This week in Bitcoin- 11-8-2019(Pt. 1)- The Hong Kong situation!

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oh yeah David Bennett is coming in he’s got his podcast Bitcoin and and then we
got Leo Reese he’s coming in from freaking Hong Kong okay so he’s we’re
gonna start it off with a little bit of a beyond Bitcoin both of you guys
welcome back to the show but Leo tell us the latest in Hong Kong with the
protests and the situation with China the protests are very much still going
on the heat is on on the Hong Kong government and of the Chinese government
it feels a bit like the government is losing its mind it feels a bit like the
police is on the verge of breaking but at the same time things have been going
on for almost half a year now it’s you can imagine people’s yeah people’s page
very very thin everybody’s tired and there are very very little results on
both sides so far and currently everybody’s focusing on the District
Council election which is not so much meaningful in a political sense because
the District Council and which is kind of like a municipal municipal government
and doesn’t so much have any power doesn’t really have so much any ability
to legislate and but it is very much a referendum on people’s faith in the
government on people’s yeah people satisfaction with the pro-establishment
factions and yeah the pro-government leagues are expected to lose house high
which is going to like yeah blow their credibility wide open and so for the
next two or three weeks I expect people to mainly focus on the election and also
not too much cause of theme in that nobody wants to really risk those
elections being cancelled nobody wants to give the government an excuse to call
it off and because it is going to be very embarrassing for the Hong Kong
government to change government the pro-establishment factions and how just
everybody’s gonna come out and yeah take away their their their vote of faith all
right so no end in sight right now to the situation David do you have any
questions for Leo about the situation before we move on to crypto big time
yeah Leo we being I’m in the panhandle of Texas so I’m sitting pretty much
square in the middle of the United States and as of late I’m not getting
hardly any news at all about Hong Kong protests and it it makes me it well it
begs me to wonder even though I won’t but it sort of begs me and probably a
lot of other people to wonder is are the protests dying down in size at all or is
exactly the same as it’s been for a while I think compared to the peak of
the October first weekend so the weekend around the national holiday when really
everybody came out to put pressure on just yeah taking away their their their
precious national holidays and their celebrations and compared to that it has
died down and but we do have hard data on the last five months right we do know
how many protester thin we do know how many tear gas shots have been fired we
know do know how many how many Molotov cocktails have been thrown or how many
bank offices have been trashed or how many MTR stations have been disruptive
and and so the hard data tells us that the the heat is still on and that the
pressure is still on and we have experienced protests change a lot in
their nature where in june/july most protests would still be allowed by the
government there be a sanctioned starting point end point protest route
you could neatly count how many people read each the part in the protest and
that’s become very difficult and so for just for people to count how many people
have participated has become incredibly difficult and I was on the streets last
Saturday and I can tell you that even though there were a massive amount of
people around me I don’t really have a good estimate of how many people were
total at the scene because all I can count is the two hundred meters in front
of me and the two hundred meters behind me and I know that with the given width
of the street and I can roughly imagine like the density right so I can in my
head like make a rough estimate that at that point there are probably 10 to
15,000 people in my in my field of view and which is very very small compared to
the hundreds of thousands that we’ve seen verified biggest protest but then
that’s just my side of you right I don’t know how many people have work behind
the next corner running people were on the other stream and so verifying these
things that become a lot more difficult and I we do know from polling that the
trust that people have in the government and a trust that people have in the
police is continuing to go down and even though we already
expected the government like to keep to hit rock bottom in in October or
September when it comes to supporters and we see that like falling down even
more um but what we don’t what we don’t know and we’re not able to measure it
how committed these people are to really like taking their their government
head-on and what I know from from personal anecdotes which again is not
like it’s not a hard metric but it’s just personal anecdotes that my friends
are and yeah they’re considering a move abroad they’re considering to like give
up they’re not no longer they’re afraid of like that this might not be worth the
fight and and that they could find a better home in Taiwan or in Canada or
the United States or someone Europe well I’ve got a question about the feedback
that you guys have gotten if you’ve got a positive vibe from the news I don’t
know if you’ve heard but it’s just the last time we spoke in the United States
people definitely know more about China than they did before
through the NBA National Basketball Association situation and through The
Weavers that that has really become well-known now what China is doing with
that ethnic minority in the mainland have you guys you know gotten the vibe
that maybe you through your protests you have whoa you know inform some people
about some broader issues I do think that Hong Kong is like a little bit
shaken of the world and that Hong Kong maybe does get disproportionate amount
of attention maybe Hong Kong being International City being a port city
being the asia-pacific headquarters of a lot of international companies and gets
a little bit more attention and maybe like East Turkestan gets right like
since young gets like where the home of the weaker and a bit of an ironic side
effect is that in the last few years China has been systemically kicking out
Journal of out of Beijing out of Shanghai
they’ve been denying their visas and they’ve been like rejecting their their
publications and a lot of these journalists found a home in Hong Kong
and a lot of these journalists in Hong Kong right now yeah giving like a world
and the world audience like a very insightful view over what’s happening
and then and even though I’m very yeah I’m very disheartened to know what’s
happening about to the we Gers and to the Hong Kongers and to many other
people in China and it is very it is also very encouraging to hear how people
for example in the United States and are realizing what’s going on and are taking
a stance themselves like we’ve we’ve seen images from especially the gaming
community and the basketball community of really standing up and saying like no
like we have these values and we’ve been putting these values like pretty much at
the front door of our corporations their entire time but what are these values
worth if we’re not able to uphold them in the face of something like the
Communist Communist Party of China and that’s actually quite encouraging to see
because the amount of support that Hong Kong has been getting is yeah very very
encouraging and that includes Congress and now Senate of like uncom Human
Rights Act which a lot of Hong Kong works even though they might be they
might be critical at the United States I’m very much support and they do fly
I’m you as flags and support that and even though of course they know that
United States might not be like the perfect innocent country and that like
the critics claim they think it is well I think the realization is if the United
States wanted to they can make a big difference in these protests I mean if
we cut off all trade with China or something drastic like that it would be
tremendous help there is this slogan in the protest movement and partly I
believe that it’s a model of the government as well and if we burn you
burn with us and it’s this thought that people of Hong Kong are not going to be
willing to just hand over what they filled hand over their city that a
Chinese government and but instead that if the people of Hong Kong are denied
their basic law rights and are their basic like ability to participate in the
city and then they’re also going to like withdraw their consent and and now and
kind of prevent somebody else from getting it
and that’s that’s very that’s a very dangerous viewpoint and partly also
because the Chinese Communist Party shares it in that they also believe that
Hong Kong is very important to them they also believe that this is a city that
they’ve built and are they like your own and but they are am as much willing to
take that away from the people of Hong Kong and rather than to have it hand
over to like democratic values or some some nebulous idea of freedom Wow – –
very stubborn sides right but if we if we if we look at it like this is like
two children fighting right then yeah both are what are very stubborn but on
one side you have the people of Hong Kong which have relatively relatively
understandable demands right like all they want is some kind of participation
in local governments they’re not asking for independence they’re not asking for
the overthrow of the Communist Party they’re not asking the split the country
in half all they want is to elect their own leaders and have like a say in their
local politics and on the other side you have the government and which is denying
them those things and which is saying that like um if we can’t have if we
can’t have like our our loot in the local economy we’re not able to like
exercise our power and extract the value from that economy
nobody gets anything and if you if you frame it like that I think it’s a little
bit clearer that if you have the government on one side and the
population on the other side maybe the population has a more yeah has more of a
principles right for their own self-determination I should have said
the word conviction instead of stubborn both sides have some conviction there
but I got it I gotta say that the Hong Kong side they’re basically just saying
hey you weren’t supposed to really interfere until the year 20:47 right I
mean this is money this is in 2047 kay can you guys wait until 2047 link the
agreement said I mean that so they’re definitely on the right right side of
that it’s really not very radical to demand that one side holds up its side
of the bargain right if one side promises and makes
promises in a 50/50 year-long deal and then it’s very much understandable to
expect that one side to hold off are you all right David any any last questions
do you have on the situation before we move on to mainland China here well not
really a question as much as something that I’ve been thinking about since
these protests began is is that I’m not sure if we fully understand that you
know Hong Kong has been Hong Kong and separate from China Ford Lightning that
was the year the lease was 99 years so if you look at a generation being 30
years you’ve got three generations of people that have grown in a completely
different path they’ve grown in a completely different way and biology is
strong and it’s not I’m not just talking about I’m not talking about physical
biology here as much as if you have a whole society the smallest as small as
the boundaries of Hong Kong is you’ve got millions of people that have grown
up in a completely different environment and now all of a sudden you’ve got them
thrust head-to-head with some with somebody who doesn’t understand any of
those values and Hong Kongers don’t understand any of the values of Cometh
become Chinese Communist Party and I was trying to figure
out why anybody in the world thought that this wasn’t going to happen or
wasn’t going to be as bad as it was as it is and I’m all I can really say here
is that I’m I’m gonna I have to side with the Hong Kongers because if you
were to wake up one day in your bed in the United States or Australia or any of
the Western countries that promote quote-unquote democracy and then all of
a sudden all of that’s taken away from you
well you don’t have a whole lot to lose and these guys are in this beautiful
city that’s been built up by their own hands for a hundred years and then all
of a sudden it’s this so I kind of it this one of the reasons why my first
question was are the protests dying down because well I don’t want to see anyone
hurt that’s gonna end up happening but I also don’t want to see him just give up
because if they just give up it doesn’t you know it’s like it’s I don’t know the
message to the rest of the world is like yeah you can oppress anybody you want as
long as you’re stronger than them for longer than them and that’s just sucks especially if you consider how much
China has been like changing over those hundred years and how much the Communist
Party has been forcing these people to change and have been raising its own
culture and how this culture has been preserved in Hong Kong and how people in
Hong Kong have been able to preserve not not only their values but also they’re
like traditions right their beliefs and their their historical documents and
people don’t want to give that up like people have been growing up and and and
seeing they’re hearing their parents grow up in a place that allowed these
traditions to be upheld and now people to like have a stay in their own way of
life and and just taking that away from people is going to be very hard and yeah
as long as Hong Kong like too close too close this argument in this explanation
like as long as Hong Kong is picking as long as Hong Kong knives are fighting
for their way of life and their their their history their tradition
their language compliments very much alive Hong Kong is very much like worth
the place being in all right I like that so pound that like button everybody
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