at lvl 70, Now there’s not much of a improvement in terms
of experience because i’m still using the same spells and even though
i do have higher skills than i did back then it doesnt affect the overall EXP as i’m still
killing monsters in a combo of an exori and exori min On this hunt i didnt bother to loot since
i was only trying to find out the experience i can make but back then i did loot. And as a suggestion, its better to loot the
gold over most of the rare items they drop like the shields and weapons, The only actual
items that are worth picking up are the ratanas, leather
harness and the rat god dolls. And of course the creature product, But if
you loot the gold your hunts will be much less wasteful. Which is something that i havent pointed out
yet but this spawn is straight up waste. if you loot everything you might make back
half of the amount yozu spend As for the experience on this current level
at this pace i was making 560k on 225%, which would be around 340k on 150% aka green stamina. Which is around the EXP i remember making
here, Which honestly i still think its still pretty good for under lvl 80’s So assuming you follow my route you sohuld
be making around alteast 300k exp on Green, Skills and equipment dont affect the exp too
much, I recommend using BoH to move from each pull faster and the equipment
can be whatever you already have. For supplies just bring your cap maxd out
on manas and always bring health potions, I used them a lot after level 50 because it
was more efficient to heal with strong health potions than kiting with
exura ico. And thats it for this video, i hope you give
it a chance and let me know how much exp you made. See you next time.

15 thoughts on “Tibia, Where to Solo PG a Lvl 40+ Knight”

  1. Been going here with my paladin level 40~
    You mentioned that it's a tight place, but it works quiet nice with a few stealth rings in the bag.
    Only the Corym Vanguard can see through stealth, so if you get swarmed by the smaller ones, just put one ring on and kill the big ones.
    I made around 110k xp/h and didn't lose too much of money. Worth trying out if you are a RP!

  2. Although the exp is OK (not that good tbh), this is also the most wasteful spawn. He has Green Stamina + Whatever else = 225% more experience.
    In 7 minutes, he made 380,000 (380K) exp. Thus, 7 min = 380K, for 56 mins you will make 3,040,000 (3M or 3KK) of experience.

    I think cyclops is faster, and better. The spawn is closer to each other; you don't have to run around to find the spots. Once you hit level 50, start hunting dragons.

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