THOUSANDS IN GOLD AND VINYL $$ GOLD GOLD GOLD I bought an abandoned storage unit and found gold

and gentlemen what is that right there
who knows right now if I’d even look and what is in this box I’ve seen them a
million times yes superior found counterfeit money it’s important why
wants to value on these 400 records that we put aside yeah and this is about 60
records so I’d say you’re probably sitting on these waiting for you tell me
that you will you give me for them look ladies Jim we are back here at this 700
dollar unit we’re gonna kind of skim through this dishes dishes princess
welcome look at this ladies and gentlemen yeah the real just found $62
nicey we’re just ripping through boxes today ladies and gentlemen speed
unboxing dishes geez please can we be I’m three two one no Mickey Mouse No Wow all that for nothing
oh I’ll take that one yeah I don’t like this style this one has a feather in it
this right here I don’t know it’s cool though it’s a Howard person Eliza
Howard imprinting me okay so you pull it down and it puts the press of something
on there like there’s probably a plate that goes under there so it sounds like
I’m pressing everything’s good wobble up is that in there yes yes it is well you
look look at that oh and then one of those that don’t sell when we got
another one what’s in there maybe that’s not a fan okay it is a fan
and the conch I’m putting on my camera’s how horrible the back of your hair looks
look at they eat like a Chicken Hawk Scott you let him out the house like
that today Wow ladies and gentlemen every time I come around your city
bling-bling that’s silver know that I’ll keep you
can have this costume jewelry what’s that silver it is huh let’s say
14k and ten can’t alright alright I will keep that again I told you those random
jewelry and she looked she this she had to be a seller no this ain’t silver lots
of these but that is stamped gold I just found it look at the thing on it they’re
not a gold it’s kind of tight Benji’s gonna want that for his wife
that’s ugly so are you but some people are still attracted to you I don’t know
it says 14-karat and ninety well let’s not get carried away that is a twenty dollar purse though
ooh it’s got to do naeun Burke wallets in it duty and Burke is good as good
retail Scott so don’t underestimate that oh-ho what’s that ladies and gentlemen
what is that right there who knows right now if I’d even looking what is in this
box I’ve seen them a million times we’re going to get to that last ladies and
gentlemen here’s some change for you Scott
Special Olympics oh wow I mean we know what to say about that come on
filling stuff sewing stuff is hot she changed change like eight cents shit come on the inside of there is it in
there oh it is in there for military merit it’s one of the older ones because
Co doesn’t have the name on it I mean a newer one the ones during the war time I
believe had this actual name on it but still very this is priceless Silver
Award Duncan spinning top shoutout to this man here whoever they are they
served our country they died in honor to fight for our freedoms such as freedom
of speech and rights that I have to make these silly little videos white
shoulders Chloe diamonds and sapphires this is actually if you were to eBay
this ladies and gentlemen I would bet you this would be like 50 bucks believe
it or not what do we have here this goes with the Purple Heart I’ve never seen
that blue thing on there this we need to look up or we have to call our guy by
our guy we don’t mean Harold that’s kind of cool is this uncle my navy pillow a
navy pillow oh come on what you got there woohoo almost cool stuff almost cool stuff right there knick-knack ease grandma Las Vegas let’s go to Vegas what is that scotch snuff why do some of
that looks like gold one piece of gold that was I bet your
knowing genuine Austrian crystal not gold
I like my new chest cam Scott tell me this thing isn’t sweet does it inspire
you to want to make youtube videos again actually I feel like that’s golden goldish no christian dior low that is
ebay jizz for the name no I like to look at that JC Penney’s stainless steel and
force look 14 karat right there right specs chevron
put that in your pile not necessarily I’m just down change found coin
collection mister probably uncle Michael Ian called
dibs on that alright get that gold no it almost looks like event no that
goes into your pile on beanie I know you’re a fun Deanie yes yes no
that’s real come on there’s no holes in the back there’s
have to be diced retirements yeah no no I think that’s go positive this is gold
right here this is this is this one is one percent for sure
gold yes oh look at that 10 karat gold Tommy
being filled no cussing let’s go chop-chop
10 karat we miss you hurry up mom Gold I knew there was gold I still feel like
they could be going look at that there’s a hole there oh yeah I’m trying to test
gold isn’t it or what am i what am i reading there this right here almost
looked like gold it’s stamped oh and another one of these
I found see that’s that’s gold but the chain is not nice dang another piece no
yeah this is 18 that’s really dark okay
they’d have to be 18 K because how dark it is I’m pretty sure it’s gold maybe
okay next layer what are you doing oh it’s inside oh come on daddy needs a new
Rolex mmm it doesn’t look too exciting there’s a
walk what’s in there it’s crazy cuz that top looks so good huh come on grandma’s
diamond ring oh that is nice with their small diamonds and there’s the messed up
that’s nice and it’s nice that’s gold that is sweet oh what a chain what do you see where
that same is real no this is money right here I just saw I just saw when he’s
there Dan I listed it up to eBay for like 50 bucks I’m a Salesman sample chips salsa dip
thing no I think you’re gonna get ten bucks for there would be a first this is kind of neat there’s neat for one reason and one
specific reason only I had to look this one up lady and gentlemen Oh Bulova 72
let’s see here highly doubt it’s Auto allergy-free gold plate right oh it’s
possible 24 karat what’s in it I want that top one Humpty Dumpty BAM he’s
making a comeback blue eyes oh it’s being house is so nice I like him my
favorites right now why is he my favorite it’s 50 to 75
you guys can see here and learn something with Tom these are movies or
something no just shake friendship that’s priceless that’s a
good one to stop this we look that up because yeah because one time Dan came
to look at my records and he he looked this one up and this I don’t know if
it’s the same one for these in my warehouse there’s one as I’ve done here
bucks of that exact copy there’s two different kinds I don’t know which one
that one is a Japanese presence I think it’s solid yellow without the
white square but there is I remember photos the Dan made me look this one up
you should you should look it up that’s an all right one
all right well stupid Jimmy calm below if you like when Tom chews gum during
record filming good one great one but no that was a great one I tie was stand
corrected great shake VG plus plus then 15 lb
nowadays 5 good shape covers demolished though dreams in demand price range
alright so stay tuned we’ll be back to show you this okay just talk about so
let’s don’t we have here is a ton of R&B some really cool contemporary jazz and
other fine instrumentals a very very cool in demand I can’t clean it’s a
balloon I just realize that so everything that’s in this box is at
least 10 to 15 and up so the grand green stuff is like that’s like a 50 maybe 75
this one here it’s got a few scuffs on it that might be 50 then this and really
cool this Jerry Huff records a great record that might be used 50 to 75
without how well would clean it up Sanders very cool very cool jazz Gary
barge this is a heavy record it’s very clean you just looked at it that’s
another $50 record music is my sanctuary Blu Mitchell wrote a tune this is really
cool because this is the group a champion once upon a dream but it’s an
advanced copy and watch before the factory issued the artwork oh it’s a
test pressings and what’s that valued at more than 20 which is the retail copy
okay all right so I would say at least 50 minutes because that’s that came out
before all the other ones differ exactly white label some cool profession more
funk this is okay Institute with this one these together probably 50 Donal
bird iconic another great record this is about 20 on cadet first release Tony
Tony Tony everybody remembers that oh yeah feels good this is $20 record it’s
really thanks Prince iconic yes Coltrane but this is after his big stuff
this is later reissued soul jazz Herbie Hancock funk a great record
Linda Williams probably 30 to 35 this advantage if she’s buddy my buddy
miles on this record you said earlier there is one that’s that’s well say hold
up this happen the end I’m going to whore Hendrix rainbow bridge again more
percussion cold-blood every ex-wife this is a import Asian import of James Brown’s news on really cool he has these
other players on this then Horace Silver that’s iconic blue know it’s a little
condition issues but it’s pretty decent another black Donald Byrd is black
resigns great dozer is always fun it’s always like
soul boogie on but making love on the housetop she’s a spiritual hacker called
making love on the housetop 2225 just all sorts of irony yeah this is great
this is a really clean seventy-five okay holy goes later it’s
really peaceful that is cool to hang I could picture
this guy in like a coffee shop and he’s good at beating stuff I don’t know why
it’s not gonna look like it more cookies so this work it surprised me in the last
10 years it’s gone up like three times it used to be like in the dollar bills
now heads tend to fall about three quarters of a box I had like three of
these sitting in our house sitting like that waiting for people to pick them up
I thirst maybe there’s a certain one Roy Ayers
and big Whitney now we’re 3850 33 29 28
that’s insane it’s not know that just tell you that my dealers are sleeping on
that record cuz I had sitting there for five bucks yeah and I taught you
something you did thank nice most important I wants to value on this geez
well how many boxes of the putbacks do we have I don’t know I did it’s probably
400 records that we put aside yeah and this is about sixty records
so I’d say roughly you’re probably sitting on at least seven to eight
hundred and what are these worth to you well yeah that’s important stuff this
all anybody really cares about the money to brass tacks to me so whatever I – for those records I do do I get the
rest that goes with it I don’t know does that what you are I was going see that’s
my manager that’s Scott everyone’s storage Scott is my and edit we’re
waiting for you tell me at you will you give me for them well let me think you
did include the other records that it’s part of them it’s all the ones always
win the box for free all right I give you 400 cuz I never come back here again
I just asked him should we do me back out that 10 already gave you all right
you give Scott 400 while we’re here disgusting things ladies and gentlemen I
want to show you something look you $2 I don’t know if it’s true but Scott made a
good point there’s no face in these 20s and then I compared it to a regular 20 found counterfeiters storage unit that
what this was all about now what he does I don’t see what you’re doing because
base is disappearing found counterfeit money ladies and gentlemen but that
being said we were walking away there’s a one specific reason I have many
options coming up and sometimes you just gotta know when to fold him and no one
to hold him I kept a few things for Alameda because we will be selling there
we got the hats we got the knickknacks the African art another hat there’s some
glassware did the boss wanted I got the Purple Heart and hat that I got a return
and that and then we got to figure out what the goals were being as we have to
get to the auctions it’s Thursday I got it yeah see like you know who watch them
the heat you got to know when you feel the heat and walk away that’s what I did
right here right now I’ve done gold silver and gems I made a tiny bit of
money I got three good videos out of it for you guys
and I’m helping these guys make a little money because people don’t realize often
it’s not only me that I’m making money there’s so many people who make money
off of my process and I’m fine with that everything in my life is taken care of
and I’m content and I love helping anyway I can’t ask the energy of the
storage business that is restoring the love we’re all done here been at home
looking everything getting ready for the gold go tomorrow that’s a fair amount of
gold right there ladies and gentlemen I think anyway hard to say
y’all no pirates love gold silver and gems that right there whoo-hoo I’m very

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  1. Hey Mike! I salute the Soldier awarded the Purple Heart.
    "The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration."

  2. Hey Pirat, Wow it is amazing that all of the albums are in such great shape. That's crazy how you found counterfeit money. Congrats overall and be careful. I love your videos.

  3. $2739.726
    The DAILY income for a million dollar year. We are rooting for you. Or a $1.90 a minute, every minute. EXCITING

  4. Tell Scott and uncle mike thanks for the furniture. I’ll definitely be doing a video showing me restoring it. I really appreciate it.

  5. Loved this video. Glad to know the value of those records. I have some of those that he CHERRY picked. Happy you found the gold again Mike. On those bottles if perfume I would smell them first before selling them. They old and smell awful. Love

  6. Hi Mike. Thank you for the video !!! The "Purple Heart" is given to a Soldier who was Wounded … My Dad had a Few. I'd have to call my sister to get the Correct Number. Thank you again for the video.
    Shout out to Scott, and Uncle Mike !!!

  7. I have to say you Pirate take pride in your locker finds and you don’t throw things you move around takeing care of business ?????????????

  8. Pirate, the man, the myth, the legend! The gems & money are awesome! Happy to see Scott is out & about again!! Tell Uncle Mike, "hi" thanks for sharing…
    Loving the units!!!

  9. You need to look at what pressing the Horace Silver is. If it has an RVG, a deep groove, and an ear, it's a $100 record, but if it's a Liberty Records pressing, it's a $15-20 record.
    Pirate, you have to look on Discogs to see the exact pressing and cover you have, eBay can be very misleading because the sellers are not knowledgeable.

  10. Purple heart does not necessarily mean the person died. It is for wounded in action many soldiers have purple hearts and are still alive.

  11. Pirate this is how you pronounce the name of the clock you found. You drive my mom crazy the way you say it. That was the brand of her first watch 70 years ago.

  12. Все таки это не шутка, когда больше пол мира ненавидят вас, презирают, брезгуют вас как извращенцев, молятся на то, чтобы вас покарал господь.ИЗ за войны и геноцид, за содомию, скорее всего вам это и неговорят, но наши сейсмологи,в течение последних двух лет наблюдают то что вулкан эйлостоун просыпается.Время убежать есть сейчас, а потом уже будет поздно, сгорите мгновенно, пострадает вся планета, но у других хоть будет шанс выжить, но только не у вас

  13. Are you using a hero 8…? If yes what body harness are you using? Going to do some heavy storage hunting in the KC MO area and also have my own you tube channel that's growing. Love your stuff thanks

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