This INDICATOR Shows The NEXT BITCOIN BULL RUN Will Be MAY 2019 – Ascending Triangle, RSI. MOON SOON

what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today from the tank cash house now today I want to bring all of you sort of a technical analysis for the market right now and why it shows why these indicators okay such as ascending triangle RSI and even moving average really show us that soon we can expect some really really nice growth okay even really impressive growth for Bitcoin and even other cryptocurrencies remember as Bitcoin grows a lot of Kryptos tend to follow suit so that's not out of the realm of reason for right now and things are starting to look pretty darn nice so that's the info that I will be relaying to all of you in today's video hope all of you find it helpful and interesting if you do of course drop the video like subscribe and share for more you guys know what to do you've been around for a while so let's go ahead and talk about this okay what exactly are things looking like well first let's get some details on the overall view first things first okay Bitcoin has cemented a higher low and retained its bullish market structure on the daily chart after a hotly contested close on April 9th which was of course yesterday number 2 the hourly chart shows Bitcoin is trending inside an ascending triangle which is typically bullish by nature showing that the price is rising upward in a triangular pattern hence of ascending triangle with a potential measured moved to five thousand eight hundred and eighty-five dollars right on the horizon and third an exaggerated bullish divergence has formed on the hourly chart providing additional weight to the likelihood of an imminent bullish breakout so in other words between all of those three factors were actually looking at some really good breakout potential as of right now five thousand nine hundred dollars to six thousand dollars are right now completely within the realm of reason these are prices that we very well could see before all that long and that is a really good thing okay so anyway let's break this down a bit further so Bitcoin is managed to fend off any further attacks from the Bears during April 9th tug of war trading session the cryptocurrencies now trading in a $100 range between five thousand one hundred and eighty seven dollars and five thousand two hundred and eighty seven dollars placing its price firmly above the prior April fourth below and cementing a higher low on the daily chart the hourly chart is also looking more favorable on the new daily trading period which is April 10th with bullish momentum having maintained a hold above fifty two hundred dollars which is the support level over the last 24 hours despite multiple dips in its price Bitcoin now looks set to continue its climb within the previously discussed ascending triangle typically bullish indicators okay which as I said before an ascending triangle pretty definitively shows that the price is trending upward with a measured target set at five thousand eight hundred and eighty-five dollars should Bitcoin break above the upper trend line at roughly five thousand three hundred and twenty dollars to five thousand three hundred and fifty dollars so in other words folks if we see prices between five thousand three hundred and twenty dollars and five thousand three hundred and fifty dollars or above of course materialized in the short term we are absolutely primed to see prices of roughly fifty nine hundred dollars to six thousand dollars so that's not unreasonable and these patterns show us that really this could be right around the corner we just need to look out for that key support line of roughly fifty three hundred dollars or so so how do we arrive at this five thousand eight hundred eighty five dollar target well we can roughly calculate the potential move by measuring the height between a and B which are basically the upper resistance line and the lowest drawdown in price within the pattern that figures then added to the upper resistance line above Point C at the point of breakout producing a new figure as a price target so as can be seen in exaggerated bullish divergence has also taken shape on the RSI or the relative strength indicator recorded from April eighth through April ninth meaning a continuation and price is being supported additionally by the indicator on the hourly chart the daily chart shows the Bulls maintained a higher low above April fourth spread candle that kept intact the bullish market structure above the key 100 period and 200 period moving averages yesterday which are slowly beginning to converge for a pool across you know sort of that golden cross that I referenced uh I think a couple of weeks ago at this point so should those two lines cross bullish then greater buying pressure would become the norm with a new bull run on the cards the RSI shows a divergence from price printing lower lows while price continues to print higher lows signaling a greater bullish condition ahead for the world's top crypto market by value so in other words folks a lot of key indicators are coming together to show us that soon a breakout is definitely going to be on the cards we do really need to see support above that 5.2 thousand dollar level all right you know like I said before if we break $5,300 I personally think that we are set up pretty darn well for a good amount of growth I in the very near future okay that could very easily take us to prices of roughly 5,800 to 6000 dollars I would like to say within the next couple of weeks now of course this is fairly time-sensitive so it's a bit hard to say as of right now but these indicators do usually you know manifest some sort of gain within one to two weeks of their appearance so moving averages right now are quite good okay 100 day 200 day honestly very good stuff we need to see more of that generally speaking the targets here that we're looking at are not unrealistic you know $5,900 is not overly more than what we're seeing right now and that could be broken really even within a day or within a very good trading period of course the ascending triangle is also a great indicator and shows us that the volume is aligning with the overall bullishness of the current trend to show that soon we will see some nice growth above that triangular pattern at which point we may actually have a significant rally breakout and that very well could take us to these previously mentioned high prices so we've seen some dips we've seen some fluctuations but really nothing unreasonable and nothing that we can't handle remember dips are normal in the market especially in the shorter term so really these indicators are more mid to long-term ab rally indicators I suppose and they do show us that soon we will be set up for some nice growth over the next couple of months or so you know these indicators don't necessarily show that we'll be reaching six grand or so by tomorrow but it's not out of the realm of possibility okay better things are coming down these indicators are honestly really good so what do I make from all of this well my personal prediction is soon we will see prices of six grand I think that honestly those prices can be broken probably within the month I don't think that's unrealistic at all so prepare for that get ready you know keep your eyes open for more bullish indicators and of course as I get more news I will relay it to all of you so anyway folks I hope all of you learned something from this video if you did check out Bitcoin trading you know maybe cracking or another exchange I kind of get your bids in now if you're feeling like it if not that's totally fine too remember this is my opinion okay but anyway folks could see some really nice Rises before all that long so like always folks drop the video like if you liked it do subscribe and share for more I'll see all of you in the next video have a good one folks keeper here the tech cash house and adios

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  2. I'm already tired out waiting for Bitk and Efir's growth 🙁 I think this is time to invest in GRAM; floatation is going to occur exchanges

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