“This is not wide spread knowledge” Jordan Peterson on Soviet History

so I want to tell you about a book today the book is called The Gulag Archipelago you ready the book is called The Gulag Archipelago and it’s by a russian author soviet author named Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was in they do like archipelago concentration camp system for a very long time he had a very hard life he was on the Russian front when the Germans invaded Soviet Union in the early stages of World War two now Hitler and Stalin had signed a non-aggression pact and Hitler invaded the Soviet Union anyway and from what I’ve been able to understand the Soviets had prepared an invasion force for Europe at that point but were not concerned with having to defend their territory and so they were caught completely unawares by Hitler’s move and conditions on the Russian front were absolutely dreadful and Solzhenitsyn was a soldier on the Russian front and he wrote some letters to one of his friends which were intercepted complaining about the lack of preparation and and using bitter dark humor to describe the situation and the consequences of that was that he was thrown into a work camp the Soviet system relied on work camps and so those were large labor camps of people who were essentially enslaved many of whom were worked to death often froze to death working in conditions that were so dreadful that they’re virtually unimaginable Solzhenitsyn spent a very large number of years in these camps sometimes in a more privileged camp because he was an educated man and sometimes in worst camps he also developed cancer later and wrote a book about that called cancer ward which is a brilliant book so he had a very hard life there’s there’s just no way around that to be on the front and then to be in a concentration camp and then to have cancer that’s that’s pretty rough now he wrote The Gulag Archipelago he wrote a book called one day in the life of Ivan Denisovich first that was published in the early 1960s when there was a brief thaw Stalin was pretty much out of the picture by the end of the 1950s there’s some indication that he was murdered by Khrushchev and a Khrushchev became premier of the Soviet Union after Stalin and there’s some indication perhaps that Stalin was either murdered by Khrushchev and a set of his cronies or when he was very ill just before he died was not helped at least by wasn’t provided with any medical attention because of the intervention of Khrushchev and his cronies now there’s some indication as well at that point that Stalin who is an absolute absolutely barbaric in every possible way you could imagine was planning to start a third world war and he was certainly capable of doing such things because he had already imprisoned or killed tens of millions of people now just after Stalin died there was a bit of a thaw in the Soviet Union with regards to internal repression in the early 1960s Solzhenitsyn published a book called one day in the life of Ivan Denisovich which was a story about one day in the life his life really inside one of these so-called gulag archipelago camps now he called it the gulag archipelago because an archipelago is a chain of islands and so Solzhenitsyn likened the work camp system in the Soviet Union which is made up of isolated camps distributed across the entire state he likened that to a series of islands in hence hence the metaphor and one day in the life of Ivan Denisovich was one of the first publications released in the Soviet Union that dared make public what had happened inside these camps at least initially now that saw I didn’t last very long but that book had a tremendous effect it’s a short book it’s worth reading after that he spent he wrote a number of other books which are also he’s great he’s a great literary figure in the same category I would say as Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky which is like really saying something you know those those two are perhaps the greatest literary figures who ever lived with the possible exception of Shakespeare he wrote this book called The Gulag Archipelago which is published in three volumes each of which is about 700 pages long the first one details the origin of the oppressive Soviet system at least in part under Lenin and then it’s full fledged implementation under Stalin and the depths of while Solzhenitsyn estimated the deaths in in internal repression in the Soviet Union that’s something approximating 60 million between 1919 and 1959 now that doesn’t count the death toll in the Second World War by the way now people have disputed those figures but they’re certainly in the tens of millions and the low-end bounds are probably 20 million and the high-end bounds are nearer what so Solzhenitsyn estimated he also estimated that the same kind of internal repression in Mao’s China cost a hundred million lights and so you can imagine that the genuine historical figures again are subject to dispute but somewhere between fifty and a hundred million people and one of the things that’s really surprising to me and that I think is absolutely reprehensible absolutely reprehensible is the fact that this is not widespread knowledge among students in the West any of this and it’s because your education your historical education if you started to describe it as appalling you would barely scratch the surface these were the most important events of the 20th century and they’re barely covered at all in standard historical curriculum you know something I would presume about World War Two and about the terrible situation in Nazi Germany in the death of 6 million gypsies and Jews and homosexuals in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany but my experience with students has been that none of them know anything about what happened as a consequence of the repression of the radical left in the 20th century and I believe the reason for that is that the communist system had extensive networks of admirers in the West especially among intellectuals and and still in fact does which is also equally reprehensible and I believe that one of the consequences of that is that this element of history has been under under what would you say under examined and certainly very little attention has been brought to it in the public school curricula and there’s absolutely no excuse for that it was the worst thing that happened in the 20th century and that’s really saying something because the 20th century was about as bad as it gets and so and the fact that these these massive these deaths on massive scale occurred and the fact that we don’t know that deep inside our bones is is testament to the absolute rot of the education system

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  1. Communism and unfettered WTO trade liberalisation ends up being the same…everyone works whether they want to or not – there is no choice – and life becomes of little value. The one you end up living and the one you miss out on having

  2. What’s not wide spread knowledge is the fact that Russia was murdering, raping and beheading German farmers/families who lived in Russia.
    THAT is the reason Hitler went into Russia.
    The fact that Hitler sent at least 3 letters to Churchill explaining what was going on and that he needed to rescue his people, even offering to disband his armies afterwards as to prevent a war he simply did NOT want which just fell on Deaf ears.

    But the most Horrific lie ever told which is taught still today by the corrupt Zionist Elites is that 6 million Jews were executed in so called “Death Camps”.

    The manipulation of world events by our current system is overwhelming.
    The world is NOTHING like the way you think it is..

  3. Jordan Peterson is completely misinformed. Stalin never received help because he had killed and imprisoned all the decent doctors, he also demanded that no-one disturb him during his study leaving him lying unconscious for hours. Krushchev may or may not have poisoned him but it is entirely inaccurate to say he had his cronies not treat him. Further more, the "rot" of the education system doesn`t stem from the left: never met a left winger in favour of cutting school budgets and yet I have certainly seen this on the right.

  4. Certainly communism was a failure – and socialism is probably no longer really even possible in most modern countries – but those commenting here also oppose socialised medicine? Public healthcare? Having lived in Canada and Australia that is one 'socialist' idea that Americans and many liberatarians hate…but I can't imagine any other system works?
    We can see how pharma and health insurance companies care nothing for humanity and will do anything to continue to generate profit…so is healthcare the one socialist concept we can't deny is the best choice?

  5. Sorry Jordan my school was alright I guess – we studied all this WAY back. Might be underexamined later but it WAS there & resonated with me at least but figure did with anyone who paid any attention or at least remembered & comprehended the scale

  6. It is frustrating watching what the left is doing to America! They are trying to portray themselves as a softer version of these horrible men! Just looking to care for the poor! They know damn well what they are doing! This horror show has played out multiple times! The left are liars and snakes! The leftists voters who are easily manipulated and brainwashed, they are the ones who need to wake up!

  7. When will Peterson correct the record of his conflation with totalitarian State Capitalism of Stalin & American style Socialism – its reprehensible.

    Correct the record in schools – well read Howard zinn, sheldon wolin, Eric hobsbawn, and watch Oliver stones & Peter Kusnick's history series to get a story in the history books that's buried far deeper than Stalin's Russia which is pretty well known

    The story of the history of capitalism is far lesser known story. And the story of American Democracy held for ransom by the oligarchs

    It's reprehensible how one sided things are

  8. The craziest thing is it’s taboo to even mention the history of the gulags in Russia. In Germany you are arrested if you even do a nazi salute or even speak of hitler in a positive way (I’m not positive I just know that Germany criminalizes people who even downplay the crimes of the nazi party) you will be subject to the long arm of the law. In Russia they still look at Stalin as somewhat of a hero. There are still statues of him all over russia. Think about this Hitler killed let’s say maximum 7 million people in WW2. Stalin before the war in the 1920s knowingly and purposefully starved 40 million Ukraine people to death. This does not count the millions of people he imprisoned and murdered while he was in power for whatever reason he saw fit. So comparatively, you would think if hitler is so demonized a guy that killed 30x the amount of people would have had his statues removed. But he is still a historical hero to the Russian people. So I don’t even think our educational system is to blame, I think it’s society in general does not want to admit that socialism in the past century has killed over 100 million people. It comes down to the people in power wanting control and the way you obtain and maintain control is keeping your people financially dependent on you. The second your people don’t need you financially and they have rights to their own guns to prevent tyranny, you are powerless. Professional politicians don’t like being powerless.

  9. Eastern Europe has broad knowöedge of this history as we lived under the boot of the Soviet Jackal for more than half a century. Stalin was worse than Hitler. They were both monsters, but soviets did a lot worse than jewish camps. The soviet liberation army did more damage to the populace than german troops while ”liberating” eastern Europe from german ocupation. My grand parents stories are horrific about the behavior of russian troops, murderers and thieves.

  10. I like Jordan Peterson, and agree with many of his ideas, however I have to say that his knowledge of history, especially Russian history and the history of WW2 is limited at best

  11. Notice that we can debate the numbers who died in the holodomor, or the Russian death camps, or the Mao death camps, but we can not debate, AT ALL, the numbers in the German death camps.

    Ask yourself why that double standard exists.

  12. "The 20th century is about as bad as it gets". I fully expect that the 21st will be much, much worse, I'm afraid.

  13. Jordan is right here on almost everything except for the things he said about the "Nazi" Germany, there are many lies about what the third reich did and the "official" history that has been told all of this years is not what really happened at all, some of the facts are wrong (and have been proven wrong) but anyway, I appreciate what this man's done. He may not be "redpilled", but he's spread lots of good information and common knowledge that has been forgotten, he speaks the truth and searchs for it, and I respect that a lot.

  14. this book is a fiction. there is no studies or research behind it. I mean Solzhenitsyn actually said few times that “regime” killed hundreds of millions people which is impossible. he is a clown and in Russia he gets more and more hate every year cuz many people here actually think that “Archipelag Gulag” is non-fiction but fortunately they waking up . interesting that huge western researcher Anne Applebaum says that around 25 million of people died in Gulag while real numbers are around 2 million for almost 30 years and Gulag wasn’t created for repression btw it’s a type of jail basically (not only for political prisoners)

  15. I'm glad western youth is hearing about this. With so many currently enthralled with the softer form of socialism (believing everything will be free) they dont understand the risk of state controlled markets/resources becoming social control mechanisms that in the hands of just a relatively few individuals can lead to tragedy on a scale such as what Jordan speaks to here. I'm not religious by any standard but I enjoy debating people who talk about the dangers of religion and the evil that has been perpetrated in its name, which it has. When I cite the numbers like Jordan has and argue that the secular institutions in the name of "ism" has a body count that exceeds anything religion has created, half the time they simply wont believe that a government would act that way toward its population. A great read is "Bloodlands" by snyder. Details the absolute hell on earth (and largely untold) account of eastern Europe from the holodomar thru post ww2.

  16. One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich is one of my favorite novels. I found it by chance at a garage sale 30 years ago for a quarter. I must have read it 20 times. It's a fast read and places the reader in the first person of Ivan surviving day to day, attempting to retain a visage of humanity in a cruel and overwhelmingly schizophrenic gulag system. While detailing the grind of 24 hours in the gulag, Ivan still finds glimpses of hope and humanity within that system. Think you're having a bad day? Imagine inadvertently getting a few more grams of bread than your normal ration and rejoicing in it. This book shook be required reading as much as anything Orwell has written. I've often thought if a movie could do justice to it. My choice would have been Kubrick directing 1980s John Hurt.

  17. I was never keen on imbibing the history I was taught in the public K12 system, which was always drained of blood to the point of caricature. The big history topic for my generation in Canada was fur trappers, a great genocide for beavers, and not much better for squaw (native women mainly used by the intrepid pioneers to take the edge off wilderness celibacy). "Squaw" is an Eastern Algonquian morpheme that acquired negative connotations as a direct result of the aforementioned beaver-trapping behaviour.

  18. King Nevermore – To "under-stand" communism, is to "stand-under" the jackboot of the commissar. Communism has been a miserable failure on any human level wherever it has been implemented. Or do you fantasise about a version that is magically all rainbows and pink flying unicorns and fairies… Right ideology; wrong species… It is a system for cows… A system for bovine stupor… A system for slaughter…

  19. Mark S – And be CONSTANTLY reminded of the highlighted Nazi camps while the Soviet and Maoist camps are swept under the rug in "media" as well as in "education". Might it have more to do with today's and tomorrow's financial and political control than any semblance of objective history? Nah, of course not, even to suggest such a thing would be "antisemetic" and make the suggester "guilty" and a "a crazy conspiracy theorist". Don't think! Don't question! Don't look, investigate or explore!

  20. weirdshibainu – Communist horrors is not Hollywood… While Nazi horrors – in full living colours, jackboots, huge red and white and black flags, swastikas everywhere, mean German accents, gratuitous and sadistic bloody violence against defenceless innocents – is Hollywood's favourite trope to burn into the conscious and subconscious of the very young and of all ages… And any questioning of proportion and balance and historical accuracy is considered "evil". ..

  21. Thank God Mr Peterson is not caving to the pressure of the far left and continues to speak out in an honest manner about these types of immensely important ideas.

  22. Stalin was murdered by Chrushev? My dear professor you should study story:
    no evidences in that sense and in any case the only member of Politburo who could kill Stalin was Beria.

  23. From the wiki page "Natalya Reshetovskaya, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's first wife, wrote in her memoirs that The Gulag Archipelago was based on "campfire folklore" as opposed to objective facts." may be is noy in the history books since it is a folk tail

  24. I was on the Jeopardy College Tournament, and the question that stopped me from getting to the final round was based on Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago. I wasn't taught anything about Soviet history or literature in high school, so I don't feel too bad about not getting the answer right. After watching Jordan speak, now I'm wondering why I wasn't taught these subjects.

    I think he's partially right, since curriculums are shaped by state boards of education. But it's also worth considering that the primary focus was on American history in high school. If you're taught world history in high school, there's only so much time, so how do boards of education decide where to focus?

  25. It is widespread, and it is also known that the Archipelago is a case of cheap fascist propaganda. The camps have been invented by Peter the Great, not by the communists. The reason was biblical scripture, and the shitty acting of this canadian quack is absolutely ridiculous. He is in breach of academic rules here, talking about fields he has no expertise in and isn't allow to teach at the UoT.

  26. One may disagree with JBP on certain other issues BUT anyone who disagrees with him on this one (like the 920 down IDIOTS) has sociopsychopath symptoms.
    The neo-bolsheviks (now called neocons, et al, in the US) use all financial means to impoverish Americans and corrupt their education system, since ww2.
    They are all of the same judentribe…

  27. Hitler hadn't a patch on stalin, hitler was saving his people while stalin was murdering his, the Victor's write the history

    List of evil genocide done by Russia to other nations that Russians / Russia never have admitted and/or apologized and/or taken any responsibility for…

    1. Genocide Circassian 1817

    (Some sources state that three million Circassians were deported and killed )

    2. Genocide Circassian 1867

    (Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin's May 1994 statement admitted to the Tsarist Russian forces was guilty of the genocide according to the official tsarist documents more than 400,000 Circassians were killed, 497,000 were deported

    3. Genocide in Ukraine of 1918 (Total death 7.5 million)

    4. Genocide Decossackization 1919

    (Peter Holquist, concludes that decossackization did not constitute an "open-ended program" of genocide" Don province, from May 1918 to February 1919, the "All-Great Don Host" was estimated to have killed between 25,000 to 45,000 people )

    5 Genocide Don Cossacks 1919
    ( 44,000 people killed )

    6. Genocide know as the Ukrainian Famine of 1921-1923
    (4 million people)

    7. Genocide Holodomor of 10 mill Ukrainians this is almost 50% of the nation at the time in 1932–1933
    (10 million people)

    8. Genocide and Massacres of Polish peoples 1937

    (Estimates of the number of Polish citizens transferred to the Eastern European part of the USSR, the Ural’s, and Siberia range from 1.2 to 1.7 million)

    9. Genocide was known as the Great Purge in Mongolia 1937

    (Nikolai Yezhov, the head of the Russian Soviet secret police, NKVD. It has been estimated that Buddhist lamas made up the majority of victims, with 18,000 being killed in the terror. were murdered by the Russian controlled Soviet government today you can see a monument dedicated to the victims of the repressions in Ulan Bator, Mongolia )

    10. Genocide is known as the Great Purge (Yezhovshchina) 1937–38

    (Russians beloved Stalin killed 3 million )

    11. Genocide did to the Koreans in the USSR, 1937–1949

    (Almost the entire Soviet population of ethnic Koreans (171,781 persons) were forcefully moved from the Russian Far East to unpopulated areas of the Kazakh SSR and the Uzbek SSR in October 1937 it is Estimates based on population statistics suggest that 40,000 deported Koreans died in 1937 and 1938 from starvation, exposure mostly children and the elderly as difficulties adapting )

    12. Genocide of the Crimea Tatars genocide 1944

    (A large number of deportees (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It is considered to be a case of ethnic cleansing.)

    13. Genocide and massive deportations East Germany Genocide 1945
    (The Forgotten Genocide on the Germans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nVf6H3ScSE#t=178 )

    14. Genocide and massive deportations of Germans living in Königsberg Genocide 1945

    ( Soviet occupation Königsberg after the war were based on an agreement with the Western Allies to become Soviet. The death toll during their capture and transportation/deportation was estimated at 15% to 30%, of the ethnic Germans and many families were torn apart)

    15. Genocide Chechnya 1990s.

    ( Russian forces in Chechnya, including extrajudicial killings. Human rights organizations also documented several massacres of civilians by Russian units. Dozens of mass graves containing hundreds of corpses have been uncovered since the beginning of the First Chechen War in 1994. As of June 2008, there were 57 registered locations of mass graves in Chechnya )

    16. Genocide of Georgians in South Ossetia 1991

    (Ethnic cleansing of Georgians in South Ossetia The Human Rights Watch concluded that the "South Ossetian forces sought to ethnically cleanse" the Georgian-populated areas. 23,000 ethnic Georgians fled from the South Ossetian)

    17. Genocide Russia help and orchestrated in a proxy war of divide and conquer by Russian and Armenia in Nagorno Karabakh 1991

    (more than 200,000 Azerbaijanis and Muslim Kurds left. and many children died While Muslim Kurds did not take up arms against Russian backed Armenian forces

    18. Genocide of Georgians in Abkhaz conflict of 1992

    (Ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia forced mass expulsion of thousands of ethnic Georgians living in Abkhazia during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict of 1992–1993 and 1998 at the hands of Abkhaz separatists and their allies the Russians https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_cleansing_of_Georgians_in_Abkhazia )

    19. Moldovan (Transnistria) purging moldovans 1992

    (Alexander Lebed was a Russian military officer and politician arrived at the 14th Army A quote from Alexander Lebed attributed to Lebed demonstrates his support of the Transnistrian cause: "I am proud that we helped and armed Transnistrian guards against Moldovan fascists )

    20. Genocide Abkhaz–Georgian conflict purge and genocide of Georgians 2008

    (Roughly 200,000 to 250,000 Georgian civilians became Internally displaced persons (IDPs). The ethnic cleansing and massacres of Georgians has been officially recognized by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) conventions in 1994, 1996 and again in 1997 during the Budapest, Lisbon, and Istanbul summits and condemned the "perpetrators of war crimes committed during the conflict)

    21. Georgian– east Ossetian conflict purge and genocide of Georgians 2008

    (Georgian villages in South Ossetia and were responsible for an ethnic cleansing of Georgians. Russia recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia as separate republics on 26 August 2010. In 2009, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe resolutions condemned "the ethnic cleansing and other human rights violations in South Ossetia,)

    22. AND NOW TODAY RuSSian is helping to uphold a Genocide by Assad in Syria 2011 still ongoing …+++

    (Since the beginning of March 2011, the stability of the Syrian Arab Republic has degenerated at an alarming rate. Genocide Watch warns that massacres and mass atrocities against pro-democracy protesters and the civilian population are being committed by Syrian security forces under the command of the al-Assad government backed up by Russia army and air force.. http://www.genocidewatch.org/syria.html)

    23. AND NOW TODAY IT continues with the Crimea Tatars genocide ongoing 2015+++

    (Following the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia has enacted repressive politics against the Crimean Tatars, who opposed the land grab most vocally. Recently, the Russia-appointed Prosecutor General of Crimea criminalized activities of the Crimean Tatars Parliament Mejlis. Crimean Tatar media were also banned – 11 out of 12 of them have been closed. 15 Crimean Tatars activists are arrested because of political reasons, among them is Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Head of the Mejlis. A number of Crimean Tatar politicians and activists are barred from entering the peninsula, including Mejlis Head Refat Chubarov, and Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev. Persecutions of the Crimean Tatars were condemned by the United Nations and separate governments. Moscow is erasing the memory of genocide and is still today running an ongoing repressions deportation of the Crimean Tatars )

    THE TRUTH about Russian appeal The Russian's appeal to the people of Europe. (Alternative Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFOwLGCkCa0

  29. Yeah, extremism sucks. Right or left. Sad that I apparently know far more than Peterson does: first off, 11 million in Nazi Germany, 6 million Jews, 5 million poles, roma, and other. Secondly, Kruschev killing Stalin is absolute nonsense, at least if one cares about evidence, but it does appear that when Stalin collapsed, people let him lay there out of apparent fear. It was several months later that Kruschev emerged as the next leader, out of a group of 3. Stalin knew Hitler was going to invade, he needed to buy time to prepare. This crap about his preparing to invade and being caught off guard is false. In the early 1950s, Stalin was WELL aware he was in no position to start WW3 whatsoever. He had far more HUMINT on us than we on them, and we had far more nuclear weapons than them at that point. The gulag system existed only under Lenin and Stalin, after which it was effectively disbanded, Kruschev even held a kinda secret meeting to renounce the oppression of Stalin (the thaw that Peterson got sort of correct). Now, Mao Tse Tung LOVED Stalin, and was furious with Kruschev for this, and it actually wound up being a large cause of the Sino-Soviet split. As for deaths in the gulag, 1.6 million I think? Might be wrong about that one, I can't recall the exact number.

    China was far worse, between the great leap forward, millions starving after forced collectivisation brought crop failures, farming halted to make useless steel. Mao was such a fucking dumbshit.

    But don't take my word for it, do your own research. Just use reputable sources and make an effort to actually put your bias aside. Peterson picked the absolute worst numbers (some of which I actually have no idea where he got) cuz bias is what sells these days. Yeah, don't do that. Be above that.

    Anyway, this is just right wing crap, guys. You know, there are more forms of communism than just the Stalinist terror that people like Peterson always like to claim is representative of all communism regardless. That's like someone stating "You know 9 million africans died en route to the US to be enslaved, 9 million people just from the trip (which is a number I haven't verified but it did come from a conservative source, albeit an English conservative source). See how horrible American democracy is (techinically a limited republic but you get the point)? Down with democracy!!"

    You know, I have no desire to lose the system of government we have in the US, the system I fought for in the infantry in Iraq. I don't want communism or even socialism (sure as fuck don't want fascism either for all you nazi fucks out there these days. But if you keep up this extreme right wing bullshit, that's what we'll get. It's going to backfire, I'm telling you. And when it blows up in Trump's face, what do you think half these idiots who fell for Trumps crap are going to do? Fall for the extreme on the other side and go right over to batshit stupid socialism. I don't mean normal democrat policy that you like to whine about as being socialist, I mean actual socialist.

    The real lesson we all should take away regarding communism, the thing we should be focusing on the most is WHAT CAUSED THE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE COMMUNISM IN THE FIRST PLACE. That is the lesson from history we need to take on board. Not this Peterson crap (which we all know is right wing crap), not socialist crap. Put aside party for fucks sake, our nation must come first, our nation as one people or we're done.

  30. Gulag Archipelago and Cancer Ward and Ivan Denisovich are the three best known works of Soviet dissident authors, unless one counts Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago. It is in fact very widely known history including the effective enslavement of soldiers or workers. However if the USSR & Maoism fell off the educational agenda in the 2010s that's really not good.

    Stalin was indeed capable of monstrous acts and it's possible he was pursuing an invasion of the West, but if he was killed for that, it shows that there was rather stiff resistance inside the USSR to that course of action. The subsequent thaw & Khruschev era show that there were factions in the USSR that differed very sharply on how much force to use both internally & externally.

    I don't agree that it's some kind of "testament to rot" nor that it's agenda driven. King Leopold II of Belgium isn't widely taught either, nor the Opium Wars, nor the sheer scale of slavery of Africans or genocides of natives by the Spanish, nor CIA horrors in Latin America. We are letting colonialism, corporate narcoterror, war for profit, racism, entirely off the historical hook, even as we may also have for authoritarian Communism.

  31. just think of the implications of the fact that Western society can sweep under the rug in their education and common knowledge the systematic death of over 100 million people…

  32. Influenza killed 20 to 40 million people in WW1, it started in a capitalistic country and in spite of the knowledge of its contagiousness, they sent the troops to other countries anyway. So I do disagree with the premise that "Socialism has killed more people than."…Blind obedience to ANY ideology, whether it be political, religious or scientific is just lame and weak. Continuous improvement in ALL ideologies, combining and increasing the good and eliminating and discarding the bad is what helps large amounts of people.

  33. In school, regarding 20th century history, I was only taught about the rise of Nazi Germany, and the troubles in Northern Ireland.

  34. General Patton would have kicked the hell out of the soviets had he not been killed… I’ve been looking into the shadow works in healing trauma and I’m inspired by General Patton and his words( may God have mercy on my enemies because I won’t ). those are strong and noble and true words and I feel them in my core and I pray his reincarnated self comes back and kicks the shit out of everybody that deserves it meaning my enemies…

  35. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Take heart and give your support to the Hong Kong protestors.

  36. "The 20th century is as bad as it gets" – I'm not sure about this, yes there were tens of millions dead in conflict and tyranny, but in a world starting to break 2 billion people overall. Could it be that while the raw numbers were astronomical, the actual proportion of people destroyed is less than previously? I'm going to need more data.

  37. What? Western education does not deal with the deaths caused by Stalin and Mao. I assume you are talking about the American education system. This is certainly covered extensively in Western European schools.
    Dishonest? or just plain ignorant?
    Take your pick.

  38. I've read this book…. many years ago, just before Soviet Union collapsed. Somebody gave me bootleg version of it. I remember my feelings of horror, especially when I read about one personage with the same second name as mine…. communism is pure evil. And I absolutely agreed, public education failed, (in many ways), kids should know the meaning of communism, socialism with all consequences! Jordan Peterson is the best.

  39. Victor Suvorov (pen name) wrote a book called "Stalin the chief Culprit" which has in detail the Soviet preparations that spanned an entire decade to produce,arm and equip a massive military industrial capability to invade western europe. Anthony Sutton, a US author uncovered remarkable detailed evidence of US companies and engineers building vast industrial assets in the USSR to assist Stalins expansionist plans. Cement plants, gigantic steel plants, railway upgrades and chemical plants were all constructed using US know-how. During the war, the USA threw gigantic quantities of tanks,planes,trucks,ammunition, aviation gasoline, ammunition brass,railway line and many other materials in the millions of tons to assist the USSR. As Anthony Sutton discovered, the USSR was a globalist,Wall Street investment program to fan conflict,war profits and a gigantic expansion of global debt to fight the very scourge they created.

  40. Actually, it's likely Beria was the killer, not Khrushchev. Beria, head of the NKVD, had dossiers incriminating just about everyone, and, when he attempted to gain total control to fully replace stalin, Khrushchev and (army) Marshal Zhukov acted together to bring him down. From that point on, there was a troika (triple/triangle) of power between the Army, the Party, and the Politburo, that kept any one individual from getting too much power.

    Triangles of power are optimal, if any one leg gets too powerful, the other two combine to whack it down to size.

  41. One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life was Jay Z wearing a Che Guevara shirt when he and Beyonce made a visit to Cuba.

  42. Most erroneous conjecture ever "Stalin was murdered by Kruschev"
    Stalin died of a stroke, alone and feared by everyone around him.

  43. Damn I wanted to share this but the thumbnail is horrible. it could interpreted in the complete opposite way for people who don't know who Jordan Peterson is. It's a detail but it's the first detail people see and you got to ease them in to make them want know more. Kudos for the french translation, it's top notch.

  44. Every high school kid in Eastern Europe heard of gulags and probably half of master degree students read Solzhenitsyn. What kind of education do Westerners have to not know about those stuff? 😮

  45. Saying Khrushchev influenced the Politburo in 1953 to aid in the death of Stalin is hilariously out of touch with reality, if anything he was right at the bottom of the Politburo, only there to entertain Stalin due to his crast jokes and crude personality.

  46. This must be a thing in the americas only. Everyone who lives in a country bordering Russia has been taught about the genocides, slavery and ethnic purges committed by USSR

  47. Yeah, of course, russians were planning an attack on europe, sure.
    Poor little Solzhenitsyn, put in a camp for telling his peers and family about how the army is awful and spreading defeatist propaganda. Poor little guy, got his cancer treated in a soviet death camp and and died at an age of 89(now average life expectancy in russia is about 70 years for Men)

  48. There are two types of People that can possibly say Solzhenitsyn can compare with tolstoy or dostoevsky : either dumbasses Who never read any of their works or anti-communist russophbic propagators. And also, there is a saying : an anti-communist Will always end up as a fascist. If you're against Stalin and what he's achieved, then you're pro Hitler. Stalin practically built the world's mightiest country of the time from scratch, and Hitler tried to break it, butcher its inhabitants and enslave them.

  49. When I was a child in Catholic school , a very intense , visiting nun told our second grade class that the same dark , dark spirits hovering over Russia in 1958 , would descend upon our country and that it would be in our lifetimes. She told us we would see here , the frightening and foreign things we were hearibg about Russian society …
    Prophetic .

  50. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

    Americans, many of us, have read this, and have taken heed.
    Thus our reluctance to be disarmed.

  51. But he know that the Gulag Archipelago is half a lie. Many historians using archival data, videos, notes of other prisoners, etc. disproved most of the "terrifying facts" described in this book. Just google it (maybe in russian to study the issue from all sides, without a pro-Western view).

    Yes, everything was bad, but not so bad as Solzhenitsyn described. He was just a spreader of ideology, which he considered true, so he embellished history as best he could.

  52. Radical Marxism is like Radical Islam – they both kill and killed millions in history but some or the other sympathisers will always defend it saying "Oh but that's not real Islam or Communism"

  53. Here is a good book that shows the ugliness of the Soviet Empire and the evil hands that created it:
    Under the Sign of the Scorpion: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

  54. Also, sorry Professor, The halahoux never occurred as purported. Soil tests of the so called camps have never produced enough ground bone.

  55. Peterson says everything I want to say to my commie friends and family. Too bad they would never listen to JP because they think he's far right…

  56. Indeed about why public schools do not teach our children about life (and death) in the USSR yet so much about Nazi Germany and Hitler, when Stalinism killed many multitudes more than Hitler. Who is interrupting and redirecting the curriculum of our education system here in America?

  57. Search for the bestial tortures in Russia while millions of Christians and intellectuals were exposed to these demonic death tortures that no normal human could even imagine. Russia prior to the Russian revolution was an orthodox catholic country, very few people know that. History shows communism leads to mass extermination to anyone who oposes them, they dont mind killing 75% of the population as long as the remainder is submitted to communism, search for trotsky.

  58. You know, I like to put on informative videos while I do other things but with Peterson if I don't fully pay attention I miss the whole thing.

  59. Thank you, schools, for wasting the minds of generations of youths who know nothing of history except that America is evil, the men have subjugated the women, Whites enslaved everyone else, and industry has destroyed the environment. These idiot generations will now hand over our freedom and wealth to demagogues and tyrants. I’m watching it happen.

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