This will be the most used/accepted Cryptocurrency/Digital Currency in 2018

what is IML bitcoin AML bitcoin is the first secure AML anti-money laundering compliant cryptocurrency it can be sent from person to person through the internet anywhere in the world without the need to use the traditional banking system this makes transacting money cheaper ultra fast and much safer than any other currently available payment method AML bitcoin provides the most cutting edge option for people to transact over the internet legally and safely it provides all the good things that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have to offer bachchi technology gives us the opportunity to store information as a public or private ledger just like bookkeeping recording of events medical records identity management transaction processing and documenting provenance with the AML Bitcoin blockchain as a foundation people can run and develop applications safely and within a fully verified complaint digital space AML bitcoin rejoins institutional money and private money within one financial system so that everyone can transact with the same conditions it will feature a compulsory identity linked authentication system into the currency source code this AML bitcoin patented technology will be compliant with existing anti money laundering and no your customer laws that governments already have implemented enables further adoption of cryptocurrency into everyday business is a commonly used payment method email bitcoins compliance features absurd intense excitement from financial institutions from all over the world email Bitcoin enables the cryptocurrency to be recognized as a legitimate payment method by governments and regulators this revolutionary new currency will bring renewal and change to the financial systems of whole countries AML Bitcoin was designed to create an environment that inspires trust credibility and confidence among organizations financial institutions individuals partners and stakeholders to be recognized as the preeminent digital currency in the world visit amo Bitcoin comm

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  1. IDK? Some people laugh or think it's a joke? Well, lets see how this plays out. People a lot smarter than you from hedge-fund managers to leaders in government and legit-business owners are saying this may be the real-deal. So you keep laughing and in the end perhaps these ABTC coin holders will have the last laugh…

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