This Guy Saved Pennies For 45 Years. Then He Cashed Them In – And Their Total Is Astounding

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100 thoughts on “This Guy Saved Pennies For 45 Years. Then He Cashed Them In – And Their Total Is Astounding”

  1. If he had changed the pennies yearly to gold he now would be rally rich..dollar lost more than 90% value during the time…
    But saving gold was forbidden in the united states before 1974.

  2. thay probably turned into some ammo or something else because i dont think there gunna recerculate them. melt them and make more pennys.

  3. Do you know if he would had time to pull the ones worth something: like the ones made with pure copper are worth about 2gs theirself and the messed up ones from the mint a penny could have been worth over 1cool million if he would have took the time to search thru them all! 😱🤯🤩

  4. To all the people saying he gave up possibly “millions,” in pennies, you guys are way off. Even with that many penny’s, the odds are insanely slim he had more than a couple dozen in the $20 range. Chances are less then half were pre-zinc pennies, so at most, I’d say there’s the potential for $8,000 worth of pennies. The time and cost it would take to obtain that would in the end, not be worth it. People forget to calculate time into money. Time is money. And the time it would take to check everything, and find the right buyer, in the end, you’re most likely at best breaking even. Believe me, I love and collect wheat pennies as much as the next person, but the chances of him having an uncirculated mint copper war-time wheat penny, is at best in the 0.1% range, and that’s even too generous.

  5. the coin sorter counter at my bank will return the copper "Wheaties" (and silver coins) they are worth more than 1cent. He would have been better off to invest the money into mutual funds rather than save it as cash all of those years.

  6. Investing $9 a month for 45 years ($4960 total) in the S&P 500 starting in 1974 he would have earned $12,2727.39. The new rule is invest your spare change every month. Grand kids could get a big boost in their college education.

  7. I collected pennies for a while! Around a 💯 or so. So come to find out all i had was about a 1 dollar or so. Hey I got 2 tacos from Jack N Box!!! 😃 😃

  8. What ppl need to look at is the good part in this, he cared less about the rareties and just had them put back in circulation which is good for us collectors needing to find the gems.

  9. This hurts all of the coin collectors out there…I bet there are so many wheat penny’s and so many collectible penny’s😥😩

  10. Roses are read violets are blue
    Pennies are bronze
    And my first medal was too
    Been told that pennies are wortless?
    And gold was all
    45 years of collectin'
    Most pennies I ever had saw!

  11. If he was smart he would have separated them. The pre 82 and some 82 pennies are mostly copper and worth at least 2 cents.

  12. Man spends 45 years collecting pennies… finds out that he would’ve been better off just getting a job

  13. usa owes me 10 billion for stopping hurricanes. how can I get that money I found a penny in a breaker. rock wall in rye beach value 3 million a inseam piece I gave to my brother

  14. I remember a guy that had one of these filled up so much that when he lifted it up the bottom of it broken out and all of his change went all over the floor irl LMFAO

  15. As a coin collector i thank this guy for releasing these coins back into circulation for me to find the rare ones! One coin could've been worth the 5000 he got for alllllll of them

  16. I'm curious as to how many of those cents may have been errors(?) making his huge collection worth possibly millions?.

  17. He'd have a lot more if he had cashed in his pennies once a year and bought a couple shares of Coca Cola or Proctor & Gamble and just held onto the shares, reinvesting the dividends.

  18. Some pennies are worth more than 1cent, 45 years ago 1 cent will actually buy you something, and 45 years invested on the market with a 9%return will be now 64,245.16 so he lost almost 60k

  19. I worked in a used car yard in the early 70's a guy came in every day for a few weeks telling he was going to buy a Valiant we had for sale. One day he asked me to drive him to his apartment to collect the money for the purchase, l did and to my surprise, he had an entire large wardrobe filled to the brim with glass jars full of coins, $1250 worth of them which he had very carefully counted. It took quite a while to load all of them into the car and take to the local bank, given we had no auto machines it took forever for the staff to count the coins. Turns out he was accurate to the cent and drove away in his pride and joy……commitment to a cause

  20. This is very sad. If invested monthly he would have had $200,000. I put the numbers into a compound interest calculator. Not to mention much more for rare coins that could have been sold individually.

  21. Yeah, and guess who got the collector money for those ole old pennies, some of them possibly worth upward of $20K+ each? The entitiy that needed it the least: that's right, the bank…

  22. I bet u 1 million dollars he had at least 1 1943 copper or 1 1944 steel penny and 1 of those would be more than he saved for 40 some years if he had both or more he would have around 2 million 6 thousand 3 hundred dollars and since nobody including him ever checked the dates they went back into circulation and someone probably spent one of those pennies as tax at McDonald's or something to buy a ice cream and nobody not even him will ever know… Have fun with that thought😅

  23. Why the hell would you ONLY save pennies?! Save quarters instead! It takes 100 pennies to make a dollar and only 4 quarters to make a dollar. You do the math! Imagine how much money he could have if he saved only quarters for 45 years… wow

  24. The guy could have gotten more money if he sold the older pennies that were 90% copper and wheat pennies a few cents more then regular. He may or may have not had a good penny in there worth thousands but who knows maybe if he took the time going throw them he would have gotten like 5 grand more if he got a good penny worth a couple thousand he would get like another 1,000-5,000 grand depending what year it was from, how many were minted the quality and how rare it is

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